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Candle Boxxx Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Lights out

More beautiful, riveting and deeper than ever

Candle Boxxx, stunningly beautiful blond, is certainly one of my all time favorite subjects. Beautiful, intelligent, submissive when treated right, extremely horny (SQUIRTER) with an amazingly vivid imagination all in one person and that my dear viewers is exactly what it takes to be the perfect subject, in my book that is.

I am certain that many of you remember her from her last session a couple of years ago and I am sure you are just as excited as I am to have her back. For all of you guys who do not know her, get ready for an absolutely mind blowing session. One of the great things about Candle is that because of her vivid imagination (aka subconscious library) it is easily possible to make her do all kinds of crazy and different stuff. I am sure you will know what I mean by all this once you watch her session.

I am your mindless shell master

Candle, who had never been to our new studio, enters and looks around while trying to find the people who booked her for who knows what kind of shoot. Suddenly she feels my hand on her shoulder (old trigger from prior sessions). Her eyes roll, her head wobbles and she slowly goes down and out like a light. Time to "lift and carry" our limp little girl over to the desk where I take my time to undress her, remove her shoes, check her feet, tits and expose and open up her pussy.

Needles to say, she is programmed throughout all this and before long, her by now almost naked body, starts to quiver and shake as she becomes slowly more and more aroused. My hand on her throat not only makes her orgasm but also open her eyes as she stares into nothingness. More deepening, questions and answers, orgasm, yes masters and so much more. Really great beginning for her session.

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Candle Boxxx Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I work out my mind

I thought it might be a good idea to start the session a bit differently than usual and Candle was certainly the right girl for what I had in mind.

First we make her believe that she is actually auditioning for the session and that we have never met before

What follows is a lot of fun, including unwanted orgasms when drinking water, discomfort, self induced mindlessness as well as sleepiness, embarrassment, limp play, waving hand and so much more

First off, she seems to feel very uncomfortable in the beautiful red dress Lana gave her and she requests to change into something less revealing than the dress. Of course she does not realize that what she slides into is completely see-through but that sure adds to the fun.

Next we have our very confident young lady count back from five to zero to test her ability to concentrate. Well, what can I say, the first time she tries, she passes out as if something had hit her over the head and the second time she ends up staring into nothingness. Needless to say, that all makes her feel quite embarrassed and confused when she comes to.

Things get worse for her when she seems to suffer from uncontrollable urges to orgasm. I wonder whether it could have something to do with the fact that she feels so thirsty which makes her drink a lot of water. I just love the power of suggestions, don't you?

I cannot describe all the details of this segment but to watch her squirm in confusion, apologizes, brag about how she works out her mind, orgasms without wanting to and or knowing why, passes out numerous times and so on, is seriously priceless



Candle Boxxx Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
This is just not happening

The fun continues. Here we make her believe that she is interviewing for the position of the church secretary and that her moral standards are important, given the position and all. Needless to say, she ensures us that the fact that she is not married is for no other reason than her high standards. Poor thing has no idea what hits her when she suddenly feels overcome by the urge to orgasm. I guess her (really cute) excuses for why her body went into convulsions might have convinced me but then, it happens again and again and... Looks like she needs a break.

 Sleeeeep. Up and awake, she now goes crazy over my soft and (in her mind) irresistibly sexy voice. In fact she seems so enthralled by my voice that our otherwise prudish young woman throws herself at me in no uncertain terms. Candle is incredibly sexy and it is definitely not easy to resist her but luckily, the snap of my fingers makes her aware of what she just did. I know, that is embarrassing and weird and certainly calls for apologies (really fun and great ones). I think it is time to slowly entrance her. Dim stares, futile struggles to avoid the orgasms, hilarious comments and so much more.



Candle Boxxx Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Horny little thing needs to be orgasmed

I am nothing more than my masters orgasm slave

I am cuming for you master

This next one is incredibly intense and believe me, if you enjoy watching a beautiful young women squirt like crazy, being manipulated and driven crazy (with the Hitachi) while out and helpless, beg and scream for more, slowly and entranced repeat mantras while in the sleep walker position, quiver and tremble while being made to feel tied up (kneeling) and orgasmed by the Hitachi, scream out yes masters, stare dimly into nothingness, mess with while limp and so much more, than this one is definitely for you

Trying to describe it all would be impossible (most of the other guys would make a whole update from this) but it is all you can wish for in a "female training" segment.

As mentioned, Candle is a horny little thing and she loves it rough which made me decide to drive her crazy in her sleeep by pushing the Hitachi right
on her clit. Our little girl is ready to do pretty much anything I want after this and boy does she squirt and squirt and... Towards the end we get to see her complete surrender in those wide open eyes while I ..... More slow and sensual limp and lot's of neck play yet to come.

I am a good little girl for my master




Candle Boxxx Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Squirting foot slave

Candle is still out from before and I can't help messing with her. Her long legs are spread wide which made me decide to hold the thrusting Hitachi right on the tip of her wet clit. Watching her beautiful helpless body quiver and shake is really hot. Oh well, let's get to the foot slave training, shall we. Candle loves feet and the idea to show her surrender by offering, licking, kissing and sucking them for me, drives her crazy for lust. Before long, the hot juices just squirt out of her pussy while her body goes into intense lustful convulsions.

I am my masters horny foot and orgasm slave. Of course that is all just warm up. Next we get to enjoy her crawling and then bending over the couch with her feet up in the air while making herself squirt again. I cannot even begin to tell you what happens when I finally touch her feet. Definitely one of the hottest foot slave training segments I have done. Of course there is plenty of lip body manipulation, eye checks and more as well. Great close ups of her wide open pussy and ass while she is, let's call it, resting




Candle Boxxx Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip

Many of our viewers keep suggesting that we make more of these kinds of segments. Well, here we go. Enjoy Candle being turned into a meowing playful laser chasing, horny and taken hard, catnip entranced sexy little kitten. Watching her roll around while being a bit loopy and disoriented from the catnip is actually my favorite part. Of course there is more. See what she is like as a playful and then very horny little puppy which likes it from behind.



Candle Boxxx Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Limp, pose, freeze and forced orgasm

This next one starts off incredibly hot. Candle is ordered to mindlessly pose her beautiful body for us. I tell you that girl has some absolutely stunning curves on her which we get to enjoy from every angle. Time to slowly freeze her in place and to them make her feel aroused to the point where all she wants to do is to finish herself off for us. Needless to say, that is not going to happen. Instead I decide to hold the vibrator on her wet pussy until she goes crazy for lust. Again, I can only mention the highlights and it sure does not reflect the intensity with which she begs, the wet orgasms and so on. We conclude this one with some nice sensual and long limp body as well as feet play and a last sleeepy orgasm.




Candle Boxxx Robot Movie
Part One
Members - Click here to view this clip
Frankford wives

Frank hears a knock at the door. When he answers he finds a beautiful demur southern lady at his doorstep. She wearing a sexy summer dress, with a low neckline .. She is holding a pitcher of lemonade in one hand and an empty glass in the other as she cocks her head with a wide inviting smile.

Candle: Howdy new neighbor, I Saw you moving all of those heavy boxes and I said to myself, "that sure looks like thirsty work." So I fixed up a pitcher of lemonade and thought I'd come over and say introduce myself ." Is the misses. In?

Frank: Oh I'm not married

Candle: Oh we'll have to do something about that. A handsome fellow Like you all alone in this big ole house, that just won't do at tall. I guess I'll just have to keep you company until we find you a suitable young lady.

Candle: If I had known you were moving in today I would have baked you one of my famous pecan pies. Oh where are my manners, I'm Candle from cross the street. You might say I'm the unofficial welcoming committee. When I heard that our little community a new addition, I said to myself "Now Candle you have to make that boy feel right at home.

Frank: Wow that's very neighborly of you.

Candle: Why one of the perks of living in the Colonies is that the we women pride ourselves on taking care of our men folk, especially the handsome ones.

Frank: Yes everyone's been very friendly. I'll have to admit I've never seen so many beautiful women, It's like living in a subdivision of supermodels.

Candle: Oh the neighborhood has a wonderful fitness center, We girls have to watch our figures if we're going to catch our Mr. Right. Now how about that lemonade?

Frank: Oh yes that sounds great, thank you

Candle: Why it's no trouble at tall. Candle lifts the pitcher and pours its contents into the glass that she is holding in her other hand. She steps towards Frank and reaches the out her arm to offer him the glass. Just as Frank is about to take the glass her eyes widen in disbelief and horror at what she sees. There is a spot on the glass that she has handed Frank.

Candle: Oh goodness gracious, would you look at that. There's a spot on that glass. That won't do at tall….Here let me get you a clean glass. Candle Reaches out to reclaim the glass from Frank's Hand.

Frank: Oh its fine, I'm sure it's just nothing

Candle: Don't be silly I can't my new handsome neighbor drinking out of a dirty glass…That just won't do at tall.

Frank: Really that's not necessary

Candle grabs for a glass as Frank insist that there is not need to get another glass. He in inadvertently grips the glass tighter. But Candle is determined and jerks it from his hand. As the glass breaks free of his grip Candle slings the contents of the glass right onto her lovely bosom. She lets out a high pitched gasp as the cold fluid hits her skin.

Candle: Ohhhh…..Oh goodness me…….Look what I've done……I've made a terrible mess….How clumsy of me …… clumsy of me……I'm very sorry…v v..very sorry……I spilt the lem…lem…lemonade. Very sorry …..v…v…very..very handsome…..your are…..you are very handsome……..would you like to kiss me now?…..We take care of our men…….What..What's hap..en..ing..to me?

Frank: Watch out!

Candle: Hi I'm Candle……I'm Candle…….You're very handsome…….ver..ver..very handsome…Goodness me, how did I get so wet? How did I get so wet……….I'm Candle, I'm not supposed to get wet……You're very handsome, would you like to kiss me now? I'm designed to be kissed. ……..Oh my I think I'm malfunctioning…….I'm sorry….I'm Sorry, but I must be on my way……on my way…..whoopsydaisy

Candle: Whoopsydaisy …Whoop…Whoop…Whoopsydaisy…….Hi I'm Candle….You may Kiss me now….You may Kiss me now….

Frank: Are you all right, why are acting so strange?

Candle: Sorry about that Darling, Fluid really weakens havoc on my sir…sir…circuitry.. I'm sorry sugar, but I need to get out this wet dress, before I completely short circuit. I gather from you expression that you were unaware of the fact that I'm a robot.

Frank: A robot?

Candle: You didn't think actually you were paying a $5,000.000 a month homeowners association fee for lawn care did you?

Frank: This is amazing, your amazing……..You look so real

Is Frank getting his "homeowners association fee" worth ? Fun surprise ending  


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