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Blake Rose Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


The pleasure of pleasing

Blake Rose, beautiful blond bombshell did not really know what to expect from the session but she certainly was curious and most importantly willing enough to give it a try. Of course she was nervous and skeptical at first which I really like since believe it or not, it often makes for a much better session. It certainly worked in her case and yes, Blake turned out to be an excellent subject with all the right characteristics.

Naturally submissive, extremely horny, very intelligent, sweet as can be and ready for something new and exciting. How much more can you ask for? Of course there were some futile attempts to stay in control but all that did was make her experience the feeling of unconditional surrender with even more intensity; after all, being submissive is only fun after having been conquered.

To show a beautiful young girl like her a new and very different experience and to watch her quiver and shake, scream, beg and plead for more is always exciting but Blake's session turned out to be so intense and sexual that it even blew me away. There is one more thing I like about her, which is the beautiful light hint of a smile on her face whenever she is aroused and or very deep. Watch you are going to love it

I have Blake open her eyes during the "magnetic hands test" so that we can see her surprise and disbelief. As well, Blake’s “raising hands” towards the end of the induction to show the level of depth as both of her arms drop causing first feelings of arousal. Slow closing eyes and great facial expressions.



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Blake Rose Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Good girls cum hard!

Blake's hands and arms are still straight up in the air from the last segment and I start suggesting that she feels increasingly aroused with every inch her arms sink all the way back down and that when her fingertips touch the couch, she will feel intensely aroused. Sure enough, the second her fingers touch the couch her body starts to squirm and her breathing becomes harder until it turns into moaning and groaning which is the perfect time to hit her with her first orgasm. Why stop here, right? Let's see how far we can take her. Blake has already shown that she obeys and the orgasm I let her feel makes it perfectly clear who is in control; but now I want her to feel how much she wants to please me. I drive her up the wall for lust until she is consumed by the desire to show me how good she is. Our horny little girl keeps repeating “good little girls cum hard”. Let's see whether we can take her even further than that and make her…



Blake Rose Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Feel it like you have never felt it before

As I always say, the most important part of each session is to find the trigger or the one thing that drives the girl nuts. In Blake's case it would be the desire to please and to be good. Of course that all only works when the subject feels overpowered and choice less which is exactly what makes them feel aroused.

First I have her masturbate for me and I make it a point that she knows she is doing it for me in order to please me which turns her on beyond belief, until she drops completely under my control. Of course, I don't stop there! I order her to open her eyes and to focus on the watch in my hand. We all know where this is going. Blake's mind is slowly running out as she drops deeper and deeper into a lustful state of mindlessness. Now it is time for the takeover.

Blake is placed on her knees and ordered to pleasure herself for me, Blake is driven into a state of intense yet mindless lust and the repetition of “good little girls like me need to be trained” drives her even further up the wall. Now she has to learn to orgasm on my command only, when ever I say so. Very intense, slow mindless moments as well as screaming hard orgasm, stares and rolling eyes, mindless repetitions and so much more. Blake is wonderfully sweet young girl who had the time of her life and believe me; you can see it in her beautiful face.



Blake Rose Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Please make me a mindless slave master

Mantras, zombie pose (hands down) and orgasm denial

Blake's orgasm training started in the last segment and now it is time to take it to the next level and to use it to break her remaining will. Blake loves being submissive but she also loves to feel that she has no other choice than to surrender. Her beautiful body is quivering and shaking as she is standing in front of me. I make her feel helplessly fucked like she has never been fucked before but she is not allowed to orgasm which drives her insane. She keeps begging me to allow her to cum for me but I just have to drive her even further. The longer she has to wait, the more she is willing to unconditionally surrender to her new master. I make her stretch out her arms straight in front of her which makes her feel even more aroused. To make a beautiful girl like her, willingly surrender is good but to make her beg and plead for it, is even better, don't you think? With her arms stretched out in front she is now slowly repeating the word “h.notized” over and over until she sinks into the abyss. Of course that is all just the warm up. Blake ends up begging me to become my slave, she cumms harder than ever before and I decide to.... Very intense ending and not for the weak.



Blake Rose Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Let me feel your obedience

Blake is slowly and mindlessly walking back and forth through the room with her arms stretched out in front of her before she is ordered to bend over the couch. Her empty eyes are staring back at me and all of a sudden she feels deeply penetrated and fucked hard.

She repeats “I am here to be used”. I tell you, that girl has a beautiful ass on her and to watch it shiver and shake as she is ordered to orgasm, is hotter than I can describe. Of course after our little warm up, she has to pleasure herself and show me how badly she wants to cum for me. What takes her over the edge however is the intense spanking I make her feel and our little girl orgasms so hard that it knocks her off her feet.

Exhausted and empty she is just staring at me with her dim eyes rolling back. Still, there is more to come. Before she is put back to sleep, my little girl has to learn the power and intensity of the "breath controlled orgasm." I can not really describe the intensity of her orgasm but it sure takes it all out of her and she goes down with rolling eyes. Eye checks and a final orgasm in her sleep are still to come. I just love watching them squirm and shiver while they are completely out.



Blake Rose Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Buzz off dude

Don't breathe it in too deeply, honey

Blake is made to believe that she works as a stripper at the local club and that she is there in the morning to practice her new routine. The club is still closed and she believes to be all by herself. Needless to say, she is a bit surprised when she suddenly sees the exterminator aka the bug guy, who is doing his monthly job of spraying the club. I know, you guessed who the bug guy is.

Anyway, being as beautiful as she is, she should not be surprised that our friendly bug guy starts to hit on her but believe it or not, she gets upset and tells him to buzz off. Of course there is no chance she would ever do a private lab dance for him. Oh well, I guess the girl has her standards. Looks like there is nothing more for me to do than to spray the club and get out. Of course being the nice bug guy that I am, I tell not to breathe in too deeply while I am spraying but do they ever listen.

Before long, Blake seems to be, how shall I say, less focused and her moves seem a bit uncoordinated. By now she does mention that the stuff I am spraying all over the place, seems to smell strange. To make a long story short, Blake slowly loses her mind and will and sinks into an obedient trance. Ready to be trained and tamed. I am here to be used by you master. What follows would take too long to describe but it entails intense forced orgasm, masturbation, mindless stares, zombie poses, repetitions and, and....



Blake Rose Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip

If I could just move   

What do you mean; you have no control over the masturbating hand?  

Blake comes back from the last round and she seems utterly confused about her nakedness and the fact that she seems to have lost some time. Its fun watching her as she tries to piece it together and it looks like she does suspect that the bug spray might have made her confused. Needless to say, she tries to get dressed again which I think is completely unnecessary but do they ever listen?

Luckily though, there is the carefully planted freeze trigger which stops her dead in her tracks and leaves her, besides being stiff, mindless and manageable. After messing with her for a bit, I decide to have her mind come back so that we can all listen to her confused bitching, Of course that gets old, particularly given the fact that she does not seem to believe that I am much of help to her. I only have to suggest that her mind will go away and she just drops back into dim bliss.

Being the nice guy that I am, I unfreeze her but now she can not stop pleasuring herself. First she tries hard not to masturbate but then all of a sudden just when she freezes up again, she really wants to masturbate. Now she begs me to let her move so that she can finish herself off. She even promises to be good but can she be trusted? Again, too much to describe it all, great stares and lots of back and forth between mindless moments and alert confusion... Watch it and you know what I mean.




Blake Rose Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Boss needs attitude adjustment

Blake is made to believe that she is my boss and that she has to write me up or even fire me for sending dirty emails to my female coworkers. I don't really agree that those emails were dirty; after all, they only showed women while masturbating. Now comes the fun part, every time I snap my fingers, Blake my boss, believes to have just had a big shot of a very strong liquor and boy that gets her horny and completely fucked up. At some point, in the middle of her masturbation, she does not even give a about the fact that I turned on the intercom system and that everybody can hear her. The poor thing keeps telling me that she never drinks and that everything is fine. The fact that she suddenly hits on me and refers to herself as being a horny bimbo, does give me hope to believe that she might not fire me after all! Awesome segment showing Blake's demise from being a cool and collected boss to becoming a horny, silly and dimwitted bimbo... Mindless stares at the end and I am sure our boot lovers will go nuts over this one.



Blake Rose Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
You are dam right, I am taking this seriously

This is not only a tickle and laughing segment but it also shows her frozen, zombielike and again.

My sexy yet very tough boss comes back and is terribly apologetic about her nakedness. Somehow, she seems to believe that I just came into her office and she does not seem to understand why she is naked. At any rate, she regains her composure and starts to talk about those stupid emails again and how serious this matter is. Of course, as soon as she mentions the seriousness of all this, she starts to laugh and scream as if she felt tickled. Things get even worse when her clothes start to feel unbearably itchy and she just has to get out of them. Here we go again with the apologies. At some point, she tries to bargain with me but then she switches back to being my boss. It gets really bad when she freezes up for no apparent reason. How does she end up in the arms out in front, aka zombie pose and why is she all of a sudden again? Will she lose the rest of her mind? I guess you have to go and see for yourself.



Blake Rose Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Where were we?

Blake believes to be a young and very fortunate news paper reporter who has been given an extraordinary exclusive interview by an influential politician who has knowledge of a scandal that will rock the political scene. Naturally, our young reporter is very eager and she tries to come across as very efficient and professional. There is one minor problem though, it seems like, despite her best efforts, our young lady just can not seem to stay awake. The poor thing tries so hard to get the interview of her life but it all ends in embarrassment and eventually deep sleep. Now it is my time to inspect her body, free her beautiful breasts, do some eye checks, and lift her up and...



Blake Rose Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Doesn't it make you feel more comfortable?

This segment has three parts and it starts off with Blake coming back from her last sleep segment. “Oh my god, I am so sorry, I am usually very professional” and blablabla. Embarrassed and very worried that she might lose the interview, Blake apologizes all over the place as she tries to get dressed again. I don't know what to say but just as she promises to be better, she drops like a rock. It seems almost like she lost consciousness. Luckily she wakes up again but now she can not seem to remember what I just said. Of course not, she was asleep, while I was messing with her. Anyway, now she is all ears and ready to take notes. No, I guess not, here she goes again.

Now comes part two. Back up and awake, she now believes that taking off her clothes is the thing to do and she just can not seem to understand why it does not make me feel more comfortable, after all, isn't that the best way to get to know each other. Really funny and you have to see it to appreciate it. After another deepening, which I used to put the camera back on the tripod, Blake comes back believing that it is the beginning of her hypnosis session. S

omehow she can not believe that everything I tell her will happen actually does happen. She rambles on about this not being possible as her arms start to rise all the way up in the air. If you think that it might have been a bit confusing to her, try to imagine our Miss Doubtful experiencing an orgasm as soon as her hands touch the couch. Of course, I tell her every step of the way what will happen but do you think she believes me and or does not try to fight it?



Blake Rose Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Another itchy finger

Many of you asked me to make another itchy finger clip and well, here it is. Short (2.43 min long) and sweet. Blake wakes up not realizing that she is naked we start talking about how important the interview is for her future in the news business. I can not help but notice that she seems, yet again, very distracted. The reason for her discomfort seems to be her itchy finger and the more she scratches and massages it, the more aroused she seems to feel. Of course, she denies her increasing feelings of arousal until almost all the way to the end. Watching her struggling to avoid the inevitable orgasm and listening to her rather funny excuses while being strangely confused is priceless.



Blake Rose Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I was created to obey you

This segment is for our obedient robot, orgasm denial, yes master, stiff robot walks and arms straight out in front, lovers. Of course there is more going on than just that. Blake comes back from a brief deepening and she has no recollection of what has happened so far in her session. Of course she feels embarrassed and confused about her nakedness and keeps apologizing. Poor thing...

Anyway, my suggestion that we should start the session with her being transformed into an obedient robot does not seem to make her feel any better. In fact, she keeps talking about, this not being her thing, besides, how would you do that anyway? Blake, of course has no idea about the carefully planted triggers that will transform her in 5 seconds from now.

Sure enough, in mid sentence, she gets up, snaps at attention and stares mindlessly into the camera “I am a robot; I was created to obey you”. For the rest of the segment, Blake sees me as her owner and creator. As mentioned above, robot Blake is paraded through the room, bent over the couch, orgasmed and programmed to my specifications. Includes standing up masturbation with denied orgasm, salutations, many yes masters, stiff and robotic walk, self spanking and more... At the end, I clap which is the trigger for robot Blake to touch her breasts and deactivate instantaneously.


Blake Rose Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I have nothing to wear

Don't be silly, I am your wife

I have worked as a driver for Mr. H. Johnson for many years but was never comfortable spending time with his wife without him being around. Don't get me wrong, she was always very friendly and all but something about her made me feel uneasy. I will never forget that rainy night when he sent me to pick her up to drive her to the opera. The moment I stepped into the house, I could hear her almost frantically pacing through the bedroom while talking about not being able to find her favorite dress. I always knew that women can be very nervous and kind of spastic when it comes to picking the right dress for what ever they are planning to do but she was almost excessively frantic and nervous.

First I thought that she is one of those chicks who have a closet full of nothing to wear but when I heard her talk about malfunctioning, I did get suspicious. Did the old fart really marry a fembot and was that the reason that she was so much younger than him? Sure enough, she went nuts and despite her denial, she malfunctioned right there in front of me. What a shame, such a beautiful woman and it turned out she was not even real.

Maybe I should have left right then and there but I just had to try to fix her. It looked good at first but all of a sudden, she seemed to believe that I was her husband who was in the mood for sex. I have to say, the old guy is lucky to be able to afford something like her. I mean, the way she came on to me and the way she tried to seduce me was something I had never experienced before and a lesser man than me would have crumbled by the time she pleasured herself. Not me though. I actually crumbled when she......... My circuits are so hot for you.


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