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Brittany Shae & Gia Paige Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
The Price is right

Welcome to our new quiz show with a twist. Brittany and Gia, who believe to be competing in tonight's show for the main price of..... have no idea what is going to happen to them while being my guests on the show. Needless to say, they are thrilled to hear that they not only win money whenever they answer the questions right but that they also get to try those delicious candies. What can I say, the candies seem to have side-effects which the girls find out during their fierce yet funny competition. Enjoy watching our otherwise straight lazed girls become more and more aroused, uninhibited, oversexed and yes, quite stupid while munching on those irresistibly good looking candies. Believe it or not, they go as far as offering me a blowjob in the process but then the unfortunate and unforeseen happens. Freeze and



Brittany Shae & Gia Paige  Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen and blowjob ready

Frozen with their mouth wide open (see last segment) our two horny beauties seem to suddenly have a change of heart so to speak. Looks like I am not so hot anymore and the idea to blow me seems out of the picture. Well, let's see what kind of fun we can have now with them. Maybe we turn Gia into a mindlessly entranced pussy eating servant. Sounds like fun. Ok, let's see what happens when we order our mindless little girl to go down on the still frozen Brittany who tries her best to orgasm under Gia's tongue. Needless to say, that does not work. What makes this even better is that Brittany gets so horny that she even admits to being a horny slut and that is what she needs to admit before I let her climax. Gia freezes up and now....  



Brittany Shae & Gia Paige  Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Clothing swap, masturbation and embarrassment

Lots of fun action in this one. First the girls wake up not quite remembering what just happened and the first thing they do is to masturbate each other's wet pussies without being aware of it. What makes it even funnier is the fact that we are talking about morals and values on TV. Anyway, is hot and fun to watch, particularly when they eventually become aware of what they just did.

At some point the girls are convinced that they are wearing the other girls clothes and that they look hideous in the those outfits. That looks like your grandma's table cloth, honey. Needless to say, they just have to change outfits before the show can begin. Needless to say, neither one of them believes to ever having been h-, after all they are too strong minded for that



Brittany Shae & Gia Paige  Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Catfight, lustful lesbian love making and....

Our two beautiful contestants seem to now be upset with each other to the point that they get into a catfight. Believe it or not, now they accuse each other of flirting with me to become the winner, thanks to my help. Needless to say, I would never fall for some flirtatious advancements and it is so much more fun to watch them fight until one of them places her wet pussy on the losers mouth and for-ces her to eat her out. Well, what they don't know is that neither one of them has a chance. As soon as they make each other cum, they pass-out.

Of course that is all just warm up. Next we get to watch our contestants actually wanting to make love to each other. What nicer to watch than a couple of horny girls making each other cum while in the 69 position. Of course there is lots more to come. Lets wake them up, make them aware and.....



Brittany Shae & Gia Paige  Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Limp and used pleasure toys

Finally it is time for me to mess with my two sleeeping beauties, move them around, pose them, check their cute feet, place a vibrator on their (Gia's) wet pussy, orgasm them and so much more. Really hot two girl limp segment with surprises.



Brittany Shae & Gia Paige  Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Dreamweaver entrancement

This could turn into a sex party

Gia, who picks up her friend Brittany at her house, seems quite upset when she finds out that her friend has changed her mind and that she all of a sudden does not want to go to the big party at some rich guys house. Looks like Brittany is concerned that the party might turn into some kind of sex party which is something she would never be interested in. Needless to say, Gia does not take "no" for an answer and she decides to turn her friend into a mindlessly entranced foot salve. I have to say, Gia is quite sneaky when talking Brittany into trying out her new Dream-weaver/brainwave reducer. I am sure most of you guys remember the dream-weaver and the power it has over...

Now we get to enjoy watching the girls kissing, sucking, nibbling each other's feet. Of course they get to offer and pose them for us as well and towards the end they even use them to bring each other to a screaming hard orgasm. Time to put them to sleep and to then check out those feet and of course their limp bodies.  




Brittany Shae & Gia Paige  Clip Fifteen Members - Click here to view this clip
A little bit of everything

There is a lot going on in this last segment of Brittany and Gia. First we have the girls wake up and as it seems, they are now accusing each other for what just happened to them (last segment) and again, they are getting into a fight. Looks like Brittany is having the upper hand and after putting her opponent to sleep, we get to enjoy her triumph (which is short lived btw) Next time the girls wake up, they finally figure out that it might have been me who did all this. Needless to say, the bitching starts und it does not end until I finally turn them into a couple of obedient robots.

Of course that is all just the beginning. Enjoy watching them go from yes master repeating robots to horny strippers who love to dance for me while trying to seduce me. Wait until you see what happens when they become aware again of what I just made them do. The problem is that they now know that they are not really strippers but they cannot seem to stop dancing for me (reluctantly that is) Things get even more tricky when I use the "remote control" to make them believe that I am the hottest guy they have ever met. The girls go as far as begging me to fuck them up the.... you know what but then the poor girls freeze up and become aware of what they just offered me to do to them. OH Oh, there is more to come.  




Brittany Shae & Gia Paige  Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Sex on the beach

Two beautiful girls Brittany and Gia are competing in a bartending competition at a fancy resort. Both girls are quite attractive, but Brittany is dressed a little more provocative than the Gia. Brittany is very flirtatious and comes off as a ditz, while Gia on the other hand is more professional and appears to be a very competent bartender. When Frank the head-judge asks the girls to mix him a "Sex on the Beach" drink, Gia goes straight to work, while Brittany giggles and flirts.

Brittany is proving to be a poor bartender, but seems to have Frank wrapped around her little finger. Frank barely acknowledges Gia and is completely fixated on the hot ditz & playful Brittany. Gia can see the writing on the wall and decides she has to do something to throw Brittany off her game. While Frank and Brittany bombshell flirt, Gia reaches over and grabs Brittany's bottle of club soda and shakes it violently and then tightens the lid with all her might. She then places it back at Brittany's station undetected.

Frank orders the girls to make the next round of drinks. Sure enough the recipe calls for club soda. Brittany tries to open the bottle, but is unable to loosen the stubborn lid. She then pulls the bottle closer to her body trying to get better torque.

With the bottle pulled in tight against her chest the cap suddenly comes loose and soda explodes all over her! Brittany screams as the soda pours down her top. She cries out "OH my god I got wet!...I'm totally soaked...much too wet...too wet. Brittany cocks her head to the side and freezes in place for a moment suddenly her arms drop to her side hanging limp as the bottle hits the ground.

She immediately starts to twitch and jerk . Brittany begins to babble nonsense "Hi I'm Brittany would you like sex on the beach..sex on the beach... was designed for sex...sex on the beach...on the beach...Hi I'm Brittany would you like a sex on the Beach...Hi I'm Brittany:):):)

I will....I will.... make you a sex on the beach...Sex ....Sex...sex...Brittany's movements are spastic and jerky as she scoops ice from the bucket. She spasms as she tries for the cup but instead flings the ice at Gia. Gia yells "Hey watch it you ditzy robot." Brittany manages to successful scoop ice into one side of her cocktail shaker. She then pours water on top of the ice and grabs the other side of the shaker. Gia yells "That's not a sex on the beach sweetie."  



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