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Carmen Valentina  Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Yes is the only answer

Proposing marriage is always exciting, nerve racking and like in this case not always successful. My girlfriend, Carmen does not seem to find my idea of spending a lifetime together the least bit appealing. In fact she tells me that she would rather see other people and to take it easy.

Sorry to hear that honey. Of course she wants to keep seeing me as well and she certainly loves the diamond necklace I am giving her despite the fact that she just turned down my proposal. Women and jewelry, seems to never fail. Little does she know that once the necklace is around her sexy long neck, it will make her completely controllable! In combination with the remote control, my sweet girlfriend is now turned into a perfectly obedient robot.

Oh well, let's play with my new toy, I will only see you from now on, master. What do you think changed her mind, the obedience programming, the disabled brain functions, the self spanking, the serving, the needless tasks I make her complete (switching pillows fro right to left) or maybe all of the above? This is a Hot segment, and not only for the obedient "robot" lovers. Too much to list.



Carmen Valentina  Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip

I am in full compliance master

I am your horny slut

Carmen my still reluctant fiancÚ to be, wakes up frozen solid while saluting. Needless to say, that does make her feel somewhat upset and bitchy but then again, who cares. Of course she does not agree when I mention that she will not remember any of this anyway but then as soon as I wave my hand in front of her face (aka Jedi trick) she drops into mindless compliance, just like I told her she would. " I am in full compliance master."

Now we get to enjoy watching her pose her sexy body for us before she ends up frozen and helpless yet again. Sure enough, she still bitches but again, the waving hand takes care of that again. Things get even hotter when she wakes up again only to find out that she cannot stop masturbating, no matter how hard she tries. Carmen goes crazy for lust while bitching and complaining about her own weakness (unable to stop the self pleasuring) Of course there is a lot more freeze fun and mind-games still to come.



Carmen Valentina  Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Pussy galore

Looks like my still somewhat reluctant fiancÚ to be cannot win. Now she wakes up feeling like herself but being only able to meow and to prance on all four like a horny kitten. Her meowing sounds a bit angry but then again, who cares. Wait until the catnip I gave her earlier (so she believes) kicks in. Lots of "kitty play" purring, meowing and, and, and



Carmen Valentina  Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a good teacher

I am a good teacher and no I do not drink at all Carmen believes to be a teacher who runs into one of her young students at a party. Guess who the student is. Thinking that I am way too young to be there, she starts to question me, particularly about the beer I am holding. Of course my oh so proper teacher does not drink at all. So she thinks but then again, she does not know about the click trigger either. Every time she hears the click, she feels like she just had a big shot of her favorite liquor. Oh my, does she get fucked up and not only that, she also gets very horny and very uninhibited.

Before long "Mrs. Proper's" hands are starting to run over her luscious breasts and between her legs. The funny part about all this is that she still insists on being sober. In fact, she keeps going on about her not drinking alcohol and so on. Well ya, I can see that, when slowly but surely her clothes start to come off and my teacher seems to like me more and more. Actually come to think of it, the more her speech slurs the more she comes on to me.

 Hopelessly fucked up and oversexed my bad little teacher is ready for the take over from teacher to oversexed bimbo. It gets so bad that she keeps falling of the chair and her attempts to get back up are less the graceful until she finally passes-out



Carmen Valentina  Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
An educated conversation

My poor confused and embarrassed teacher scrambles to get dressed. Needless to say, what she does not know is that the fun is about to begin. Here we have her programmed to feel penetrated when she hears the word Algebra, the word math makes her orgasm, Biology makes her flash her tits, English makes her show her ass (reluctantly) and the word Teacher makes her pass-out. Of course the triggers also work when she mentions them.

The above mentioned is only half the fun. After a short sleeepy break, our prudish teacher wakes up and now she believes that seducing her young student is good for his education. Well, I could not agree more. Needless to say that offering her pussy is only the beginning of her attempts to help me learn better. There is a lot more to come after this, so go ahead and watch it.



Carmen Valentina  Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
" Karma" will hit you

Learning is all about feet

In this next round of fun, we have our prudish young teacher convinced that showing her feet, posing them and offering to give foot jobs to their students, is exactly what good teacher do. Again, I cannot agree more. Carmen obviously loves to entice with her feet while praising her own foot jobs skills. Needless to say, that is all just the beginning. Poor thing suddenly freezes up and with that, our teacher comes to her senses. Oh boy, is she upset or what. She even threatens me with the whole "Karma" thing. Anyway it is all good and fun and yes, there is a lot more fun coming after all this. Wait until you see what happens when I mention that I am videotaping all this. Yes/no orgasms and.....



Carmen Valentina  Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I am done here

Lots of limp play, pedal pumping and...

Carmen, a sexy but somewhat prudish teacher who has been hit on by one of her young students finally had enough (who could blame her) and all she can think of is to get the he... away from the party, despite the fact or maybe because of the fact that her oversexed student is still trying to talk to her.

Poor thing barely makes it to her car but before she can take off, she is put to sleeep by her client who has his own plans for her. What follows is a lot of limp play and pedal pumping in a public parking lot. Really hot and no guys, it is not my car. Did I mention that Jenny is brought to orgasm while.....? of course



Carmen Valentina Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Damsel in distress

How often does it happen that a beautiful brunette Knockout rings your door bell in the middle of the night? Not very often, that's for sure. Maybe I was reading too much into it but at the time, it seemed like some kind of karma to me. On her way home from a party, her car broke down almost right in front of my house and on top of all that her cell phone was . Just when her car stalled out, it started to rain really bad and she just barely made it into my house without getting too wet. Tell me is that all just coincidence? Anyway, you can imagine, I was more than eager to help her.

The first thing she seemed to need was a towel and then maybe some tender loving care. Well, the tender loving care part was really more like in my imagination. Reality was that she seemed very concerned about her wetness and it did not take too long and she started to act weird. At first her slight twitches and strange remarks seemed to be the result of her being a bit flustered and nervous but when she started to malfunction, right there in my living room, it hit me. My sexy damsel in distress can only be a fembot and that gave me an idea. Well, as we all know there is good karma and then there is bad karma. What comes next can only be described as hot




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