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Cameryn Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Having a choice is not an option

Cameryn, big breasted, voluptuous blond mother of two just loves sex and as you will see, once she gets into it, she does not mind to get hot and sweaty. Completely absorbed by lust and the desire to feel intense pleasure, Cameryn is certainly a pleasure to watch. Her screaming hard orgasms, her longing and begging for it and her devotion to the person who controls her, makes her the almost perfect submissive. Of course for that to happen she has to be put in her place first and that, as we all know, is definitely at least half the fun. I mean what is submission worth if there is not at least a bit of a power exchange here and there. Cameryn is very outspoken, has a great fun loving personality and she just loves to play rough which in combination with all the other characteristics I described made the afternoon with her yet another hot and unforgettable adventure.

Cameryn was so relaxed and entranced after the balloon test already that I almost wanted to skip the watch-eye fixation part of the induction but I know how much you guys enjoy seeing the eyes wander from left to right while following the swinging watch.

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Cameryn Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
You have given up all control

Oh please let me......

As I mentioned, Cameryn loves it hot and heavy and before long I can see her getting hot. She seems completely absorbed by her lust and the desire to orgasm becomes overwhelmingly strong once she feels how little to no control she has over anything that is happening to her right now. Her body quickly goes from shivering and shaking into more forceful convulsions. The longer she has to wait for my permission to finally let her orgasm the louder and more intense her screaming and begging. This intense segment shows how a good subject, driven by powerful suggestions, can go from being completely relaxed to being incredibly horny, submissive and out of control in very little time. Great close ups of her crotch through her pantyhose.



Cameryn Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless slave

I am a good little girl, take my mind master

This next segment shows how much Cameryn wants to please me and how much the idea of being a good, mindlessly horny girl drives her into surrender. First she has to learn that touching and squeezing her big breasts feels just as intense as playing with her pussy. The repetition of “I am a good girl master” proves to be the trigger that drives her over the edge. I keep making her orgasm on command while I let her know that she is cumming just because I say so. Now it is time for her to feel the open eye surrender and orgasm.

Her wide open eyes are staring at the watch and I can feel her drifting deeper into oblivion. Helplessly hit by another series of orgasms, Cameryn starts to get hot and I can see her skin starting to glisten (really hot by the way). Cameryn's hands are ordered to slide into her pantyhose and to pleasure her wet pussy. Her mind is slowly absorbed by the camera and the mantra: “take my mind master” which sends her into lustful oblivion. This segment is filled with all your favorites: Lots of intense and screaming loud orgasms, great for pantyhose lovers, slow and monotone mantras and mindless stares.



Cameryn Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
The obedience ritual

Cameryn believes to be helplessly immobilized while the hot candle wax is dripping on her body. I told you guys that she likes it rough and hot. Her voluptuous body is starting to quiver and shake and she starts to moan and groan. Her eyes are wide open as she stares into nothingness. Cameryn's ability to think is slowly clouded by the heavy scent of the candles and eventually seizes completely. Every slight touch of the vibrator on any part of her body drives her insanely horny. Cameryn’s body is drenched and the slow and monotone repetition of the word “mindless” turns her into a mindless oversexed shell of herself. Very intense from beginning to end and lots of "touch free" intense orgasms during the repetition of mantras.



Cameryn Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I was born and bred to serve you master

Cameryn’s body is steaming hot from her last experience and she is still quivering and shaking. I decide to take it up a notch by making her use the vibrator right on the tip of her clit. My little girl is starting to go nuts again and I can feel that she is driven into surrender by her own lust. She keeps screaming, “I was born to serve you master” and the longer I deny her to explode, the more she lets go of all inhibitions, will and thoughts. After this warm up, I decide to have her bend over the couch so we can all get a nice view of her cherry ass in the hot pantyhose she is still wearing. Again the vibrator disappears in her wet pussy and Cameryn is driven again into mindless exhaustion. More mantras, begging and forced orgasms finally make her thank me for training her. Very dramatic and intense; not for the weak ones out there.



Cameryn Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Please teach me to be a good slave master

For this last segment of her initial training, Cameryn is placed on her knees while I have her stare at the watch again. I can feel the last of her thoughts, will and mind drifting out of her. Her speech is slow and monotone when she repeats, "Teach me to be a good slave," over and over. Now she has to show that she is willing and ready to give it all up. All that my little girl feels by now is lust and the desire to please me. I let her get very close to orgasm but then take it back a notch until she is ready to orgasm before she drops. Cameryn's body goes down twitching and shivering until she finally goes out. I don't know whether you have ever seen anybody orgasm so hard that it seems like it makes them pass out but believe me it is hot to watch. After she is done, I check both of her eyes at the same time and make her cum for me one more time while I am holding her eyes open.



Cameryn Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
She could do so much better

Ever noticed that wife's best friend is not always your friend at all? Cameryn seems to believe that my wife could have done so much better when it comes to picking a husband and she certainly lets me know how she feels. I usually don't talk to her much but today she is waiting for my lovely wife who is, as usual, running late. No matter how nice I am, she just can’t let it go and she even goes as far as interpreting my compliments as a lame attempt to hit on her. You all know that I would never do that, right?

 Cameryn keeps going on and on about how inadequate I am and she even threatens to tell my wife about my attempts to hit on her. Well, I guess, I better leave. Oh, one last thing. Could you give me your opinion about the RING I just bought for my wife? Of course she has to make fun of the ring as well but certainly not for long. I think, by now, we all know what the ring does. Sure enough, my wife's little friend drifts into deep, obedient trance and is now ready to be trained by her new master, “I hear and I obey master”; “I need to be trained and used.” Yes masters galore, denied orgasms, begging and intense surrender are just a few steps along her intense training.




Cameryn Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a horny female master in need of training

In part two of my wife's best friend’s training session, Cameryn is ordered to bend over the couch and spank her ass until orgasmed on my command, “I have been a bad female.” More denied orgasms drive her into even deeper submission. Rendered mindless, my wife's little friend is paraded around like a zombie with her arms stretched out in front of her. All of a sudden she feels helplessly fucked and eventually orgasmed without being allowed to touch herself. Snapped out of it again, my wife's little friend does not seem to have learned much and she keeps telling me that she is going to tell my wife. Well, what am I going to do about all this? Go and see for yourself, I am sure you will like the ending.



Cameryn Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
You are fired

Personality deactivated, I am just a robot

Cameryn believes to be my boss who is not happy with my performance. In fact she is so unhappy about my sales numbers that, despite my pleading, she decides to fire me right then and there. Now that hurts. She even goes as far as trying to call security to get me out of the building. Something very interesting happens though, the second she touches the phone, Cameryn's body straightens out, her eyes lose all spark as if struck by lightning, and all she knows how to say is, "I am a mindless robot." Of course honey, we all know that robots do not have a mind.

Needless to say, her personality program is deactivated which makes it so much easier to program her to my specifications, “I am a machine master” “I am designed to please you.” Placed on her back, my little robot has to salute while masturbating, is denied to orgasm and has to repeat, “I will never be disobedient again.” After this little warm up, I have her stretch out her arms in front of her and turn in circles. Why, you might ask? Well, because I like to see that and I know many of you do too. I could go on and on about her training, I mean programming, but I think you better go and see for yourself. This clip is edited for time.



Cameryn Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Dr. Cameryn the silly and quite mute non believer

Dr. Cameryn, the world renowned scientist that is, has agreed to appear on our late night talk show. She is basically here to tell us why the art of entrancing people does not work and that it is really more mambo jumbo rather than real science. At the snap of my fingers, she starts to giggle and laugh without really knowing why that is happening. Could it be that the moderator (guess who that might be) has said something funny or maybe he has some lunch stuck in his teeth? No, not really. Cameryn tries to explain her strange behavior but luckily the giggling stops and she is back to her stern self again. Oops, here it goes again, the laughter I mean and now is time to send our very confused Dr. Cameryn back to sleep.



Cameryn Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Dr. Cameryn the masturbating non believer

Strong minded people can not go... I wish I knew what she was trying to tell me but somehow she seems to be muted again and although her mouth moves, there is just no sound coming out. The second she gets her voice back, she keeps going on and on about why she can not be entranced. The fact that she out of the blue she starts taking off her top and bra for me seems completely normal to her. Why not, doesn't everybody do that? She keeps mentioning the strong minded people again while she is masturbating right there in front of me and the TV cameras. Of course, how could I forget, after all everybody does that. Well, I guess she really can not be...



Cameryn Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Dr. Cameryn the sleepy non believer

Dr. Cameryn, still not quite aware of what is happening seems to have yet another problem. For some strange reason, she keeps passing out, well, it kind of looks like it at least. At first it just takes a slight touch of my finger on her forehead to make her drop like a rock and after a while of having her go out and come back, feeling embarrassed and weird about her sleep problem, I decide to let her slowly get tired. Now that makes her really feel awkward. Imagine being so very tired all of a sudden that no matter how hard you try, there is just no way to stay up. I have a feeling that Dr. Cameryn is slowly getting it. It is fun to watch her try to fight it for as long as possible. Of course when ever she is in lala land, I just have to mess with her little body and eyes.



Cameryn Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Dr. Cameryn the frozen believer

Could you please not undress me

This is a two part clip. I had a few extra minutes in which I made her believe that she is a guy who is hitting on me. Well, it is not really me she is hitting on. It is the beautiful girl she sees. The power of the mind is certainly amazing. Cameryn keeps playing with her dick while she is telling me that she wants to fuck my pussy and there is no doubt that she is serious about all this. In fact it is so convincing that I get scared and the only way to stop her is to freeze her in place. Watch her orgasm as a man.

The main part of the clip is about Dr. Cameryn being frozen in place, undressed under protest, orgasmed while reluctantly admitting that she likes that part, becoming aware of the fact that she has been h-notized (remember that is what she was arguing against), rendered mindless by the waving hand after being told that it would happen and lots more. Once Dr. Cameryn figures out that she was indeed h-notized all she had to say was: “Oh that makes me feel kind of stupid!”

Great stares, freezes galore, bitchy moments, mindless silence and and and....



Cameryn Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
It is all paid for

Imagine for a moment that a beautiful, high paid escort accidentally shows up at your house, right at that time when your wife and young ones are out shopping. Keep imagining that the poor thing is so confused and in utter disbelief that you are not the one who has not only ordered her but also has paid for her services up front. As you can imagine, she believes to be rejected because of her looks or maybe because the guy just changed his mind and wants his money back. At any rate, she is determined to get fucked and no matter how much the guy talks about his wife and so on, she just keeps offering her body and promises to be promiscuous to all his wishes. After having imagined all that, can you honestly imagine, not to have gotten weak and go for it? I thought so and yes, all that happened to me. Maybe I should have paid more attention to her strange talk about being programmed for this and that but at that point, her tits were already out and I guess my hearing went out as well. This segment is packed with seductive, sensual misunderstandings, malfunctions, repairs and a wet pussy. BTW, you can stop imagining now and watch the clip. Cameryn clip Robot Two I am paying for it all

I learned one thing in particular during the last segment and that is to never offer strawberries to call girls. The problem with eating one strawberry is that now she wants to eat more and believe me strawberry seeds and circuits and wires don’t mix well. Oh well, you live and learn. At some point, the whole story gets so twisted that all I want now is to get rid of her before my wife comes back but that seems to really turn her on instead. My little fembot escort seems to have no shame and she keeps throwing herself at me with everything she's got and believe me that is a lot. I wish my wife had some of those tricks and I would be happy if she was just half as promiscuous as my masturbating, flirtatious hooker. Do I have any regrets about all this? Well, not really but I do miss the dam .




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