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Catherine Fox Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Follow the bell with your eyes

Catherine Fox, beautiful redhead with the cutest little hard body, is certainly a girl after my own hart. She is sexy, sensual, extremely sexual, spunky at times, naturally submissive, very horny, intelligent and full of live and most importantly, a fantastic subject. You will agree with me once you watch the session that her unblinking stares, intense orgasms, yes masters, perfect freezes and, and, and are among the absolute best. We actually tried to get together for years and I was more than thrilled when it finally happened. Catherine had heard a lot about my sessions and she was more than eager to find out whether or not I could make her surrender to my will and with that, take her through a sexual experience unlike anything she had ever experienced. Fasten your seatbelts!

I decided to use a bell rather than the watch for the initial eye fixation (eyes go back and forth from right to left before slowly closing) although Catherine was already in a state of trance right after the floating hands test.

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Catherine Fox Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Show me that you are a good little girl

Catherine is taken from feeling completely relaxed to intensely aroused and ready to let go of control within only a few minutes. Her first relaxed body ends up quivering and shaking under my suggestions and her begging to be allowed to orgasm becomes louder and more forceful, the longer I let her wait. The suggestion that the harder she fights it, the harder it will hit her, does the trick. "Please master make me cum." I keep suggestion that in order to experience unknown pleasures, she has to learn to be obedient first. Intense and screaming hard marathon orgasm at the end of the segment.



Catherine Fox Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Learn to be a good slave for your master

Everything I make you feel, say or do makes it more intense.

This one is for our slow mind reduction, even slower repetition of mantras, screaming hard orgasms, repetitions like "I am your horny slave or I have to learn to obey or nobody has ever made me cum like this or I submit, zombie/sleep walker pose, intense stares, kneeling and begging and obedience training Lovers. I know, I crammed a lot into the last sentence but as you all know, there is always a whole lot going on in all of my training segments. To get the subject completely under control, it often helps to take them to intense heights and orgasmic bliss and then to take them down into a complete mindless and zombie like bliss within a matter of seconds.

Catherine is first rendered mindless as she stares into the red light in front of her eyes and then taken into an unknown state of bliss that certainly makes her beautiful body go into convulsions as she begs and repeats whatever I want her to and that is exactly what turns her on. Our little girl goes nuts as she is helplessly masturbated by her own hands into intense orgasmic bliss. Again towards the end, our little girl is taken down into a zombie like and mindless state as she stands in front of me with her arms stretched out in front of her body. Her repetitions of I surrender and mindless trance become slower and slower until she is gone.



Catherine Fox Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a hypnotized slave

The mantra; I am a hypnotized slave, you are my master

This next segment is again unbelievably intense and I have to say, Catherine's unblinking empty stares, her rock hard frozen body, her zombie like behavior which instantaneously turns into the most intense orgasmic bliss as soon as I take her back to being excessively horny, her slow and almost absent repetitions of mantras, her begging and of course her screaming hard orgasms as well as her drooling during parts of this segment are definitely among the all-time best I have seen over the years. I guess what I am trying to say here is that this segment is not only intense but it also has all of your favorites included as well.

To describe her zoned out look, her open and drooling mouth while being a frozen and swayed statue, her intense and deeply felt orgasms whenever she is ordered to cum for me, her unconditional surrender and, and, and can hardly be put into words. Please put me under your control master, I am a hypnotized slave. Forced masturbation as well as orgasm finally drive her into complete surrender.



Catherine Fox Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I don't need a mind, I am a hypnotized slave

Time to finish her up. Catherine is placed on her knees for more slow repetitions of the words Hypnotized slave and then without warning placed on all four as she feels mercilessly fucked and taken from behind. Just when she screams for lust as orgasm after orgasm tears through her body, I decide to drop her back into mindless trance. Again, her mindless unblinking stares, her helplessly opened mouth, the sweat dripping down her face are too intense to describe. More forced masturbation and intense orgasm training take her back to unknown physical pleasure and with that to more acceptance of my programming.

Too absorbed by her own lust, Catherine lets my suggestions drift deep into her subconscious without even knowing what is happening. Now she is programmed to go deeper into trance whenever she feels my finger tapping on her forehead. Placed on her back, our little girl is driven into another series of orgasms while her mind is removed. Her slow repetitions of "mindless horny slave" become more and more monotone as I let her orgasms slowly subside. Still on her back, her arms are now stretched out in front of her body as she mindlessly stares into nothingness.

Of course there are still the breath controlled orgasms and her final surrender yet to come. I surrender master. Her stares during the orgasms and or the mind reduction as well as the intensity of her orgasms and the deeply felt surrender cannot be described. Catherine ends up with her mouth and eyes open as she is put to sleep.



Catherine Fox Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Do you put dry ice on them

Halloween celebrated magician style

Catherine believes to be in an interview to become the new assistant of a very famous magician. Well, she passes the first test which is whether or not she fits into the costume but after that everything seems to go downhill. You should see her face and hear her smart ass comments when I mention that I use hypnosis during my show in order to the crowd and then make them freeze up.

OK, maybe that sounds a bit out there but does she have to make jokes about it. Looks like she does not mind being sawed in half as we all know that is all just a trick anyways but she sure does not want to be frozen stiff, which as we all know, does not work anyways. Oops, the second my new powerful laser beam hits her forehead, our little girl freezes and becomes nothing more than a mindless mannequin.( Unbelievable stare BTW)

 Of course as soon as her mind slowly returns, our young non believer, bitches and moans about her "immobility" and needless to say, she does not want to orgasm for me either. In fact she believes that making a young girl orgasm while helplessly frozen, is sort of unethical. Oh well, it happens anyways.

Poor thing drops right back into mindless trance the second the orgasm subsides. Being the nice guy that I am, I decide to let her move and think again but now she suddenly orgasms again while trying to fight it. Could it be the strange hauling ghost in the back ground. (Halloween is close) Oh no, now she freezes up again and that gives me time to.... Very intense and not for the weak.



Catherine Fox Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I don't know why I am doing this

This next one shows our horny assistant frozen, tickled and rendered mindless at will. Just like in the last segment, I take my time to take her into deep trance, wake her up play mind games, orgasm, tickle and make her feel embarrassed at will. First our little girl is made to feel intensely exited and horny while frozen stiff and then she is swayed and orgasmed. Of course her reactions and comments are priceless. Up and fully aware again, she takes off her clothes without really wanting it but it seems like she has no choice. Now it gets even more intense.

 Catherine is helplessly frozen again and now she is made to feel the tickling which (really) turns her on and eventually orgasms her. Believe me, when you watch this segment, you will see that it is absolutely real. Of course we are not done yet. I decide to make her feel embarrassed and apologetic about her strange behavior. Poor thing does not know what hits her and why she suddenly ends up dim and mindless. Could it be that my hand waving in front of her eyes caused her to sink into mindless obedience. Too much and too intense to describe it all.




Catherine Fox Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
You are really creepy right now

Nobody has mental control over me

Catherine, who still believes t be in the interview to become my new assistant, wakes up with a vibrator in her mouth. The dam thing seems to be stuck in there and no matter how hard she tries, there seems to be no way for her to get it out. Poor thing cannot even talk, all through she tries very hard. Well, I guess I need to help her. Still, she does not believe in "my magic" Of course I have to give her a hard time regarding her strange behavior which makes her feel all embarrassed again. Believe it or not, she still believes that I cannot turn her into a foot slave, which is something my audience likes to see done. Why does she suddenly suck her own feet, play with them, lick them while getting excessively horny. We all know I guess. What come next is really hot.

Catherine becomes intensely horny although she still does not like feet. Unable to stop she is now magically drawn and yes attracted to her own feet. It gets so intense that I decide to let her have some "unwanted fun" before rendering her mindless again. Of course, that is all just the beginning. Catherine is now frozen yet aware and still she does not like feet but again, she feels helplessly fucked while I am having my way with her. She even feels embarrassed about her behavior. There are too many details that makes this a very different and very intense segment, for me to describe it all.



Catherine Fox Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Only if you freeze me

This one is a great example of how the subjects mind and opinion about pretty much anything, can be changed in a hart -beat. Catherine snaps out of it again and now she really wants the job as my assistant. If you have watched the prior clips you know why this is worth mentioning. All of a sudden she begs me to freeze her. I guess deep down inside she did have a great time with all this, her orgasms and her intense lust certainly prove it. Needless to say, our little girl gets her wish as she freezes up again. Catherine is just standing there with her eyes and mouth open as she stares into nothingness. Well, let's switch her into a weak and mindless ragdoll who is just there to be played with. She is moved around, her head is turned from her long neck and she is orgasmed again. At the end, she is turned into a puppet, her stings are released and she sinks to the ground for more limp body and neck play. Absolutely intense in many ways.



Catherine Fox Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
I would never obey a man

I am nothing without you master, I only exist by your orders

Catherine believes to be a professional femdom who has absolutely no compassion for her neighbor who seems a bit nerdy anyways. I mean what kind of man would dare to come up to her apartment to complain about the noise, after all, who cares about some wimpy guys getting their dicks and asses kicked. I was actually surprised to see how dominant Catherine can be and how she got all upset with me trying to stop her from beating these poor slobs. Anyway, my comment that she is in dire need of an attitude adjustment, really ticked her off and she starts to threaten to whip my ass. Well, I guess, no real dominatrix likes to be turned into an obedient robot who has no other purpose than to please and serve me. I am a robot, I will obey now. Lots of slow robotic repetitions, salutations, yes masters, self spanking with her own whip, forced and denied orgasms and a very hot blowjob scene with the vibrator. I am nothing without you master, I only exist by your orders. Many slow and robotic yes masters...



Catherine Fox Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a weak dominatrix

Catherine, our not so touch dominatrix, wakes up with a powerful orgasm which of course makes her not only feel embarrassed but also quite upset about her own weakness. Now she believes it is time for her revenge but unfortunately in the middle of her telling me what she is going to do with me, the green laser light hits her and saps her brain within an instant. Our dominatrix transforms instantaneously into what she never thought she could ever become, a weak and obedient love slave. All of a sudden she is turned on by my control over her and the whipping she is made to feel drives her insane for lust, after all, everything her master does to her turns her on. Of course that is all just warm up.

I decide to take her even deeper while she slowly repeats the mantra "hypnotized slave. After that Catherine is driven insane for lust again as she is forced to masturbate using the vibrator right on the tip of her clit. Just when she is ready to explode, I make become aware of her situation again. You should see how our dominatrix tries to avoid the impending orgasm and how she is finally overcome by her own lust. She even admits that she is a weak dominatrix and that it feels to good to stop.

Orgasmed out, our dominatrix is now ready for her final lesson. Rendered mindless by the waving hand she now put herself in the same position as the mannequin on the floor and freezes up on my command. Let's see what happens when I snap her out of it again while frozen and helpless. Could I be so bad and just leave her there, frozen and helpless with no other choice than to wait for me to come back for more fun?



Catherine Fox Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
She loves me, she loves me not

Catherine, who believes to be a cop who is interrogating me regarding some missing girls, you know like Taylor Raz, Candle Boxxx and so on, seems very upset and quite stern when she realizes that I might have something to do with their disappearance. The idea that these "missing girls" might have fallen in love with me, seems absolutely impossible. Sir, please look at yourself. At the snap of my fingers, our stern officer changes her tune immediately and suddenly I seem to be irresistible and loveable. Watch officer Catherine go back and forth between absolutely not liking me and then being madly in love with me. It is actually quite hot to watch her throw herself at me and believe me, it was not easy to resist. I ran out of tape towards the end of this segment and there about 10 seconds missing during which I gave her the sleep command. Still a great clip though.



Catherine Fox Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I really need those phone nuuuummb e r s

Officer Catherine is back up and although embarrassed about her, not so professional behavior, she still wants to interrogate me regarding those girls. Things don't go to well for her yet again. Our poor young officer gets sleepier and sleeper with every snap of my fingers and despite her considerable struggle to stay awake, she finally goes down while still talking about some phone numbers she needs so that she can get in contact with the girls. Poor thing even undresses without being aware of it. What else could possibly go wrong for her.



Catherine Fox Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
That is just retarded

Officer Catherine wakes up again and although confused and embarrassed, she wants to arrest me. The funny part about all this is that she gets undressed without being aware of while threatening me with the arrest. All of a sudden, her own hand goes up to her mouth and nose and puts her slowly and with very intense rolling eyes, to sleep. Imagine how she feels after waking up again, remembering that she just put herself out. Of course my explanation that mind control might have something to do with all this is completely retarded but a few seconds later, she puts herself out again. Can it get worse?

Try freezing up while interrogating a suspect. Now she is helplessly frozen. I mention that I can unfreeze her but that it might render her mindless. Of course that is even more retarded. What can I say, the second she unfreezes, our little girl goes mindless. Now we have her change into some sexy lingerie and send her back to the station (mindless and with her arms stretched out in front of her body) so that she can serve the rest of the police force.



Catherine Fox Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Transaction denied

I know, seeing a prostitute is not every bodies idea of fun but for me it is always the highlight of the month, besides, Catherine is different. Honestly, she is the kind of girl that makes a man feel special and desirable right after she swipes your credit card that is. I thought it was a great idea to see her on Halloween and to play a little dress up/ role play to break the routine but something felt wrong the second I entered the room.

Catherine did not seem to be her warm and friendly self and the idea of changing into the costumes I brought for her, seemed strange to her. If I did not know better, I would have thought that she was not really familiar with the whole Halloween concept. Things got really messed up after she swiped my credit card through her cleavage and it came back denied. Maybe my last payment had not cleared or maybe she was kind of fucked up already by the time I got there. Anyway, we will never know and it is probably not all that important. The important thing is that after tricking her to give me the password that would actually open her pleasure functions, I did get to play with her. OK, maybe there were a few malfunctions, twitches, repetitions and what not but at least I did get to...


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