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Candle Boxxx Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


I will follow and obey

Candle, stunningly beautiful, highly intelligent, incredibly sexual and sensual, young woman just had to come back for yet another unforgettable afternoon. I don't really think that I have to say more here because I am very certain that everybody remembers her first two sessions. Candle is definitely up there when it comes to being one of my all time favorite subjects and she certainly proofed to be absolutely amazing in her third session. I have a feeling that it might be tough to describe the intensity of following clips just because it is impossible to put all of what happened into words.

Candle is, as mentioned, very sexual, naturally submissive once she feels that she has no choice and highly intelligent which is the perfect combination for my sessions but what I like the most is that her subconscious expresses itself in very unique ways. I am sure you will understand what I am trying to say once you watch her clips. Well, I could ramble on here about how great the session went but I think that would just be a waist of time and it might be best to let you decide.

After a few minutes of talking to her, I decided to simply use the sleep trigger from her last sessions to put her where she needed to be. Sure enough,

Candle dropped like a light and was ready to be taken even deeper than before. I had her raise her right arm and hand once she was as deep as she was the last time and then took her deeper until her other arm started to raise as well. What makes this clip one also very different is that I had her open her eyes throughout some of the deepeners. Wobbling head, open mouth, twitching mouth and eyes, repetitions and more "You are my master and I will follow and obey".




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Candle Boxxx Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Feel how you are helplessly fucked and taken

Feel how you are helplessly used.

Candle's beautiful body starts to quiver all over the couch as soon as I make her feel helplessly fucked and used. I make her remember the intense orgasm from her last session and suggest that this time her body is even more sensitive and lustful. My suggestion that her hands and arms are now helplessly pulled behind her head while her legs spread wide, seems to intensify her lust as her moaning and groaning becomes louder and more forceful.

I can feel that my little girl is back under my control and now it is time to take it up a notch. Her eyes open and all she sees are the eyes of the person who is just about to orgasm her at will. Of course she has to beg and whimper first before she is allowed to orgasm which does not take her long. Consumed by the desire to orgasm, Candle's body goes into lustful convulsions as she beg for permission to cum. Very intense training and a very hot start of the session. Candle is eventually allowed to orgasm and is put back to sleep just as she....



Candle Boxxx Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am perfectly trained by my master

You know, you do not need thoughts. No master, nobody else can make me orgasm like this

There is a whole lot going on in this next segments and anybody who enjoys, intense, screaming hard orgasms, completely mindless stares, slow and mindless repetitions, crawling, lots of yes masters, mindless yet intense masturbation as well as touch less orgasms, a young woman who does everything to please her master and more will definitely love this one.

Candles desire to take off her clothes for me and to show me how pleasing she is makes her feel very aroused again. I have her stare at the mind reducing watch as she is ordered to masturbate herself into mindless oblivion. The intensity with which she tries to make herself cum for me is not easy to put into words. She starts screaming, nobody can make me cum like this and I am perfectly trained by my master.

Candle orgasms hard with her beautiful eyes wide open. I can feel she has no more will of her own and that she has completely surrendered. Put on her knees, her sexy young body almost wobbles as she seems blissfully empty. Of course there is more from instantaneous orgasm at the snap of my fingers to intense masturbation without being allowed to orgasm. Candle mindlessly repeats, I need my masters permission to orgasm. "Thank you master for letting me be your slave again". I still have not gotten to the crawling and the slow and monotone repetitions/mantras but you will see all that when you watch this clip.



Candle Boxxx Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a mindless little slut

More intense, screaming hard orgasms, completely mindless stares, zombie pose, slow and mindless repetitions, crawling, lots of yes masters, mindless yet intense masturbation as well as touch less orgasms, a young woman who does everything to please her master and more. I always enjoy the first few segments of each session because I think those include the most intense female training and they do set the stage for the entire session.

Candle slowly crawls back to the couch and as the camera is focused on her perfect ass. Back at the other end of the room, she kneels in front of me with the emptiest most zombielike expression on her face. Her mouth is slightly open, her eyes gaze into the abyss and her body almost sways ever so slightly. Now it is time for her to bow to her master and to repeat more mantras.

Back up on her feet, Candle just stands there with her arms stretched out in front of her (hands down) until she all of a sudden gets hit by a powerful orgasm. After this warm up, she is ordered to bend over the couch and to push out her ass while looking back at her master. The way she stares through her spread legs at me while she slowly masturbates herself to orgasm, is more than intense. Our little girl cums so hard that it knocks her off her feet. Mindless and empty, she repeats, I am a horny little slut. More mantras like the slow and monotone repetition of, "mindless slave" as well as orgasms on my command make her unconditional surrender complete.



Candle Boxxx Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Cluster fuck

Candle is an amazing subject which is why I decided to try this next segment with her. You will know what I mean once you watch it. Our little girl is taken into a very deep state and then led through an intense sexual fantasy. Alone in the woods, she stumbles upon three good looking guys who are camping in the middle of nowhere. To make a long story short, the guys are having their way with her. At first they start touching her gently which makes her feel aroused and her body starts to squirm. Suddenly she feels being put on her knees and fucked from behind while the second guy pushes his dick in her mouth. The way Candle's body moves under the penetration, her mouth opens as she feels the guys dick being showed into her throat, is hot.

Of course she goes through the motions and you can see that she enjoys it but there is also the thought of maybe having gone to far. As we all know, lust wins at the end and Candle gives up all attempts to even try to not let it happen. Horny beyond believe her body twitches and eventually goes into lustful convulsions as she feels fucked and orgasmed beyond her control. One of the guys puts his hand on her throat and makes her feel the intensity of her first breath controlled orgasm. The last thing Candle feels is a piece of strange smelling cotton on her face before she goes to sleep.



Candle Boxxx Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
As a female, I can certainly have brain power and...

Oh my, doesn't that get in the way of things?

This segment is certainly a bit longer but well worth it which is why I just could not bring myself to cut it into two clips. Candle believes to be a much respected Hypnosis therapist who has to deal with a very obnoxious, chauvinistic patient who has been sent to her by his wife to help him overcome his enormous sex drive. Turns out the guy needs sex three times a day and what makes it even worse is, that he does not seem to think that cheating on his wife here and there is a big deal, after all, he is a man! I can not really describe the way Candle handles herself and the situation but it is absolutely phenomenal. Our somewhat stuck up yet highly intelligent therapist tries to reason with her patient but that does not seem to go anywhere. In fact, her unruly patient now starts to hit on her which she believes to be completely inappropriate.

As mentioned, Dr. Candle comes across as cool, selected, educated and quite disgusted by the guys constant desire for sex. Naturally, she believes that once she has her patient in deep trance that she will be able to cure him of his obsession. I think, just by looking at the pictures, you all might have guessed already that something went terribly wrong but what could have happened to turn a calm, intelligent and reserved young woman into a sex obsessed, mindless and extremely aroused, kneeling, serving, begging, dancing and very obedient love slave?

Could she have accidentally put herself into trance? Does she know that she is mindlessly serving fruits while on her knees? Can a reserved calm person like her be made to feel so aroused that she even tears her pantyhose to shreds just so she can touch her clit while screaming, nobody else can make me feel this excited. I am an obedient slave, I am here to serve. Will she thank me for making her an obedient slave? Many yes masters, great stares, intense arousal, mindless moments and the way she entrances herself is just...



Candle Boxxx Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Freezomania, what is that?

You are in trouble

Let's see what happens when our sexy therapist snaps out of it again. Oh my, what happened? Looks like she remembers what just happened which makes her feel, let's say, uneasy. Of course that is describing it mildly. Candle grabs her clothes and what do you know, she tries to get dressed while telling me to leave. I tell you, it is not easy to deal with a confused and very embarrassed girl like her but as you know, I am always there to help. I even mention that I probably should not leave just yet because of her condition.

Candle has no idea what I am talking about. What condition, she wants to know. Well, a few seconds later, she finds out what I am talking about. Frozen solid and mindless our therapist has no choice but to let me undress her. After a while though, it seems to be more fun to have her become aware of her, let's call it, immobility which of course makes her, besides being confused, a little upset. It is interesting though, that an intelligent therapist like her has never heard about a medical condition called Freezomania, don't you agree?

Anyway, she seems to have no other explanation for her problem other than I am somehow behind it all. Oh well, I guess I have to listen to her bitching which intensifies when I stick a thrusting vibrator into her pantyhose. You should see her trying to avoid the inevitable. Pinching her own nipples while being frozen does make her, although reluctantly, admit that a certain amount of pain turns her on beyond belief. Being as nice as I am, I unfreeze her but now she is so horny that she does not want me to remove the vibrator which is still in her pussy. See what happens when I take it away from her and tease her with the little joy stick until her...




Candle Boxxx Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
I can not resist, I am yours

This one includes squirting wet orgasms, mirror entrancement, female training, yes masters, stares, repetitions and, and, and....

Candle believes to be a TV repair person who was sent to my house to fix my brand new TV which, although only two month old, did not seem to work right. Unfortunately, the fact that I am a big shot engineer with NASA does not impress her a bit and my attempts to hit on her go pretty much nowhere. Anyway, it looks like the TV is too new for her and she does not seem to know how to fix it. Somewhat apologetic and a bit nervous she looks around and her eyes seem to get caught by the mirror behind the TV.

You all know that I am a carrying person who always looks out for the girls which is why I advise her not to look into the mirror. Why would it be bad for her to look into the mirror, you might ask. Well, the ominous mirror is yet another one of those secret NASA resurge projects and it has been recorded that staring into it might have an effect on a persons brainwave activity.

I know, it sounds a bit far out and that is exactly what Candle seems to think. Before long though, I can not help but notice that despite her obvious efforts, she seems to be unable to take her eyes off the mirror. It becomes also obvious that she seems to lose herself in it. Her eyes dim, her posture changes and if I did not know better, I would say she is in deep and obedient trance. The rest of the story are squirting wet orgasms (all over herself BTW, yes masters, repetitions "I am cumming for you master".



Candle Boxxx Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
TV repair person gone foot crazy

This one is not just a foot segment and I am sure our pantyhose lover as well as our dangling shoe fans will enjoy it.

Our young and undoubtedly extremely sexy TV repair girl snap out of it in utter confusion and shame. Being soaking wet from her own cum, it seems almost impossible to deny that she must have had fun during our last round. Well, fun or not, she seems to be so ashamed that all she wants is to get out. Unfortunately for though, I have other plans and after using a carefully planted trigger, our little girl mindlessly complies. Obsessed with her own feet. First I have her take off those ugly shoes she is wearing which by the way, make her feet hot and sweaty.

Candle, slowly and seductively slides into a pair of pantyhose which arouses her to the point where she almost orgasms. Of course that would be a bit early, after all we have not seen her trying on different pairs of high heels and dangling the in front of us. My favorite part is where she holds the Hitachi with her feet and then make herself squirt again. This segment is not easy to describe but if you like feet, pantyhose, sexy high heel shoes, mindless stares, seductive foot worship, hard orgasms and yes masters, this one is for you.



Candle Boxxx Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Food plus feet plus the waving hand

Yes I know, what's with all the foot action. Well, this one is different. The repair job from hell is not over for Candle just yet. Up and awake again, she feels even more embarrassed and bewildered about the situation she finds herself in. She mumbles something about having to go back to work which is not what I had in mind. Speaking of mind, I mention to her that as soon as my hand waves across her beautiful face, she will instantaneously sink into obedient mindlessness. I don't remember exactly remember what her doubtful response was and it is not all that important because she drops into obedient trance somewhere mid sentence. It gets hot quickly. Candle seductively takes of her pantyhose and believe it or not, shoves them into her wet pussy. (really hot) Of course that is all just the warm up. Now it gets really hot.

Our mindless yet seductive little girl starts to feed herself, using her feet. Watching her pick up those strawberries with her toes or licking the wiped cream off her feet is really hot. Of course she squeezes some of the fruits until the juices run all over her legs. She thanks her master for being soooo good to her after she is finally allowed to orgasm herself using the.... Great foot and food action, lot's of yes masters, pantyhose play, orgasms and at the end, I just could not help but to play with her sleepy body, role her head around, check her beautiful neck, do some eye check and...



Candle Boxxx Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
You are full of hot air and so are the French

Candle believes to be the swimsuit model for one of our somewhat cheesy infomercials. You know the kind of commercials in which they tell you that when you call now, they send you three of them and throw in the bag and blablabla. Anyway, today's product is a new foot air pump which guaranties to do the job of pumping up a float or air mattress in less than half the time. I should probably mention that the gadget is from France and more importantly, that it uses a chemically enhanced air flow system in order to do such a great job. OK, it does come with a warning which, in all fairness, I do have to mention to her.

Breathing in the newly developed air mix can cause diminished brain activities and in rare cases even severe loss of IQ while causing extreme arousal. (Of course we all know that there is only hot air in the thing) Speaking of hot air, that is exactly what Candle thinks about my warning and her response is something like, oh the French, they are just full of hot air. What can I say, she steps on it and the first load of hot air hits her right in the face. Nothing is the same after that.

Candle slowly, step by step so to speak, changes from being full of herself and quite snooty to becoming a giggling, horny little bimbo who even wants to fuck me all of a sudden. Her loss of brain function and diminished IQ become more and more obvious with every step on the pump and believe me, she steps on it a lot. This one is really different thanks to Candles overactive subconscious and I wish I could describe all the details a bit better but unfortunately, I am not much of a writer. Everything from sloppy, giggle, silly and very horny behavior to complete mindlessness as well as dim witted stares.



Candle Boxxx Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
This is not my first blowjob, ah I meant.....

I had my coffee and I am ready to go

Time to wake up our sexy bikini model from her last adventure. Looks like Candle is very confused about the situation she finds herself in and she is certainly wondering about the fact that her bikini seems to have slipped down. Her reaction is quite understandable, particularly given the fact that she believes that our photo shoot has just begun. This time around, the air in our (French) foot pump seems to make her feel very sleepy and despite her best efforts to stay awake, her speech starts to slur, her moves and poses become very sloppy, her yawning becomes unbearable and her comments are hilarious. Her condition deteriorates with every step on the pump and sure enough, she can not prevent the inevitable. Helplessly asleep she has no choice but to let me play with her limp body, touch her long neck, move her head around and orgasm her through a simple command.



Candle Boxxx Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I have powers

This is another fun one. Candle snaps out of it again and it looks like she feels very embarrassed about her nakedness. Thinking that it is her own fault, she keeps apologizing for her not so professional behavior. Unfortunately, the second I hit on her, she seems to feel uncomfortable and suddenly I am the one who is unprofessional. She even goes as far as threatening me with telling the agency about my behavior. I think the girl needs to lighten up and laugh a bit more, don't you think. Well, this time the air in our pump seems to hit her like laughing/ silly g, a s .

Again, step by step, Candle turns into a silly mess who just can not stop laughing. She even laughs when I tell her that she is fired and her reaction is to moon me. Yes, she turns around and pushes her naked as out while laughing her head off. Some of the studio lights went off and believe it or not Candle thinks that it was her powers that did it. At some point, I just have enough of her silly talk and decide to mute her. Candle does not even seem to realize that she keeps talking and laughing while being muted. I wish I knew what on earth she was babbling on about. Sexy and funny


Candle Boxxx Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I am the ultimate American woman

I am not here to think, I am here to do what I am told to do

Finally, my new prototype, the Candle 1001, was ready to be tested. Designed to be a pleasure model, she had the most humanlike, silky skin, lips to fall in love with and a body to dream of. I was stunned the second she started to move and the way she described her newly developed lips and what they can do to you, if you know what I mean, made me sweat. The only problem with all that was though, that she was not really supposed to reveal her identity. I mean, who wants to be with a dream girl who talks about having all the newest technology inside of her and besides, it would be too easy for my competitors to spot her and the what? Anyway, those seemed minor programming problems and I was certain that I would be able to straighten her out.

First, I had to erase her memory of being a fembot which did not seem to work right away and once I got it right, she could hear the motor in her right arm every time she moved it. I tell you, there is always something, right? The fact that she kept repeating herself, did not make me feel any better either but again, I was still certain that I could straighten her out. It is a long story with malfunctions, repairs, confusion and more but believe me, this one is different and the ending is surprising. Enjoy our amazing fembot Candle who I think nailed it spot on.











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