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Carissa Montgomery Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Bottomless depth  

Carissa Montgomery, curvy blond with an insatiable appétit for sexual pleasures, was another new arrival at this year's fetish convention in Tampa Fl and  I have to say, I was (we all are) lucky that I got to her first. Carissa had decided to fly in a couple days earlier so that she could come in for a fulfilled and definitely hot session. Needless to say, when I saw her pictures (check out those beautiful big breasts) I just had to invite her. Well as it turned out, Carissa is a naturally horny young girl who loves to be entranced and rigorously controlled by someone who makes her feel weak and helpless. Looks like she came to the right person. Get ready for another rollercoaster ride of hot passion and intense female training as our little girl lets it go. 

Slow yet intense induction, swinging watch, tests at the end and more...   

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Carissa Montgomery Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Stop thinking  

Carissa's eyes open at the snap of my fingers and it is obvious that she drops deeper again as her eyes show confusion. She is made to feel helplessly stroked between her legs and slowly driven up the wall for lust. The feeling of having no control over any of this turns her on and I use the momentum to drive her mind (brain) even more into flight. What better way than to make your subject feel out of control than letting her feel and experience a "marathon" orgasm. Carissa's body quivers and shakes under the ongoing orgasm until she screams, I want to be your good little girl master, I have no control. Her body seems exhausted which is always a good time for more deepening. Her big eyes are staring into the laser light and it shows how she drops yet again. Her repetitions of, make me your mindless slave master, become slower and slower. Now she is at that point where all she wants to do is to please me. Placed on her knees, her hands go between her legs without her having any control over it. Carissa goes nuts and now she wants to make herself cum for me to show her surrender. I decide to drop her deeper with every snap of my fingers. Very intense start with great close ups of her breasts.



Carissa Montgomery Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip

The begging begins   

 Carissa is standing in front of me with her arms stretched out in front while slowly repeating, make me your mindless slave master, while she is dropping further under my control (mantra) Her curvy body wobbles a bit and I can feel she is exactly where I want her to be. I keep her deep while I am changing the battery for my camera. Carissa has obviously no clue as to what is going on. Now it is time to drive her to sexual heights again. Ordered to pinch an caress her nipples for me, Carissa gets another lesson in "having no control and or choice" over any of this. Her masturbation becomes more intense as her body goes into lustful convulsions again. I keep her close to orgasm without allowing her to cum which drives her not only nuts but also into complete willingness to comply with my suggestions. Now the begging begins. I can feel that she almost cannot take any longer and that she wants me to touch her with the light shaker which would allow her to orgasm. Imagine what happens when she is finally... Yes masters, intense stares.



Carissa Montgomery Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip

I am your mindlessly entranced slave 


This one is loaded with all kinds of intense action as well and I think listing the highlights will give you a good idea of what is going on.   

Sleep walker/zombie pose while slowly repeating mantras. Crawling and begging, orgasms on command, very intense breath controlled orgasm training, masturbation while in the spread eagle position, unconditional surrender while trained to perfection, stares and yes masters galore.  

Lowly repeated mantras include, I am your mindlessly entranced slave master, I am sinking into deeper and deeper trance for you master and, there is no life without you master.

Close ups of wet pussy, her cherry ass, feet and eyes.  

Very intense segment showing our little girl going nuts while being put under total control.



Carissa Montgomery Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I have no more thoughts, no more mind  


Carissa's  beautiful body seems exhausted but I am still not done with her. After making her cum again without any warning and or foreplay, I decide to take her into a very deep state of trance. Her eyes close, her body wobbles and she sinks into the abyss. I slowly perform some eye checks, raise and then freeze her arms and hands into different positions while the camera is slowly panning over her breasts down to her pussy, legs and feet. I have her slowly open her eyes again and wave my hand in front of her face, just to make sure that there is nobody home. After posing her like a mannequin, it is now time to order her to masturbate for my while her mind is sapped out by the light I am holding up. She keeps repeating, I have no thoughts, no mind master. Finally, she is orgasmed on my command and then (very) slowly send to sleep as she loses all strength and energy in her body. After she drops, I decide to not only do some eye checks but to also make her orgasm one more time while I am holding her eyes open.



Carissa Montgomery Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip

Let me mesmerize that nonsense out of you Sir      

Carissa, who believes to be a hypno-therapist, does not seem to understand the problems I am having with my wife who wants sex maybe three to four times a week ONLY. Besides my request to teach me how to entrance people so that I can, let's say,  change my wife's sex drive, to my liking,  does not go over too well either. What really sets her off though, is the fact that I am hitting on her. To make a long story short, she wants to entrance me, so that I get rid of my urges. Not a good idea honey but give it a try anyways. Sure enough, she holds up the crystal while her soothing voice is supposed to take me under. Carissa, our sexy therapist, drops into the abyss and now she just stands there while staring into nothingness. Her obedience training includes zombie pose and slow walk while slowly repeating, I am you hypnotized bimbo, intense vibrator stimulation on her clit without being allowed to orgasm, learning how to beg for it,  stripping, yes masters and... Towards the end, she has to put herself out by placing her hand over her mouth and nose until her eyes roll and she goes down.



Carissa Montgomery Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip

What if somebody sees me like this     

Let's have a bit more fun with our stuck up therapist. She seems a bit confused when she first wakes up and naturally, she gets dressed right away. I give her some time before I come back in I make her believe that I just went to the restroom and that I have no idea what might have happened. Luckily though, she is (almost) properly dressed by the time I come back. Anyway, we talk about the therapy again and it looks like she is still confident that I will work. Here we go again, the crystal goes up, her voice becomes silky and soft and she does it to herself again. Dim and entranced she just stands there waiting to be programmed. This time I decide to freeze her and then mess with her clothing before letting her become aware of her predicament. Poor thing has no idea why she cannot move and the fact that her big breasts are out, does not seem to make her happy either. Of course she wants me to cover her up but that seems more difficult than it seems. More bitching while the light saver runs up and down her body and a very unexpected orgasms, finally leads her to believe that I am in charge here. When the bitching gets too much, I use the hand trick to render her mindless and nicely quiet.   

 I  want you to look at my breasts and sli...  

Our sexy yet still stuck up therapist is now made to believe that it is very professional to take off her blouse and to hypnotize her clients with her lushes breast. You guessed it, she goes down again.  After messing with her for a bit, I have her snap out of it feeling terrible sorry, embarrassed and apologetic. Carissa keeps apologizing  over and over for what she just did and how unprofessional it was. Poor thing drops back into mindless stillness as soon as my hands swipes across her eyes. Next time she snaps out of it, she finds herself frozen again with her arms out in front of her. What makes it really bad though, is the fact that I take a picture of her and then leave her. Oh no, come back here Oh please...



Carissa Montgomery Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip

Drunk, sloppy and very happy foot lust     

People kiss my feet  

Carissa is made to believe that she is a dominatrix who accidentally ended up a t foot fetish shoot during this year's fetish convention, seems quite upset and ready to jump on me for having the guts to even ask her to do a foot fetish clip for me. What made her change her mind, you might ask. Thirsty and unable to resist, she grabs the soft drink which I had placed next to her and downs it, despite my warnings. Things change almost instantaneously as she turns into a drunk, sloppy yet very horny foot lover who loves to show off her feet. She slowly takes off those sexy red boots while taking about her feet and how much it turns her on to show them to me (wrinkles, spread toes and more). Watch what happens when I show her some of those very sensitive spots under her feet. Oh no, oh no...oh yes.



Carissa Montgomery Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip

Drunk, frozen and begging foot slave    

Let's have another round of fun with our reluctant foot slave. Up again, our dominatrix seems a bit confused but other than that, ready to explode. How did this happen. Still thirsty, she grabs the drink again and sure enough, she drops into mindless dimness and with that she seductively starts to show off her feet again. Her eyes stare into nothingness while her pussy is getting wet. The slightest touch of my hand not only orgasms her but also puts her back to sleep. Let's see what she has to say when she wakes up frozen and helpless. There is too much going on in this one to describe it all. Carissa is frozen over and over, rendered mindless, orgasmed at the touch of my hands on her feet, played with and more. Of course there is a lot of foot worship, bitching, no/yes orgasms and begging going on as well. At some point she really wants to show and touch her feet but unfortunately for her...




Carissa Montgomery Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip

What the hell  

Why am I saying yes master?  

Carissa, still tough and determined to jump at my throat, gets (despite my well meant warning) dressed while bitching at me. My warning that her clothes might have some itching powder in them seems absurd but sure enough, it starts to kick in right when she call me an... Oh well, here she goes off feeling tickled and itchy all over her lushes body. The really funny part is that she keeps saying yes master without wanting to do so and or meaning to say it. I know, poor thing. Can it get worse. Try being frozen and tickled at the same time and or messed with and orgasmed at the wrong time. After all, we have to make a good little girl out of her and that sometimes takes fun yet drastic measures. Put to sleep during her last unwanted yet highly enjoyed orgasm, she...4



Carissa Montgomery Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip

When all thinking stops  

 Sometime in the near future 

Robot Carissa's personality is eliminated  master 

Carissa who believes to be in the middle of arresting me for having stolen one of the most advanced weapons, finds out the hard way that she is messing with the wrong person. Needless to say, she does not listen to my warning to better not touch the lightsaber. It comes on and she goes out. Well, maybe I should better say, her mind stops working, her will diminishes to nothing, her personality is eliminated and her thoughts are gone. Ready to be programmed, my new android awaits her orders. Time to have her strip and to expose her beautiful body for her master. While being ordered to give me a demonstration of her blowjob skills (dildo) while not allowed to orgasm herself (although excessively horny), Robot Carissa is continuously programmed and perfected. Of course we have to test some of her motor skills, like walking, spanking her own ass while bending over, saluting, masturbating and deactivating herself. Lots of robotic repetitions of orders, yes masters, stiff walk and more.



Carissa Montgomery Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Sleepy cop  

 Needless to say, our sexy cop is somewhat disturbed and ready to have her revenge, as soon as she wakes up. She even tries to use the sword but then, she suddenly drops like a rock. It seems almost like she is passing out. Wonder why that happened. Lets mess with her a bit while she is gone. Of course when she wakes up and notices that her tits are exposed, she seems upset again but unfortunately for her, she is toooooo tired to get me. Poor thing goes to sleep, despite her attempts to stay awake. How embarrassing is that? Up and upset yet again, she now freezes up and has to "endure" an orgasm, induced by the lightsaber  which somehow made it into her panties.  Shall we let her pass out one more time and then perform some eye checks and some....?



Carissa Montgomery Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Everybody has to conform

Excessively incompatible

I always thought that Mrs. Montgomery, the neighborhood associations spokes person, was really hot and I was actually happily surprised when she rang the door bell that afternoon. Well, as it turned out, her visit was not as friendly as I had hoped. In fact, she kept berating me about the color of my house and how "excessively dissimilar" it was in accordance to the allowed colors, stated in the bylaws of our association. The fact that the paint was on sale and that I personally liked the color, was not enough reason for her to let me get away with it. I was just about to get really upset when she suddenly seemed to suffer from some kind of hot flash. She was complaining about the heat right when she came in but it seemed to have gotten worse by the time our "heated" argument was just about to reach a critical point.

As it turned out, our Mrs. Montgomery, was not what she appeared to be, which means, a human. I don't know when they started hiring androids to replace humans but she sure was one. How did it all end. Well, after a series of malfunctions and "well meant" repairs, she was eventually well enough to go back to the association and to tell them to "go f..themselves. Funny ending, great malfunctions, some sound effects and some hot action.


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