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Charisma Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


It is just like meditation

Was it a "charismatic" session?

Charisma, seductive and very sexual blond has just that, Charisma that is. It is not easy to explain but besides her obvious beauty, there is something so sweet and fresh yet intensely arousing about her that makes you want to take her in your arms and make her scream for lust under your, lets call it, care. Some girls and Charisma is certainly one of them, exuberate raw sexual energy that makes most men immediately think with the other brain (their dicks, just in case your brain has already shut off by looking at her pics). I could go on and on about how refreshingly sweet, naturally horny and fun our little girl is but I am sure you will see all that once you watch the clips. Does submission come easy to her? Is it a "charismatic" session? And will she be back? You decide.

Charisma likes to meditate which is always very helpful because meditation and h nosis, are very similar and people who meditate make great subjects. Nice slow eye closing, floating hands, dreamy, hazy eyes and lots of body language throughout the segment.

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Charisma Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Feel the inevitable surrender

Feel how I take over your body and mind

I am sure I mentioned it before but this is always my favorite part of the session. It is always very intense to watch the girls sliding under my control and to enjoy their young bodies as they slowly start to quiver and shake while their breathing changes from rhythmic and relaxed to orgasmic moaning and groaning before they finally orgasm for the first time in the session. I know that was a long sentence! Charisma is no exception; in fact she is a perfect example of how a nervous young girl can be turned into a horny and orgasmic sex slave when trained properly. It is obvious that Charisma is already unable to resist my power over her as she quivers and shakes under the vibrator and the intense nipple stimulation I make her feel. Orgasmed long and hard, my little girl screams out her first yes masters.



Charisma Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Learn to mindlessly orgasm for your master

Going deeper with every snap of my fingers

As you might know, I am a firm believer in the idea that orgasm control is a very important tool in turning your subject into a horny, mindless and willing slave. I mean, why not use pleasure or in other words, their own lust, to make them bow to your will. Of course getting them there takes some work. Charisma’s hands are drawn between her legs and she has not control over them what so ever. Her sexy young body squirms and quivers for lust and just when she is ready to orgasm, I have her open her eyes and empty out her thoughts and will into the watch I am holding.

Unaware of what is happening and caught up in her own feelings of lust, Charisma lets go of her mind and will, her eyes start to cross as she drops into mindless bliss. The suggestion that she is here to learn to obey drives her up the wall and again her body goes into lustful convulsions. I decide to take her even deeper with every snap of my fingers until her eyes cross as a sign of her mindless trance. SHE SCREAMS “YOU ARE MY MASTER, I AM NOTHING WITHOUT YOU”. More slow repetitions of “I am nothing without you” and a few hands free orgasms make it clear to her who is in control.



Charisma Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Crawl for your master

Mantra: mindless slave

Mindless slow repetition of mantras, cross eyed trance, slow mind removal and deep trance, screaming hard choice-less orgasms, yes masters, lots of repetitions, crawling and complete exhaustion. Of course the above mentioned only describes some of the highlights of this segment but as you all know, there is always a lot more going on than what it says in the description. The way Charisma’s beautifully rounded body moves as she feels helplessly fucked on all four, her crossing eyes every time I remove more of her mind and will, her mindless repetitions, her quivering sweaty body during her controlled orgasms and her unconditional surrender just can not be put into the right words. This clip also includes denied orgasms and it definitely shows Charisma’s intense raw sexuality, as well as many repetitions like “I am a mindless slave” “I was born to serve you” “nobody makes me cum as hard as you” and “I have no control”.



Charisma Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Feel what it is like to be helplessly taken

Cross eyed surrender

Charisma’s young body is quivering under the Hitachi vibrator mercilessly thrusting between her legs. In the last segment, I denied her to orgasm and now it is time to make her cum on command; after all, the girl has to learn that I give and take as I please. Well, I think it is time to take it up a notch and to make her stand up which, as we all know, makes it a lot less comfortable. Slaves do not need to be comfortable and that is exactly what I want her to know and feel. Charisma’s hair is all over her face and I can see her getting hot and sweaty. Of course she does not notice any of this which is just another sign of her deep trance. I have her stretch out her arms in front of her as she slowly and mindlessly repeats the words “mindless slave” over and over. The deeper you sink the better you feel. Of course that is all just the warm up.

Next is the orgasm chair as Charisma’s arms are helplessly pulled up in the air, the chair between her legs seems to vibrate and before long, our little girl quivers and shakes under the intense vibration of the sybian chair. Don’t you love the power of suggestions? I want her to feel and admit that I am the one who orgasms her and that she has no more control over her mind and body. She is orgasmed over and over until her body goes into intense lustful convulsions. No, we are not done just yet. More zombie/sleep walker poses, slow repetition of mantras, a very intense struggle before she goes out completely, forced orgasm training, cross eyed surrender are still to come. Many women like the feeling of being taken and or conquered but Charisma loves it and can not seem to get enough of it. If you don’t know what I mean by this, there is only one way to find out!



Charisma Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
I don't fucking know why I am doing this!

This clip is all about post hypnotic triggers. Charisma who believes to be practicing her new strip dance routine is surprised by her boss who seems to have just walked in on her. I have to admit, I had to watch her dance for a bit before starting the conversation; that girl knows how to shake her ass and I am sure you are going to love it.

Anyway after watching her for just a bit, I make her believe that I just walked in and sure enough, she knows right away that she is in some kind of trouble. Coming to work late all the time and then leaving early is just not what we do around here. Of course she has all kinds of excuses but then right in the middle of telling me how much she respects me, she starts to laugh as if she has just heard the funniest joke.

Her laughter stops just as abrupt as it started and she is confused and very apologetic about the whole thing. Again, right in the middle of telling me what a great boss I am, she bursts into laughter again. Now that is rude, don't you think? Maybe I am not tough enough. Of course she apologizes again and promises to be better, after all her job is very important to her. Interesting but why does she start to laugh again, just when she talks about the importance of her job and why does she take off her top? Hot strip dance, hilarious comments and excuses and it is all triggered by a carefully planted...



Charisma Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
OK, one more chance

Charisma wakes up remembering what just happened and she apologizes even more than before, particularly about the fact that she must have dozed off. We talk a bit about hypnosis and the effect it has on some people but of course that is just a bunch of BS in her opinion. Regardless, I decide to give her one more chance but the second I tell her that she starts to laugh again! OK, that is enough. Now she has to show me her new strip dance routine which really is her last chance to show me that she is serious about the job. As I mentioned, watching her dance and strip is hot but unfortunately for her, she suddenly freezes up. OH my god, how could that have happened? Naturally, our sexy little stripper has no explanation for it either but what do you know, she starts laughing again as if she had just heard the funniest joke. Lots of freezes and post hypnotic triggers which seem to drive her nuts. Lots of funny excuses and comments from our very confused sexy stripper.




Charisma Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Robo stripper

I finally had it with our unruly stripper and I mention to her that if she laughs or freezes up again, I will have to turn her into an obedient robot without a mind or will. Of course she laughs again and is certain that could never happen to her. Sure enough, seconds later she is standing at attention as a Robot ready for my commands. Time to make her strip dance again, remove the rest of her mind, make her system freeze up, learn to say yes master, deactivate and then activate her again just because I can, and make her salute her new owner. I don't know what happened but I lost about 2 min at the end of the clip which could have been a problem with the tape which means there is no masturbation. Really nice clip though and well worth watching.



Charisma Clip Nine Part One and Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Tell me you can resist these!

"I am your mindless horny slave master, I do anything for you master"

This clip is a bit longer but well worth it. Here are a few pointers in case you do not want to read the entire description. If you are into a beautiful girl trying to hypnotize her boss using her big breasts, begging, crawling in circles, forced orgasm training, freezes, zombie pose (sleep walk) intense empty stares, futile struggles and surrender, slow repetitions, screaming hard orgasms and last but not least our girl's transformation from bitchy to pleasing and submissive, then this one is for you.

Charisma who believes to be a secretary is called in by the president of the company for hypnotizing her immediate supervisor and then posting the pictures, which show him jerking off in the lunch room. Now that is something we can not tolerate here, don't you agree? Of course she tries to talk her way out of it by saying that he treated her like a piece of eye candy and that he kept hitting on her. Well, look how you are dressed girl, don't you think that might encourage such behavior? Anyway, to make a long story short, she is convinced that she can pretty much hypnotize anybody, including me.

Being the nice guy that I am, I decide to go along and let her try it, just to see what happens. I even ask her whether such an attempt has ever back fired on her and the answer, a firm "NO". Sure enough, she opens her jacket, rips open her top and lets her beautiful tits come out... Charisma goes down slowly yet hard before she even knows what hits her! To describe the rest of her training would take way too long and most of you might have given up reading already, so go ahead and enjoy the clip. Very intense and not for the weak minded. Charisma ends up a sweaty, horny and completely exhausted yet perfectly trained love slave.




Charisma Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Can we please pretend it never happened?

Oh my god, it is too intense

Charisma, our sexy yet formerly bratty secretary wakes up remembering what just happened to her and I make her admit that her attempt to get me under control failed miserably. Sometimes it feels good to rub it in and yes, Charisma tries to smooth talk her way out of it but unfortunately for her with very little success. I mean, I am a nice guy but not that nice. Ready to leave, she suddenly realizes that she is unable to move and is turning into a mannequin, meaning that she is freezing up. Here again, I want her to feel every moment of it and with that my power over her. Of course as soon as she becomes aware of her predicament, the pleading and begging starts.

Well, honey, these are all the things you can do to somebody as long as you are able to actually hypnotize them. Again, I want her to feel her failure. Now lets see what else we can do. Maybe some "Hitachi" orgasm training (which BTW becomes so intense that she almost falls down) or maybe some mind removal via the "hand" or maybe more freezes, some rearranging of her beautiful body or maybe even sway her frozen body. Of course there is a lot more going on and all in all, Charisma turns out to be a perfectly trained...



Charisma Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Blowjobs every day, I promise

There are too small for my ass

The kind of things women offer and or promise to do when they want something from you is really amazing and I am sure you will agree with me once you watch this segment. Charisma believes to be my wife and that she needs a boob job badly. Honestly, I think that is probably the last thing she needs but she has a very different opinion about all this. Believing that her boobs a really small and droopy, our little girl starts to promise me the world and most importantly a life filled with sex and BJ. Still, I can not get myself to agree and that is when she goes all out to prove to me that it would be money well spent to buy her the tits. Find out how far our flat chested little wife goes to make me change my mind.



Charisma Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
They can never be too young to learn

Charisma, who believes to be in an interview to become the new kinder garden teacher seems to have no problem, or I should say, no concerns when it comes to pleasuring herself in front of me during the interview. In fact she seems to believe that the "kinder" should learn this kind of stuff very early on in their lives. It almost seems like the more I try to stop her, the more she goes at it and my morality concerns seem to be silly in her opinion. Oh boy, I wonder what made her do something like that? Anyway, I finally send her to sleep only to wake her up remembering what terrible thing she has done. You should really hear her excuses and apologies when she wakes up half naked with a dildo in her pussy. What makes it even worse is the fact that just when I am willing to accept her apologies, she orgasms reluctantly yet very powerful right there in front of me.



Charisma Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
They are made for walking

I guess everybody feels different about feet and the sexual attraction they might have. Charisma, who believes that we just got started, does not seem to be the least bit interested in playing with her feet and the idea that I might get aroused just by looking at them, seems a bit odd to her. Well, what can I say, a carefully planted post hypnotic trigger changes all that very quickly. All of a sudden, she can not seem to get enough of her feet and the idea that I am watching her, drives her up the wall for lust. In fact, just mentioning that I might touch or kiss her feet, makes her beg for just that. Mindless and then very seductive. Close ups of her feet while they are very still so our foot lovers can enjoy each and every little wrinkle. Some toe wiggling and more close ups after sending her to sleep as well as sensual foot play in the most sensual positions. Suggested by viewers like you.


Charisma Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
My mother board is wet, you idiot

I can’t help it, you’re so hot, when you malfunction?” My sexy roommate Charisma was sitting dressed in her pink belly shirt and tight blue jeans reading a magazine. I pretend to stumble and toss all the water in my cup all over her … what can I say, I just love to make her malfunction – especially when her owner Mark is not around. Charisma keeps reminding me how Mark bought her not me…If I want my own android I should go out and buy one and leave her alone.

She keeps telling me: “I’m not programmed for you so deal with it” and how Mark is going to kick my ass if he finds out I tried to short her out again. Not to mention how she never lets me forget how I still owe him money for the last time I had to be repaired. She asks me to get her a towel so she can dry herself. Of course I had a soaking wet towel ready for her. She was so busy looking at her wet chest that she grabbed the towel and Yes you guessed it: “It—It’s wet, a I’m not designed to get wet, you idiot you’re going to completely fry my CPU one of these days with one of your stupid stunts.

 — Warning—Warning—Charisma unit damaged —System failure Eminent. That’s where I come in and remove the misaligned chip and reinsert it into her damaged panel as she stares off into space with her lips parted. Then I pull a flash and insert the USB port into her navel. Her Chest rises as she lets out a gasp. “Loading complete…….. Hi I’m Charisma; I am designed programmed to function as the perfect female companion. I have been reconfigured to function as a pleasure unit. What would you like me to do? The rest is history – well until Mark finds out!!!










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