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Candle Boxxx, beautiful dirty blond with a killer body, was always interested in the workings of the inner or subconscious mind and although she had read several books on the subject, nothing could have prepared her for what happened that afternoon at my place. The intensity with which she felt herself, for the first time, while being completely uninhibited and choice less, made her head spin at times and was certainly a new and very exciting experience. Candle is best described as fun loving, intelligent, immensely horny, naturally submissive although quite testy at times, fun to be around and most importantly, she is highly trainable.    

Instead of doing a regular magnetic hands test, I decided to make her feel those magnets more forceful while her legs were pushed apart. Her futile struggle to free her hands and to close her legs seemed to turn her on immensely and I knew right then and there what triggers her arousal is the feeling of having no choice. Her hands turned red from the pressure and I could feel her adrenalin rushing. After that it was time to relax and to stare at the spiraling ceiling crystal. Candle's eyes closed slowly after a lot of blinking and flickering, her head dropped and she was gone.

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Candle Boxxx Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip

I surrender         

 Candle is beginning aroused already towards the end of the induction. She is quivering and shaking from the feeling of having her legs helplessly spread wide open while her hands are tied up behind her head. The mercilessly thrusting vibrator on her clit is driving her insane and before long, her sexy hard body goes into lustful convulsions. I make her want to cum so badly, without letting her of course, until she is ready to let herself go completely. She has to show me how badly she wants to surrender first which takes a whole lot of screaming and begging. Suddenly Candle's eyes open wide in deep trance and I can feel her sinking even deeper, "I surrender my mind." Very intense surrender which certainly shows the power of the mind.



Candle Boxxx Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip

Please let me show you how good I am   

 I want to be ready for you  

Candle has no control over her hands which are all of a sudden drawn between her legs. Unable to stop pleasuring herself, my little girl is going nuts again; her body is going into another round of uncontrollable convulsions. I keep pushing her by making her hands move even faster and more forceful until her lustful screams turn into begging: "Please let me show you how good I am." Candle's eyes are wide open and blank as her mind and will are sucked out of her by the light. I can feel that all she wants to do is show me how pleasing she is and her begging me to control her makes it even more intense. I keep her Cumming until even the last bit of her mind is gone; leaving her with the most intense empty stare I have seen in a while. Too much happening to describe it all...



Candle Boxxx Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip

Horny mindless bimbo    

 This next segment leaves Candle a mindlessly smiling and completely empty, bimbo-like shell of herself. After putting her back on the couch, her hands feel helplessly tied up to her back and she feels the thrust of the vibrator between her legs. Her body starts to tremble; her eyes are wide open and dull. I know she likes the feeling of force and a certain amount of pain and that is exactly what she is feeling now. She screams for lust and I can feel her will breaking under my suggestions. The power of lust and the desire to submit makes Candle let go of herself and it is time for the take over. With her eyes wide open and quite zombie like, Candle drifts into the abyss. Lots of repetitions, stares, intense orgasms, begging and more...



Candle Boxxx Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip

I am a mindless slave 


“I am an empty shell”, slow monotone and mindless mantras into bliss. 

Standing up on the couch with one leg up on the back of the couch is certainly not a comfortable position to be in but Candle is too far gone to even notice. Candle masturbating herself into complete mindlessness while slowly repeating mantras, takes it all out of her. Empty and mindless, she is then put on her knees for her final surrender. My little girl has to learn how good it feels to pinch her nipples hard for her master, to bow and to crawl on all four, to beg in order to be allowed to cum and to sleep when not needed, "Good little girls beg, master." Candle goes out like a light and it is time to watch her limp body helplessly shiver and shake under another orgasm, to do some intense eye checks and to play with her feet.



Candle Boxxx Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip

No thank you, I am not a stripper       

 Yes master, yes master, yes.....     

Candle believes to be the delivery girl for the Vienna Wing House and that she is delivering food for my super-bowl party. Poor thing does not quite seem to know what to say when I mention that the stripper we expected did not show up and that all the guys would love to watch her strip and dance for us. Her answers were: “No way no how”, even the two and then three hundred bucks I offer her can’t sway her in fact; it seems to upset her even more, “Just pay me for the wings and I am out of here, Sir”. I hate that, when they Sir me.

Anyway, I can not help but notice that her eyes keep wondering over to look at the slowly rotating crystal ball and being the nice guy that I am, I warn her not to look at it. What do you know, the second I leave to get my wallet, her eyes seem magically drawn to the crystal. She keeps trying to look away but that does not seem to work, her eyelids start to flutter and my little wing girl is gone into deep trance.

She is so beautiful, just standing there with her big eyes staring into nothingness.  Let's see about the stripping, dancing and begging now. Candle slowly strips out of her sexy little costume and now she has to learn how important it is to obey her master’s commands. Very intense breath controlled orgasms, lots of yes masters, obedience training after having been disobedient and more of your favorites. 



Candle Boxxx Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip

Frozen and very mindless delivery girl   

 A naked slave is a good slave   

I don't even know where to begin with this one. First our sexy yet very confused delivery girl snaps out of it and is understandably utterly confused about the situation, she finds herself in. Of course her first instinct is to get dressed again and then get out but as we all know that is not too easy. Frozen and mindless, our sexy little girl seems to have no problems with me undressing her again, which is one of the advantages of being mindless. All that changes though when her little mind comes back; and she seems to have the urge to go back to work. I think I liked her being mindless and mute much better. Time to get her out of all those clothes again and this time I decide to render her mindless again and let her do it herself. There is something very sexy about watching a mindlessly entranced girl, zombie, like take off her clothes.  

Next, Candle finds herself  entirely frozen, except the one hand that finger fucks her tight pussy. Helplessly orgasmed by her own magic hand, Candle starts to understand who controls her pretty much every step of the way. It is fun watching her trying to hold back her orgasm. Of course there is a lot more, like the involuntary nipple pinching, frozen orgasms, more hand waving mindlessness and a change of heart. On her knees, Candle snaps out of it again and this time she feels the desire to be my good naked slave. Her reward is an orgasm that is so strong and lasts for so long that it finally puts her to sleep. Eye checks, limp body play, yes masters and so much more.





Candle Boxxx Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip

Is that what all the other girls do?   

 Sexy and very cute Cheerleader turns obedient robot  

Candle believes to be at the cheerleader tryouts and it seems very important to her that she makes the cut. At first everything seems normal and she shows me all the sexy cheerleader moves including the splits and jumps. Things get a little awkward when I start hitting on her and when I mention that she does not seem to take directions too well. Candle is so cute and innocent and she does not seem to understand that it is now time to transform her into an obedient little cheerleader robot who has to learn to please her master. It is really hot to watch her unexpected transformation from the cute and naive young girl into an at attention standing robot. Once transformed, her vocabulary is limited to saying yes master and to repeat certain orders. Let's see what those cheerleader moves and jumps look like without all the clothes. Lots of yes masters, bottomless masturbation while doing the splits, obeying and repeating orders and more.



Candle Boxxx Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip

Squirting robot cheerleader!   

 This next one is hot and Candle is most likely our first squirting robot ever. Perfectly programmed to be obedient and promiscuous, my little robot has to learn now that she is programmed to orgasm as long and as hard as I order her to. Her squirming and hiving body is all over the couch and Candle keeps Cumming and squirting as long as I order her to. Her hot juices drench the couch and she keeps repeating, "I am a good little cheerleader now”. The intensity of the scene is impossible to describe. Orgasmed out my little robot is back to standing at attention and her training continues. At some point towards the end, I decide to snap her back out of it and guess what she does next?



Candle Boxxx Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip

The Blind Date Love Potion  


From reluctant date to loving bimbo     

At first it seemed like my sexy young blind date was not too happy when she found out that I was her date. Well OK, maybe the pictures I sent her weren't the most recent ones and maybe I was not quite honest about the kind of money I am making but hey, I had to give it a shot. It took me a while to program all that. Anyway, Candle, not impressed by me does seem to love the drink I had order for her and she keeps drinking fast despite my warnings. She laughs at me when I mention that my grandmother used to call this particular drink "the love maker." Silly isn't it? All of a sudden it seems to hit her and Mrs. Proper gets fucked up and very uninhibited and the “I like you” turns into “I love you”, the clothes come off and all that's left of Candle is a horny, oversexed, giggling, uninhibited and very loving bimbo. Great transformation...




Candle Boxxx Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip

Mindless love   

 Love potion? You are silly!   

Candle literally squirts out her loving mind in this segment. Candle turns more and more into a loving bimbo and it is time for the take over. Naked and in the spread eagle position my little girl keeps telling me how much she loves me and how excited she is. All she seems to want is to get fucked and I decide to make her let go of her ever loving mind. What follows next is very dramatic and not easy to describe. Candle is incredibly charged and she squirts loads of hot cum with every orgasm, losing a bit of her mind each time until she remains an empty shell of herself. From giggly and loving to mindlessly empty, “I will cum for you like I have never cum before.”




Candle Boxxx Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip

I am good for red-eyes    

 Candle believes to be in the middle of a very important job interview and she tries her best to impress me. She keeps going on about her qualifications and that she is a company person, yada, yada, yada. The problem is that she seems to get slowly but surely very tired and although she tries her utmost best, her concentration seems to fade away. It gets particularly bad when I start listing all the things we expect from our employees. Candle keeps mentioning how she really wants the job. It is absolutely amazing the way Candle tries her best and the way she tries to talk herself out of it, gets confused and is eventually overcome by her desire to sleep is hilarious and sexy.



Candle Boxxx Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip

Are you trying to defy me?    

 Candle slowly comes back from a brief deepening and it seems she is yet confused and apologetic again. Not remembering much of what has happened so far, she now does exactly the opposite of what I ask her to do and believe it or not she feels triumphant about her misbehavior. When I ask her whether she is trying to defy me, she smiles and says yes. Well, at that point she is almost naked which is exactly what I told her not to do.

It is fun watching her triumphantly take off her bra, pinch her nipples, jump around, play with herself and sleep, right after I tell her not to do these things. I don't think she ever knew what hit her.


Candle Boxxx Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip

No way, that stuff does not work   

 We start her off confused and apologetic again. I mean, who keeps going to sleep in the middle of an interview. If that was not bad enough, now my little secretary feels tickled all over her body and then she believes that it is her clothes that are driving her insane. Of course she has to get out of those clothes as quickly as possible but the poor thing just can not seem to get a break. The tickling continues and my little girl gets even more confused. Being the nice guy that I am, I let the tickling subside and suggest that she would feel a nice slow orgasm coming on, “No way, I am not going to cum in front of you”. Trying not to cum turns into a long yet futile fight and leaves my little girl even more embarrassed. Again, way too much going on to describe all the twists and turns…



Candle Boxxx Clip XV Members - Click here to view this clip

Look at those arches  

 Mindless foot addiction   

This next one is a foot-lovers dream and most likely one of the most intense ones I have ever made. Candle seems to really love feet and it shows. After waking up, she seems obsessed with her feet and does not give a dam about the job interview any longer. The way she licks and sucks her feet, squeezes her nipples with her toes, describes and touches them, picks up and plays with her high heel pumps is absolutely hot. She smells her shoes and talks about the nectar of the gods, loves her arches and wrinkles and makes herself cum with the help of her little feet.

I have her cum so hard and intense that it leaves her completely mindless and zombie like and now it is my time to play with her.


Candle Boxxx Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip

The Human Platter   

 Candle is probably one of the hottest fetish fashion models around and I could not wait to take her pictures for our new fetish catalog. Everything seemed to go just fine, the girl knew exactly how to do those bondage poses and I have to admit, I was getting horny watching her beautiful body in those helpless positions. Unfortunately she did not seem all that interested in me but at least, I got to see pretty much all of her and that is more than I was hoping for.

After the bondage poses, my sexy assistant started to get her ready for the "Human Platter" shoot. Oh my god watching Lana put whipped cream on Candles nipples and between her legs was almost more than I could bear. To top the whole thing off, I decided to add some candy on her nipples and to have her bite into one of those delicious looking strawberries. Unfortunately, that turns out to be one of my dumbest ideas ever. I am not sure what exactly happened but it seems like she accidently swallowed part of the strawberry. First I thought it was some type of allergy problem but after a while it became clear that my sexy little super model was a fembot who was not designed to ingest food.








Candle Boxxx Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip

I am a robot, I am a beautiful sex goddess 

 At this point, it seemed like Candle was not really sure what she was. She kept going back and forth between being perfectly fine and when I say that I mean seductive, horny and promiscuous and then all of a sudden she went back to being an almost confused fembot who had no idea why she was malfunctioning. It seemed like my repair attempts in the last segment as well as in this one did not seem to help much at all, “I am designed to be the perfect super model, why am I malfunctioning”? Good question. Anyway, when she started to go into overload during one of her intense orgasms, I just knew that things could only go south from here.  





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