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Brittany Shae  Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Isn't that what everybody does around here

Brittany, our lab assistant, has no clue that I had put her into a sexy baby doll while she was in lala land. As far as she is concerned, her outfit is professional and right for the job. She also believes that getting herself off with a vibrator, in front of her CEO, is perfectly normal. Of course it is honey. What makes it even more fun is that she now really wants to fuck the CEO, married or not. Poor thing seems misguided.

Imagine her shock when she freezes up and becomes aware of her intolerable behavior. OH my God, how embarrassing is that?. There is a lot of "back paddling" going and it is sure fun to listen to her excuses. Luckily, the CEO has the cure for her problems. Let's try one more candy and see what kind of side effects it might have. Uncontrollable feelings of lust, almost orgasm and slow limp play yet to come.



Brittany Shae  Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I take my work seriously

Brittany, our lab assistant, seems to really make up for all those recent, let's call it, mishaps and she tries her best to impress her CEO. Problem is that she now believes that no matter what the guy say, it is the funniest thing she has ever heard. I think you can imagine that that might cause a lot of confusion and embarrassment for her. Poor thing apologizes over and over but then at the same time, she laughs her ass off.

It gets so bad that he (the CEO) does not see any other way than to freeze her again. More tickling and ....yet to come.



Brittany Shae  Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Trigger training

This next segment is hot. Brittany, who believes the sessions is over, get's into her car and starts the engine. Well, that is as far as she gets. A mysterious stranger makes her open her car window and blow his cigarette smoke right into her face and that is pretty much the last thing she remembers. Now she is all his and he takes his time to check her bare breasts, wet pussy and well, the rest of her limp body. Brittany wakes up at some point but only for a few seconds before... Now it is time to bring her to orgasm before.... Zombie walk back inside  



Brittany Shae  Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Horny feet

After having had fun with her in the car, I decide to take her back inside and now I am in the mood for feet. As you might have seen earlier (clip six), Brittany loves feet as well as posing her beautiful body to show them off even more seductively. Her fingers slowly run through her toes and just like before, she gets more and more turned on. Of course that is all just the beginning.

Wait until you see her go crazy for lust, masturbate herself to sleep, offer those feet, beg and scream and so much more. Foe her final foot slave training we have her wake up while having no control over her muscles. I like it when they are aware yet have no way of controlling and or moving anything particularly when they are being helplessly brought to orgasm.



Brittany Shae  Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Human seduction program

I am a robot, I am here to be used

The last thing Brittany remembers is her first day at the "candy factory" and so it is no wonder that she seems surprised when I tell her that she seems to be stuck in an old program that makes her believe she might be human. Of course we all know that she is my "pleasure bot" and nothing more. Poor thing does not know what hits her.

After a successful transformation, my new toy is now ready for programming and testing. Of course she has to take over some of the chores around here, like moving plants and so on but her main function is to render sexual favors and to entice with her body. Orgasm training, masturbation, motor skill test including arm raises and so much more.




Brittany Shae  Clip Fifteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Smoking and the loss of control

I will always be under your control master

Brittany, who believes that the session is over, is dying to smoke a cigarette and being the nice guy that I am, I allow her to smoke in the studio. Well, I have a feeling you know what happens next. Brittany, who does not believe in post triggers, finds out that those cigarettes drive her into uncontrollable lust, the insurmountable urge to masturbate and eventually into dim mindlessness. Final sleeep and



Brittany Shae  Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I rather be naked

Brittany a beautiful erotic dancer enters the room

Frank: Did you find your new outfit for tonight's performance?

Brittany: Affirmative

Frank: Well let me see it!.

Brittany: opens the robe and allows it to fall to the floor revealing a shiny form-fitting latex body suit. She slowly spins, showing of her sexy new outfit.

Frank: You'll knock em in that get up.

Brittany: has a concerned look on her face.

Frank: What's wrong, don't you like the outfit?

Brittany: Oh Yes, I think It is very pretty, however I do not think the material allows for adequate ventilation.
Frank: What' are you talking about.

Brittany: In order to properly regulate my temperature It is necessary that I cover my body with only breathable fabrics. Failure to follow this guideline could cause my internal components to overheat, thus resulting in a catastrophic malfunction.

Frank: Oh relax this is an air conditioned building, you'll be just fine. Now show me some the those new moves that I had Kelly program into you.

Brittany: But sir, physical activity will likely increase the risk to my systems.

Frank: Oh relax I have 12 other synthetic dancers working for me, and almost none of them have ever short circuited on stage.

Brittany: Almost?...Sir I strongly recommend that you reconsider and allow me to choose another outfit, before I engage in any activity that might raise my core temperature.
physical activity will likely increase the risk to my systems.

This outfit is very uncomfortable, Its getting really warm in here. Please allow me to choose another outfit

warning, warning temperature critical, processors are, are, are, processors are overheating,

Warning...Core temperature high...

This outfit is very uncomfortable, Its getting really warm in here.

Warning I'm getting too hot....much too hot.I'm starting to malfunction

My circuits are overheating....Opening primary access panel, I must vent excess heat. before I.before I.bebe....beforeI short circuit....short circuit...oh no I think its too late...too late . System Failure...system failure...must vent excess heat... Reprogramming?..

you are not authorized to alter my...alter my...system over ride...deleting fails Brittany1 awaiting programming

Hi I'm Brittany: , My primary function is Feature Dancer would you like to see me dance?

HI I'm Brittany: my primary function is Sexual pleasure:):)

FRANK Why don't you slowly remove your clothes, while touching yourself?

Oh Frank. you make me..so hot.I 'm your perfect sex to..yo...h ahhh...You make so hot...so hot...hot...hotI'm getting so hot...Oh my god, my processors are going haywire...short out my circuits...I want to be used like the toy... error...error. I am just a sex toy..I am just a sex toy a sex toy...you make me so hot...hot...The fabric is too tight...you .you .used the outfit...to make me malfunction...you planned this..

Looks like frank should have listened to her!




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