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Brianna Belle Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


There is a first time for everything

Brianna Belle, tall, beautiful dirty blond with the most beautiful eyes, was very excited about our, let's call it, get together. Brianna was visiting our state to attend her first "fetish con" ever, which does not mean she is new to all this. On the contrary, Brianna loves to "model" which is not surprising, given her looks and presents. Turned out, our little girl likes to be in charge of things and the idea of letting herself go, was quite new and different to her. Well honey, there is a first time for everything. It did take me a bit to get her to submit and I had to reinforce some suggestions here and there but in the end, she crumbled, so to speak. Our afternoon turned into an exciting adventure and certainly a lot of exciting fun which, btw, made her a believer, if you know what I mean. Here we go guys, dive in and have fun.

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Brianna Belle Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Feel your masters power

Brianna's sexy little hard body slowly starts to move to my suggestions. It does take her a bit to go from being relaxed and at ease to becoming aroused. The "Hitachi" does the trick and of course the suggestion that she has no choice other than to submit. Her body quickly goes into convulsive thrusts while she is waiting to be allowed to orgasm. Time to have her open her eyes and to drop her deeper while her beautiful eyes are clued to the light. (great stares btw) With her remaining thoughts being removed, she becomes even more responsive. Don't you like them mindless? I know you do. Anyway, there is a lot of screaming, unexpected orgasms on command, stares and more going on in this. one. Towards the end, we get to see her briefly in the "sleepwalker" pose. Deeper and deeper with every snap of my fingers



Brianna Belle Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
No choice, no will, no..

You are my master

This next one is for our pantyhose lovers, masturbation, bondage, prolonged wait before allowed to orgasm, mindless posing, stares, freeze, hard orgasms on command, kneeling and... fans

As it says in the high lights, Brianna is taken from intense sexual heights to dim and mindless trance while being posed for our pleasure. Of course there is more. Our little girl has to learn that the amount of pleasure she is allowed to feel, depends entirely on my mercy and her degree of obedience. I am cuming for you master. Again, Brianna drops into mindlessness at the snap of my fingers and her beautiful eyes stare into who knows where.



Brianna Belle Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Please master let me cum


Limp body play, sleepy foot play, foot worship, eye checks, sleepy orgasms, crawling while being made to feel fucked and orgasmed. blank stares, begging and more.

First we have her slowly remove her shoes and pantyhose so that she can feel my touch on her bare feet. Brianna gets excited quickly as soon as I play with her feet and now she wants to offer them to us by showing them off seductively. What drives her over the edge though is when I have her masturbate while checking out her feet. Looks like we need to put her out so that we can enjoy looking and handling her feet in any which way we like. Needless to say, posing and manipulating her limp body, is certainly part of her training, after all, she needs to learn that she is here to please and serve. After messing with her for some time, I decide to wake her up for some more love slave training, which includes crawling, begging and orgasms on command while being made to feel fucked and used.




Brianna Belle Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Please Master train me

Brianna's beautiful body is bend over the couch (for a better view of her sweet ass) while she is made to feel fucked doggy-style. Her sexy body goes into lustful convulsions as she is begging me to let her cum. Every repetition of, please master train me, intensifies her feelings of lust until she begs for more. Looks like we need to put her to sleep for a bit and play with our little ragdoll. Needless to say, there are a lot more intense breath controlled orgasms, limp body play, eye checks, head wobbling and more yet to cum. Did I mention the orgasms on command while our entranced beauty is placed in the zombie/sleepwalker position.




Brianna Belle Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Mrs. PinchAPenny robotized and used

The perfect fembot companion

I hear and I obey master

Brianna (Mrs. PinchAPenny) believes to be the Librarian of our local library who has to deal with a rather obnoxious customer who owes $ 1500 in late charges for unreturned books. Needless to say, Mrs. PinchAPenny seems unrelenting and absolutely not willing to let the guy check out even one more book. What makes it even worse is the fact that the "guy" (guess who that might be) keeps talking about "robot" books and how important they are to him. Too make a long yet funny story short, he sees no other choice than to offer her "THE RING" he just inherited from his grandma. I am sure you all are familiar with "the ring" and what it does to young and unsuspecting women. After her futile attempt to look away, our sexy librarian finds herself reprogrammed and ready to be used. "I hear and I obey" What follows is a lot of yes masters, reprogramming, motor-skill tests, masturbation, robotic repetition of orders, stiff walk, salutations and more.



Brianna Belle Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Librarians make perfect foot slaves

Mrs. PinchAPenny, who seems to have a hard time with the fact that she wakes up naked barely gets dressed before yet another obnoxious customer enters her office. Needless to say, she cannot seem to remember her, let's call it experience, as a fembot which leaves her even more confused. Believe it or not but the guy asks her where he can find books on "foot worship." Oh boy, does she go off on him. Sir this is a library, we do not have books on fetish stuff, too sexual and so on. Oh well, let's see whether we can get her to look at the "RING" one more time. Sure enough, she drops again into you know what. " I hear and I obey." Now it gets hot.

After being (naked) placed on her desk, she is put to sleep and the guy takes his time to take off her shoes, cut her pantyhose and enjoy her Feet (toes and all) while her limp body is just there for him to enjoy. Things get even more heated when she becomes aware of her predicament yet unable to move. Too weak to move and very aroused yet reluctant, she is orgasmed at his touch under her feet. I could go on and on about how she is " snapped" into mindlessness again, played with, orgasmed and so much more but I am sure you guys will see all this when you watch this segment. Mindless offering of her feet, seductive foot worship and, and, and...





Brianna Belle Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Nobody has power over me

Brianna, who believes to be a dominatrix who somehow ended up with a client who is absolutely not interested in her "services" starts to yell, bitch and threaten the poor guy. I guess you all know who the guy is and that I am really more into submissive women. Oh well, our tough dominatrix really goes off on me when I mention hypnosis and doll in the same sentence. Again, long and fun story and now our tough dominatrix freezes up into a mindless statue which means, I can mess with her without having to listen to her (loud) bitching. Of course at some point we have to make her aware of her (weak) position and situation which leads to a whole lot of complaining. Looks like the only way to stop her is to freeze her hand over her mouth and nose. Needless to say, the idea of wedging a vibrator into her panties (on her clit of course) does not seem to go over too well but then again, who cares. There is too much going on to describe it all but it is certainly a hot one.



Brianna Belle Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Nobody makes me do anything

Upon awakening, our dominatrix seems to now believe that she is my love slave who has to proof her worthiness. Brianna now starts to beg and to offer herself seductively to her master. As tempting as it might be, I think it is time to make her become aware of her actions, after all, she is a dominatrix. Unfortunately for her though, she now finds herself frozen in the zombie position which seems to really upset her. Brianna, who has a bit of a dominant side to her, seems quite unhappy about her predicament and it gets even worse when she is forced to masturbate as well as orgasm on my command. Why and how is this all happening. You will know once you watch this segment. Of course there is a lot more going on, like the waving hand, the messing with her clothes and body, the dim stares and so much more. Brianna is left (under protest) frozen and helpless while.... Brianna's comments are priceless.



Brianna Belle Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
You are nuts man

Dominatrix Brianna's torture continues. Still upset and voice tress about kicking my you know what, she is now put through the "tickle/freeze torture which of course at first makes her laugh her ass off (at the wrong time, I might add) and then freeze on top of all this. At some point she even ends up while being played with. Of course we need to find out how sensitive her pussy is by placing a vibrator in her panties, don't you think? Will she be able to (although reluctantly) orgasm or will she be... This is really a fun clip with lots of mind games, freeze, tickle, forced orgasm, humiliation and, and, and fun. Again, her comments are priceless.




Brianna Belle Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I got to quit this job

Now we have Brianna, who still believes to be our tough dominatrix, switch into a cute doll costume without realizing it. It gets really funny when she tries to be intimidating and threatening while running around in her cute little outfit. Here again, she believes it to be her usual dominatrix . I keep mentioning that I really love to play with dolls which seems to upset her even more. To make a long story short, she suddenly turns into a cute little doll who's favorite games are masturbation, seduction and getting fucked. Like all dolls, she winds down and is brought back to live with the key which seems to fit perfectly in her... Very sensual love doll segment.



Brianna Belle Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Puppet master and his dominatrix

For this last segment, I decided to turn my little doll into a masturbating, helplessly manipulated and at time very bitchy little "puppet" on strings who has no other choice than to follow and obey. At some point we have her become aware of her predicament while her body is still strung up, meaning, she is still under the puppetries control. Yes, you guessed it, she still bitches and threatens but then again, who listens to a puppet anyways. At some point, our little toy loses all strength while mindlessly kneeling in front of us. What makes it tough for her though is when the puppeteer makes her place her hand over her mouth and nose which sends her to... (under protest that is)




Brianna Belle Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Vice president of seduction

Brianna: Hi Dr. Anderson

FRANK: Hey Brianna, So are you excited about the upgrade?

Brianna: What Upgrade? I thought I was here for routine servicing.

FRANK: Oh no you've been scheduled for a major upgrade.

Brianna: A major upgrade? , but I'm a 1200 series, I mean how much more advanced could I be.

FRANK: You are pretty advanced, but not quite state of the art. At least not yet.

Brianna: Is Mr. Mathews dissatisfied with my performance?

FRANK: Oh no! Quite the contrary He said in no uncertain terms that you are by far his best employee. Mr. Mathews just wanted me to expand your capabilities, beyond uhm….basic office work.

Brianna: Expand my capabilities?

FRANK: Ah yes, I'll be upgrading your processor with the a new generation five 64core processor and making a few programming tweaks here and there. This upgrade should improve your multitasking abilities and help you to better cope with complex works-related situations among other things.

Brianna: Oh my God Sally just quit last week, He must be promoting me to Vice President of Sales. Why else would spend so much to upgrade my system. You're supposed to upgrade my program to include enhanced management skills aren't you?

FRANK: Uh yeah sure. Nothing gets by you.

Brianna: I can't believe it, I'm going to be the first robot executive ever to work at Genotech.

FRANK: Me neither I mean congratulations You must be very excited.

Brianna: Super excited.

FRANK: All right then shall we get started.

Brianna: Sure, just tell me what to do.

FRANK:OK do me a favor and hop up on the table.

Brianna: Yes Dr. Anderson

FRANK: OK I'm going to deactivate you for second, while I replace a few components Brianna: Deactivate me, but why? It is not necessary to power me down to replace my Processsssorrrrrrr.

After the "work" is done

Brianna: Loading Brianna 5.0 ………Loading………Loading………Initializing personality matrix Brianna Dawson………Human-emulation mode engaged………Hi I'm Brianna, So nice to meet you……………Oh hi DR Anderson, I was just about to tell you that it is not necessary to power down my system to install a processor.

I was designed for easy maintenance, which includes a fully grounded access port. So you see it is no necessary to (Just then Brianna looks down to see an unfamiliar site and lets out a gasp. Her chest is twice its original size. The bra she is wearing is barely able to contain the two globes pressing hard against the fabric. She jumps off the table and looks down and then back up to Frank several times in rapid succession with an expression of complete shock and disbelief.)

Brianna: Oh my God, what did you do to me. I look like one of those damn Pleasurebots.

Frank: Oh that, uhm, Mr. Mathews wanted me to make a few adjustments to your chassis.

Brianna: Well I can definitely see two adjustments that you made, what the heck is going on?

Frank: Uhm Mr. Mathews thought a curvier figure would be an asset when selling to men. I guess he figured the if you're going to be the new Vice President of Sales you could use all the help you can get.

Brianna Oh, I guess that makes sense. I'm certainly going to have to buy all new clothes Brianna reaches up and cups her new breast, but too her surprise she is overwhelmed my a sudden wave of pleasure that shoots through her like a jolt of electricity. She lets out gasp as her body jerks to attention. She then trembles slightly confused, frightened and aroused by the new sensation.

Brianna: Oh My, What just happened?

Frank: Oh sorry about that, I should have warned you, those were actually designed for the PB600 units.

Brianna; You gave me pleasure-bot breast? I am not a pleasure unit.

Frank: Of course you're not. They were the right size and I had a pair in stock. Don't worry We'll decrease the sensitivity settings before you leave.

I should hope so, I almost shorted out my new processor.

Frank: Why don't we make sure every things working all right, let's start with balance. Brianna be a doll and stand for me.

Brianna: I feel kind of funny….kind of fun…fun…funny……error……error….hardware not found

Frank reaches behind Brianna and reconnects a loose wire.

Frank: Oh sorry Sweetie forgot to reattach that one……….better

Brianna: Better Frank: Sensors functioning properly?

Brianna: Affirmative Sensory functioning according to design parameters?

Frank: Yeah we really need to adjust the sensitivity on those breast. Any way your upper extremities seem fine, lets test your legs and lower torso………Ok Brianna I want you to bend over and run your hands up your body

Brianna: yes Dr. Anderson

Brianna: Oh…..Oh…..Oh…..Oh…..? (She looks downward at her jerking hands and then pleadingly upward at Frank unable to speak, yet urging him to help her with her eyes. Her gaze continues to dance back and forth between her uncontrollable hands and Frank. With her hands dug in firmly between her legs Brianna's torso springs upward and erect, Her knees and feet separate into a wide stiff stance and she begins to stagger and wobble slightly on stiff legs. She suddenly throws her arms stiffly out to her side with her palms facing forward. She begins to make stiff circular motions with her hands in an attempt to maintain her balance as she wobbles and staggers on stiff uncertain legs.)

Brianna: What is happening……What is Hap…en…ing…to me?……What have you done to me….. have you done to me………done to me………to me……to me….to me………Warning Sensor Array improperly calibrated……….do not stimulate…do…not stimulate………..stim..stim..stimulate me………..Malfunction…….malfunction………Warning ..Warning System Failure Eminent………System Failure Eminent……… Initiating Emergency Shutdown…Shut down sequence engaged………..Brianna unit is shutting dowwwwn Brianna is now sitting on the edge of the table unresponsive, when Frank reaches behind her and presses her power button. She jolts to life, and looks around the room and then down at breast and lap and then over to Frank who tow her side and slightly behind her. Brianna: Loading Brianna 5.0 ………Loading………Loading………Intializing personality matrix Brianna………Human-emulation mode engaged……Hi I'm Brianna, So nice to meet you………What Happened? Did I malfunction? I remember running my hands up my legs and then I felt……

 (Brianna places her right hand in her lap and presses softly between her legs. She lets out Gasp and looks up at Frank.) Brianna: Hey that's not suppose to be there. You have altered my chassis to make me anatomically correct…. I am a secretarial unit, not a pleasure unit. Why have I been modified?…I am detecting multiple new sensor arrays throughout my chassis? You are attempting to convert me into a pleasure unit. I am not a pleasure unit. I think I will find someone else to service me from now on.

Frank: Oh no its nothing like Mr. Mathews just figured that as the Vice President of Sales you might have to go that extra mile every now and then to seal the deal.

Brianna: To seal the Deal? you mean to, That would be unethical,

I think we all know what happens next!


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