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Briella Jaden Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


One Deeper than ever

Briella Jaden, sexy, seductive and very horny nineteen year old certainly knows that men drool over her where ever she shows up and I am sure, she not only knows it but also uses it to her advantage. In other words, our sexy young seductress loves to be in charge until she feels authority and a strong hand, so to speak and as soon as that happens, she turns into a sexy and playful little kitten.

Briella did not have a whole lot of experience when it comes to being in front of the camera which is something, I am sure, will change quickly. I mean, look at her, young, beautiful, willing and ready to set the world on fire, who could possibly resist that. Anyway, I am glad we found her when we did and yes, her session was a success but most importantly a lot of fun. Enjoy.

Briella responded more than well to the "magnetic hands" and even the idiot who was screaming outside the building which then in terms made Lana's little bark, could bring her out of the already deepening trance. Eye fixation and slow closing eye lids and....

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Briella Jaden Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Learn to obey

Learning to obey is, as we all know, something all the girls who come to see me have to do and in most cases it is good to get them started right away. It certainly works in Briella's case. As soon as I tighten the reigns, so to speak, her sexy young body starts to respond. Driven into a state of lust, our little girl starts to moan and groan and her body begins to quiver under my suggestions. The increasingly intense thrust of the Hitachi she is made to feel combined with the feeling of having no choice over any of this, is what drives her already deeper into submission.

Her hands feel pulled behind her head and tied up as she feels helplessly played with. I had a feeling that Briella might have a thing for bondage and hey, why not use it to gain control over her, after all, what gets them to submit is their own lust and the desire to please. Before long her body goes into lustful convulsions as her screams become louder and more forceful. Time to hit her with an intense orgasm which leaves no doubt about who is in control of the situation, or I should better say, who is in control of her body.



Briella Jaden Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I have to follow and obey my master

I am your horny slave

Mantras, rolling eyes, dim stares, open eyed orgasms, mind reduction, masturbation, hands free touch less orgasms on command, slow repetitions and marathon orgasm. Briella's eyes are captured by the light in front of her face as her mind slowly sizes to function which is the perfect time to actually make her want to follow and obey. She starts calling me master without me having to mention it which is always the first sign of surrender. Her repetitions of the word obedience become slower as her eyes roll all the way back into her head. Now it is time to make her feel like never before, meaning more aroused than ever before. Ordered to masturbate, our little girl finds out that her entire body feels and experiences every physical stimulation ten times more intense while in deep trance. Of course we do not stop here.

Briella is standing in front of me and now she is made to feel helplessly fucked while screaming I am a horny slave which intensifies her lust even more. Orgasmed at the snap of my fingers, Briella keeps cumming for as long as I want her to and that means, she orgasms for me for a long time. Now it seems time to take her even deeper and to remind her that she is a slave who has no other objective than to please her master. Again, her eyes roll back as she repeats the words mindless slave. All of a sudden her hands feel forced behind her back and she feels fucked and used. She keeps screaming make me your slave until it makes her orgasm so hard that it almost knocks her off her feet. Of course there is more so go ahead and enjoy the clip already.



Briella Jaden Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am only here to serve you master

Everything your master does intensifies our pleasure

Time to intensify her training even more by placing her in the slave position on her knees. Briella's remaining mind and will is sucked out as she stares at her masters finger. Her repetitions of mindless and empty slave become slower as she drops deeper. Let's take a closer look at her perky tits as she is ordered to raise her arms straight out in front of her body. She keeps repeating, mindless empty slave and I am here to serve you master. Her masturbation becomes more intense as her desire to bring herself to orgasm for me becomes stronger.

More slow mind reduction and intense open eyed orgasms finally drive her into complete surrender and with that, she comes harder than ever before. " I never came this hard master" Time to put her into the sleeper walker position for more mantras, rolling eyes and forced orgasm training. Still we are not done yet. Bend over the chair with her ass pushed out at me (that girl has a beautiful ass on her BTW) Briella feels not only helplessly fucked but also spanked hard until it makes her cum on my command. The above described is only part of what is going on in this very intense female training segment.



Briella Jaden Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I am completely controlled by you master

Frozen and orgasmed into mindless surrender

Briella is just standing there with her arms stretched out in front of her. Her eyes are wide open and empty. I can feel that she is ready for the final take over. Put on her back her arms and hands fell tied to her knees as her legs are spread far apart. I make her feel helplessly fucked and played with and her repetitions of " I am here to serve, I am a horny slave become louder and louder as she is orgasmed again. I am cumming for you. Time to let her feel and experience the power of the breath controlled orgasm. Briella goes nut and her perky tits bounce all over her chest. OK, that was all just warm up for what comes next. Briella's young body starts to freeze up under my suggestions and now she feels even more helpless and with that, even more aroused. She keeps screaming, I am completely controlled and I just know that my suggestion go deep into her subconscious. Still, there is more. Back up on her feet, Briella's sexy little body freezes up again as I take her deeper. Her eyes roll all the way back and suddenly her body loses all strength and she slowly goes down. Helplessly immobilized she is orgasmed again and finally put to sleep. Intense surrender and yes too much to describe it all.



Briella Jaden Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
The power of the Tarot card

I hear and I obey

Briella believes to have been surprised by her boyfriend's younger brother in the middle of her dance practice. Guess what kind of dance she is practicing Anyway, the young guy seems to have a crush on her and he keeps hitting on her despite her warning that his brother will kick his ass as soon as she tells him about all this. Guess who the younger brother is. OK, I know that You know that already. Rejection hurts and honestly, I see no other way than to entrance her using the tarot card I just found. Sure enough, after trying to resist her eyes suddenly roll back as she drifts into obedient trance. Looks like my new slave is ready for some attitude adjustment after all, she has to learn to be a good little girl, don't you think?

Briella's arms feel pulled behind her back as she feels helplessly fucked and used by her master. Orgasmed at will and then taken into an even deeper state of trance, our little girl surrenders and her slow and monotone yes masters certainly proof it. Of course she has to repeat mantras like I hear and I obey and /or I am an obedient slave before she is allowed to masturbate herself to orgasm for me. Enough of the warm up. Now it is time for her to learn that good little love slaves crawl and bow to their masters when ordered to do so. Very intense with lots of slow repetitions, intense screaming hard orgasms, rolling eyes, yes masters and, and ...



Briella Jaden Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I had fun but that is besides the point

It is all in the cards

Briella slowly wakes up and believe it or not, she wants to tell my older brother about what just happened. Well, she does reluctantly agree that she had fun but then again, she is with my brother and he needs to know. I disagree with her on that one and it looks like that the only way to have more fun with her, is to freeze her in place. Of course she does not really want to look at the Tarot card again but that is not necessary at this point anyways. I mention that I can see her immediate future in the card which says that her body is starting to stiffen up and that she will soon lose her mind and thoughts as well. Of course she does not believe me, I mean, do they ever. Sure enough, her body freezes up despite her futile attempts to move during the process.

After having some fun with my mindless statue, I decide to let her become aware of her predicament. Looks like my little girl is a bit confused about the fact that she seems unable to move and me taking off her clothes and looking at her beautiful ass, does not seem right to her either but then again, what can she do about all this. My next prediction that she will orgasm soon just because I can see it in the cards, seems fairly stupid to her but what can I say, I am always right with my predictions. After being orgasmed at will, our little girl still talks about telling my brother about all this and the only way to stop her, is to freeze her hand over her mouth and nose.

Let's see what happens when she feels the vibrator between her legs without being able to remove it. Yes, it makes her cum and she even unfreezes during her orgasm but now she cannot stop using it which keeps her cumming. Still, she insists that my brother will kick my ass. Looks like it is time for the waving hand trick, after all, mindless little girls do not talk back. How do I get her to believe that she is actually my girlfriend who has no interest in my brother what so ever. Go find out.




Briella Jaden Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
I could do without the shoes

This next one is a bit longer but I am sure our feet, shoes and leg lovers will enjoy it. Briella has beautiful long legs, great arches and when you combine that with intensely rolling eyes, slow mind reduction and very sensual foot worship, the result is a really hot clip.

Briella who believes to be a shoe model seems a bit turned off when the photographer tells her that he would love to take some pictures of her naked feet. Well, I guess, I can understand that, after all this is a serious shoot for a very well known line of women's shoes. Taking pictures of her modeling those sexy high heel shoes is indeed hot but then again, not enough. Briella does not really have a chance as soon as she looks into the light in my hand. Her mind drifts, after a brief struggle, into the abyss, which makes our sexy young model a lot more manageable. Her eyes roll back and the fun begins. Sensual foot worship, orgasms at will and intense close ups of her legs, feet and those sexy shoes.



Briella Jaden Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not an escort

Obedient robots are designed to please

Our aspiring model wakes up after a brief deepening and she seems not only surprised but also somewhat disgusted when she finds out that today's photo shoot is for an Android magazine. I guess that could be a bit confusing for somebody who came in for a shoe shoot. Poor thing, looks like she does not remember most of what happened before. Oh boy, now she gets all standoffish about the whole thing and it certainly looks like she is getting ready to explode. Anyway, she does not believe that this is her kind of shoot and yes, she is on her way out when she suddenly stops in her track. It is almost as if something had changed her brainwave activity, if you know what I mean. I guess that was Briella's first experience with robots and it takes her a second to find the right robot pose.

Anyway, after her mind and will are completely removed our young model is ready for her new programs which focus on obedience without questioning. Her programming includes yes masters galore, repeating her orders in a monotone voice, Hitachi masturbation, denied orgasms, salutations, bend over ass out pose, standby mode and deactivation via remote control. I am a robot, I am here to obey. The clip starts with Briella changing her clothes in front of me without being aware of it while she is telling me that she would never allow me to see her naked.



Briella Jaden Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Strip dance for a thousand

That is not going to happen

Briella believes to be the special guest on our new late night TV show. The show is a little bit like the famous Howard Sperm show, you know, the kind of show in which the host makes sexy young girls do all kinds of weird and or sexy things in front of the camera. Briella is asked to strip for us for one thousand dollars. Will she take the money and show us her beautiful body? Believe it or not, she says no. Now comes the fun part. The second she says no, she gets up and starts to strip in a very sexy way while insisting that she would never do something like that in public. Very hot strip dance and lots of fun.



Briella Jaden Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Smoking does not make people orgasm

Briella, our guest of honor wakes up and gets dressed as if nothing had happened. It seems like she is completely unaware of what she is doing. Anyway, once dressed she is ready for another round of fun. Of course she is still not ready to strip for us which is OK, I guess. Now comes the bet for tonight. Briella can win $ 10.000 if she is able to smoke one of our newly developed cigarettes without having an orgasm and, here comes the kicker, without falling in love with me, the host of the show. Well, there is no way that could happen to her, I mean, those are just cigarettes, right? Sure enough, a few drags into it, our little girl starts to strip dance out of her clothes and believe it or not, I suddenly seem to become really good looking. I guess you might have an idea where this is going. Will she try to avoid having that orgasm. Will her cute and sexy ways save her from the effect of the last drag? Maybe I am really good looking after all.



Briella Jaden Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
One last Bet

Briella wakes up after a brief deepening and she has no clue about the fact that she is naked which might have to do with the fact that she is programmed to believe that she is fully dressed. OK, here is the next and final bet. I bet you that I can make you laugh for as long as I please. Of course that sounds ridiculous and sure enough, our little girl thinks that she won the money already. Of course she has never heard about post hypnotic triggers either. Two seconds later, her beautiful little body starts to squirm and quiver despite her desperate attempts to keep her cool. It almost seems like she feels tickled or something. It is a lot of fun watching her trying to deny that she is laughing for no apparent reason.

Things get even worse for her when I up the bet. There is no way she would freeze up while being tickled and no, an orgasm is completely out of the question. Being the nice show host that I am, I even offer her a choice between orgasmed or being tickled. Guess what she chooses. Briella's sexy little body finally goes down as she feels liquefied and....


Briella Jaden Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
You will be seduced

Special Agent BJayden enters the private lab of former scientist as she scans her surroundings and examines the work in progress. She looks around and continues her search and cautiously moves about the room. Finally the scientist shows himself. SPECIAL AGENT BJayden demands that he goes quietly with her if he knows what’s good for you.” He asks to see her arrest warrant to which she tells him that she will use of his computers to acquire it online… T

he scientist continues to ridicule her by telling her that she is nothing more than an array of wires, circuits and servos assembled together, and concealed in one sexy little package. He mocks CyberCorp of having programmed her to believe that she is some sort of special agent, when in reality she is nothing but a glorified windup doll.

SA BJ ignores his remarks and insists assertively “I’m nobody’s doll, and you had better surrender if you know what’s good for you." In the midst of trying to obtain the warrant for his arrest, she suddenly is jolted by an electrical shock…which causes her system to malfunction. Her eyes widen in shock as her body spasms. The scientist approaches the malfunctioning SPECIAL AGENT, leans over and reaches behind her back. Amused by her repetitive denial he replies “of course you’re not a robot my dear, any on can see that” As he reaches under her costume she snaps out of her loop and ask “hey what are you doing? He responds “why nothing my dear, remember you’re impermeable to attack… He removes her back panel and begins to tamper with her internal components. She freezes up for a moment then her eyes cross and widen as her lips part. Her body tenses and her back arches as she begins to speak again “will be sub, se, seduced, you will be seduced... I am programmed to strip and seduce you now.

I’m SPECIAL AGENT AJ, do you like my body?...My body? When she begins to exhibit glitches from the earlier damage to her system, she is even more shocked, confused and concerned. She inquires what is going on, and insists she feels strange, but can’t seem to stop flirting and stripping even though it seems inappropriate behavior. It eventually sinks in that she is fact a robot and she is unable to cope with the realization and overloads repeating: “but I can’t be a robot, I can’t, can’t, cant be a, a robot, I, I. I am star girl, You will be subdued, I’m impermeable, impermeable, I, I I am, I’m a robot, I’m a robot, a robot. A robot...


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