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Candle Boxxx Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


Squirting volcano, of lust and desire

Candle Boxxx, beautiful dirty blond with a killer body, was always interested in the workings of the inner subconscious mind. Sounds familiar? Of course it does, who could ever forget Candle, right? As you might remember, Candle was an outstanding subject with the sunniest attitude and of course the fact that she has a killer body makes it, oh so much more fun to play with her. Besides all that, Candle is one of the most sensual and sexual women I have come across and believe me, I could not wait to make her squirt, scream and beg yet again. Candle’s first session was so intense and loaded with sexual energy that even I wondered whether it was at all possible to take her even deeper and to make her let go even more, the answer in short, "yes." Candle turned into an erupting volcano or I should say, into a squirting volcano, of lust and desire.

Just like last time, our little girl went under with flickering eyelids and a hint of a smile on her face. Candle is in fact one of the few subjects who show emotions during the entrancement period. Great close ups of her body and feet, particularly during the "beach walk."

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Candle Boxxx Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Taken back under daddy's control

The induction went very well and when I saw her opening her eyes here and there, I just knew she was exactly where I wanted her to be. I don't want to get too deep into the workings of it all but it is often a sign of deep trance when the subject opens his or her eyes. Candle is ready for her training and I take her right back to the feeling of having no control over what is happening to her.

Turned on by the feeling of being helplessly played with and the idea that she will be orgasmed whenever I say so, Candle's body starts to quiver and shake, her hands claw into the couch as she moans and groans and it is time to make her feel the thrust of the vibrator with even more intensity. Candle likes to submit but in order for her to do so, she needs to feel strength and authority and that is exactly what makes her want to be a good and obedient little girl. I make her feel exposed and used and that really gets her going. Candle's beautiful body goes into lustful convulsions as she has to wait for me to finally orgasm her, long and hard. Very intense



Candle Boxxx Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless, empty slave

Blissful empty smiles, slow and monotone mantras, intense stares, first yes masters, mind reduction, intense orgasms and pantyhose masturbation. I think that sums it up but it certainly does not describe the intensity of this next segment. Candle's empty yet blissful smile when she repeats the words, "no control" is hard to put into words. I can not resist exposing her beautiful breasts as I take her even deeper. Candle starts to acknowledge my orders by saying “yes master” without me mentioning it to her. She is ordered to pleasure herself as I have her relinquish her mind, thoughts and will into the swinging watch. Candle is completely absorbed by her own lust as she blankly stares at the watch. Her repetitions of the mantra, "mindless, empty slave" are slow and monotone as she drifts into completely empty bliss.

A series of hard orgasms on my command make her surrender to my will, yet again. This segment ends with Candle just standing there as she mindlessly stares into nothingness. I could go on and on about how she completely loses herself in this segment and how you can actually feel her unconditional surrender but I think it is best if you see for yourself.



Candle Boxxx Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
Born to serve and obey

Realize that you are back here to serve me

Candle is standing in front of me as she stares into lala land. Her mouth is slightly open and there is no expression on her face other than the absence of thought, mind and will. Let's find out how deep she really is. I hand her the nipple clamps and order her to use them on her nipples. It is amazing to watch her put them on her nipples and tightening them without even so much as a blink of her eyes. Suddenly her hands feel helplessly pulled behind her back and I tighten the clamps even further, making it very clear that she only feels what I tell her to feel (Really intense scene, BTW). Candle's body goes into lustful convulsions again as soon as I let her feel the clamps.

Of course that is all just the warm up. Our little girl goes absolutely nuts when she unexpectedly feels fucked in her ass and pussy at the same time while her nipples endure the pressure of the clamps. She keeps screaming, "Use me master, I was born to be your slave." Candle orgasms so hard that it almost takes her down but this is still just a warm up. The rest of her remaining thoughts and mind are sucked out, leaving her an empty shell. More orgasms and an amazing transformation, not easy to explain how she gradually turns into a mix of brainless bimbo and a little girl at the same time, “Thank you for having me back master”. Intense stares, slow repetitions, screaming hard orgasms and unconditional surrender...



Candle Boxxx Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
Little girls don't need a mind, master

I am an empty shell for you, use me as you wish master

Many of you like the control through pleasure aspect of what I do and this next segment has plenty of that. Getting the subject to comply with whatever you suggest simply because they are so horny that they stop thinking and no longer try to control is the trick. How does one go about doing that? Well, for starters, find the trigger that really turns them on. Candle responds best when she feels authority and strength. Her deep seeded desire to please and to submit to strong authority makes her perfect for my kind of training. I have her bend over the couch with her sexy cherry ass perched out at me. My little girl is so horny and wet that she slams the vibrator, first into her pussy and then into her ass while she pleasures herself.

She keeps repeating "no more mind" before she is driven into a series of exhausting orgasms. Candle ends up an exhausted and completely empty shell of herself. She is just sitting there with her eyes staring into who knows where as she repeats, “I am a mindless slave, use me as you wish”. Looks like it is time to put her to sleep play with her a bit and do some eye checks.



Candle Boxxx Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
The reluctant mannequin

You are on camera

Well, well, well what have we here? A sexy little girl who fails to leave the department store at closing time! Thinking that she is all alone, our after hours thief, decides to try on some of the clothes she intends to steal. Seemingly triumphant about out smarting the security system, she starts to check out the clothes rack when she suddenly hears the night guard approaching. Thinking that she is smart, our little thief, pretends to be one of the mannequins. Hoping to stay undetected, she has no choice as to let the curious night guard expose her breasts. I think you guessed by now who the night guard might be. I really had a lot of fun with this one. Candle tries so hard to stay still and frozen in order to make me believe that she in fact is a mannequin. Anyway, the guard finally leaves and she can continue to try on some of the clothes. Unfortunately, the second she is almost naked and in front of the mirror, she hears the stupid guard again, who seems to have forgotten something. Of course she pretends to be a mannequin again but something strange happens this time. Her eyes seem to lose themselves in the mirror and slowly but surely she does really freeze up.

Be careful what you ask for. Mindlessly frozen, our little thief has no clue that her body is moved around and her remaining clothes are rearranged. At some point I decide to let her awareness come back and that is when it really gets hilarious. You should listen to her excuses as she tries to talk herself out of this one. I can not go into all the details of this segment without getting too lengthy but Candle is frozen, rendered mindless by the waving hand, played with, orgasmed by the sword and otherwise, swayed back and forth as she is frozen, over and over. This one is also for our "Yes/No orgasm" lovers. What's with the camera part I mentioned above? Go see.



Candle Boxxx Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
I would never touch that stuff

Getting fucked-up at the snap of my fingers.

Candle believes to be over at my house to help me with my term papers. Of course Miss. prissy has no interest in me and who could blame her, after all she is dating the captain of the football team. Being very proper and all, she certainly does not want a drink, "Oh no, I would never touch alcohol". That is too bad honey. Nevertheless, as soon as I snap my fingers Candle feels like she just had a shot of a very strong alcoholic beverage.

The fun begins and it gets better with every snap. Candle slowly goes from feeling surprised and confused about the sudden infusion of alcohol to becoming increasingly sloppy and let's say, less proper. Turns out her hot boy friend can not get it up and as far as she is concerned he might just be the water boy. You've got to see this one in order to appreciate what I am trying to describe here. Candle gets so sloppy and fucked up that she even forgets my name. She tries to get up and falls right back on her ass, her speech becomes increasingly slurred and her proper etiquette goes right down the drain.

Of course she tries to hide all that even when she starts to take off her clothes. Our little girl becomes more and more uninhibited and horny with every snap. All of a sudden she gets the hiccups and I know she needs another "snap" to make it better.




Candle Boxxx Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a horny little slut

No, honey that is not really a massager

My little school girl is so fucked up and sloppy by now that she has a hard time sitting up. Snap by snap she gets more uninhibited, silly and obviously horny. Well, I guess it is time to show her my new toy and no it is not really a massager. As soon as I show her where it goes, my little Miss. prissy starts to squirt all over the place. Watching and listing to her as she feels all is very entertaining, watching her squirting out her hot juices as her orgasms become stronger and harder and then drinking her own cum is priceless. At some point my horny and quite giggly mess falls off the couch and I think it is time to finish her off. After making her squirt one more time, her body gets all limp, like a ragdoll and she just flops around in my arms with her eyes rolling around her head. Watch it and you will know what I mean by what I just tried to describe. This is truly one of my all time favorites, "I am a horny little slut".



Candle Boxxx Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a wild

Candle believes that I am a writer who has broken his arm and is now looking for a secretary to help him finish his book on time. Of course the job is well paying and our little girl tries to make a good impression. Unfortunately, she does not seem to be at all interested in her new boss and the subject of the book seems to make her snicker. What do you mean, a book about some guy who turns women into robots? I thought that whole Stepford wife syndrome was long passé. Besides it would never work with a wild like her. Well, ok that is no problem, I guess but let's see how fast you can do shorthand which is really what will determine whether you get the job or not, honey.

Candle seems to really want the job but something strange happens as soon as I start dictating. Candle's body straightens out, her eyes seem to slowly lose all life despite her attempts to stay alert and she is ready to be programmed. A little bit of pressure in her neck makes her feel the chip that just has been implanted and all she knows how to say is, "I am just a programmed machine" and of course "yes master". Time to have a closer look at her naked body, have her serve me fruits and of course to...



Candle Boxxx Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Squirting robot

I am a horny robot, I am here to please

Candle is really unbelievably sexual and sensual and this segment proves it again. First my little robot has to learn that being messy is certainly not an option and that she has to pick up her stuff off the floor and put it away neatly. It gets very intense after that. The second I have her pleasure herself, Candle gets turned on so intensely that she has another one of her squirting, wet orgasms. Of course now she has to learn to have those on my command only and to top it all off, I keep her right at the verge of another intense wet orgasm and then deny her to cum. The look in my robot's eyes as she realizes that she is not allowed to cum is indescribable. Too bad but what can I do, it seems like her system is screwed up and it does let her orgasm. At some point after many yes masters, stares, salutes, intense squirting orgasms and slow robotic repetitions, I decide to snap my little secretary out of it again but what do you know, she still does not seem to be crazy about the robot game. Oh well, let's just do it again.



Candle Boxxx Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
Oh my god, did I just say that?

Please can we turn off the cameras, my parents will never look at me the same

Candle believes to be a contestant in a pilot for a new reality show. The show is mainly about people talking about their lives, hobbies, likes and dislikes and so on. Unfortunately our little girl is incapable of lying and the truth comes out without her being able to even think about coming up with a lie. Oops, what do you think she did last night? Could it be: A) watching TV or B) suck cock and eat cum. Where did she meet her husband? In a strip club or on the street. Was she working at the club? What is her favorite thing to do? Could it be shoving glass dildos up her ass? What do you think she answers when asked ....Candle's answers are hilarious and her reactions to her answers are priceless. Poor girl gets all flustered and embarrassed and then she begs me to turn off the dam cameras. Being the nice guy that I am, I try to make her feel better but snapping my fingers only leaves her happy yet utterly mindless.



Candle Boxxx Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
My feet are meant to be in shoes

This one is certainly not only for our foot lovers. Candle, who does not remember her last experience, believes to be on a TV show again but this time the topic is about the influence of hypnosis on people. It seems like, she is not the least bit convinced that it could possibly work on her. Of course not, I mean she would never do things she normally would not do, right? The last thing she would ever do is to mindlessly worship her feet, after all, feet belong in shoes only. Being the nice guy that I am, I even warn her that when I wave my hand in front of her eyes, she will sink into mindless bliss and do whatever I want her to do. I think her last word were something like, good luck trying......Oops, here we go. Candle mindlessly starts to worship, kiss, lick and massage her feet.

All of a sudden the touch and smell of her feet are driving her nuts and she masturbates at the same time. Can it get any hotter than watching a girl mindlessly suck her feet? Try having her eat a banana which she is holding with her feet as she is getting off. Now try to imagine her embarrassment when she suddenly snaps out of it and realizes what she has done. You think that made her a believer? Of course not. Looks like we need to use the "waving hand" again. Candle's zombie like stares are incredible and her reactions and comments are again priceless.



Candle Boxxx Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Are you hitting on me?

This segment is not only for our tickling/laughing fans but also for our funny mind games lovers. Candle comes back after a brief deepening and she is still not convinced that she could possibly be a good subject. Of course, she feels quite embarrassed about the fact that her clothes are not in the right place but that can all be explained, right? The fact that she smells like cum and banana is a bit more of a mystery but there must be an explanation for it, right? The fact that she suddenly feels tickled and subsequently jumps and dances all over the place, is certainly a bit harder to explain. Taking off her itchy and tickling clothes in front of the camera leaves her a bit speechless but it is really not because she is one of those perverts who like to show off their naked bodies in front of the camera. Could she be hitting on me? Of course not. Will she beg to have the incriminating footage destroyed? Will she be able to explain her sudden arousal and the subsequent orgasm? No, but she sure tries. Will there be more fun at the end of the segment? You bet ya.


Candle Boxxx Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
You dropped the soap!

Candle believes that she just woke up and like most people she goes straight to the bathroom. She looks at herself in the mirror and again, like most people she makes faces in the mirror, looks at her teeth and runs her hands through her hair. The fun part about this clip is that Candle can not see me and the suggestions I give her seem to be her own thoughts. Our little girl steps in the shower and what happens next surprises even me. She pees first thing and boy what a long pee that was. You can see her feeling much better after that and now comes the part where she takes a shower. Of course I have to suggest that she just dropped the soap, needs to clean her tits which in turn makes her feel horny which leads to her....


Candle Boxxx Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
You will never be a jock

I am not sure what made me do it in the first place but I guess after years of unsuccessful attempts to meet women over the internet, I thought it might be time to consult a professional sex therapist. I have to say, I did feel very uncomfortable at first to talk to a woman about my quite miserable experiences in the past. The fact that she mentioned my lack of personal hygiene and that my hair needed a brush, did not make me feel any better. It seemed like she did not really like my pick- up lines either and my hobbies seemed to make her almost want to give up on me. Come on, who does not like to take pictures of naked women, even if they don't know that they are on camera. Anyway, it seemed like I had a lot to learn and maybe I should have let her do her thing but no, stupid me had to hit on her instead, which seemed to really throw her off.

What can I say; I am just a sucker for sophisticated, elegant and classy women. Maybe it was too much or maybe it was some quirk in her system but slowly but surely, my sexy therapist started to repeat herself, twitch here and there and finally she just could not hide the fact that she was a fembot. Man, it was fun playing with her and come to think of it, it was the closest I have come to a naked, promiscuous and orgasmic woman in a long time. Candle is unbelievable good in this one. Certainly one of my personal favorites.








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