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Carmen Valentina Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Where is Frank ?

Carmen V, adorable, extremely cute, very horny, beautiful and most importantly extremely sexual young woman, was finally able to come back for more fun after almost two years. I cannot believe it has been that long already but it goes to show you how time flies. What has changed about Carmen since then?

Absolutely nothing, except maybe that she is even more beautiful, radiant and even more impressionable than she was back then. I guess we all know what I mean by "more impressionable", right guys. Anyway, the afternoon started a bit differently. To my surprise, Carmen had moved to our little town and as luck had it, Lana bumped into her on the street and the rest is history. Get ready for another intense and fun filled afternoon with one of my favorite sweethearts.

This clip one certainly starts differently. The first 45 seconds or so, show Lana bumping into Carmen while walking her little . A swift move of her hand in front of Carmen's face renders our sexy little girl mindless and ready to follow her to the studio. I wish I could have filmed more of the scene but people started to stare and probably wonder what was going on when they saw the camera.

After a short walk, the clip picks up in the studio. First, I had to deepen her trance, then remind her how wonderful it felt to be entranced and with that under control. Carmen responds immediately by getting aroused and I decide to hit her with an orgasm before rendering her completely mindless. Her eyes are focused on the green light and I can feel her dropping into the abyss. She ends up just standing there, deeply entranced while slowly repeating the word, obedience.

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Carmen Valentina Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I missed pleasing you master

Carmen's big eyes are still staring into nothingness after the last clip. Time to send her through another round of orgasmic bliss before taking her down again. Her hands feel helplessly pulled between her legs and I can feel that all she wants is, to please her master by making herself cum fast and hard. Now it is time to have a closer look at her beautiful body. I can feel that she is already very horny and excited and the slow repetitions of you are my master, seem to make her feel even more aroused.

What really drives her over the edge though are more repetitions of, I missed pleasing you master. In fact she keeps repeating it throughout another series of intense orgasms. Of course there is more. We not even gotten into the part where she feels helplessly fucked and orgasmed without being allowed to touch herself. Have I mentioned the part where she just stands there with her arms stretched out in front of her body, mindlessly entranced as she stares at the watch, while slowly repeating the words empty shell, over and over. Everything from stares, mindless repetitions, screaming hard orgasms, zombie pose and more.



Carmen Valentina Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
This segment has so many yes masters, intense stares, forced orgasms, slow mind, will and thought reduction, mindless moments which I use to show her beautiful face and body from up-close, programming, intense orgasms, mindless as well as very excited repetitions that I don't even know where to start. I relinquish all control master, I am a mindless slave. Carmen is programmed to feel that every orgasm she is allowed to feel, makes her want more which makes sure that she stays in constant feeling of blissful lust. As I always say, a horny subject can be programmed easily as their attention is focused in one direction only. Watching her finger fucking her own wet pussy with her legs spread wide for me to see every detail of her pleasure center. Her eyes stare at the watch in my hand and I can feel how she is turning into a mindless horny slave. I am here to obey you master, I am here to serve you. As mentioned, there is a lot more going on, like her slow repetitions of mantras, the hands free forced orgasmed, mind sucking green light, yes masters and Carmen's hardest orgasms ever.



Carmen Valentina Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Ready for more intense orgasm training, mind sucking, slow and mindless repetitions, begging, kneeling, bend over ass out finger fucking, nipple squeezing and compete surrender. Well then go ahead and watch Carmen give it up for her master. Her beautiful body is still bend over the couch and little girl learns that slaves do not have to be comfortable when pleasing their master. I can feel how badly she wants to please me as her fingers slam into her wet pussy. She keeps screaming, I am an orgasm slave until she is finally allowed to explode. Now she has to learn that touching her nipples for me, makes her orgasm, just because I say so. Put on her knees into the slave position, her remaining mind is sucked out as she stares at the light in my hand. I gets even more intense. Her repetitions of, no more mind, become slower and slower until she mindlessly stares into nothingness. Of course we are not done just yet. Carmen has to learn that good little girls cum hard for their master wherever and whenever they are told to do so. Very intense, longer repetitions and long mindless moments while the camera glides over her body followed by intense and screaming hard orgasm training.



Carmen Valentina Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Carmen's beautiful young body is quivering and shaking under my suggestions as she is lying on the floor. Her desire to please me makes her slam the glass dildo deep into her tight pussy. She keeps screaming, mindless orgasm, which seems to drive her insane for lust. Time to send her through a series of even more intense breath controlled orgasms. Carmen gasps for air when she is finally allowed to cum. "I am nothing without you master, I surrender." My little girl orgasms so hard and intense that it takes all strength out of her quivering body and she drops into an even deeper trance with the dildo still in her pussy. Time to program her for the rest of the session. Of course there are still the eye checks and a last orgasm, while I am holding her eyes open, to come. This one is so hot that I almost stumbled over her quivering little body while trying to capture the expression in her wide open eyes.



Carmen Valentina Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Why can't I move and no, I did not steal

Carmen, a sexy yet unfortunate cat burglar finds out the hard way, that she ended up in the wrong house. Fascinated by the beautiful necklace in my bedroom, she cannot wait to put it around her long neck. A split second later, her hands shoot up to her neck but it is already too late. The necklace seems to have rendered her mindless and unable to move. Let's have some fun with our little thief, shall we? The second her awareness comes back, she realizes that she is helplessly immobilized. Does she try to talk her way out of this one. Oh yes, but her futile attempts to convince me that it was an honest mistake, are interrupted by my "waving hand" in front of her eyes.

Mindless and dim, she now repeats (slow and monotone), I am a mindless slave, I am here to serve my master, while slowly walking towards the bed, with her arms straight out in front of her. Time to let her awareness come back so we can have a bit more fun with her. The poor thing is so confused that she even agrees to orgasm for me, if I let her go that is. To be honest, she does not have much of a choice at this point, given the fact that she cannot move her body.

Carmen gets very excited and horny as soon as I wedge the fast thrusting vibrator into her panties. She almost orgasm but unfortunately for her, my count to three renders her mindless and dim again before she can explode. Of course there is more. Placed on the bed, my mindless yet intensely horny slave has been given another chance to make herself cum for me. Lots of slow yes masters, hilarious lies, intense orgasm as well as denied orgasm (training), limp body and neck play.



Carmen Valentina Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Stop making me cum

Carmen, our misbehaving thief, jumps up and gets dressed immediately after I snap her out of it. Of course she promises to be good now and that there will be no more stealing. The fun part is that she is secretively snatching the ring of the dresser, while telling me that she will be good now. Looks like we got ourselves another slow learner. Of course, she does not get away with it and as we all know, taking "the ring" never turns out to be all that good for the girls. Sure enough, the second it starts to blink, she freezes up and sinks into mindless bliss. After waving my hand in front of her eyes and then playing with her, I decide to have her awareness come back so that we can all enjoy her bitching. I have to say, she does enjoy the orgasms I make her feel but for some reason, she seems to still want to go home.

Ungrateful little girl, don't you think? Of course she does not want to drift into mindless bliss either but then, as soon as my hand waves across her face, she drops like a rock. How does she end up standing on the bed with a vibrator between her legs while screaming, command me master and why on earth would she run around like a zombie with her arms stretched out in front of her. Can it get worse. Try being frozen and muted. You should see her eyes and face when I tell her that I will keep her standing there, unable to speak, until I am in the mood to play with her again. Lots of yes/no play, yes masters, slow reps and of course great close ups as well as full body shots while she is frozen.




Carmen Valentina Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
...our sexy thief, is again frozen over and over, tickled, orgasmed, rendered mindless, put to sleep and played with while having no strength to move a single muscle in her young body. Of course there is a lot of begging and pleading going on as well as the longest slow and monotone repetition of a mantra I have ever done before. Many of you asked me to have the girls just stand there, mindlessly entranced while repeating a mantra. It all starts with Carmen still being frozen and muted while staring into nothingness before she is finally trained to perfection. Fun and very intense segment with plenty of yes masters.



Carmen Valentina Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
That is ridiculous, toe rings do not entrance people

Carmen, our very sexy "Santa" model believes to be in the middle of a well paying photo shoot. The shoot is all about toe rings which are supposed to have a mesmerizing effect on all the women who wear them. Of course toe rings cannot really be mesmerizing and entrancing, I mean, that is all just an advertising gimmick so that men buy them for their sweethearts. I have to say, Carmen looks absolutely stunning in her sexy Santa outfit but unfortunately, she does not seem all that interested in me, the photographer. My comments about her beautiful feet, don't seem to go over too well either.

To make a long story short, I tell her that I have to leave for a few minutes to get a battery for my camera and believe it or not, the first thing she does after she thinks I am gone, is to put on the ring and look at it. Well, that was a mistake. Mindlessly entranced, Carmen turns into an obedient foot slave with no other desire than to please her master. Carmen is really hot in this one as she mindlessly worships her feet. Of course there is more than just stares, foot worship and orgasms.

At some point she is made aware, yet unable to move and that is when I show her the most erogenous zones under her feet which eventually make her orgasm. Close ups of Toe spreading, wrinkles under her feet, top of her feet, mindless stares and sooo much more. At the end, Carmen still believes that she cannot be orgasmed simply by....



Carmen Valentina Clip Ten & Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your horny Santa baby

Carmen, our sexy Santa model wakes up and although she does not exactly remember what just happened, suspects that I might have had something to do with the fact that she is almost naked. She even suspects that I might have hypnotized her. I ensure her that I have no clue how to do that. I don't know why but somehow, she seems to think that she knows how to entrance people and she is more than eager to show me. I think we all know by now that it is never a good idea for the girls to try to hypnotize me but she has to find that out on her own. Her voice becomes slow and soft as she tries to bring me under her control. I can feel how she entrances herself and before too long, her eyes stare into nothingness while her body seems to lose strength. You are my master, I am your horny Santa baby. Slow repetitions, yes masters, hot self entrancement scene, masturbation and sleepy limp body play.

The second part of the clip starts with Carmen waking up after a brief deepening. Now she blames me for having tricked her and believe it or not, she insists that she was never under my control, after all, she cannot be entranced. Why does she suddenly pass out, right in the middle of telling me all this? You will see. Up and fresh again, we start talking about post hypnotic suggestions which of course do not work on her. Why does she go out again. You will see. Let's have her come back and talk about the guy from Robolust who brings young girls under his control.

That is just messed up. The ending is not easy to describe but the way Carmen goes under as soon as the green laser light hits her face, right in the middle of her insisting that she cannot be entranced, is really hot. I recommend watching clip ten and eleven together to get the full effect. Sensual limp body and neck play throughout this segment, slow repetitions when entranced and more.



Carmen Valentina Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
What do women think

This next segment is not only for our obedient robot lovers. Carmen is tricked by her new boss to try on one of the new dresses which are manufactured by his company. What is so special about the dresses. Well, for one, they make women look like robots and even more importantly, they have a light panel on the front which, when activated, can transform the wearers behavior pattern as well as taking their ability to think. In other words, it transforms them into mindless robots. Of course our sexy young secretary has her doubts about all this. Obedience program loading. Carmen's voice becomes monotone and robotic and her movements are stiff, just like a robot. Slow repetition of orders, as well as yes masters, walk, robot pose, deactivation, some masturbation and....



Carmen Valentina Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
This next segment shows Carmen doing all kinds of crazy things during an interview, like changing clothes while being completely unaware of it, put on a pair of really hot shoes with (I don't know how many inches) high heels that look like while telling me that she would never wear anything like this. The fun part is that those shoes make her dance which, as we all know, is a very inappropriate thing to do when being interviewed for the position of the bosses secretary. Of course she goes to sleep on command and more.



Carmen Valentina Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
The perfect companion for the Holidays

Come on in gentlemen, I am your Santa baby tonight

I was actually looking forward to my photo shoot that day, I mean how often does it happen that I get to shoot a beautiful stripper in a very sexy Santa costume. I guess her boss thought it would be a good idea to advertise for the Holiday season and the idea to promote his girls as being the perfect Holiday companion for the lonely gentlemen, was right up my alley, being single and all. It all started great. The girl was sexy and beautiful, right on time, certainly knew how to pose and how to make a man feel special.

I will never know why and exactly how it happened but slowly but surely, my dream Santa baby turned into a malfunctioning mess. Of course I tried to help her as good as I could (at least that is my story and I am sticking to it) Why did she suddenly believe to be my special Santa only? I guess the world will never know abd as mentioned, I had nothing to do with it. Carmen turned out to be an even better fembot than the first time around. Great robotic moves, malfunctions not too fast and not too slow, monotone speech and very sexy. Of course Sir, I am fully functional, designed as female.... Batteries at 82% cap a ci ty


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