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Brittany Harper Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Imagine how proud it makes you feel to be good and...

Brittany, lusty brunet with a beautiful young, sexy little hard body was, at the time of the session, brand new to all this and I can't tell you how amazing it feels to be the first to break in a beautiful novice like her. At first glance, Brittany seems sweet, soft spoken and even a bit shy but let me tell you, that is all just facade. Don't get me wrong, she is sweet and terribly cute at all times but once aroused and uninhibited, her raw sexual side breaks out like an eruption, leaving now doubt that there is a fiery side of her that is just waiting to be explored. I should probably mention that there is a feisty side to her as well which makes her want to see how far she can go before being put into place and being put into place is what turn her on. Needless to say that Brittany left after the session with a big smile on her face because as many of you know, putting young, horny and beautiful girls into place is kind of my specialty.

Making the subject imagine the positive outcome of a session and the euphoric feeling that comes with that can set the tone for the entire session. Of course that is only a small part of this clip one which starts with very slow closing eyes and twitching hands. Close ups of her face, the sexy boots, legs and the all the way up her body. Floating hands and arms towards the end (questions, deepeners).

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Brittany Harper Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Feel your master’s voice

The first thing Brittany has to learn is that she has no control over her horny little body and that the better she obeys, the better she is allowed to feel. I can feel that the vibration of my voice is taking her not only deeper but also into a state of intense sexual bliss. The repetition of “I am a good little girl” drives her closer and closer to a very slow increasing orgasm. I can feel her going nuts and the fact that she calls me master without me having to even mention it, shows that she is surrendering to being controlled and eventually orgasmed. Repetitions and slow building intense orgasms as well as instantaneous orgasms on command. Watching her go from being completely relaxed to intensely aroused and submissive is hot, hot, hot...



Brittany Harper Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless trance and intense bliss

Sleep walk, slow and monotone mantras, slow mind sucking, boot lovers dream, forced orgasms, mindless stares, bend over ass out masturbation into deeper mindlessness, zombie pose (arms out) and so much more of my intense training, teaches our little girl where her place is and who controls her mind and body. It starts by her walking towards me with her eyes closed which is a great way to make a subject learn to trust her master. By following my voice without being able to see what is in front of her, Brittany makes it perfectly clear that she has accepted my lead and my control over her. Brittany is ready to sink into a completely mindless trance as she is staring at the watch. I can feel her drifting and her hands move between her legs driving her into bliss without her being aware of it. Imagine feeling your body without any disturbing thoughts or better yet, try it and you will know what I am talking about. She keeps repeating “I will be a good little girl master”. Of course that is all just the warm up; there is still the mindless zombie pose, the mantras, the mindless bend over masturbation, the forced over and over orgasms and the sleep walk “I am cuming for you master”.



Brittany Harper Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I have no mind and no will

I am your mindless horny slave master

Brittany is just standing there with her arms stretched out in front of her as she slowly repeats the words “mindless slave”. Once mindless and empty, she is paraded back and forth through the room (that girl really has a nice ass) until her eyes just stare into complete nothingness. Now she has to learn that all she wants is to please her master and that she does not need a mind or will of her own. First I have her squat and masturbate very close to orgasm. Why do I have her squat you might ask? Well it is uncomfortable for one but most importantly it opens her pussy wide and with that makes the stimulation feel even more intense. Of course there is still more slow and monotone mantras, bowing, begging and orgasms on command to follow…



Brittany Harper Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
All I want is to be obedient

Initiation into slave-hood

“I am a mindless little girl, programmed to obey”

Brittany is learning that she has to be ready to orgasm for her master at any time. Crazy for lust, she keeps begging me to allow her to explode but that would be way too early. There is so much more to learn during her initiation into slave-hood. Her beautiful big eyes are wide open as she repeats “I am a mindless little girl”. Suddenly her body goes into lustful convulsions and now she is forced to cum for as long as I want her to. The feeling of having no control over any of this is driving her crazy and I know she is ready for the final take over. More slow and intense mind reduction, intense stares even throughout her orgasms eventually make her give up all resistance and she sinks under my control. Of course there is kneeling masturbation, slow repetitions of “I am a mindless little girl”, more begging and screaming, deep orgasms and complete exhaustion yet to come.



Brittany Harper Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
The dangers of too much texting!

“I am deeply hypnotized” (mantra) and rolling eyes

The punishment for being rude and excessive texting include but are not limited to denied orgasms, begging, zombie walk and posing on her knees, learning to serve and obey, feeling helplessly fucked and orgasmed, kneeling and crawling as well as repetitions of mantras which all together leads to unconditional surrender.

Brittany believes to be on a blind date and she has agreed to come to my place for a night cap. It certainly looks like she is not all that interested in her date (guess who) and all she does is play with her cell phone. Don't you hate it when people don't pay attention to you? I think it is kind of rude and an attitude adjustment is definitely called for in a situation like this. Anyway, the next text message she receives is from me (of course she does not know that) let’s see what happens when she reads it out loud.

Will she slowly sink into deep trance and can she be easily controlled after reading my text message? Will she learn to beg and serve as well as please her master? Can she be turned into a horny quivering and begging love slave? Too much going on to describe it all and very intense with lots of yes masters...



Brittany Harper Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Can the use of cell phone lead to immobility?

Learn to put yourself out when ordered

This is not just a freeze clip it also shows Brittany putting herself out with her hands over her nose and mouth as her eyes role as soon as she ! As Brittany snaps out of it she finds herself still bend over the couch with her sexy round ass pushed out at me. It is kind of understandable that it makes her feel uncomfortable and confused, to say the least! Looks like she does not remember all of what just happened but the fact that I am admiring her beautiful ass, does not seem to make her feel anymore comfortable, in fact it looks like she is heading out of here.

Believe it or not, the first thing she is looking for is her dam cell phone (slow learner)! Anyway, the second she picks up the cell phone, her body freezes up and her mind seizes to function. I think I should have left her in this quiet mindless state but no, I have to make her become aware of her situation so she can whine to me. Still unable to move but able to speak, our little girl goes on and on about being unable to move and my explanation that the electromagnetic frequency of her phone might have something to do with all this, seems ludicrous to her.

I could go on and on about how I play with her while she is frozen, how she tries to avoid having the intense orgasms, how she puts herself to sleep even when fully aware and certain that she would never do that and how intense her mindless stares as well as rolling eyes are but I think it is better if you just go ahead and see for yourself.




Brittany Harper Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
You can not do this in front of me, you jerk

Brittany believes to be on an important job interview. Of course she tries to be at her best behavior but every time I snap my finger, she sees me pulling down my pants and jerking off right there in front of her. OH Boy, does she get pissed and disgusted. What she does not realize is that she takes off a piece of clothing every time she believes to see me jerking off. As soon as I snap my fingers again, she sees me dressed as if nothing had happened. OH boy, that makes her feel incredibly apologetic and very confused about her own behavior. At some point, it really looks like she believes to have lost her marbles but by then she is pretty naked and...



Brittany Harper Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Strong minded employees needed

We are looking for employees who can not be easily persuaded to do things they normally would not do which seems to be no problem for Brittany. Confident and self assured she believes that all of the mind altering experiments which are conducted in our company can not influence or persuade her to do strange things. Of course not; but why the hell does she get naked, masturbate, bends over and spreads her ass cheeks, play with her breasts and laugh about people who would actually do something like that just because somebody tells them to do it? Can we get her to put her hand over her mouth and nose until it sends her to sleep with rolling eyes that is? Watch and find out.



Brittany Harper Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
No room for sleepers and slackers

In order to find the right employee one has to make sure that the person who gets hired does not fall asleep just because they hear or say their names, remove some hair from their forehead, remove some fuzz off their dress or any other reason. Of course it is also important to find someone who can not be played with, moved around or have their long necks touched while asleep. The worst employees are the ones who suddenly wake up thinking that they must have lost time which makes them confused and apologetic. The worst of them all though are the ones that have an orgasm in front of you and then deny it. Actually, come to think of it, the ones that put themselves to sleep by holding their hand over their mouth and nose which we all know prohibits breathing are really the worst. Do you think our sexy young Brittany has a chance to get this job?



Brittany Harper Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Brainwave manipulation leads to robotic obedience

System set to intense arousal

Being a test candidate for our brainwave alteration experiments does not seem to be Brittany's idea of the ideal job, particularly when it leads to her turning into an obedient robot. Well, what can I say, the second she sees the rotating light shaker, it is already too late and she recognizes me as her creator and master. Stiff robot walk, many yes masters, slow robotic repetition of orders, nipple pinching, standing up masturbation, system changes, removal of mind and more “You are my creator, you are my master”.



Brittany Harper Clips Twelve & Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Entranced, orgasmed, muted, frozen, zombiefied and put to sleep

I am a bad little girl

Brittany believes to be a bratty little school girl who has to spend an extra two hours under her teacher’s supervision for not having done her homework yet again. I have to say, that girl has quite an attitude and it does not look like I am getting through to the little . Hanging out with her boyfriend seems so much more important than homework, besides there is all the other "stuff" she has to do. I guess the only thing I can do, is to keep her here for a couple of hours in order for her to have some time to think about her attitude.

Believe it or not, our little girl thinks that she can change my mind by hypnotizing me into becoming obedient to her. You should see her sneaky ways to get me to look at her "grandpa’s" old watch and how she tries to use her soft spoken voice to take me under. Sorry honey, but I’ve been doing this for way too long to fall for a little girl’s trick. Sure enough, Brittany drops into a mindless bliss and she just stands there while staring into nothingness.

All she can say very slowly is "I am deeply entranced master." Let's see how close we can bring her to orgasm without letting her cum. Oh, I can feel she does not like that and it takes a while for her horny little body to come off the high, meaning the almost orgasm. Sorry honey but bad little girls need to be punished. Next is the bend over ass out self spanking while I have her repeat “I am a bad girl I need to be trained”.

Orgasmed on my command, Brittany comes so hard that she can not seem to stop and her young body keeps shaking and shivering. Looks like we need to slow her down and gradually remove the rest of her mind and will (in the sleep walking position of course). Of course there is a lot more to come, like the frozen and muted orgasm, the forced masturbation, slow and monotone yes masters and repetitions and a really hot eye rolling moment as well as a hot sleep scene.




Brittany Harper Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
My feet are yours master

Brittany's last segment is certainly not only for our foot lovers. The combination of hot boot, sexy pantyhose and hot seductive foot worship is sizzling. Of course there are the zombielike slow and mindless moments, the instantaneous transformation into a mindlessly obedient slave as well as the seductive foot job play. The intense close-ups of her ass, pussy and feet while she is orgasmed on all four will get anybody hard, believe me. I should also mention that our sexy little school girl put herself reluctantly to sleep by holding her hand over her mouth and nose as her eyes roll all the way.

Of course the little has no idea about all this when she first wakes up feeling confused and apologetic for having tried to hypnotize me. Somehow though, I can not seem to believe her when she tells me that she feels sorry. Honestly, I think she just tries to talk her way out of this one. Does she like feet? Well, maybe not to begin with but as you all know, I can be very persuasive. Slow yes masters, sleep walking (arms out in front) mindless striptease and more.



Brittany Harper Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Do you exercise regularly, do you exe...

Nurse Brittany, my favorite nurse at the local hospital, has been the single most disappointment in my entire life. I mean, who could have ever even suspected that a beautiful intelligent, professional and almost overly friendly woman like her could turn out to be a fembot. OK, maybe I was taken by her beauty and yes, I did want to get into her pants (sexy nurses uniform to be more precise) Anyway, it started just like any other visit before but this time she seemed a little off her game, so to speak. I ask myself whether I did come on to her a bit more forceful that day or whether it was all that radiation in the room but what ever it was, it set off a series of events, I will never forget. Yes, as you can tell from the pictures, I did get some action and yes, I did manipulate her system just a bit but I am not so sure that I like my new nurse as much as I did her but that might be a blessing in disguise. Nurse Brittany malfunctions, repeats herself a lot, bumps into the furniture, orgasms and needs many repairs.



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