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Brooke Summers Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Voice controlled and entranced

Brooke Summers, beautiful, well rounded, tall blond with an ass to dream of, had never done anything like this, which means, you won't find her on any other site. As mentioned before, I always feel very lucky when the girls chose my kind of training to get their feet wet, so to speak. Sometimes, like in Brooke's case, it makes them a bit nervous and shy at first and sometimes it makes them become aware of a part of their hidden psyche that they never knew about, which also holds true in Brooke's case.

One look at her killer body and you know why I had to shoot her that day and although it might not have been my easiest shoot, I did manage to get her quite often into a deep and mindless state, which means, there are a lot of blank stares to look forward to. Of course there is more to look forward to than just that, I mean, look at that body of hers.

After she dropped off into a deep state of relaxation, her body slowly slid sideways which made it easier for me to perform some eye checks and so on.

I mentioned a little while ago that I had to start using a new camera and Brooks session was actually the first time that I used it. The reason why I mention this is because I lost a some of the content and there might be a rough transition here and there but overall it is really hardly noticeable. I guess the older you get the harder it gets to learn new things but I am getting the hang of it.

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Brooke Summers Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindlessly posed and frozen

Like the title says, here we get to enjoy watching our entranced beauty being posed and or frozen while dimly staring into nothingness. There are the oh so important first "yes masters" and the waving hand which takes her from feeling of lust all the way back down into mindless stillness. Standing up masturbation and orgasms on command

This next segment starts with our blond beauty still being in "LALA" land while I am messing with her limp body. Her big eyes slowly open when I start to make her feel aroused while her beautiful hard body quivers under my suggestions. Time for her to learn how much more intense it feels to orgasm while looking the person who makes you cum in the eyes.




Brooke Summers Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Yes, I am in deep trance for you Master

Highlights : More of the entranced, dim stares, still frozen from before and orgasmed, slowly being rendered weak and immobile by the hand, moved around and thoroughly checked out while helplessly staring into nothingness, being put to sleep right before she has a chance to climax (feel your masters power) questions and entranced answers, trance deepening while being made to..  



Brooke Summers Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Masturbation machine

I must obey my master

Highlights : Mindless masturbation while staring off into who knows where, the "waving hand" trance check, repetition of mantra (I must obey my master) while in the zombie/sleepwalker pose, yes masters, crawling (great close ups of her cherry ass) while being made to feel taken, more of the blank, dim stares and...

As mentioned, those are just some of the highlights  



Brooke Summers Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Barefoot and Blank

Highlights : driven to orgasm while being bent over for our viewing pleasure, sleep on command, lot's of limp body and feet manipulation while she remains in lala land, programming of the "orgasm spot" under her bare feet, almost orgasms interrupted by the sleeep trigger, entranced stares while she offers us her feet as well as..., sleeepy orgasm, eye checks and so much more.




Brooke Summers Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
What's that smell

Here we get to enjoy watching her passing-out and then being messed with, after she...

It did not take me long to program her to believe that she is a bored, overpaid and somewhat snooty model who came to my studio to advertise a new line of bedroom furniture. Needless to say, our blond beauty has a boyfriend which makes her even less interested in the testy photographer who can't help but hitting on her.

Oh well, looks like she needs to learn some respect which leads me to believe that an attitude adjustment is in order. I should probably mention that I did give her a chance to show me her goodies, including her feet, without me having to use my entrancement skills on her but that of course makes her laugh. What makes it even more fun is that I actually mention to her that she has already been put under and programmed but, yet again, it makes her laugh.

Finally, I excuse myself to get a fresh camera battery from my car and that is when it hits her. What's that smell? Brooke suddenly plops back as if hit by who knows what and now she is all mine to do with as I please. After I undress her, check her eyes, neck and of course those pretty feet of hers, I have her wake up for a bit. Poor thing goes right back out as soon as the "smoke" hits her again. Great posing as well



Brooke Summers Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
The attitude adjustment

Time now for our sexy model to learn that offering us her feet is an honor and that she actually is a foot person. Of course what would a proper attitude adjustment without, forced orgasms, crawling in circles while repeating mantras, dim and zoned out stares and more "smoke" be? Not complete of course. Anyway, we get to enjoy looking at her feet from every possible angle while she is trained to become an obedient foot slave. Towards the end, the "smoke" puts her out again and now it is time for me to..




Brooke Summers Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
I couldn't do that

Brooke, our sexy blond still needs more of the "attitude adjustment" to get her off her high-horse, so to speak. Enjoy watching her being mindlessly frozen and messed with, rendered mindless, put to sleep and messed with, made to feel tickled, made to feel embarrassed and very apologetic (she keeps mentioning that it is her fault), made to pose for us, rendered dim and mindless by the hand and programmed to orgasm upon awakening (which causes yet another embarrassing and confusing moment) and so much more.



Brooke Summers Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Another Penny for your thoughts

Brook, who believes the session is over, leaves the studio and as fate would have it, she finds a Penny (face up) on the sidewalk. Poor thing has no idea what hits her by my programming works like a charm. The second she picks up the penny, she drops into mindless bliss, her arms rise and she walks back into the studio while slowly repeating, I must obey. Looks like she is ready for more forced orgasm training, self inflicted nipple pinching, kneeling and more. Limp play, eye checks  




Brooke Summers Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
I thought the session was over

I am a robot, I have no mind, I only serve my....

Brooke, who does not remember anything, seems very surprised when she wakes up and finds herself back in the studio. What makes it even more confusing for her is when I mention that she has been given nano-bots which are now slowly taking over her entire being. Her memory is swiftly erased, leaving her a well programmed pleasure android which responds to her masters/owners voice. Have fun watching her being programmed to be a robot fashion model which loves to pose, orgasm on command, turn in circles with her arms stretched out in front of her, repeat orders and so much more. Yes masters



Brooke Summers Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your smoking hot bimbo

Brook, who does not quite remember all the fun (I) we had so far, seems to be desperate to smoke a cigarette which as we all know, might not be the best idea, at least not in my place. Sure enough, the smokes do the trick and before you know it, Brook goes from being nervous to being relaxed, oversexed, horny and consumed by the need to pleasure herself. Drag by drag, she drops further into mindless lust and eventually passes-out under my.... Limp body play and....  


Brooke Summers Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not a Barbie-doll

This week's robot story is about a sophisticated Android who has been tampered with by a (mad) scientist who, in order to fulfill his sexual fantasies, reduced her to a beautiful Rob doll.

Brooke: Brooke unit activated

Brooke's serene expression turns to one of confusion as she looks down to see that she is clothed in unfamiliar attire.

Brooke: What the heck…What the hell am I wearing, where are my clothes?…This can't be good

Brooke runs her hands over her new dress and then up to her pigtails.

Brooke: Oh my God what the hell…What's the deal with my hair…Hello is anybody there?

Franks walks into the room...

Brooke: You tampered with my circuitry? What did you do to me? I can tell something's not right. I feel really strange.

Frank: Oh I just made a few minor modifications.

Brooke: Modifications? what kind of modifications. you are not authorized to tamper with my circuitry. And what's with this rid…rid...ridiculous getup….. What the hell just hap…happened? Oh my god, I'm malfunctioning. I never malfunction. What have you done to me?

Frank: Oh sorry about that, I had to remove a few components to make room for the new hardware. I'm afraid your may be a little on the glitchy side from now on., but it was totally worth it.

Brooke: On the glitchy side are you ..…kidding me…..I am a 3000 model, I am designed and programmed to function flawlessly. You fix me right now before

Brooke: I...I I'm fun time Barbie, would you like to play with me? Oh my God, what just happened? Did I call myself Fun time Barbie?…… what the hell did you do to me?

Frank: Oh I just gave your pull-string a little tug, you see your going to be my little dolly from now on.

I think you are getting the idea and yes, there are plenty of malfunctions, glitches, repairs and more. The important question though is, will our (mad) scientist gets his wish and with that, will his fantasies finally become a reality?


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