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Caroline De Jae Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Trip into the unknown

Caroline De Jae, hot-blooded, sexy and naturally wet and horny blond from Hungary, traveled all this way from Europe to come in for one of our famous sessions. OK, maybe not just for that but never the less, we were among the few who got to "play" with her right after she moved here. Caroline is in fact a famous fetish/porn star in Italy where she has been living and "playing" for the past few years. Needless to say, there were some language barriers to overcome but that did not seem too much of a problem and given her stunning look and seductive personality, it was more than well worth it. Besides being stunningly beautiful, seductive and horny, our little girl also comes across as sweet and naturally submissive, which makes her a great candidate for what I do. Let's dive right in and enjoy watching her being trained to perfection.

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Caroline De Jae Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Trained to perfection step two

You are my master

As expected, Caroline went under like a rock and now she is ready for the obedience training, after all, one of the first things she has to learn is that her reason for being here is to please us and to submit into mindless obedience.

First we hit her with a couple of orgasms before we make her open her big eyes. for more mind reduction. Her unblinking stare is almost piercing but as we all know, she just stares into nothingness. Time for some standing up masturbation while making it clear to her that she has to wait for me to allow her to orgasm. As mentioned before, it is important to set the "tone" for the entire session right at the beginning. Ounce allowed to cum, I keep her cumming over and over which, here again, makes it perfectly clear as to who is in charge already.

Enough fun, let's drop her deep again with every snap of my fingers. Our little girl drops with flickering eye lids into mindless bliss which is a good time to perform some eye checks as well as limp arm checks while her weak body just wobbles in front of me. More "hands-free" orgasm training and... yet to cum.




Caroline De Jae Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Trained to perfection step three

Feel that you are your masters toy

Highlights : Intense unblinking stares, kneeling s well as standing up masturbation without being allowed to cum, begging to cum, zombie/sleepwalker pose while repeating, "please control me master" being mindless and posed, orgasms on command, slow sleep, limp play while aware yet unable to move.

The above mentioned is only part of what is going on in this one. After loosing the rest of her thoughts mind and will (stare into the rotating light) Caroline is taken to intense sexual heights that make her beg and plead and the all the way down into mindless stillness when she is posed and messed with without her... After all that she is finally dropped into weak helplessness while I take off her shoes and.. Towards the end, our little girl goes so deep that her eyes open by themselves which is a clear sign.



Caroline De Jae Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Trained to perfection step four

Learn to be used

This next segment is all about limp body manipulation, foot fetish, crawling while being made to feel fucked and used and so much more

Caroline is still out from her last, let's call it adventure and I take my time to play with her limp body, expose her feet and of her "features". Time for her to learn that offering her feet to her master by touching them as well as showing them off from every angle, is what good little "foot slaves" do. Needless to say, she gets excited again which seems a good time for more orgasm on my touch training. Sleep and more close ups of her feet while I inspect them closely. Did I mention the crawling while being made to feel fucked and used part of this segment? of course I did.



Caroline De Jae Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Trained to perfection step five

I am your entranced slave master

More entranced stares, crawling, kneeling masturbation, mantra, zombie/sleepwalker pose, breath controlled orgasm training (took a bit due to the language barrier) self-inflicted nipple torture and of course limp body manipulation, sleepy orgasm training and, and...




Caroline De Jae Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Trained to perfection step six

Is this a Hungarian or Italian thing ? Our famous model from Italy has agreed to come in for kid's Christmas toys catalogue shoot and I am sure you can imagine how excited I was to finally meet our super star from abroad. Unfortunately though, she did not seem all that interested in me, the photographer, but then again, what else is new? Oh well, lets have some fun with her.

The first toy she picks up seems to do weird things to her and although she vehemently tries to deny it, she seems to feel quite orgasmic. Poor thing squirms and shivers while trying to stay in character. Well we should probably move on to the next set of toys which would be the ring-toss game set. What can I say, the second she holds up the rings, she freezes mindlessly in place. Time to mess with her while she is out (expose her tits and..) . Needless to say, she seems more than confused when she finally becomes aware of her situation while still frozen though.

Best of all this is that she tries to pull it off as normal and her main concern seems to be whether or not I like her tits. Must be a European thing, I guess. Of course my idea of pulling down her pants does not help in this awkward situation, in fact it makes a even more weird (to her that is) Carolina is finally put out of her misery by the waving hand. Too much to list it all.



Caroline De Jae Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Trained to perfection step seven

Here we get to see our (still confused) super star from abroad being frozen yet again. As if she had forgotten what had happened before, she picks up the yellow slugger and again, freezes up in place. Slowly but surely her mind comes back but not her motor skills, meaning, she is still frozen. Why does she end up with a vibrator in her panties, orgasms, bitches and finally goes to sleep despite her best efforts to stay up. Because it is so much fun for all of us. Of course we are not done yet. Now is the time for me to move her limp little body, undress her, spread her legs and inspect her face, mouth and so on for quite some time.




Caroline De Jae Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Trained to perfection step eight

Caroline, our super model from abroad, slips into a different costume without realizing that it is not what she was wearing before. Needless to say, she does not seem to think that the costume she is wearing seems a bit too revealing for our young audience (toy catalogue, remember?) which I guess, is another European thing. This time we get to enjoy her being (made to feel) tickled and frozen yet again. Of course her uncontrollable laughter does irritate her because it seems to happen in the most inappropriate situations.

That is all nothing compared to how she feels when her body seems ridged and stiff while I am messing with her. I know, I should not do this but it is so much fun. How do we get her to masturbate and reluctantly cum for us? Will the waving hand put her out of her misery again? Watch and find out. It all ends with me having a lot of fun with her sleepy little body while opening her legs, her mouth her eyes and so much more.



Caroline De Jae Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Trained to perfection step nine

This next segment shows our super model being tricked and turned into an obedient, masturbating, squirting, saluting and serving Robot. While we are at it, her slave program is activated along the way so that we can enjoy our sex-slave robot in action. Caroline is made to believe that she has always been a robot who is programmed to behave like a human at times and that squirting is part of her programming.




Caroline De Jae Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Trained to perfection step Ten

Mindlessly obedient foot slave

Caroline, who believes to be a super-heroine of sorts, has been caught trying to steel her powerful brain deactivator back from the evil scientist. OK, that would be me. Anyway, she does not seem to believe me when I warn her not to use the thing on me but do they ever listen. Of course not, the second she points it at me, her mind drops into the abyss (mindless obedience) and with that, she is ready to be turned into a horny foot slave.

 Watching her take of those sexy Italian High heels and then seductively offer her bare feet to her master is seriously hot. Our little girl is learning that all she is good for is to please and to serve her master. Needless to say, there is a lot of very hot foot action going on all the way to where I drive her up the wall for lust by just gently touching her feet. Time to make her cum and then put her to sleep for more sleepy foot and limp body play. Yes masters!




Caroline De Jae Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Trained to perfection step eleven

Sleepy super heroine foot slave and more.

Caroline, our (quite unlucky) super heroine wakes up and it seems like she is way to tiered to even get up, not to mention, getting out. Poor thing struggles (particularly when I mention that as soon she is asleep, I will play with her weak body and feet) but there is no way she can stay up. Well, lets spend some time moving her around, check her feet, eyes and mouth. After quite some time, we have her wake up and now she wants to kick my ass but, unfortunately for her, she in the midst of throwing her shoe at me.

Poor thing, that was so much fun that we have to do it again. Still we are not done. Next we have her wake up feeling too weak to move and or do anything about me bringing her to orgasm by placing a thrusting vibrator between her legs. Yes she tries but the hand over her mouth seems to keep her bitching under control. Of course it all ends happy thanks to her forgetfulness. Yes, you red this right, our super heroin forgets all that happened and believe it or not, now she wants to date me.



Caroline De Jae Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Trained to perfection step twelve

Caroline, who believes to be my nanny, has somehow found my cigarettes and now she wants to tell my parents about all this. Oh well, I somehow think that that will never happen. Yes, I did warn her not to smoke my cigarettes but then again, do they ever listen. Of course not so am I to blame that she turns into an oversexed, horny wet and mindlessly driven sex toy who seems to have no other desire than to please herself. Poor thing suddenly becomes aware of the fact that I am in her room and that all of her self -pleasuring has been taped for all the world to see. Do you think she might compromise and or even offer some type of, lets call it, makeup activity?




Caroline De Jae Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Too good to be true

It seemed like just another day, or I should better say, night at work but should change in a flash, so to speak. Working as a night security guard at the local museum is sure not all that exciting and as usual, I was in a bit of a foul mood until I reached the room with newly opened Fembot exhibition. Well, this being a museum and all it goes without saying that these Fembots, although very beautiful, seemed quite outdated and antiquated but definitely well worth checking out. I am still not sure how exactly it happened but all of a sudden, one of them came to live, so to speak. Oh my god, what did I do?

There she was, gorgeous and more importantly, very seductive and willing, if you know what I mean. Shutting her off did not seem an option, although in retrospect, it might have been the better choice. Anyway, the "thing" turned out to be quite old and certainly not as sophisticated as the stuff you can buy now but here again, she was beautiful and willing. Turned out, she was built and programmed in Italy which would explain her strange accent as well as her programmed desire for unadulterated sex. I think you better go ahead and watch the movie to find out what can happen on a late night at the museum.


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