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Britney Lace Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


There is nothing like this

Britney Lace, stunningly beautiful and very lusty blond definitely likes it rough but what happened that day at our place even exceeded her wildest dreams and imaginations. The idea that she could be controlled like this, simply through the mind blew her away and certainly made her a believer. Britney is the kind of girl who is despite her beauty and the obvious effect she has on men, very sweet, down to earth and easily approachable. I other words, my kind of girl, beautiful, naturally horny, submissive when overcome, sweet, funny, intelligent and so on. I hope you guys enjoy watching her journey into un-chartered territory which, as mentioned, made her a believer as she experienced herself in a way she never knew was even possible.

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Britney Lace Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Put into submission

I am here to obey Sir

Needless to say, Britney's session starts with a bang the minute she is made to feel that being submissive and out of control will make her feel more sensual, sexual and beautiful than ever. Giving the subject an incentive like the above mentioned suggestions often helps to make them let go of themselves much faster. Britney goes nuts as soon as her inhibitions are removed. Her beautifully rounded body goes into lustful convulsions and she starts calling me master as well as Sir.

Brittney is the kind of girl who likes to call a man (who controls her) Sir, something many submissive women have in common. After hitting her with a couple of orgasms on command, she is now ready for some deepening and "open eyed" mind removal. Time to make her feel who controls her body and mind. All she wants is to make herself cum for me. Her fingers slam her wet pussy (which you will hear) while she keeps screaming, I am her to obey you Sir. It all ends with her just standing there as I "snap" her deeper and deeper. Great zoned out stares, yes master (on her own) slow mind removal and as usual, too much to describe it all.



Britney Lace Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Hear and obey

Masturbate yourself into oblivion for me

I am your obedient slave master

Wet and wide open pussy, entranced stares, kneeling, begging, plenty of yes master and Sir, nipple torture, breath controlled orgasm training, finger fucking, hypno-bondage, ROLLING eyes and very intense masturbation that drives her into oblivion.

Oh master, oh master. Britney goes wild again in this one as she cannot seem to control anything that is going on. First she feels hit by an unexpected orgasm which makes her want to touch herself very badly but that is not possible as her arms feel frozen and tied up in the air. Her beautiful body quivers and shakes as she is made to feel her own hand as if it was still between her legs.

Her hands suddenly move to her breasts and she cannot help but to squeeze her nipples hard. Britney learns that even pinching her nipples for her master makes her orgasm when told to do so. Of course that is all just warm up. Did I mention the kneeling, begging, the Oh master's, the rolling eyes during deepening, the long orgasms, her wide open wet pussy, me holding her eyes open during orgasm training, the breath controlled forced orgasm training and so much more.



Britney Lace Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Please use me as you wish master

Drift into oblivion

No will and thought of her own

Crawling, zombie 'sleepwalker pose, mantras, mindless stares, mindless statue and posing, bend over fucked and used, zoned out stares and more.

First we have our little girl drift into "oblivion" meaning deeper and deeper. When all thoughts mind and will are gone, her limp body is posed while the camera slowly zooms over her body. Time to take it up a notch. Britney goes crazy in her attempt to please her master by making herself cum. I am cuming for you master. Now she needs to learn that slaves crawl for their master while slowly repeating, please make me a good slave Master. Of course that is all just warm up. Again, Britney sexy young body quivers and shakes all over the place when she suddenly feels fucked and used from behind. Please use me master. Looks like we need to drop her into mindless dimness for more programming. As mentioned, there is a lot going on in this segment and the above described is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Thank you, thank you master. Very intense and not for the weak. Mantra= I am your h- slave master.



Britney Lace Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Nobody else can make me cum like this

I am here to please, I am your willing slave master

Time for more slow mind reduction, screaming hard orgasms, lot's of yes masters, very hot foot action, wet orgasms on command, entranced stares, sleepy and limp body play. Those are just a few of the highlights.

Now it is time to take a closer look at her sensitive and very well taken care of feet. Turns out, Britney loves showing off her feet and the idea that it pleases her master, turns her on. Again, her body starts to quiver when she sees my hand getting closer to her feet. Imagine what happens when she actually feels my hand. She keeps screaming, I am your willing slave master. Of course we get to enjoy her finger fucking her wet pussy in this segment as well. Time for the final take over.

Britney's eyes are fixated on the rotating light in my hand, her face relaxes, her eyes widen and she is gone. It gets really dramatic when she is hit by a very long orgasm that drives her over the edge. She keeps screaming, nobody else can make me cum this hard. Still there is more. Placed on all four, she is orgasmed so hard that it makes her pass out right there in front of me. Now it is time to enjoy her limp body, move her around, do some eye checks and so on. Still there is more. I decide to have her wake up for about 20 seconds and then have her pass out again and...



Britney Lace Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Lazy secretary in trouble

I am just your orgasm slave master

As usual, Britney my lacy secretary, is filing her nails instead of working. Needless to say, she has not worked on the yearly reports I asked her to prepare nor does she have the files I wanted her to pull for me. What can I say, the girl needs a bit of an attitude adjustment, don't you think. Believe it or not, she even wants a raise. Anyway, she has no defenses for what happens next ad it leaves her not only mindlessly entranced but also willing and obedient. We start off her training by placing her in the zombie position while repeating please train me masher.

Of course it gets very intense from there as we all know by now, Britney is very sexual and willing to please. Her hands fee; drawn between her legs and she is ordered to pleasure herself for us. Needless to say, being a bad girl and all, she is not allowed to cum. Suddenly her hands feel pulled away from her pussy which leaves her quivering and shaking body without being allowed to explode. Of course that is all just warm up. Next we get to enjoy her finger fucking that wet pussy of hers while screaming it feels so good master. Poor thing before cuming yet again. Time to enjoy her limp body and face while she is out.




Britney Lace Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not working here anymore

From now on I am going to be a good foot slave for you master

I think I can understand that our lacy secretary does not want to work her anymore after she wakes up but unfortunately for her, I am not done with her yet. This time she is turned into an obedient and very horny foot slave who is allowed to slowly expose her feet for us, crawl on all four on the desk (for great close ups of her ass and feet) run her fingers through her toes, wrinkle her feet, spread'm, masturbate and orgasm for us. Really hot and seductive entrancement/foot segment with a fun ending. Enjoy her being frozen while I ....




Britney Lace Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Why is it so big

Robo Model programmed and used

I decided to use the "Ring" transformation for this really hot obedient robot segment.

Britney, who believes to be working as a model for one of those really fancy designer fashion houses, is not all that happy about her rich customers comments on her sexy little body, nor does she seem to appreciate his attempts to talk her into enjoying a threesome with him and his fiancé.

I mean who would not be upset about all this, after all, her job is it to model dresses for rich customers. Anyway, her customer does not seem to need her approval and before she knows what hits her, she falls for the old 'Ring" trick which puts her under his control. Needless to say, her brain needs to be restructured before she can be programmed to please, masturbate, pose, answer by saying yes master, salute, walk stiffly.

I am an object, owned by my master

It gets really hot when "IT" is ordered to use the Hitachi. Robot Britney goes crazy and it gets crazy when I decide to keep her orgasm program active for a long time. Britney keeps cuming and cuming and... Marathon orgasm with lots of screaming hard and very intense orgasms



Britney Lace Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Don't help me now!

Britney, our young model wakes up confused and her first reaction is to get dressed before I get back from the bathroom (that's what she believes anyway) For some reason, she really wants to give the ring back to me without really knowing why though. It is funny to watch her try to piece it all together. Well, what can I say, I get her to "pose" with the ring one more time and sure enough, she freeze up. Now she is just standing there, mindlessly staring into nothingness. Poor thing is really confused as soon as she regains her awareness back while still frozen though.

Of course she does not understand why she is almost naked again. Of course I have to mess with her by telling her that I find her behavior (and her nakedness) very inappropriate. After all, I am engaged, right? Poor thing tries so hard to explain but then the Hitachi drops into her panties. OK, I placed it there while she was "absent" yet again due to the waving hand trick. Needless to say, she turns down my help when I mention that I could always hypnotize her. Anyway, at some point when she seems to go crazy with the Hitachi in her panties, I decide to help her by turning it off. UHHH, you should see her face and listen to her comments. Too much going on to list it all.




Britney Lace Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
I don't need coffee

This next one is for our sleepy and limp body play lovers

For some reason, our young model does not remember anything that has happened so far. As far as she is concerned, I just walked in and she is about to show me some hot dresses for my fiancé. Poor thing cannot seem to stay awake though. It is almost like she took a strong sedative or something. Of course she tries her best to stay up and to do her job, after all, she is a professional. After messing with her limp body for a while, it is time for her to come back, at least for a while. After that we have her pass out at the snap of my fingers over and over which leads to confusion and embarrassment and lot's of limp body, neck head and play.




Britney Lace Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I love my job Sir

Why does Britney, our horny fashion model, love her job so much. Well, you will find out once you watch the end of this segment. First though, our oh so professional model, breaks out into almost uncontrollable laughter at the most inappropriate times throughout our conversation. Really hurtful btw. Things get even worse when she freezes up again for no apparent reason. (well there is a reason but she does not know that) She does not even want me to call the manager for help because now she actually becomes aware of the fact that she was naked throughout all this. Things get really bizarre when she suddenly realizes that she is just a love slave. You are my master. Still that does not explain why she loves her job so much. Well, after snapping out of it again, she seems to believe that pleasuring herself with the Hitachi in front of her customer is the thing to do, after all, that is part of her job description.



Britney Lace Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your pain slut master

This is the most intense experience I ever had

This last one is definitely a very hot and exciting finish of her session

The last segment of Britney's session starts off with her still being forced to enjoy the Hitachi on her clit but now it is time to switch gear and to turn it up a notch. Britney is about to experience her first orgasm while feeling tickled at the same time. Poor thing keeps begging me to help her but when I do (I turn off the Hitachi at the wrong time) she seems very upset. Oh well, let's take it up even further. Without any warning, she suddenly feels her hands and arms pulled and tied up on her back. Needless to say, this is all just warm up.

Let's add some nipple clamps and a lustfully severe paddle spanking. Britney goes nuts as her body quivers under the spanking and she keeps screaming, I am my masters pain-slut. It is impossible for me to describe the intensity of this segment. It looks like I hit another one of her hidden fantasies. Our little girl cums so hard that it makes her pass-out right there in front of me. Her exhausted body drops to the ground. Still there is more. We have her wake up a few times just so that we can put her back to sleep at the snap of my fingers. Britney goes down as if she got hit by ... Her last orgasm makes her admit that this was the most intense experience she ever had. Eye checks.




Britney Lace Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
The Ultimate Girlfriend Experience

Britney Lace clip The Robot Movie The Ultimate Girlfriend Experience Britney is a gorgeous blond sent by the agency - she begins by introducing herself: Hi , I’m Britney, the agency said you would be expecting me. He Introduces himself as Britney and blurts out “wow your gorgeous, I mean you look like a real woman” she responds “I am a woman” He nervously says “but the agency assured me that all their girls were synthetic”. She announced I am a Britneybot 3000 fully-functional Pleasurebot. I assure I am quite synthetic. I have been designed and programmed to function as the perfect human female companion” Her head cocks to the side as she inquires, “do you find me appealing”? Britney stumbles over his words uh ya, I mean yes of coarse I do. She replies “ “I am glad that you like my body” then cocks her head again and finishes “I’m here for your pleasure”. Britney ask “did the agency tell you about my request’? Britney answers “Yes you have selected the full girlfriend experience” Britney continues her description “I will load and execute the preprogrammed scenario (blind date seduction: sequence 2).

This program will run for a duration of 3 hours” “During this time period, this unit I will believe itself to be A human female: designation Britney Miller”. Please familiarize yourself with the emergency shut of switch located in the small of my back, In the unlikely event of a system malfunction this switch will deactivate all of my primary systems. Britney steps behind her and examines the switch briefly before asking “Is that everything, I mean can we get started”? Britney Replies in her sweet even toned voice “Affirmative, loading: blind date seduction: sequence 2….initiating in 5…4...3...2…1”

Britney’s head falls to her chest. She remains motionless for a few seconds before her body jolts back to life as her head pops up. She is staring off into space with her mouth gaping open. Suddenly her head cocks to the side and freezes for a couple of seconds, before a huge smile appears on her face and her head cocks back to a more natural position. extends her hand and introduces her self “ Hi I’m Britney, You must be Britney, Kelly didn’t tell me that you were so handsome” Britney replies nervously uhm thanks, you look amazing, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Britney announces “Dinner is just about ready, would you care to have a seat” and pulls out a chair for her. She gracefully takes her seat, crossing her legs and gently resting her cupped hands upon her knees. She responds to Britney’s polite gesture as she proclaims “What a gentleman” followed by a flirtatious grin. Britney places 2 salads on the table.

Britney stabs some lettuce raises it to her lips and then lowers the fork lettuce and all back down to her plate. Britney asks her about her occupation and she tells him that she is still in college studying fashion design. She asks “do you like my dress”, as she stands up and twirls proudly to display the skimpy garment. She then continues “I designed it myself….(her head cocks to the side)… I designed it myself …I..de..de..de..designed it (her head cocks again followed by a slight pause)… myself”

Britney freezes for a second with a confused look on her face, she then trembles like a chill went up her spine, and shakes her head as if to shake the cobwebs out. She replies “That was weird, I don’t usually stutter, I must of spun too fast or something, Oh well I guess I’m Ok now”. Britney returns to her chair and resumes her feminine pose. Mike ask “Are you sure your Ok? Britney Answers in her warm perky tone Of coarse , you’re such a gentleman”. Britney changes the subject and asks Britney about his career to which he replies “I’m in Data Base management”.

She chimes in her sickeningly sweet tone “That is so interesting……I’ve always been fascinated by”. Following a slight pause and using a monotone voice Britney completes her sentence as if she is simply filling in the blank, “Da..ta..Base..Man…age..ment”. Her perky voice returns and she ads you’ll have to tell me more about it. Britney starts to describe his job as Britney undresses him with her eyes, “I basically organize data in such a way that”. Britney interrupts Britney mid sentence and in her most seductive voice declares, “I think you’re really sexy”.

Britney stops his database lecture and replies, I think you’re sexy too” She replies, Thank you, that’s so thoughtful of you to say so…to say so…. to say so …..that’s so int..int..interesting”. Britney head cocks to the side with each repetition and her eyes seem unable to focus on anyone or anything. Again she snaps out of it shaking and jerking her head like a dizzy person trying regain their bearings. She ask “Why do I keep repeating myself? She tries to rationalize it to herself “it must just be nerves” She turns to Britney and Apologizes “ I’m sorry, I’m usually not like this, I think I’m just a little flustered because you’ve got me so turned on…turned on..on…Oh ..…What..What..What is happening too me..too me….

Britney freezes in her chair for a moment staring off into space with her lips parted in an almost surprised expression. Her body twitches slightly a few times before she springs back as if nothing had ever transpired. She resumes her conversation “turned on, I guess I’ve always had a thing for brainy guy’s”. Britney sits down next to her and sets down his wine glass. Britney immediately grabs the glass and says “oh thank you, you’re such a gentleman” Britney yells “ No don’t “ but its too late the last bit of wine in the glass is now inside the beautiful android” Her body jerks to attention as her eyes bug out.

She freezes for just a second but suddenly seems completely unaffected. Britney lets out a sigh of relief, not quite knowing what to expect. Britney sets down her glass and responds…hmmmmm that was good, may I have some more…some more. Hmmmm that was good…that was good.. some more..more…more. After a few ticks Britney jumps from her chair and is standing rigidly at attention. She raises both hands to either side her head, as if she is dizzy. She announces “Wow! That wine went straight to my head…..I have a thing for brainy guys….Strait to my head…my head… She appears wobbly, unable to bend her knees and stumbles awkwardly for a bit. Her legs are now firmly planted to the ground with her feet widely separated as she bends and turns her waist independent of her lower body. She resumes her mantra as she begins to remove her dress “I think you’re very sexy….very sexy….She cries out “oh no…..I think I’m a robot… a robot…I’m a robot…….The concern and worry leaves her voices and she in full seduction mode again as she unleashes her sexual tirade upon her confused date….Do you like my body…my body…..programmed to please…..I am programmed to please…..touch my body….A robot….a robot” The malfunction overwhelms her system and her knees buckle. Britney falls to the ground rolling onto her side and eventually onto her back. With her head jerking side to side and torso lifting and falling she continues babbling x rated gibberish, “You can touch me anywhere….touch me anywhere……I’m designed to please you, designed to please you…. Wearing only her lingerie Britney pulls her knees in closer to her body, with her feet planted on the ground as she lies on her back. She lets out a scream of pure bliss as her hips begin to thrust upward causing her back to arch. She continues pumping the air, convinced that she is pleasuring Britney as is evident by her garbled dirty talk. “Oh Britney …that’s incredible, do you like my synthetic body…my body…fuck me harder….I want you to overload my circuits…my circuits..error…error…fuck me, I’m your girlfriend…I’m your girlfriend..your g.g.g.girl friend…. ..Please familiarize yourself with the emergency shut of switch…shut off switch……you’re girlfriend……you can touch me anywhere…anywhere…anywhere…. in the unlikely event of a system malfunction..a system malfunction….a system malfucntion…..Overload…overload……

No don’t I want to p p p please you. Not yet please don’t deactivate meeeeeeeeeeeeee Britney leans over and reaches under Britney’s back and flips her off switch. Her head falls to the side and her arms and legs drop like bags of laundry to the floor. She is frozen in her moment of bliss. Britney waits a moment and then clicks her switch yet again she announces

“I am Britneybot 3000, how may I serve you?” Then her eyes dart side to side to survey her surroundings. She then gazes at Britney as and says “Hello Britney, I have been programmed to please. Please familiarize yourself with the emergency shut of switch located in the small of my back, In the unlikely event of a system malfunction this switch will deactivate all of my primary systems. I’m your girlfriend Britney. I will please you now”.


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