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Carmen & Amanda Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


I am here to serve you master

Carmen Valentina and Amanda Bryant, two of my favorite girls in one hot and heavy session. Are we all lucky or what? I don't think, I have to say a whole lot more here as I am certain that you guys remember our two beauties from their prior sessions. Both girls are bi-sexual, constantly horny and, after a bit of training, very submissive and obedient. This update includes pretty much all of your favorites, like the rolling eyes, the entranced stares, the slow and long repetitions, the intense screaming hard orgasms and most importantly, a whole lot of sizzling girl/girl sex.

This is certainly a different clip one. I decided to let Carmen who arrived earlier, do the work for me. Of course by the time Amanda got to the studio, Carmen was already under my control and now it was up to her to take down Amanda and to render her mindless. Amanda had no chance, the light shaker goes off in her face and Carmen's soft voice takes her down almost immediately.

Mindlessly entranced and helpless, our blond beauty is now at the mercy of her new mistress. Leave it up to Carmen to sensually have her way with a mindlessly entranced yet very horny new toy. Very hot, believe me. At some point, I decide to render Carmen just as mindless and obedient. Now it is time to watch our two new lovers fondle each other's pussies and to show me who is the better slave by Cuming first. Mindless masturbation, yes master, repetitions like, I am here to serve you master, mindless stares, screaming hard orgasms and so much more.

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Carmen & Amanda Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I missed your control master
There is only one master, you are my master
Please her and make her your masters willing slave

The girls are shivering and shaking as they are standing in front of me and now it is time to take them deeper again. The slow and monotone repetition of, there is only one master and you are my master, makes them drift deeper and deeper. Both are staring into nothingness as their eyes become more and more dim. Let's have them raise their arms in front of their bodies for more slow repetitions. A couple of unexpected orgasms on my command makes them scream, I missed your control master, as their horny young bodies quiver and shake.

Amanda is instructed to go down on her helplessly frozen new lover and I can feel that she is incredibly turned on by the fact that Carmen is helplessly frozen and with that, at her mercy. I am Cuming for you master. Lots of yes masters, mindless stares, hard orgasms, freezes and mantras.



Carmen & Amanda Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
There is only one Master and that is you

More mindless stares, mantras, intense finger fucking, mind-reduction, orgasms on command, crawling, close ups of the girls feet and cherry asses, kneeling and mindless masturbation. The above mentioned are just a few high lights which don't even begin to describe the intensity of this segment. First we have the girls fingering each other's pussies while repeating, there is only one master and that is you, over and over. That is of course just the warm up. After being allowed to make each other cum hard for their master, it is now time to take our two lovebirds into an even deeper trance.

There is something hot about a girl staring at a light while losing her mind, now imagine two girls at the same time dropping deeper under your spell while staring off into nothingness. Amanda is placed on all four and mercilessly finger fucked to orgasm by Carmen, who more than willing to break her will, thus making her a better slave for me. Of course Amanda needs to be given a chance to take care of Carmen as well. Very intense and it shows how much the girls like to please and obey. Yes masters, mantras like, thank you for having me back master and I am cuming for you master and so much more girl/girl sex.



Carmen & Amanda Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Relinquish your mind and will

I am deeply hypnotized for you master
I am your hypnotized slave master

Both of our girls are placed on their backs and ordered to masturbate/ finger the other girls wet pussy. Their wide open eyes are clued to the watch in my hand. The over and over repetition of, I am your mindless empty slave master, seems to drive them up the wall for lust but I decide to let them wait for a while before they are allowed to climax each other. When I ask them you the better slave is, both scream almost at the same time, I am master. Bent over the couch with their beautiful asses pushed out at me, our girls have another chance to proof their willingness to surrender.

Both are made to feel helplessly fucked and orgasmed on my command. I am nothing without you master. Of course we are still not done. Time to take them deeper again. With their arms stretched out in front of them, they slowly repeat, I am your deeply hypnotized slave, master. The segment ends with the girls kissing and fondling each other's silky young bodies. Sleep walker pose, mantras, bend over ass out orgasms, mindless stares and more.



Carmen & Amanda Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
She made me cum for you master

You own me for as long as you want me to master

Our entranced yet very horny beauties cannot seem to get enough of each other. The kissing and fondling becomes more intense and all of a sudden Carmen takes control and goes down on Amanda. It does not take her long to get her new friend to cum on her face. Amanda's body is quivering and shaking and I can feel that she wants to go down on Carmen. Watching the two please each other for me is very sensual and intense and hearing them scream, she made me cum for you master, makes it even hotter. Looks like it is time for the final take over.

The girls are placed on the couch and ordered to masturbate themselves into oblivion. Their repetitions (mantra) of, you own me for as long as you want master, become more and more intense. Show me you the better slave is. Very intense and definitely not for the weak. Eye checks and more...



Carmen & Amanda Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Relax and be mine

With rolling eyes into the abyss

Amanda who believes to be my wife, is getting her first massage. Needless to say, she is a bit nervous and shy, after all, she has never met her new massage therapist. In fact, the only reason she agreed to the massage was because of her husband, who thought it would help her to relax. Of course at this point, she has no idea how relaxed and helpless she would end up, after all, how could she have known that her massage therapist would put her under as soon as she was laying down.

Carmen pulls out the watch and before you know it, her victim is helplessly entranced. Now it gets hot. Carmen, who turns out to be quite the mistress when given the chance, starts to fondle her quivering body, oil up her tits and play with her victim's feet. She even brings her to orgasm by touching certain sensitive spots under her feet and then again by shoving a vibrator into her tight pussy. Yes mistress, I am Cuming for you. Watching Carmen play with her mindlessly staring and entranced toy is very sensual and hot.

There is a funny moment in this one as well, in which Lana's little puppy tries to get comfortable on his chair way in the background. He is never more than 20 feet away from her and although not part of the segment, I decided to leave it in, instead of ruining the picture by trying to edit it out. Plenty of yes mistresses, Amanda's legendary rolling eyes and...



Carmen & Amanda Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I love making her cum for you master

I think the girls had enough fun playing by themselves. Carmen seems triumphant and proud when I mention that she did a good job taking care of my reluctant wife. Of course her triumph does not last for too long. The swift move of my hand in front of her face renders her instantaneously mindless. Amanda is taken deeper as well and programmed to take care of Carmen in the same way she was used and played with. Needless to say, Amanda's eyes roll back as soon as she hears my voice and she drifts into an even deeper trance. I did not think she had it in her but as soon as I program her to take revenge, the girl turns into a mean mistress. Now it is her turn to oil Carmen's body and to take her close to orgasm. What can I say, I just could not resist to freeze both of them for a little bit more programming.




Carmen & Amanda Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Eat this

This next one is short and sweet. Amanda cannot wait to ride Carmen's face while slowly torturing her with a vibrator. I can feel that both girls are excessively horny and Amanda cannot seem to get enough of the tongue lashing as she keeps Carmen close to orgasm. Of course the girls have to wait until they are allowed to cum. No, we are not done yet. Mindlessly entranced, the girls are standing in front of their master while slowly repeating, you are my master. All right, let's freeze them again for more programming.



Carmen & Amanda Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Attitude never pays off

Attitude never pays off, well, at least not in my house. The girls start to bitch and complain, the second I unfreeze them. Believe it or not, they are accusing me for having made them do all this crazy stuff. Of course Amanda, who still believes to be my wife, does not want Carmen (my girl friend) TO STAY FOR A THREESOME, which I think is her loss. Anyway, the bitching gets too much and the girls end up mindlessly frozen again. Much better. Time to move the around and then snap them out of it. Still unable to move, my two sweeties start to bitch again. OK, let's try the orgasm treatment. No, they are not in the mood for that either. Who cares, right. Of course they are cuming, like it or not. I think we all know that they are enjoying it anyways.

Actually, I have to admit that they have to wait for a while to orgasm. I keep pulling the vibrator away when they seem close and put it between the other girls legs until the bitching goes away and they actually want me to make them cum. Amazing what lust can do to a horny girl. Finally the "waving hand" renders them mindless and quiet again. Now it is time for the girls to mindlessly masturbate each other's pussies while repeating, I am your mindless slave master. Carmen is put to sleep right before she has a chance to orgasm which does not stop her mindlessly entranced little friend to make her climax in her sleep. Very hot ending.



Carmen & Amanda Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
This is messed up

You will feel tickled soon. Why would that happen to us. Oops. You will go blank and mindless soon. No way, that is messed up. Oops

This next segment shows my two, still bitchy girls, feeling tickled out of their wits, being frozen when most uncomfortable, rendered blank and mindless when least expected, orgasmed when not "in the mood "and....

Of course it gets even hotter towards the end when both girls are driven nuts for lust and then frozen again until I return. Amanda's hand is frozen in Carmen's pussy while she herself is holding a thrusting vibrator between her legs. Needless to say, both are staring into who the hell knows where.



Carmen & Amanda Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I always wanted you Mistress

Entranced and used on her wedding day

Amanda, who believes that today is her wedding day, has no clue as to why Carmen, her future husbands very jealous EX- girl friend, who has given her grief in the past, wants to all of a sudden apologize for what she had done. Our sweet and unsuspecting young bride does not even know what hit her and by the time she realizes that she has been tricked to gaze into the mirror, it is already too late. Needless to say, Carmen takes advantage of her helpless little love slave and it is quite obvious that she is intensely turned on by the fact that her victim's body is helplessly immobilized as her big open eyes stare into nothingness. Watching Carmen fondle, strip, lick and suck Amanda's weak and helpless body is seriously Hot and sizzling. Both girls are frozen at the end and programmed.



Carmen & Amanda Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
We are humans

I am your owned property master

After a brief deepening, our two love birds snap out of it and believe it or not, now they are bitching at me for having the frozen and so on. (see clip eleven) Anyway, my comment abbot a threesome does not go over too well and my thoughts on turning them into a couple of obedient robots, don't seem to help to ease the situation. Looks like they don't leave me a choice. A sound trigger sets off their instantaneous transformation into a couple of stiff fembots who are now open for programming. Fembot Amanda is ordered to bring fembot Carmen to orgasm on my command, which by the way is even more exciting to watch thanks to the position Carmen is placed into. Watch and you will know what I mean. After the standing at attention routine, the stiff legged walk, the salutations and the robotic repetitions, robot Carmen is then programmed to orgasm robot Amanda and the deactivate her, so she can be used at a later time. Of course Carmen has to deactivate herself as well, after all, robots do what their master tells them to do.


Carmen & Amanda Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
The Wedding day nightmare continues

This next segment shows our bitchy love birds being turn into mindless foot lovers who cannot seem to get enough of the other girls feet. There is a whole lot of mindless foot worship, licking, sucking, kissing and orgasms on command going on. Let's not forget Amanda's intensely ROLLING EYES and Carmen's mindless stares. At some point the girls are ordered to strip, kneel and crawl until I decide to freeze them so that we can get few great close ups of their sexy little asses and feet at the same time. Of course at some point the girls are made aware of the fact that I am taking a closer look at their feet and asses while they are helplessly frozen.


Carmen & Amanda Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Are women really from Venus

The girls believe that they are invited guest on a new TV show. The reason why they are invited is the fact that they both claim to be done with the whole dating scene, meaning they are not interested in meeting guys. Of course, according to their own testimony, that all does Not mean that they are interested in women. In fact that would be disgusting. Anyway, we keep talking about how horrible the dating scene is and that men seem to really be from Mars and that the girls are perfectly fine with "making themselves happy," I am sure you all know what they mean by that. Sure enough though, the second I snap my fingers, the girls seem to have the insurmountable urge to finger, fondle, kiss and hold each other. What can I say, I guess there was something missing in their lives. First they are not aware of what they are doing right there in front of me and the audience.

Let's see what happens when I let them become aware of their own behavior. OH GOD, now they blame each other for having started this whole being on top of each other. Still, they don't seem to have changed their attitude which means, we have to do it again. This time it gets even hotter as Carmen starts to go down on Amanda. Why do they end up frozen while trying to make each other happy. (Carmen is actually frozen with her tongue out right in front of Amanda's tight pussy.


Carmen & Amanda Clip Fifteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Masturbation is a private affair

Everything from rolling eyes, mindless stares, unaware masturbation, freezes, sleepy orgasms and lot of fun

The girls believe to still be on the show and as they insist that their lives are fine and that there is nothing missing, they seem to overlook the fact that they are naked. Now if that was not bad enough, they also start to masturbate while telling us that they would never do something like that in public. Let's freeze them for some programming. What do you know, now they start to masturbate each other's pussies. It get even hotter when I mention the hypnotist who was on the show last week. The guy was actually able to make a couple of girls kiss and orgasm each other on his count of three. No, that would never work on them. Oops, here we go. More freezes, sleepy orgasms, rolling/mindlessly staring eyes and more is still to come.


Carmen & Amanda Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I am only water resistant

Access granted, Carmen unit will comply, opening rear access panel

This week's robot segment is about two beautiful girls who just came back from a fulfilled day at the beach. Amanda, a beautiful 800 series prototype manages to talk her friend, a slightly older 700 series fembot, into taking a hot shower with her. Yes, Carmen protests and she certainly tries her best not to go into the shower with her but, unfortunately for her, Amanda knows how to push her buttons. Of course that was not a good idea, as we all know, the 700 series is only water resistant and not water proof, like our newer model the 800 series.

I think that all this could gone well and without any problems but then there was the dumb ass boyfriend who got Carmen's remote confused with the TV remote and that is when it all started to go south. All of a sudden, Carmen opens her rear panel in the middle of the hot and steamy shower scene. What can I say. All hell broke loose. Needless to say that Amanda's (not so smart) boyfriend saw his chance to mess with both of them so that his lifelong dream of having a threesome with two beautiful girls would finally become true. Did he get to watch them having sex and getting each other off. Was his dream finally fulfilled and most importantly, does he still have a girlfriend?


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