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Breanne Benson Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


You better believe it

Breanne Benson, drop dead gorgeous California girl with a perfect little hard body had already heard about my sessions from some of the other girls, like Jenna Presley and Lylith LaVey. Having heard about some of their amazing experiences, had certainly made her curious and believe it or not, quite skeptical. Somehow it all sounded almost too good to be true. The idea of letting go completely, orgasm without being touched, being controlled in a way she never even knew existed and to experience something so intense and different, that it would not only surprise her but also turn her into a Hypno-groupie seemed far fetched.

Well, to make a long story short, Breanne turned out to be an absolutely great subject (see testimony in clip five) and she did experience all of the above which made her leave with a huge smile. I am sure that just by looking at her, you might have already figured out that Breanne is very sexual and sensual and definitely the kind of girl who can easily put any red blooded guy under her spell.

The first part of our session besides the relaxation and eye fixation part is all about programming her for the rest of her journey.

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Breanne Benson Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Remember, you are under my control

Breanne is taken from being completely relaxed to feeling intensely aroused and helplessly played with. I have to admit, I can not wait to watch her beautiful body in action, meaning, squirming and shivering under my control. Her legs feel forced apart and the harder she tries to close them the more impossible it becomes. Breanne has to learn that as long as I say so, she has no control over her body and mind. Her sexy young body is helplessly fondled, her clit caressed in a way she has never felt before until she feels helplessly taken and orgasmed at will. Watching a beautiful girl like Breanne surrender as hard as she did in this segment is seriously intense.



Breanne Benson Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
You control me

This segment has it all; from intense stares, slow mind removal, mantras, screaming hard orgasms, oh my gods to complete surrender. As you all know, I always like the open eyed orgasms, for one they are not natural, a lot harder for the girls and certainly more intense. Imagine staring into the eyes of the person who makes you orgasm without being able to close your eyes thus being unable to hide the most private moment. Try it out and you will feel what I am talking about. Besides all that, the deepest levels of trance can often be achieved that way, which is another reason why I like the open eye orgasms. Breanne's dark eyes are wide open as she stares at the crystal, her thoughts are drifting as she sinks. The feeling of being penetrated drives her up the wall for lust and leaves her unaware of the fact that she is losing herself in her own feelings of lust.

Repeating, "I have to follow and obey", takes her even deeper. I can feel her desire to please me, particularly when she starts repeating my orders without me telling her to do so. Her beautiful body goes into lustful convulsions when she is orgasmed at my will. Put on her knees and ordered to masturbate, Breanne slowly repeats, "you control me", until her body quivers and shakes and her eyes seem to beg me to let her orgasm. Well, this is a good time for her to learn to orgasm on my count of three. Exhausted and empty, Breanne's remaining will and thoughts, are slowly sucked out by the camera in front of her. Very intense and certainly not for the weak.



Breanne Benson Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I have no control master, I am your slave

You control my orgasms, you control my mind master

Breanne's eyes are turning dim and hazy as her thoughts and will drift into the camera. She is made to feel deeply penetrated and at the snap of my fingers her body feels intensely aroused as she had been fucked for a long time. I just love watching her perfect little hard body shiver and shake as her repetitions of the words "deeply entranced", become slower and more monotone with each repetition. At this point, my little girl is more than ready to orgasm for me.

Of course that is all just the warm up. Naked and exposed, Breanne's body starts to quiver and shake again. Her hands and arms feel forced behind her back, the nipple clamps feel tight and the spanking she feels between her legs intensifies. I can feel and see her going nuts as she enjoys being helplessly orgasmed again. The way Breanne shows how much she wants to please and how turned on she is by my training is almost impossible to put into words. We are still not done; with her arms stretched out in front of her, Breanne learns what total orgasm control really means. Very intense ending, leaving her with the bitter sweet feeling of unconditional surrender.



Breanne Benson Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Uninhibited mindless slave

This segment also shows two free minutes of Breanne waking up and telling us how and what she felt during the session. Very interesting and definitely real

Breanne's big dark eyes stare into blankness where and I can feel her sinking deeper and deeper as her mind seizes to function "I am a mindless slave master". Her young body slowly goes into lustful convulsions as she is stripped off any and all inhibitions she might still feel. Now she has to learn to bow to her master and to stay down as long as I see fit. This clip is definitely for anyone who loves to see close ups of a beautiful girl's ass, boots and face as she feels fucked hard.

Breanne's perfect little body goes into convulsions, then twitches and shivers until she slowly goes out. Drained out of all strength and energy in her body, my little girl finally drops into deep sleep. Of course there are some amazing eye checks and a last intense orgasm in her deep sleep while I am holding her eyes wide open.



Breanne Benson Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
I am deeply entranced for you master

Leave it to my beautiful yet demanding and sometimes quite bitchy wife to ruin a perfectly planed evening. OK, I have to admit, I did forget that it was our anniversary but come on, all the other guys were watching the big game tonight and who would have ever thought that our team would make it that far. Anyway, no matter what I say, she insists on going out to her favorite restaurant, which BTW, I don't really like anyways. I have to say though, she looks dam good tonight as she is standing in front of the mirror, applying her makeup and all. Luckily, I have a back up gift, I bought a while ago. You know the kind of gift you keep hidden away for the day when you forget her birthday or in this case our anniversary.

We all know that this is bound to happen, right? Of course it is not her favorite perfume but then again it was on sale and what makes it even more special is the fact that is from India. Well, to be honest, what makes it really special is the effect it has on the brain but I don't think she really needs to know that part. Breanne seems to slowly get hit by the special powers of the perfume, her eyes flicker, she shakes her head as if she needs to wake herself up and it becomes clear that her thinking seems, inhibited, to say the least. Poor thing, now she can not even remember where she made the restaurant reservation for tonight. Her eyes stare into the mirror and we all know what happens next. "I am deeply entranced for you master".

Looks like my sexy little wife needs some training which includes, having to pleasure herself with a vibrator until crazy for lust and then being denied to orgasm, self inflicted nipple torture, orgasms on command, kneeling, lots of yes masters and so much more. Towards the end, I decide to freeze her while her awareness comes back but the fact that she still does not seem to have learned, leaves me no other choice than to keep her frozen until after the game and to...



Breanne Benson Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I can not do that, I am not a stripper

This is a joke, I am a serious actress

Breanne is complaining to the director about the costume the lady from the wardrobe department has put her into. Thinking that she has been casted for the lead role in a very serious and dramatic movie, our little girl comes to find out that she is supposed to play the part of the young stripper instead of the part of the lead character. What a surprise and being the serious actress that she is, our little girl wants no part of any of this. Will there be a special effects gadget that might trigger her to change her mind? Will she strip dance for us and can she be motivated to even masturbate for us? Will she sleep on command and forget about all this?




Breanne Benson Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
This outfit is embarrassing in itself

Our young actress feels terribly confused and embarrassed upon awakening. Who could blame her, after all, she wakes up in front of the director with her breasts hanging out and her wet pussy exposed. Looks like, she fell asleep while waiting for me I mean the director, to show up. Anyway, she still does not want to play the part of the stripper and definitely hates the costume she is made to wear. Things get worse when I mention that we want her to play the part of the stripper with a foot fetish. You know, the kind of strippers who go crazy over their feet, who love to give foot jobs, go crazy for lust when their feet are touched and who don't seem to have a mind of their own. Will a special effects gadget trigger her to change her mind? Will she drive herself and all of us nuts with her sexy little feet and or wiggling toes? Can she be slowly put to sleep, simply by me holding her hand?



Breanne Benson Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I take this very seriously

After another very embarrassing and equally confusing moment upon awakening, our little actress still complains and this time, being the nice guy that I am, I offer her to try out for the part of the lead character and as long as she can prove to me that she has the seriousness for that kind of a role, I will do my best to help her get the part. What I am getting for my goodness, is a whole lot of laughter and giggling and no matter how hard she tries, the poor thing just can not seem to stop laughing.

I can not help but notice that the laughter increases when ever she hears her name, which by the way, I am using a lot. At some point, her clothes seem to increase the tickling sensation she seems to feel all over her body. Will she strip in front of me to get rid of the nasty itch? Can she be helped? Breanne's reactions, comments and the way she tries to pretend she is OK, are funny as hell.



Breanne Benson Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Be my Santa Baby tonight

Breanne, thinking that she is at a reputable photo shoot for a famous lingerie catalog seems quite stunned when I mention that my earlier shoot today was for a fembot catalog and that we were actually using real women who were, lets call it, " transformed " into submissive and ever ready robots. Of course she has no idea what the crazy photographer (guess who that is) is talking about and no, that would not be her kind of shoot anyways. Understood, no problem. First I decide to have her pose a bit for me, after all, she looks dam sexy in her little Santa costume.

Next comes the main part of the shoot which is, to model the ring. Like most of the girls, Breanne is not impressed by the ring and she thinks that it might be a bit too big and gaudy. Well, that might be but just look at the beautiful flashing light, once you turn it on. Breanne transforms before she even knows what hits her. "I am a robot, I am programmed to your specifications". Now the fun begins. Breanne turns into one of my favorite obedient Fembots who repeats the orders given to her, masturbates standing up as well as sitting down, orgasms on my command, salutes, stands at attention, can be easily switched to orgasm mode, remains on standby mode as long as I want her to and deactivates on my command.



Breanne Benson Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
What's with the hand

Breanne believes to be the first guest on a new TV talk show. The show is mainly about people talking about their profession and we thought it might be a good idea to start the show off with a nurse. Of course Breanne is not really aware of the fact that her nurse’s outfit is a bit sexier than you would usually find in a hospital but that's the way we like it, isn't it? I can not help but notice that our sexy nurse seems a bit distracted by her right hand. I know it sounds strange but it looks like her right hand is misbehaving. It wanders up to her mouth and covers it in mid sentence, grabs her nose and twists her head, fondles her breasts and so on.

Of course nurse Breanne tries her best to stop the dam hand but her left hand does not seem to be as strong as the one that is obviously out of control. The poor girl gets more and more embarrassed and she tries to deny that there is something wrong. When that all fails, she complains about pain in her hand and crumbs on her lap. What can I say, the out of control hand finally makes its way between her legs and like it or not, orgasms our little nurse in front of the entire audience! This one is really funny and Breanne's reactions and comments are hilarious.



Breanne Benson Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
These are long hours

Do you take any medication

We all know that nurses work very long hours but I never thought it was that bad. Breanne comes back feeling a bit confused and embarrassed about her clothes being in how can I put this? Disarray! We talk about the long work days and all the things she has to put up with and believe it or not, our overworked nurse goes to sleep on me. Of course it takes a while before she loses the battle of trying to stay awake but it seems like the sedative she might have taken, cold.

Now it is my time to undress her, feel her pulse on her neck, slowly run my hands down her neck perform some eye checks and so on. Let's try this one more time, shall we? Up again, nurse Breanne does not seem to notice that her breasts are exposed. Oh well, who would have the heart to tell her? Anyway, the rest of the segment is all about, Breanne instantaneously and with rolling eyes falling asleep at the most inappropriate and or weirdest times during our conversation. More body and neck play, a final orgasm in her sleep while her eyes are held open and more.



Breanne Benson Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I am going to kick your ass

Breanne believes to be filming for one of those ball-busting websites, you know the ones where the guys get the sh.. kicked out of them. Personally, not my cup of tea but oh well. Anyway, our little girl is determined to beat me whether I like it or not. Even me mentioning that I am obviously not in the greatest shape, does not help me a bit to change her mind. Being the nice guy that I am, I warn her that I might just freeze her into a little "Boxer Statue" but that seems to make her even more determined to kick the you know what out of me. Of course, about 4 seconds later, our little fighter regrets her decision to have pushed me too far. Come to think of it, freezing her was really more like self defense.

Mindless and frozen, Breanne has not really any say over me taking of some of her clothes so that she can move more freely. Oops, I forgot, she can not move at all. Having her mind come back does not help our friendship either but at least, she kind of realizes that I might have something to do with her predicament. I like her mindless better and the waving hand takes care of that quickly. Let's put her on the bench and show us how she can lift those weights.

Dam, that does not work either, now she is frozen again which makes it tough to push those weights. Let's see what she has to say when her mind comes back and maybe we should find out whether she likes to orgasm for us on my count of three. I used different camera angles this time and besides the intense close ups there are also a bunch of wide angle shots, showing her body.


Breanne Benson Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Now I am really going to kick your a.........

The last segment ended with me asking our sexy little boxer whether she would like to orgasm for us on my count of three. Well, one, two, do you feel anything? No. OK, how about three. Sure enough, Breanne explodes into a nice and intense orgasm which leaves her feel a bit defeated. Let's try helping her by moving her stiff body around. No good results come from that either but it sure confirms her desire to beat me up later. Time for a different exercise machine which unfortunately seems to make her freeze up again. After a number of freeze and mindless moments as well as bitchy and aware moments, I finally decide to free her but what do I get in return. Believe it or not, she comes charging at me. Man am I glad I kept the trigger for her to freeze up, right here in my hand. Sorry honey, no luck today.



Breanne Benson Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Human emotions… program loading

This week’s robot story is about a porn actress who is accidentally casted for a very serious role in an even more serious movie.

The second I saw her, I had a feeling that something was not quite right. First of all, she was way too pretty for the part and when I asked her what her acting credentials were, she started talking about blow jobs and that she likes it up her you know where. Don't get me wrong, I usually would have jumped at the opportunity but being way behind on my shooting schedule and having a bitchy producer breathing down my neck, I needed to get her to play the dam part.

Besides her constant offers to blow me and to have sex with me, she seemed to be incapable of emotions. I mean, who smiles when they find out that their lover just died. No matter what I tried, she did not seem to understand the whole concept of emotions and yes, it was tough to resist her offers to show me the time of my live after all, offers like that do not come often, at least not in my life! Anyway, by the time she started talking about "program serious actress not found and crying not found, it finally dawned on me that she might be a ....... Malfunctions, glitches, repairs and programming and a very hot girl in action.




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