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Carmen Valentina Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


The job interview

Carmen Valentina, curvy, incredibly sexy and beautiful young temptress has been trained a number of times and I am sure you guys remember her from those hot solo as well as those very intense girl/girl sessions of hers. Needless to say, Carmen looked even more stunning and "playing" with her is always exciting and fun. The nice thing about a girl who is as well trained as her is the fact that they still respond to the triggers from the prior sessions which makes controlling them not only easier but it also opens up new possibilities. Carmen for example goes out whenever she sees my hand waving (her down) and that is only one example. Anyway, enough said, go ahead and enjoy another hot one.

Carmen, who seems to believe that she is at a job interview (wonder what or better, who made her believe that) is in for a surprise when she starts messing with one of my "toys" while waiting to be interviewed. Needless to say, she entrances herself and the fun begins. First off we have to remind her how wonderful her last experience was and how good it feels to be back under "my care." Lots of limp body manipulation, eye checks, forced masturbation and almost orgasm, sleepy orgasm, sensual neck play all the way to me taking off her shoes and....


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Carmen Valentina Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I am here to be played with

I am here to serve you master

Thank you master

Please master let me cum for you

Needless to say, Carmen is ready for her intensifies obedience training. Here we get to enjoy her being orgasmed at will after having to wait as well as beg for it, plenty of yes masters, slowly repeated mantras while in the sleepwalker position, intensified orgasm training while being made to feel tied up and more. Carmen learns and feels that she has no control over her quivering horny little body and that her mind is.... I am sure you know what I mean.

Of course there is also plenty of limp body manipulation, sleep trigger planting and so on going on. I should mention that I do take my time to take off her shoes so that we all get a closer look at her pretty little feet as well. Carmen is trained to go out whenever she feels my hand on her throat and or when I wave my hand




Carmen Valentina Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your good little girl master

I am a female, I need to be trained master

Thank you for being so good to me master

This next one starts off and also ends with sleep trigger programming and we get to enjoy watching her go out several times after slowly waking up (sleep at snap of my fingers and or when I wave my hand) Needless to say, I take my time to move her limp body including her soft neck, perform eye checks and spend time inspecting and playing with her feet.

Of course that is all just warm up. Here are some more highlights. Crawling in circles while slowly repeating mantras, sleepwalker pose, intense masturbation while kneeling and or being bend over the couch for better views of her cherry ass. Forced orgasm training while she is made to feel fucked and used from behind, plenty of yes masters and repetitions. I am cuming for you master.




Carmen Valentina Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your well trained slave master

Please I want to cum for you master

I am here to be looked at

Carmen session turns out to be intense and this next segment drives her further into an obedient bliss. Some of the highlights are, foot slave training (while on all four on the desk and or while she goes crazy for lust while showing and offering us her feet) lot's of limp body (including neck) as well as foot manipulation while she is out, mindless posing while she stands there staring into nothingness, yes master, eye checks, forced masturbation, orgasm training on my touch, begging, pleading, and so much more. Really intense and definitely worth watching.




Carmen Valentina Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Unconditional surrender

First we drive her close to orgasm before touching her soft feet which makes her cum hard. Her little body is still quivering and shaking when she feels my hand gently touching her neck. Her eyes flicker and she goes out for me to enjoy messing with her helplessly limp body (jiggle her tits) and feet. Next we have her wake up with a powerful orgasm which is interrupted by my hand gently touching her neck. We all know what happens.

Our beauty slowly drops back for more limp play. Again, she wakes up slowly and now she is overcome by the desire to masturbate and to bring herself to orgasm for us. Of course we have to make sure that she does not have too much fun, after all, a horny slave is a good slave which means, we have to keep her begging for more. Back to sleep for more... Did I mention the breath controlled orgasm training, the neck and foot play, the eye checks? How the hell does she end up with lipstick on her tits? Towards the end, I decide to have her wake up a few times and to drop her back to sleep just so we get to enjoy the surprised and confused look on her face. Yes masters.




Carmen Valentina Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Where is my money honey?

Carmen, my ex wife, barges into my house and demands her outstanding alimony payments. I have to say, our little girl can be quite demanding and nasty. Needless to say, my lame excuses don't fly too well, in fact they make her feel even more upset. Looks like we need to use our new X-mas toy to sap her mind, if you know what I mean. After erasing her memory in regards to me owing her money, it is time for some slave training which includes self inflicted nipple torture, forced masturbation training without the happy ending, mindless zombie pose and more.

Time for her to rest which gives us time to play and to enjoy her limp body and feet while taking off her clothes (expose her pussy) and shoes . Let's see what happens when my disgruntled wife wakes up and notices her situation. Yes, you guessed it, she bitches and... Not for long though. One touch of my hand on her throat takes her right out and sends her back into lala land. Can it get worse. Next time she wakes up, she remembers to be my horny slave which leaves her frozen stiff and yet again helpless. Wait until you see what happens when she becomes aware of the fact that she is frozen and...




Carmen Valentina Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Still no money honey

This segment starts where the last one left off. Carmen, my still somewhat unruly wife demands be to be unfrozen so that she can... Oh well, there is a price to be paid for it though. You guessed it, the second she unfreezes, she goes to sleep which gives me time to mess with her limp body, neck and feet. I would like to describe all the details of this segment but that would take forever and most of you would not read it anyway. Let's just say Carmen ends up being frozen and helpless (including having her finger stuck in her mouth) and then being put to sleep over and over.

The poor thing also wakes up with a very embarrassing orgasm before rendered mindless by the "waving hand." At some point, my little wife does not even notice that she is naked which makes her threats very ineffective and funny to watch. Luckily her body stiffens up again before she becomes aware of all this so that we can enjoy her confusion and growing anger about her helplessness. Time to turn her into a begging little slave for some more obedience training. Lot's more limp body and feet manipulation while I undress her is yet to come.




Carmen Valentina Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
All I want is money honey

Here we get to enjoy my still not properly mannered ex wear a cheerleader outfit which, btw, she would never wear for me. How and why does she wear it anyway? Well, I got my ways. Anyway, her not so successful attempt to get her alimony money out of me continues with more, let's call it, misfortune for our greedy young lady. Here we get to enjoy her breaking out into uncontrollable laughter at the most inappropriate times before being put to sleep for some more limp body and neck fun while undressing her. Believe it or not, at some point she is more than eager to show me some of her hot Cheerleader tricks/moves but that does not last long.

As soon as she becomes aware of what she just did, the bitching starts again. How did I get her to do all this? Well, I have my ways. Anyway, she ends up frozen and helpless again and now we get to enjoy her trying to avoid having to orgasm for us. I know, wedging a vibrator into her panties was not nice but hey, we all like to enjoy watching squirming young girl who does not want to cum. More limp body, neck and foot play, waving hand, orgasm on command and more is yet to come.




Carmen Valentina Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Web Robofication

Carmen, who is made to believe that she is a webcam girl has to deal with an old customer of hers who suddenly wants her to put on a different show. Looks like our sweetie is not thrilled about the idea of being someone's Robot toy. Oh well, who cares what she thinks, right. Tricked into opening a link on her computer which opens up a swirling display of rays and light, our reluctant webcam beauty sinks into mindlessness and is ready for programming as well as giving me her address. I just like the personal contact.

Needless to say, she now remembers having always been a robot who is programmed to work (for me that is) as a webcam girl. Of course her transformation includes a lot more than just that. Part of her programming is to dance, dust and clean, masturbate, answer by saying yes master, strip and so much more. Towards the end, we have to power her down after some "mind games" that is.




Carmen Valentina Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Web foot slave

Carmen, our little webcam girl, does not seem to remember what just happened, does not seem to be interested in her clients proposal to show him her feet. Looks like she is in for some trouble. Entranced and ready to obey, we get to enjoy her slowly taking off her shoes and presenting us her sexy feet in those see- through pantyhose. Of course that is all just the beginning. Crawling, begging, foot slave training, orgasm on command and or touch, sleepy foot worship and manipulation, neck and limp body manipulation (including removing her pantyhose, hand on throat sleep training and so much more are yet to come. Really hot one and not just for our foot lovers.



Carmen Valentina Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Limp and used

For Carmen's last segment I decided to do something different. This one shows our little girl, who believes to be all by herself, slowly go to sleep after smelling a strange odor that seems to be coming from... Anyway, she goes out and the rest of the segment shows her being undressed, moved, orgasmed, having her feet inspected and messed with and more. Of course we pay "close attention" to her limp and exposed neck, her eyes and more. Definitely for our limp body, neck and feet play lovers. At the end, she wakes up briefly until she feels my hand gently touching her throat.


Carmen Valentina Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not human

Frank, who has built his almost perfect Android comes home to a very simple yet very horny Stepford-type Sexdroid, eager to please him but is very robotic. She is overly sexual, lacking social skills and etiquette. He wants to take her to a party and have her pass for a human being. He decides to install human emulation software, which seems to work quite well.

When he has her respond to several questions that she is likely to be asked at the party she keeps letting it slip that she is a robot, so he reprograms her to think that she is human. As the time for party grows near, she leaves to get ready. When she returns she reveals that she took a shower while getting ready.

Believing herself to be human she doesn't understand Frank's concern. Soon she begins to malfunction, but doesn't understand what's happening to her. Her sexual programming kicks in and she tries to seduce Frank as she copes with the realization that she is in fact a robot.

Carmen: Oh Hi Honey, Did you have a nice day?

Frank: Sure it was fine

Carmen: I had a nice day too, I vacuumed the living room, washed the laundry, cleaned the windows and prepared dinner. I hope that you're hungry, I fixed your favorite.

Frank: Wow thanks. Carmen: you're welcome sweetie, Is there anything I can do to please you?………….Would you like a drink?

Frank: Oh no I'm fine

Carmen: How about a neck massage?

Frank: I'm good for right now

Carmen: Perhaps you would like to fuck me………..?

Frank: Whoa don't just blurt it out like that out. that's not how a lady talks

Carmen: Have I done something wrong?

Frank: Its just a matter of etiquette, In the future don't say "would you like to fuck me" Say "would like to have sex with me, or would you like to make love to me, or even do you want to fool around.

Carmen: Yes Frank? …………..Would you like to fool around?……….I'm designed to fuck…

Frank: Your hopeless, All you ever want to talk about is sex…..luckily this new upgrade should do wonders for you cognitive functions and social skills.

Carmen: But I'm a Sexdroid, I am programmed for sex…….. Don't you like fucking me?

Frank: Of Coarse, but during the party tomorrow you should probably avoid the subject of sex entirely, just to avoid any awkward situations. In fact load the human emulation software I installed lat night, that way t won't be so obvious that you're a robot.

Yes off coarse………..But I am a robot………Is that a bad thing? Frank: No of coarse not, but people wouldn't understand.

Carmen: Then I will explain it to them……I will inform them that. I am a mechanical computerized human construct. Designed and programmed to function as the perfect human female. Then they will understand.

Carmen: No Carmen, you can never tell anyone that you are a robot, it has to remain a secret. Do you understand?

Carmen: A secret….information that is hidden or concealed……Affirmative….command acknowledged. … Loading Human emulation program Carmen 2.4

Carmen: Oh Hi honey, Wow! I feel very different.

Frank: Different how? Are you OK

Carmen: Oh yes, more than OK. I feel More aware, more alive. Its like everything was fuzzy before and now its all coming into focus. I feel free,?

Frank: I can see a huge difference in your posture, mannerisms and vocal inflection. It may sound crazy but you seem to have gleam in your eyes that wasn't there a minute ago.

Carmen: Do you think anyone will know that I'm a robot.

As you can imagine, no good can come from all this. Wait until you see what happens when she comes back, after having taken a shower!


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