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Carmen & Isabella Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Deeper and deeper at the snap of my fingers

Carmen and Isabella, two absolutely beautiful, horny and sensual bi-sexual women, had never met before which made this session even more exciting. I don't think I have to say much about Carmen here, except maybe, that she looked even more beautiful, vibrant and stunning than before (I know, it is almost not possible). I mean, who could ever forget her previous sessions, which definitely made her one of my all-time favorite girls to play with.

 Isabella, gorgeous, cute, sexy, incredibly horny young newbie on the other hand, had never been on camera which you might find hard to believe once you watch the two in action. What can I say, some girls are naturals and Isabella is definitely one of them. Sessions in which the girls have never met before can be tricky, depending on the chemistry between the two and of course how good of a subject they are. Well, I could go on and on about how they went practically nuts over each other and how deep they dropped but I am sure you will see all this once you watch some of their absolutely intense clips. Get ready for another hot one.

Isabella had never been trained before which made me decide to take her into a deep state first, before letting Carmen have her fun with her. Rapid induction, lot's of flickering and briefly rolling eyes/ lids, deepening at the snap of my fingers, eye checks, intense stares showing the depth of her state of mind. Needless to say, I prepared her for Carmen who was eagerly waiting to play with her willing toy.

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Carmen & Isabella Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I love that kind of present

Acknowledge my orders by saying, yes master.

Needless to say, Carmen is more than aroused when she sees her new and very helpless toy for the first time. Isabella is trained to respond to Carmen's voice as well as her touch as she is now just standing there with her big eyes staring into nothingness. Carmen waves her hand in front of her eyes to make sure she is gone. Of course she does not stop here. It gets hot quickly when Carmen starts to very slowly fondle Isabella's beautiful young body and then strips her naked. Isabella starts to moan under her hands. Carmen decides to take her little friend even deeper with every snap of her fingers.

The little girl drops with her unblinking eyes wide open. Her eyes start to tear from being open for that long but she does not notice any of this. Isabella's beautiful young body quivers and shakes and slowly goes into convulsions when she feels Carmen's tongue between her legs. I decide to make her feel even more helpless and used which seems to turn her on. Suddenly Isabella's arms feel pulled behind her back and she is made to feel tied up. Now it is time to have Carmen orgasm her for me. Watching Isabella's beautiful natural tits bounce all over her chest when she is orgasmed, can only be described as seriously hot.



Carmen & Isabella Clip Three  
Feel how your slave is making you cum

There is only one master

Now the girls are getting deeper and deeper into and all inhibitions are going away

After the girls make out (very hot) Carmen orders Isabella, who is still under her control, to go down on her. What happens next is really intense. Isabella, still mindlessly entranced, cannot seem to get enough of Carmen's wet pussy and body. Her tongue runs all over her mistresses body and she slowly drives her up the wall. Time to take Carmen down into a submissive state as well. Her big eyes are clued to the light on her forehead while her body quivers and shakes under Isabella's tongue. Carmen is more than willing to let go of her (very distracted) mind. I make her realize how she is orgasmed by her slave while she sinks deeper and deeper. Time for some obedience training.

Both girls are standing in front of me and they are ordered to masturbate each other's wet pussy to orgasm on my command. Their sexy young bodies quiver and shake and I decide to take them deeper. With their arms stretched out in front, both are slowly repeating, there is only one master. The girls are just staring ahead into lala land when I wave my hand in front of their eyes. Now it is time to pose my helplessly entranced little girls as they are completely absent. It gets really hot though when I snap them out of it. Both are excessively horny yet unable to cum and frozen stiff which seems to drive them nuts. Carmen even seems to think that this is evil. Not for long though. Lots of yes masters, mantras, girl/girl action and pussy eating, kissing, zombie pose, mantra, mindless stares with tearing eyes and so much more.



Carmen & Isabella Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
He is mine

I follow and I obey you master

This next segment shows everything from intense orgasms while frozen, the most intense mindless stares, cat fights in which the girls put each other out by placing their hands over each other's mouth and nose, mind reduction while being eaten out, mantras, waving hand mind reduction, screaming hard wet orgasms and so much more.

The girls are still frozen and kept very close to orgasm from the last segment. I keep driving them up the wall but still, they have to wait until I count to three. Both are allowed to cum while their bodies unfreeze. Time to send them back into mindless bliss. After a brief deepening, the girls snap out of it again and now they believe that they have to fight over me. Only the winner can have me. Wow, the two beauties are going nuts. Both are screaming, he is mine, while trying to put each other to sleep. Carmen eventually wins when she firmly places her hand over Isabella's mouth and nose. It gets even hotter. Carmen seems immensely attracted to her helpless little friend and she starts to seductively fondle her helpless victim. Isabella is so deep and so intensely aroused that she does not notice when I perform some eye checks while Carmen is eating her out. Now it is time to make our sleepy little girl aware of what is happening. Unable to move and helpless, Isabella goes nut under Carmen's tongue between her legs. Her eyes are focused on my finger on her forehead as she sinks. She becomes aware that this is the first time she feels a women's tongue between her legs.

First she wants her to stop but that is her conscious mind talking. I can feel how she gets deeper and deeper into it and before long, there is now way for her to resist and to fight her own feelings of lust. Really intense yes/no orgasm. As it turns out, Isabella loves the feeling of being helplessly controlled. Of course we are not done yet. Carmen who is in a state of mindless obedience is placed on all four and now it is time for Isabella to finger fuck the hell out of her. Carmen's intense unblinking stares are impossible to describe. Her body goes into lustful convulsions. Isabella keeps her close to orgasm until I order her to put her little friend to sleep by placing...

Too intense to describe it all.



Carmen & Isabella Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I am his favorite slave

Want more cat fights, mindlessly dim stares, mantras, breath controlled orgasm training, lesbian love making while being controlled, sleep walker pose, masturbation (each other) while kneeling, yes masters, unblinking stares and so much more?

Well, here it goes. Isabella had put Carmen to, let's call it rest, in the last segment, and now she has her way with her. Time for her to be send into mindless bliss herself, at the snap of my fingers. Her repetitions of, I am your mindless slave master, become slower and slower. Next comes the part where the girls have no other desire than to make passionate love while being watched. Of course that is all just warm up. After a brief deepening, the girls now believe that only one of them can be my favorite slave and that they have to fight over it.

Again, my two lovebirds go nuts trying to put each other under. Both are screaming, I am his favorite slave while fighting. Isabella somehow gets the upper hand and Carmen goes out. What comes next is really hot. After fondling her victim, Isabella rides herself to orgasm on Carmen's body. I am cumming for you master. Time to put her to sleep as well. After more deepening, the girls are placed on their knees and ordered to masturbate each other's pussy while repeating, I am your mindlessly entranced slave master. Looks like another long clip description and I have not even mentioned the intense breath-controlled orgasm training that drives them over the edge or the mantras while in the sleep walker position and the...



Carmen & Isabella Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Do you know Frank

Carmen, a beautiful yet very jealous wife, has found out that her husband (guess who that might be) has an affair with, what she calls, a young little slut. Finally she has a chance to meet her when comes into her massage parlor for a nice backrub. What a coincidence. Anyway, Carmen uses the weakening effect of her powerful massage lotions in combination with her soft voice to put her unsuspecting victim into a state of obedient oblivion. Poor Isabella has no chance and she drops before she knows what hits her. Now Carmen takes care of the little slut by turning her into her, yes mistress saying, little slave. Carmen takes her time to fondle her slave body, inspect and play with her feet, arouse her without letting her cum, order her to masturbate while eating out her mistresses pussy. Needless to say, the little slut gets a severe spanking which teaches her not to mess with Frank. Carmen is quite the mistress which makes this another very sensual and very hot clip.



Carmen & Isabella Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Sweet revenge

Carmen just came all over Isabella's face and I decide to step in and to play with both of them. Carmen seems surprised to see her husband (who cheats on her) and I can feel she is getting ready to bitch at me but, the waving hand, renders her mindless in mid sentence. Now that both of my toys are entranced, I decide to order Isabella to masturbate Carmen and herself to orgasm at the same time. (Really hot scene BTW). Of course that is all just warm up. Let's see what happens when Isabella snaps out of it, remembering what Carmen just did to her. I was actually surprised to see how bossy and tough Isabella can be.

Wow, that girl really has a dominant side and she sure takes it out on Carmen. You are my mistress. I decide to let her have some fun finger fucking and teasing as well as commanding Carmen, who is not allowed to orgasm, to do whatever she wants. Just when Isabella seems to reach another climax while sitting on Carmen's face, the waving hand takes her down into obedient mindlessness. As I always say, two slaves are better than one. Time for my wife (Carmen) to learn that wives are supposed to go down on their husbands girlfriends, when ordered to do so. After both girls put themselves to sleep by placing their hands over their mouth and...



Carmen & Isabella Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
For your eyes only master

Carmen slowly wakes up and it is obvious that she has no idea where she is. Isabella uses her weakness and the inability to move fast to slowly take her down by using the "swinging watch" Turns out Carmen has been brought to my harem and she is now slowly programmed into becoming an obedient foot slave. Isabella takes her sweet time to teach her latest victim how to show off her feet and what to do with them, in order to arouse her master. Isabella's feet gently run down Carmen's legs and then she starts caressing Carmen's sexy little feet with hers. It is really hot to watch Isabella order Carmen to wiggle her feet, spread her toes, show of the little wrinkles and so on. Of course at some point, Carmen is starting to feel the arousal that come with pleasing her master with her feet. Just imagining that I might be watching turn both of them on.

In the second part of this segment, Isabella is rendered mindless as well and now both of my slaves are learning how intensely arousing it can be to please their master with their little feet. First we have the girls masturbate while showing of every inch of their feet. Let's see what they think when their awareness slowly comes back. Carmen still does not seem to know where she is but she is made to feel too weak to move much. Time to show them those sensitive spots on the bottom of their feet, which will make them orgasm, like it or not. Both keep repeating, I am you foot slave master. Too much going on to list it all but believe me, this is one hot foot segment with lots of entrancement, power play and, and.. The girls end up "blank" minded while on all four so that...




Carmen & Isabella Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Trained to obey

The girls harems experience is not quite over yet. This time they wake up fully aware of what is going on. The fact that I was playing with them not only seems confusing but also a bit aggravating. Well at first maybe but wait until you see the end of the clip. Anyway, I think that they need to learn to laugh more in life, don't you think? Enjoy the girls being (made to feel) tickled all over their sexy young bodies, frozen, orgasmed on my count of three (without really wanting to) and how they finally surrender and promise to be good little girls. Of course they are put to sleep here and there while I am taking a closer look at their feet and asses. There is a lot of screaming, begging and pleading going on all the way to the happy ending. Fun and exciting.


Carmen & Isabella Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Robo Strippers

Sorry but you give me no other choice

The girls are made to believe that they are strippers who really, really do not like each other. In fact it gets so bad that both of them end up in the manager's office to complain about each other. The two keep bitching and accusing each other until I finally heard enough. Really funny to listen to though. Both seem hell bend to make their point but to me, it all sounds like they need an attitude adjustment as well as some reprogramming.

 Needless to say, they do not agree with me. In fact now they are getting fresh with me. Well, what can I say, the two angry girls, are no match for the brainwave converter (frequency device). Both snap at attention and are ready to be programmed to please their new master and owner. Watch their brains being washed and programmed which makes them learn to lovingly fondle, kiss and eventually orgasm each other. Salutations, plenty of yes masters, stiff robo walk. finger fucking, repetition of orders and a very hot nipple deactivation.



Carmen & Isabella Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I show you little slut

Our sexy strippers slowly wake up and believe it or not, now they accuse each other for waking up naked on the floor. You did it to me, blablabla. Still there is no chance (despite my best efforts) that the two could ever become friends. I mention that h-nosis might help and that I have a feeling that they might be quite easy to be put under, which really seems to make them even more upset. Well, after looking into my eyes for a bit, both freeze up like statues. It does not make them become friends but it sure makes them jell at me. Looks like some "brain washing" is in order. I put both of them (one at a time so the other one has something to look forward to) into mindless trance. Now it gets really hot. Isabella is intensely attracted to the still frozen Carmen who slowly becomes aware of the fact that she is helplessly fingered to orgasm.

 Carmen tries not to cum at first but Isabella sure know how to make a girl feel good. I guess we have to be fair and give Carmen a chance to have her revenge. Now it is her turn to get back at the little slut who just (triumphantly) brought her to orgasm. By now, Isabella is helplessly under and she has no choice than to obey Carmen. Watch the spanking she gets before she is frozen and orgasmed. There are more freezes to come and of course a surprise ending.



Carmen & Isabella Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Stop making me cum bitch

Our sexy young strippers still do not like each other a bit and this time I decide to make them fight over who is going to stay and who has to leave the club and with that, can no longer be around me. The challenge is to not only fight the other girl but to also make her orgasm, like it or not. Needless to say, my two bitchy subs go at it until one of them squirms and moans under the others forceful touch. Of course, we cannot leave it at that. Still upset and ready to fight over me, the two go at it again and this time, one of them is being to sleep by the winner. Really hot and not just a cat fight.


Carmen & Isabella Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Suck it baby

For this last segment I decided to have the girls fight it out in a different way. Needless to say, they still hate each other which gives me no other choice than to let one of them go. Of course nobody wants to go home which means they have to fight it out again. This time they have to show me who gives better head while making herself cum as well. What comes next is very hot. The girls go nuts and it really looks like they cannot get the dildo's deep enough into their throats .

Both are determined to win and there is seriously no way to say who does it better and or more sensual as well as seductive. Really unbelievable. Unfortunately for them though, they suddenly freeze up and become aware of what they were just doing. Needless to say, they seem upset yet still horny. Maybe it is better to render them mindless again and to enjoy watching them orgasm. What can I say though, the poor girls go (slowly) to sleep while trying to bring themselves to orgasm one last time. At least they are friends again.



Carmen & Isabella Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
The Switch

I had a feeling that something was not quite right when she called me that day to sell her husband's old 3000 series homemaker-bot but what happened when I showed up at her house to take a closer look at what she wanted to sell me, stunned even me. Turned out that the lady of the house was not what she pretended to be and her 3000 series fembot was infect a brand new 6000 series pleasure bot. I know it sounds confusing and it is. See, by the time I got there, her old 3000 series bot had somehow managed to change clothes with her in order to trick me into believing that... This is how it all began

Carmen is a beautiful, but outdated robot. Her owner Mark Patterson has recently married Isabella, a beautiful brunette with a bit of a jealous streak. Isabella is less than thrilled about Mark keeping Carmen around, especially after learning that she is actually a Pleasure-bot that has simply been reconfigured to function as a domestic service robot.

Isabella decides it's time to dispose of the competition, and talks Mark into trading Carmen in on a Newer robot, one that was specifically designed for housework and running errands as opposed to another Pleasure-bot. She looks through the online catalogue of a nearby robot dealership and inquires if they have a Tracy 6000 service-droid in stock. She then announces that she would like to trade in a Carmen 3000 Pleasure-bot.

She decides to take matters into her own hand and to call the robot dealership

Isabella: Yes she is fully functional………She has had several major upgrades, including expanded memory, the latest human emulation software. Yes she is fully functional, however her sexual programming in currently disabled.


Because Mr. Douglas is a married man now, and as his wife I don't want that little windup slut flirting with my Mark. If you ask me the whole robot sex thing is kind of gross. OK if that's what it takes to get her out of here, I'll reset her System preferences to their default settings. She has a few glitches, I think her new operating system uses too much memory, does that effect the value much. …….Really I didn't think about that, I guess spare parts for older models would be hard to find, take whatever you need just be sure to haul her off before my husband gets home, he'd lose it if he found out his beloved Carmen had been dismantled for parts.

Carmen is eaves-dropping in the next room and is horrified to learn that not only is she being sold, but that she may even be dismantled for her parts. When Isabella calls her over she tries to resist, but Mark has programmed her to obey Isabella's commands. Isabella: Carmen Can you do me a favor and come in here

Carmen: Affirmative

Isabella: Carmen I have good news, you're going to be getting a new owner, It's much too crowded here with the three of us don't you think?

Carmen: but, I don't take up much space…..If I'm in the way, I can easily be stored in a closet……I like it here

Isabella: You like it here? What would you know about "like?"……Your just a machine silly….Can you do me a favor and take off your uniform we need to get you ready

Carmen: Affirmative……Where's Mark? I need to talk to Mark……He would not want me to leave…he bought me…….I am programmed to serve him……………If I leave how will I serve him?

Isabella: Don't worry silly, you're going to be
reprogrammed….if you're lucky (mumbles under her breath)

Carmen: but, I don't want to be reprogrammed

Somehow, Isabella manages to open Carmen's rear access panel and sure enough, she rips out some of the wiring, which does more damage than she anticipated. Carmen seems to remember some of her old programming and tries to pleasure her new owner (so she believes)

After Isabella has called me, I decided to go and
check out the "old 3000" series, she was trying to sell me. What I found when I got there was pretty much a mess but a mess very well worth checking out.

Suggested and written by one of our viewers. Great dialog, robot speech and moves, hot and sexy.


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