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Carmen & Grace Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


I will be submissive master

Carmen and Grace, two sexy young women in training. Well, what can I say, Carmen is back and who would not love that. This time though, we get to enjoy her as my assistant so to speak, as I used her to help me train Grace, a horny and quite willing subject who was more than eager to be trained. I thought it might be best to jump right into the action without giving Grace much of a choice. Speaking of choice, Grace came in first and I decided to take her down with a rapid induction and to then make her feel willingly aroused and ready to serve before Carmen stepped into the picture to help me drive her into mindless lust and submission.

By the end of this hot induction, Grace is already repeating, I will be submissive master

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Carmen & Grace Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Break her will

Carmen, who believes to have stopped by to arrange another session, drops like a rock the second I wave my hand in front of her eyes. I am under your control master. Grace is not only rendered mindless but she also has no control over her hands and arms. Carman's attention is now directed towards the horny and helpless female next to her and I make it her job to break Graces will by driving her up the wall for lust, this making her willing to do whatever I want. Carmen starts to fondle her victims big breasts and neck before she goes down on her. Grace's big eyes are focused on the laser light in front of her eyes as I make her tits feel more sensitive and responsive to Carmen's touch. Grace mindlessly surrenders to the inevitable and orgasms on my command. Needless to say that Carmen has to cum as well before I place both of my servants into the zombie/sleepwalker position. Slow and monotone repetitions of, Please control me master, are still to come. (long mantra)



Carmen & Grace Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your helpless slave master

Now it is time for the girls to show me and to let me feel that they want to be the best trained love slaves there are. I order them to stand next to each other and then to finger each other's pussy until they bring each other to orgasm. Of course whoever comes first is the better slave. After a couple of screaming hard orgasms as well as begging to be the better slave, it is now time to intensify the training. Carmen is placed on the couch, frozen and helplessly eaten out by Grace who is made to feel Carmen's arousal, meaning, whatever she does to Carmen, she feels in her own body. Of course there is still more, like the slowly repeated mantras in the zombie/sleepwalker position, a couple more orgasms on command. " I am your obedient slave master" I am cuming for you. The girls are placed on their knees and after more slow repetitions, they are ordered to finger each other to orgasm. Stares, slow repetitions, screaming hard orgasms and surrender to my will.



Carmen & Grace Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Your next orgasm will turn you into my mindless love slave

I want you to fight it
I was born to serve you master

Grace is rendered helplessly immobilized while Carmen orgasms her from behind. I decide to let Grace slowly become aware of the fact that she is fingered and eventually orgasmed by somebody she did not know and that she had no choice but to surrender to it. I even want her to try to fight it, after all, the feeling of bitter sweet surrender becomes even more intense after trying to fight it. Watch the clip and you will know what I mean by all this. Grace is made aware that her next orgasm will send her into mindless bliss again and that the harder she tries to avoid it the harder it will hit her. Overcome by her own lust, Grace ends up mindless and dim. Time to take care of Carmen who is now slowly repeating, I was born to serve you master.

Grace is ordered to crawl in circles around her master before she is put on her back so that Carmen can place her juice pussy on her face. Carmen is taken deeper while Graces tongue mercilessly drives her to orgasm. Of course we are still not done yet. Let's watch the girls eat out each other's pussies before sending them to sleep. The above described is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg but it would take too long to describe all the slow repetitions, the begging, stares, mind reduction and, and, and...



Carmen & Grace Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Please control all of me master

I have no control over my body and mind master

All I want is to obey you

More slowly repeated mantras, orgasms on my count of three, laser induced mind reduction, stares, gentle girl / girl lovemaking and kissing, eye checks and more. The girls are placed in the sleepwalker position while slowly repeating, I have no control over my mind and body, please control all of me master. Once deeply in bliss, they are orgasmed on my count of three which makes them feel who is in control even more. Time for the "laser treatment" which takes them to even deeper levels and with that, makes the even more obedient. All they want now is to obey me. Grace is now ordered to orgasm our helplessly immobilized Carmen from behind.

I can feel that Carmen's helplessness is a real turn on for Grace as she cannot help but orgasm herself. The girls are made to feel the overwhelming desire to make love to each other and to kiss and gently fondle each other's bodies. All of a sudden, Carmen takes control and goes down on Grace. It gets even hotter when Grace is put to sleep in the middle of her orgasm. Carmen just loves playing with her sleepy and with that very helpless little friend. Her hands run up and down Grace's neck, down to her breasts and eventually between her legs.



Carmen & Grace Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your obedient slave master

Carmen is still between Grace's legs and I decide to make her become aware again of the fact that she is eaten out and eventually orgasmed by another woman. Despite her futile attempts to resist, Grace is too weak to avoid the inevitable and she has to cum all over Carmen's face which takes her back down into mindless surrender and bliss. Carmen is the slowly weakened until she fall into deep sleep herself. Now it is time for Grace to take care of her and to lick ad suck her into oblivion, meaning mindless lust. "I am your mindless slave master." Just like Carmen before, Grace gets incredibly aroused when I make her fondle Carmen's sleepy body. Of course there is still more to come. The girls are placed on their backs and ordered to masturbate each other's wet pussies while experiencing the power of the breath controlled orgasm. Oh boy, that really gets them going as they grasp for air before being orgasmed without being allowed to breath. Time for the zombie pose and a long and slowly repeated mantra. "I am your obedient slave master."



Carmen & Grace Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Did you call Frank "master"?

Grace who thinks that she is our new roommate, cannot believe that Carmen called her husband "Master" the other day but she will soon find out why. Carmen, who is programmed to not only take her down into bliss but to also train her for me, is real sneaky in this segment. First she mixes her unsuspecting victim a nice strong drink which almost immediately weakens her and then she massages her shoulders before pulling out the Laser device that will send her down. Carmen's gentle voice does the rest and Grace is gone before she knows what hits her. I know, that was another long sentence but it is a very hot scene. Now it is time for Grace to learn what a good love slave is made of.

Carmen has her way with her mindlessly horny play toy who has no control over her body. Needless to say, Graces training includes being Eaten out, finger fucked, fondled, made to beg, orgasmed at will and frozen before being able to orgasm again. Carmen who is allowed to see her master while taking care of her roommate certainly proofs in this one that she has learned a few tricks since she has been trained by me. Yes mistress, I will obey you.




Carmen & Grace Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
I found another one for us master

Carmen finally unfreezes her victim and orders her to dust the couch with her sexy little panties. Of course that is all just warm up. Carmen decides to order Grace on her knees and to bury her face in her wet pussy. I step in right before Carmen is ready to cum all over Grace's face and it is obvious that my little girl is real proud about having found and trained another slave for us. Well, she certainly did well which is why I allow her to orgasm before putting her to sleep on her back. Now Grace has her revenge as I allow her to slowly take advantage of the sleeping Carmen and to eventually finger fuck her to orgasm. Great stares, yes masters, helplessness and intense arousal.



Carmen & Grace Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Stuck in a robot body

Carmen and our new roommate Grace wake up from our last, let's call it adventure, and now it kind of dawns on them that I had just turned them into horny love slaves. Needless to say, there is some bitching going on but that ends abruptly when I freeze both of them in place. Why stop here. I take my time to slowly sap both of them (one at a time while aware) with the laser beam which gently wipes out their personality, will and thoughts and the transforms them into a couple of well programmed androids. Of course there is still some programming to do, like the deactivation of their little minds as well as the activation of their sex programs and so on.

Now they answer by saying yes master and refer to themselves as robot Carmen and robot Grace. Of course that is all just the beginning, wait until you see the spankings, salutations, orgasms on command (after I activate their orgasm program), yes masters, slow repetitions, robot walk, bend over penetration and so much more. Towards the end, I decide to make my two horny girls aware of the fact that they are stuck in a robot body for as long as I want to. What do you think happens next.. Go find out.



Carmen & Grace Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
My mind stays with me

Carmen and Grace, two quite full of themselves Superheroines, somehow believe that they can take me down and not only that, they also believe that they can wrestle me to the ground. Needless to say, I am scared, particularly after all the threats and the intimidation through those two power women. The second they storm towards me, Grace falls behind and stops in her tracks. Stiffly frozen and in mindless bliss, our little girl is just standing there. Carmen, who realizes that her friend is of not much help, seems very concerned about her and of course, she blames me for having used one of my dirty tricks. Trick or not, she still feels that she can take me down but then, she freezes up right before she can get to me. After messing with them their clothes in particular) I decide to let them become aware of their predicament and yes, the bitching begins. You should see Graces face when she feels the vibrator I wedge into her panties.

Will she orgasm? Of course she does after desperately trying to avoid it though. What makes it even better is that Carmen is made to feel the same arousal and she has no choice but to orgasm as soon as her little Superheroine friend orgasms. Of course there are lots more freezes and mindless moments coming up. At some point I decide to let them know that I am about to take their little minds but, they don't seem to believe me. My mind stays with me. Oops. Needless to say, the girls have to finger each other and end up mindlessly under my spell while repeating, I am a weak Superheroine.



Carmen & Grace Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip

In this next segment, our Superheroines are made to believe that only one of them can arrest me and who ever that is will get the reward. Believe it or not, despite my warnings, the two are getting into a fight over who gets the glory for my arrest. I love watching cat fights and this one is particularly hot. Both try to strip each other, pinch each other's tits and finger fuck each other's pussies. The fight is over when one of them gets a hold of the other girls neck. Of course she does not stop here. After her weakened opponent is down, she humiliates her by making her orgasm with a powerful vibrator. Time for me to step in and to render the winner into mindless bliss and then have her being eaten out by the looser while fully aware yet too weak to resist. Both end up in the zombie pose for more programming.



Carmen & Grace Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
I don't feel like cuming

Let's have one more round of fun with our Superheroines. Believe it or not, despite the fact that they have to agree that their attempts to take me in, weren't all that successful, they still believe that this round will go to them. What actually happens is that our tough girls are tickled out of their wits and eventually out of their clothes, frozen, rendered mindless, orgasmed and played with. Of course they go back and forth between begging for mercy and threatening me with their powers. Even towards the end when they find themselves strength less and immobilized, they still talk about their revenge. The only thing that would make me consider setting them free is if they would orgasm for me. Will they do it in return for their freedom? Eye checks


Carmen & Grace Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
That is just a cheap piece of glass

Grace, who believes to be a teacher who gets a surprise visit from one of her students on a Sunday afternoon, is certainly irritated about the disturbance. Carmen, her lazy student, tries to talk her into giving her better grades when she notices Graces sexy feet. Overcome by last, our young student decides to take her teacher down by putting her into a state of mindless bliss. Her gentle voice together with the swinging crystal in front of her teachers eyes make it impossible for her victim to stay alert. Now she can have her way with her, touch and fondle her feet and breast as well as her neck.


Carmen & Grace Clip Thirteen Part Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I tell my parents abou.....

The second part of this segment starts with me taking over both of them. Carmen tries to talk her way out of it but the waving hand takes care of her and drops her into deep trance. Now we can look at both of their feet as they gently touch each other and or are held up in the air. Of course we don't stop here. The girls are ordered to orgasm each other by using their feet in each other's pussies and then put to sleep. I decide to make them aware of what just happened and sure enough the bitching starts, but not for long. Rendered helplessly weak, the girls find out that there are many sensitive spots under their feet which, when touched by their master, can easily make them orgasm. Needless to say, both have to be rendered mindless and made to...


Carmen & Grace Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
My husband is kind of funny about that

Grace, a sexy suburban housewife, has been treated by her girlfriend to a relaxing day at a fancy spa. First on the agenda is a relaxing massage by one of the spas masseuses who notices right away that her client seems to feel very uncomfortable about being touched by her. What makes matters worse though, is that she seems absolutely paranoid and afraid when she tries to apply oil on her skin. It is almost as if she is afraid of any kind of liquid around her body.

Things get crazy almost right away when our sexy housewife all of a sudden knocks the bottle of oil out of the masseuses hands and the oily content spills all over the poor girls chest. I don't know how to describe what happens as it is too bizarre. Both women (I am using the term women loosely here) start to talk gibberish, repeat themselves, twitch and eventually malfunction. Luckily the spa manager who was alarmed by all the commotion coming from the room, is able to fix them, for a while that is. Of course the story does not end here.

There are lot's more twists and turns to the story than I can describe here. One thing is for sure though, trying to program these two androids to perform sexual activities kike going down on each other and or offer sex to our spa manager, is not the most brilliant idea the guy could have come up with.


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