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Cadence Lux Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


No more thinking

Cadence, beautiful, extremely horny dirty blond young seductress had heard about my sessions for a while and she could not wait to finally find out for herself how far she could be taken when it comes to unconditional surrender and sexual bliss. I other words, she wanted to find out whether or not she was able to completely let herself go and drift under the control of a man she had never met before. Cadence was about to go on unforgettable rollercoaster ride that would change her for good. As it turned out, our little girl likes it rough (to her own surprise) and before she even knew what hit her, she dropped under my "spell" and the fun could begin.

It started intense and quite different. Cadence dropped already during the balloon test and her sexy young body stared to slide off the couch as she went to never never land. I just could not resist starting to mess with her limp "ragdoll" body while programming her even further. I felt right away that she was horny as soon as she felt her thoughts and mind leaving. Her young body started to quiver under my suggestions while her limp body plops all over the place. Cadence seems to have given herself up to my will and that deserves a nice hard orgasm. Some girls go faster than other and in her case, the suggestion that being in trance will make her feel even more uninhibited and beautiful, did the trick.

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Cadence Lux Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I do everything for my master

Taking the subject from intense sexual bliss and back rapidly and with the right suggestions, has always been proven to work and it certainly makes them give up much faster. Confusion and (mind) overload leads to the fight or flight reaction which makes the subconscious like a sponge. I don't want to get too deep into all this and I am sure you know what I mean by all this once you watch her clips.

As mentioned, we keep her cuming and cuming before dropping her into mindless stillness throughout which her wobbly body just stands there. Of course she learns to masturbate without being allowed to orgasm before I count to three, which drives her absolutely crazy. Cadence beautiful young body goes into lustful convulsions when she gets close to orgasm and it deflates and becomes limp when she is put to sleeep right before she can... Lots of limp play, posing, eye checks, neck brace, dim stares, mind reduction, some foot play when I slowly take off her shoes while she "naps" yes masters and, and...



Cadence Lux Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am here to serve and to please my master

This next segment is incredibly intense and it shows how Cadence is trained to become the perfectly obedient and submissive foot slave. Again, she is taken to intense sexual heights while her feet and body are sensitized which drives her into unknown ecstasy and with that into mindless surrender. Needless to say, she learns to suck and kiss her feet, show them off seductively while begging to be allowed to orgasm for us. As before, she is put out (sometimes at the height of her ecstasy and played with (emphasis on feet) neck and more. Cadence goes nut when driven up the wall for lust as her fingernails almost rip the couch. Lots of yes masters, limp foot play, neck brace, sleeepy orgasms, begging and feet, feet,feet...



Cadence Lux Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Yes master please train me, yes master pleaaaaaaas....

I am your orgasm slave master

Here we get to enjoy watching our horny girl go absolutely crazy for lust and with that, willing to let it all go. I decide to have her use a small yet very powerful vibrator which seems to be stuck to her pussy. Not allowed to move the thrusting "joy toy" of her clit, Cadence goes wild and it is obvious that she loses all control. Again, her subconscious is like a sponge, ready to soak in every suggestion I give her. She keeps screaming, I am your orgasm slave, while begging me to let her cum.

I cannot even begin to describe the intensity of this segment but believe me, it is hot. Suddenly she is dropped into mindless stillness by the waving hand and helplessly played with as I have my way with her weak body. There is a lot going on and I cannot get to all the details but at some point, she collapses and falls into the couch. Her empty eyes stare into nothingness while she is helplessly programmed and....

Of course there is more. Placed on her knees with her arms raised in front of her body (zombie pose) she slowly repeats, thank you master for training me, before she is... Eye check, limp body play, begging, yes masters and so many more of your favorites.




Cadence Lux Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
No more will, though and mind

As mentioned, trying to describe all of the details of these segments is quite impossible so let's focus on the high lights which are more begging, slow repetition of mantras like, I am your mindless slave master, crawling in circles, lots of limp body manipulation, intensified breath controlled orgasm training (very intense btw), yes masters, more crawling while being made to feel fucked, kneeling masturbation, screaming hard orgasms, some foot play, neck brace and so many more of your favorites.




Cadence Lux Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Please don't take it away

Cadence, who believes to be the cook at my annual hypno party, does not seem to believe that she could be easily h-. In fact she snickers when I mention that my friends and I have invited a bunch of women who will be entranced throughout the evening. Anyway, as it turns out, our little girl drops like a rock. Looks like the fun can begin. First our oh so professional cook starts to flash her ass while talking about the menu for tonight. Cadence seems to realize what she is doing but it takes the snap of my fingers to make her fully aware of how inappropriate her behavior is. Things get even more awkward when she pulls out her juicy natural tits. Again, there must be an explanation for all this.

PART TWO. After a brief "sleeepy break" and some limp play, our still very professional cook wakes up and starts to pleasure herself with a very powerful vibrator which makes her forget that she is actually here to cook. Looks like cooking is the least thing on her mind. Suddenly though, she freezes up with the "joy toy" stuck to her pussy. Her awareness is slowly returning and she scrambles for explanations for her behavior while desperately trying not to orgasm.

Frozen and horny is not a good combination as it turns out. Anyway, being the nice guy that I am, I freeze her hand (the one that is holding the vibrator) two inches away from her pussy. Turns out, she does not like that either. All of the above described is just the beginning and as you know, there is a lot more confusion, begging, lying, unwanted outbreaks of orgasms and so much more yet to come.




Cadence Lux Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
What do you mean by "foot party" Sir?

Our cook's nightmare is not quite over yet. After waking up from her last, let's call it adventure, she does not seem to remember anything which is how I intended it. Now she goes on again about the menu for tonight and how professional she is and that she has no interest in being entranced. It gets even more awkward when I mention the foot party and the fact that we are expecting a bunch of foot slaves.

Now that is something she would never do. Well, like so many before her, Cadence "changes her mind" or I should better say, has her mind changed. What follows is a lot of foot worship and offering, intensified orgasm training while she is sucking and licking her feet for us, very sensual posing which gives us great views of her ass and feet as well as... plenty of yes masters, waving hand trick, confusion when she becomes aware of her actions and so many more of your favorites.




Cadence Lux Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
There is nothing in there

Cadence, our unfortunate cook who believes to be all alone in my house, wakes up and now she cannot resist using the little but very powerful vibrator which she happens to find right next to her. That thing seems to really work and soon her body goes into lustful convulsions. Poor thing must have been close to orgasm when I (pretend) to come back into the room. Needless to say, she tries to hide the fact that she was getting herself off in my living room but the problem with that is that the vibrator is now stuck in her pussy and it sure drives her up the wall for lust. Things get even worse when, on top of all that, she is plagued by uncontrollable laughing attacks which seem to hit her out of nowhere at the most inappropriate times. It is really a lot of fun to watch her squirm and beg.



Cadence Lux Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Can you pleaaaaase scratch my pussy

This next one is a lot of fun as well. Here we get to enjoy our (unfortunate) cook being by a nasty itch. What makes this even worse (for her) is that it is mainly her pussy and her tits that seem to be itching like crazy. Needless to say, she tries to hide her little problem but that does not go too far. Things get really bad (here again, for her) when she suddenly freezes up. Now she has no chance to even scratch her itchy pussy and or her tits. Poor thing, goes nuts and after a long struggle, she even begs me to scratch her.

Well, we all know I cannot do that but I what I can do, is to wedge a vibrator between her legs in hops that it might help her. Needless to say, that is no help and as you can imagine, it even worsens her problem. Looks like we need to put her to sleep and play with her. Of course it all ends good and by the time I am done with her, she wants to go home with me and then fu... the he... out of me. FREEZE.



Cadence Lux Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
The Book of spells

Why is my thinking so slow

My name is Robot

Cadence, our self appointed and quite self-righteous young super fighter of sorts, believes that the famous "book of spells" is in my possession and there is no way that she believes me when I mention that I burned the book after memorizing all the spells and rituals. Oh well, maybe she is right but I have a feeling she will have to find that out the hard way. Anyway, the "smoke spell" quickly takes care of her little mind. Looks like our little girl is ready to be programmed.

After deleting the "human emulation program" and activating the "serving your master" program, she finally realizes that she is a robot. I am not human, my name is robot master. Of course we have to make sure that she is not human and one of the test would be to place a powerful thrusting vibrator on her clit without activating her arousal program, meaning, she is not allowed to feel and or show any reaction what so ever. Poor thing, I know, but as mentioned, we have to make sure that she only responds to programming. Of course there is a lot more to come. Really hot one.




Cadence Lux Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
We have to brainwash you now

I am falling in love with you

Our little super-girl slowly wakes up and gets dressed (different and much cuter outfit than before, without noticing it) before she finally realizes that I am in the room. Again, she is looking for the da... book but this time she seems a bit more upset than before. As it turns out, her new weapon called the "transformer" seems to backfire on her and leaves her stiffly frozen and helpless. Believe it or not, she still threatens me with all kinds of stuff but that does not seem very impressive, comming from a helplessly frozen (and messed with) young woman.

Anyway, I decide to be nice and to unfreeze her but the problem with that is that it leaves her too weak and limp to do anything about the fact that I am playing with her like a ragdoll. Now she really gets upset, to the point where the name calling starts. Maybe the vibrator between her legs will cool her down. No, not really. It does get her horny though. Oh well, let's tell her that she will be "brainwashed" now and ...

Needless to say she does not believe me but as many before her, she not only thinks that I am the greatest guy in the world but that she is also falling in love with me. Cadence seems to have only one thing on her mind and that is to fuck me. Of course things change when I "snap" my fingers and she realizes what just happened. The "snapping" goes back and forth until she finally loses her mi....




Cadence Lux Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Not your usual TV

The Story is about a TV repair man who arrives at a frantic woman's house. He is there to fix her television but she believes he is a robot tech sent to repair her not the TV.

When he discovers that she is a robot and that she thinks he's a robot tech, the TV repairman decides to play along. Curiosity gets the better of him, but it soon becomes obvious he is in over his head as fumbles through her repairs. He finally admits to the fembot that he just fixes televisions.

She of course freaks out and jumps off the table in mid repair. He warns her that her repairs are incomplete but she refuses to let him near her circuitry again. and she malfunctions. Her seduction program engages and disengages etc...

Cadence: Come in.

Frank: Hi Iím Frank Iím here to fix your...

Cadence: ďOh thank God youíre here, I wasnít expecting you until after four.

Frank: What seems to be the problem?

Cadence: Iím not sure exactly. It seems to be some sort of electrical short. Iím hoping its just a loose wire and not a damaged circuit board or something more serious.

Frank: Hmmm could be weather related, we did have some pretty bad thunder storms yesterday.

Cadence: That must be it, I get pretty wet running from the car to the house.

Frank: Ya it was really coming down yesterday. It just takes one good power surge to knock things out of whack?

Cadence: Oh no, I would have detected any power surges.

Frank: Doesnít matter Iíll figure it out and have you up and running in no time.

Cadence: Thatís such a re....re....relief these malfunctions are unacceptable

Frank: Oh is that your remote lying on the table

Cadence: Affirmative......well I guess its actually Brianís remote. He still likes to use it even though voice commands work just as well. I think it makes him feel more in control.

Frank: We guys do like our toys Cadence cocks her head slightly and flashes a seductive grin as she runs her finger down her cleavage.

Cadence: Some toys are more fun than others........Would you like to play with me?

Frankís attention is focused on the remote and Cadenceís question goes unnoticed Frank: Excuse me what did you say?

Cadence: Oh ! Sorry.......disengaging seduction mode.......I think my system is corrupted

Frank: Come again? I was trying to decipher this remote. It doesnít appear to be factory issue. Did you say there is a voice command feature?

Cadence: Affirmative, but only commands from a recognized user will be accepted.

Frank: Wow voice command, must be a pretty a advanced model.

Cadence: ďPretty advancedĒ More like state of the art.....

Frank: Not a problem thereís nothing electrical that I canít fix. Lets see if I can figure out this crazy remote.

Frank grabs the remote and walks towards the television set. Frank seams a bit confused by the complicated remote and presses several unfamiliar buttons. Suddenly Cadence's body jerks to attention. Frank: Iím not sure this remote is compatible with this set.

Cadence: Hey Be careful with that. You canít just stat pressing button, I Donít need anymore damaged components.

Frank: I wouldnít worry I donít think its doing anything anyway. It might need batteries Iím just going to take a look inside and see if there any obvious sign of damage.

Cadence: ďSo should I lie down for thisĒ

Frank: Oh sure go ahead and take a load off, this may take a while Cadence lies down on a nearby couch

Cadence: Opening primary access panel

Frank: Yes yes Iím getting to it. I just need to get my Philips screwdriver. No maíam that remote is definitely not factory issue.

You should really stick with a Viztech remote.2nd party remotes can screw up your color adjustments and effect overall picture quality.

Cadence: Iím ready to be serviced now. You may now access my internal components.

Things get really hot very fast from here!


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