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Candle Boxxx Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a weak minded female

This one is another must see one

I am no match for your mind

Candle, a nosy reporter, is caught snooping around our building while taking pictures. Could it be that she is another one of those nosy girls who are trying to find out what happens in our building behind closed doors? I guess so. Well, first things first. Candle, who seems busy taking pictures, suddenly shakes her head, her eyelids twitch and before she knows what hits her, she is gone into a state of mindlessness.

Zombie like and seemingly out of it, she follows me into the building. By the time she comes out of it, she is made to feel helplessly tied to the couch. Needless to say, we have to check her for wires and hidden microphones (remove her blouse and check the content of her bra) which does seem to make her feel, let's call it, uneasy. Believe it or not but she tries to explain her taking pictures by mentioning that she works for a real-estate development company (quite clever) but of course, we know better.

It is a long story but let me tell you this much, Candle is systematically entranced even further, frozen while holding the vibrator on her wet pussy without being allowed to cum, made to beg, driven up the wall for lust until she spills out the name of her assistant (long story) made to feel an injection that puts her to sleep and slow and sensually messed with while limp (ragdoll) Too intense to even begin to describe




Candle Boxxx Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I love puppies

One of the best drunk clips I have done

This next segment has really nothing to do with puppies but towards the end of this segment, Candle feels so drunk that she talks all kinds of gibberish and one of the things she mentions is that she love puppies. Let's start from the top. Candle, our snoopy reporter now believes to interview me in regards to those beautiful girls that seem to be going in and out of my place.

Poor thing has no idea what's happening but with every snap of my fingers, she has a tall shot of her favorite liquor. Looks like she is one of those girls who just cannot hold their liquor too well and she gets kind of stupid and drunk quickly. Poor thing gets so fuck-ed up that she stumbles, falls, rolls around and eventually passes out in my arms. Of course she maintains to the bitter end that hypnosis is...  


Candle Boxxx Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
I am going to seduce it out of you

Candle, our nosy reporter, is still not ready to give it up and she now really insist on finding out what is going on at my place. Well, she might feel tough but the fact that she feels penetrated and or orgasmed (every time I snap my fingers) does not really make it easy to have a serious conversation. Of course she tries to hid what is happening and even explain some of it but that does not go too far.

Things get even more exciting when she comes back from a brief, let's call it, involuntary nap. Now she believes that seductively posing (unbelievably hot) stripping and seducing me, is the way to get all secrets out of me. Well, I am not sure about that but I sure as he.. let her try it for quite some time. I have to say though, resisting her was not easy at all. Poor thing freezes up just when she is bend over the couch with her ass and pussy wide open. Now she becomes aware of having thrown herself at me. OH, oh. It gets really funny from her. Limp body play, eye checks, mouth....  



Candle Boxxx Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Let's call it a day

To cum or not to cum

Looks like our "inquisitive" reporter who is now more than eager to leave, has to go through one more round of fun, confusion and her final surrender. Here we get to enjoy watching her being tormented by nasty tickling attacks, feeling and experiencing her first ever tickle orgasm (really hot watching her squirm and quiver while feeling tickled and orgasmed hard at the same time) being frozen and orgasmed by the vibrating couch. Sounds like fun. It really is another intensely hot one. Towards the end of the segment, Candle is driven up the wall for lust while being made to feel the vibrating couch on her wet pussy and she is warned that if she gives in and orgasms, her mind will be gone, which would leave her a mindless slave. Will she be able to overcome her feelings of lust and will she be able to "not" orgasm.


Candle Boxxx Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
I am well rounded

Candle is yet another contestant on our (quite famous) quiz show and here again, she can make a lot of money or lose her precious IQ. Which will it be. Candle, who believes to be a well rounded individual and PHD student who finances her studies by working as a stripper, seems to feel very confident and superior. Sure honey. Anyway, the rules are simple, get the answer right and win $10 000 or don't and enjoy the spinning chair.

Needless to say, the chair does not just spin fast and hard, it also removes some of the IQ (a little bit at a time). Candle is glowing and certain of her victory when she gets the first couple of answers right but then her luck changes. From dizzy to ditzy in no time. Her transformation from smart, well spoken, confident and clever to dizzy, ditzy, intensely horny, uninhibited, bimboish and eventually dim and mindless, is certainly an absolute delight to watch. I wish I could go into all the details of why and how the "spinning chair" takes out her thinking, her funny comments, excuses and the need to keep spinning but I am sure you are getting the picture.



Candle Boxxx Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I am you creation master

Candle is now made to believe that she is a famous actress who recently portrait a fembot in a box-office hit. For some strange reason, she seems to feel odd about the role and the idea that women are portrait as programmed robots, despite the fact that the role made her hugely famous. She goes on and on about the social and moral implications, blablabla until it hits her, out of the blue. What hits her? You will see. Anyway, what remains of her is a nicely programmed fembot with no will or mind of her own.

Needless to say, we need to eliminate the )pesky) human program and replace it with the obedience program. Of course there is the stiff robot walk, the monotone repetition of my orders, the (wide open pussy) masturbation while repeating over and over, I am your creation, and intense orgasms on command, walking in circles and so much more to look forward to. Candle ends up believing to be my fembot (with and actress program) who now works only for me



Candle Boxxx Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Uncle Frank

I am a horny Bimbo

Needless to say, Candle's last segment is just as mind-blowing and full of squirting wet orgasms as well as her final...

Candle, who believes that her parents are on vacation, is just about ready to go to a latex fetish party, which of course is something she would never do when her parents are around. Well, well, looks like "uncle Frank" has to step in and stop our young girl from going to a party like that, after all, she is way too young for that. Turns out though that she seems to believe differently and that there is no way her "uncle" can stop her.

Let's see about that. Looks like our sexy girl has way too much sexual energy cursing through her body and it is time to release some of that so that she becomes relaxed and manageable. What follows is seriously squirting hot and it definitely shows that I struck one of those hidden triggers (the one thing that drives them crazy beyond believe. Candle goes crazy for lust and before you know it, her body is drained and exhausted while her mind is... Entrancement, complete surrender, screaming hard orgasms on command and so much more.



Candle Boxxx Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Frankford wives

Frank hears a knock at the door. When he answers he finds a beautiful demur southern lady at his doorstep. She wearing a sexy summer dress, with a low neckline .. She is holding a pitcher of lemonade in one hand and an empty glass in the other as she cocks her head with a wide inviting smile.

Candle: Howdy new neighbor, I Saw you moving all of those heavy boxes and I said to myself, "that sure looks like thirsty work." So I fixed up a pitcher of lemonade and thought I'd come over and say introduce myself ." Is the misses. In?

Frank: Oh I'm not married

Candle: Oh we'll have to do something about that. A handsome fellow Like you all alone in this big ole house, that just won't do at tall. I guess I'll just have to keep you company until we find you a suitable young lady.

Candle: If I had known you were moving in today I would have baked you one of my famous pecan pies. Oh where are my manners, I'm Candle from cross the street. You might say I'm the unofficial welcoming committee. When I heard that our little community a new addition, I said to myself "Now Candle you have to make that boy feel right at home.

Frank: Wow that's very neighborly of you.

Candle: Why one of the perks of living in the Colonies is that the we women pride ourselves on taking care of our men folk, especially the handsome ones.

Frank: Yes everyone's been very friendly. I'll have to admit I've never seen so many beautiful women, It's like living in a subdivision of supermodels.

Candle: Oh the neighborhood has a wonderful fitness center, We girls have to watch our figures if we're going to catch our Mr. Right. Now how about that lemonade?

Frank: Oh yes that sounds great, thank you

Candle: Why it's no trouble at tall. Candle lifts the pitcher and pours its contents into the glass that she is holding in her other hand. She steps towards Frank and reaches the out her arm to offer him the glass. Just as Frank is about to take the glass her eyes widen in disbelief and horror at what she sees. There is a spot on the glass that she has handed Frank.

Candle: Oh goodness gracious, would you look at that. There's a spot on that glass. That won't do at tall….Here let me get you a clean glass. Candle Reaches out to reclaim the glass from Frank's Hand.

Frank: Oh its fine, I'm sure it's just nothing

Candle: Don't be silly I can't my new handsome neighbor drinking out of a dirty glass…That just won't do at tall.

Frank: Really that's not necessary

Candle grabs for a glass as Frank insist that there is not need to get another glass. He in inadvertently grips the glass tighter. But Candle is determined and jerks it from his hand. As the glass breaks free of his grip Candle slings the contents of the glass right onto her lovely bosom. She lets out a high pitched gasp as the cold fluid hits her skin.

Candle: Ohhhh…..Oh goodness me…….Look what I've done……I've made a terrible mess….How clumsy of me …… clumsy of me……I'm very sorry…v v..very sorry……I spilt the lem…lem…lemonade. Very sorry …..v…v…very..very handsome…..your are…..you are very handsome……..would you like to kiss me now?…..We take care of our men…….What..What's hap..en..ing..to me?

Frank: Watch out!

Candle: Hi I'm Candle……I'm Candle…….You're very handsome…….ver..ver..very handsome…Goodness me, how did I get so wet? How did I get so wet……….I'm Candle, I'm not supposed to get wet……You're very handsome, would you like to kiss me now? I'm designed to be kissed. ……..Oh my I think I'm malfunctioning…….I'm sorry….I'm Sorry, but I must be on my way……on my way…..whoopsydaisy

Candle: Whoopsydaisy …Whoop…Whoop…Whoopsydaisy…….Hi I'm Candle….You may Kiss me now….You may Kiss me now….

Frank: Are you all right, why are acting so strange?

Candle: Sorry about that Darling, Fluid really weakens havoc on my sir…sir…circuitry.. I'm sorry sugar, but I need to get out this wet dress, before I completely short circuit. I gather from you expression that you were unaware of the fact that I'm a robot.

Frank: A robot?

Candle: You didn't think actually you were paying a $5,000.000 a month homeowners association fee for lawn care did you?

Frank: This is amazing, your amazing……..You look so real

Is Frank getting his "homeowners association fee" worth ? Fun surprise ending  


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