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You know that you have no choice

Candle Boxxx, stunningly beautiful young woman with a killer hard body is definitely one of my favorite subjects. I don't think I have to say much more about her here as you all remember her from her prior visits. I am always thinking about what to do in my sessions to keep it exciting and fresh and believe it or not, I always keep some of those ideas in the back of my mind for Candle's next visit because I know that she is a perfect subject and that it will come out just the way I envisioned it.

What makes it even better is that Candle could be considered to be a hypnosis junkie and that being controlled turns her on like nothing else. Sounds perfect, doesn't it? Of course there are moments where she likes to test the waters, so to speak, but that makes it even more fun, after all, you doesn't like to put sub into her place. I could go on and on about how sensual, extremely sexual, intelligent, fun loving and charming our little girl is but I know you all remember all that from her prior visits. Enjoy the ride and believe me, it is going to be a wild one.

I chose a combination rapid induction by using one of the old sleep triggers and the left arm/ right arm raise to determine the depth of her trance and then to take her even deeper. As you might remember, Candle's eyes twitch here and there which has something to do with her nervous system and she mentioned after the session that it was almost gone, which I thought was quite interesting, I am sure you know why.

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Candle Boxxx Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your helpless slave

Let go of thoughts, mind and will

I can feel that Candle is ready to be put right back under my control. The vibration of my voice is starting to make her feel aroused and I decide to add a little hypnosis bondage, knowing that it turn her on and sure enough her beautiful body goes into those lustful convulsions we all love so much.

The intense thrust of the Hitachi vibrator she made to feel is starting to drive her nuts and the more I make it clear to her that I can do whatever I want with her, the more she screams and whimpers for lust. Her legs are helplessly spread apart which makes her feel my control over her even more. She keeps repeating, do with me as you wish. Of course she is not allowed to orgasm just yet. More repetitions of, I am your helpless slave, while being helplessly played with, finally drive her over the edge. To describe the intensity of her very, very long orgasm is quite impossible.



Candle Boxxx Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Take me under your control master

I belong under my masters control, I hear and I obey

Intense orgasm training, slow repetition of mantras like I hear and I obey or No more will and I belong under my masters control, intense stares, wobbling body while being put deeper (seriously hot), mind removal, repetition, masturbation as well as
touch-less orgasms, screaming hard orgasm and surrender.

Again, the above mentioned does not even begin to describe all of what is going on in this segment. Candle is starting to feel my complete control over her and that I don't need to touch her in order for her to feel either lust or pain. The intensity with which she wants to please me, her futile attempts to test my strength and her surrender to me, has to be watched because I really don't know how to describe it.



Candle Boxxx Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am just a horny mindless slave

Candle's beautiful hard body goes into lustful convulsions as she feels helplessly fucked and taken from behind while bend over the couch. She keeps screaming take me master, I am a horny slave. Our little girl orgasms so hard that it almost puts her on her knees. Next comes more mind and will reduction. Candle is just standing there as she stares into the distance, her body sways ever so slightly as she drifts into mindless bliss while repeating the word, Obedient. Put on her knees, she is overcome by the insurmountable urge to masturbate.

Again, the intensity with which she makes herself cum for me, can hardly be put into words. The repetition of, I am a mindless slave, seem to turn her on even more. Of course that is all just warm up. Put into the sleepwalker/ zombie pose, Candle goes through another round of mind and will removal. Empty yet very horny, she is orgasmed simply by the vibration of my voice. More masturbation, slow repetitions, intense orgasms on command and obedience training finally bring her to her knees.



Candle Boxxx Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Please use me master

Final and unconditional surrender after intense struggle, mind reduction, mantras, nipple pinching, breath controlled orgasms lead to complete exhaustion and sleep, intense mindless stares, sleepwalker pose, hypnosis bondage and spanking, screaming hard orgasms on my command and eye checks are just some of the highlights of this segment. Candle is laying flat on the floor as her hands and arms feel tied on her back and she is made to feel a hard long spanking while being orgasmed at will. Watching her struggle while getting more and more aroused at the same time is very intense and definitely not for the weak to watch. Exhausted from the orgasms, Candle seems to be ready to surrender and this is always a good time to take the subject even deeper. The little girl is just standing there with her arms stretched out in front of her while staring into nothingness with her mouth slightly open. Her repetitions of, you are my master, do with me as you wish become slower and slower. Time for more forced orgasm training.

Candle's arms are pulled up in the air as she is made to feel helplessly fucked in her pussy and ass. She keeps begging me to use her. Her entire body jiggles into lustful convulsions when she is finally ordered to orgasm. Still more to come. Candle has to learn that pinching her nipples for her master makes her orgasm whenever she is told to do so. Of course there is still more, like the breath controlled orgasms or the orgasms at the slightest touch of my finger on any part of her body. Candle is so intensely aroused that she keeps begging me to finally touch her. I am a good little girl. Of course there is still more to come but I think it is time now for you to go and get the clip.



Candle Boxxx Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Repeat after me

Little girls need to be entranced

I am an orgasm slut

Candle believes to be a spoiled wife who is consulting a famous hypnotist to help her with her "husband problem." Believe it or not, she wants me to show her how to hypnotize her husband so that he wants less sex, give her more money, increase the limit on her credit cards and so on. Wow, honey, you came to the right place. Candle is absolutely amazing in this one by the way and I guess I hit some kind of subconscious wish or something of hers.

You will know what I mean when you watch this one. Anyway, as to be expected, Candle ends up being my mindless and very obedient slave who learns to kneel and crawl, masturbate and SQUIRT her hot juices all over the room, beg, repeat mantras, learn how a zombie-like slave just stands there with her arms stretched out in front of her and how to show obedience and undying devotion to her master. Repetitions like I am nothing without you, nobody else can make me cum like this, obedient slave, I am your orgasm slut and so on, help her to let go of her will and mind.

Of course after putting her to sleep, I have to wake her back up for more fun. This time our little wife believes that she can hypnotize me which unfortunately for her, backfires. Here we go again. Squirting hot orgasms, lots of yes masters, crawling and intense obedience training. Watching her go under while repeating after me is very hot.




Candle Boxxx Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Squirting cherries

I am going to by this by the case

Have you ever seen a girl squirting cherries out of her wet pussy? Well, watch this one. Candle believes to work as a bartender for a reputable catering service. Once she arrives at my party, I tell her that we had to send the last bartender home because she got on the job and we cannot have that, of course. No problem here, our young girl does not drink ever. There is one more thing I do have to explain to her and it has to do with a special bottle of liquor which, under no circumstances, should not be served to any of the female guests due to the fact that it is not only strong but also very special.

Long story, I know. What can I say, the second I leave the room, she just has to try it. By the time she fills up her little flask it becomes clear that she seems to really enjoy the stuff and by the time I come back, it is already too late. The way our little girl goes from being sweet, charming, semi intelligent and cute to completely fucked up, , stupid, bimboish, horny, oversexed, sloppy and eventually mindless and dim is amazing and definitely worth watching.




Candle Boxxx Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
That's a bit embarrassing, don't you think

This next segment is all about our sweet little bartender, who seems very confused and embarrassed about her behavior, being frozen and orgasmed in many different ways as well as places while being played with, moved around, made fun off and so on. Of course there are some even more embarrassing orgasms, lies and denial, mind removal through a very powerful crystal, mindless undressing and masturbation going on. Of course she does not really like me talking about her beautiful ass while being bend over the chair while being frozen yet again but she does, towards the end at least, enjoy the marathon orgasm which unfortunately for her is interrupted as she suddenly and quite unwanted, falls asleep. Eye checks and limp body play. Absolutely great freeze segment. Why does Candle end up with a giant strawberry between her frozen lips, which as we all know, makes bitching quite tough. Well, go find out.



Candle Boxxx Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
You need to be reformed

Candle, who really does have a dominant side to her, believes to be a hard ass dominatrix who is waiting for one of her "sessions" to arrive at fetish con. Some poor guy who is obviously in the wrong place stumbles into her room expecting to find a submissive who he wants to turn into an obedient robot. Candle seems appalled by all this and she threatens to kick my ass, mop the floor with me and to reform me. Ok, I think I have heard that before and like all of those hard ass Femdoms, Candle ends up being an obedient robot with no mind or will of her own. She snaps at attention as soon as she hears the trigger and all she has to say is, I am a robot. Of course she learns how to say yes master as well as repeating my orders in her slow, robotic voice, salute, crawl into the cage for more programming, masturbation, denied orgasms, salutations and more. Human program deactivated. I am a horny...



Candle Boxxx Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
You can lick my boots

It is all about my pleasure, my order, my control and my domain

Our sexy dominatrix snaps out of it and it seems like she is a bit upset and definitely embarrassed about me looking at her naked body while she is frantically trying to get dressed. Oh well, some people are just sore losers. Anyway, my idea of having her worship in order to please me, makes her pullout the whip, after all, she is the one in charge. Again, she threatens me with putting her boots in my mouth and so on. Looks like she is a tough cocky. Well, the second she hears the "click" all that changes and my little dominatrix is back in line where she belongs.

What follows is insanely hot mindless foot worship, foot masturbation, crawling, begging and intense orgasms. Of course that is not all. Towards the end, Candle loses all strength in her body as she becomes aware and now our horny dominatrix has no other choice than to let me do with her and her feet as I please. Finally she has to admit that she lost this one as well and that there is only one master.



Candle Boxxx Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
No orgasm for me

Candle, our by now quite upset and very embarrassed dominatrix tries threaten me yet again. Of course the whip comes out and the, I will kick your ass speech, starts again. I think, our little girl needs to laugh more but of course she does not agree with me on that one either. Who cares. A few seconds later, she jumps around as if hundreds of hands were tickling her body. Needless to say, she is not all that interested in having an orgasm, particularly not after I mention that the orgasm will turn her into an obedient robot. Yes, she tries to fight it but then again, she ends up standing at attention right there in front of me. I am a robot. After having a bit more fun with her, I decide to let her become aware again. Now our dominatrix seems even more so in the mood to kick my ass and she does not seem to take me serious when I tell her that she will be mindless and dim in about 10 seconds. More tickling and more freezes are still not enough to make her shut up and obey.



Candle Boxxx Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Of course I am with it

Candle believes to be auditioning for our session and that she had never had any experience with what I do. Well, what can I say, she does not really think that it is possible to make somebody lose their mind and with that turn them into mindless slaves. Watch and enjoy how she slowly loses her mind in the midst of telling me that she is completely with it and that she knows exactly what is going on. Her excuses for missing some of the conversation as her mind slows down and her ability to think slowly goes away. Of course there is the mindless undressing towards the end and a bunch of other surprises.



Candle Boxxx Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I am usually perfectly controlled

This last segment shows Candle, who still believes to be auditioning for our site, losing all control over her hands, body, her voice as she is muted at times, her ability to stay awake, her ability to get dressed and more until she puts herself to sleep by putting her own hand over her mouth and nose. What makes this even funnier and hotter is the fact that our little girl insist all the way to the end that what I do cannot work. I could not resist to play with her limp body after she went out. Really funny and hot ending of her session.


Candle Boxxx Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Dirty old Grandpa

This week's Robot story is about a man who finds an antique and somewhat outdated yet extremely beautiful sex doll in his late Grandpa's attic. Who would have thought that the old guy was actually way ahead of his time and who could have imagined that it would only take a few turns of the old key she was wearing around her neck, to turn her back on. I mean nobody uses keys anymore.

Outdated or not, that thing was just too beautiful to throw away, besides the way she offered her "services" was a bit, how can I say, simple as her vocabulary seemed limited but never the less hot and very promising, if you know what I mean? OK, she walked stiff legged, her arms and hands moved a bit robotic but all in all, she was a great sex toy and a few minor modifications would easily turn her into a more human like companion. Well, what can I say, those few modifications should cause a hell of a lot of problems, although her performance did improved greatly but...

Very different, very sensual, very robotic and lots of fun.


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