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Charity Love Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Remember you were born to serve...

Charity Love, beautiful horny and submissive young..... What am I doing here trying to describe Charity? I am so sure you all remember those amazing eye-rolls, entranced yes master, intense orgasms and, and, and.. I am also sure you all remember that Charity is an excellent subject and the fact that she is naturally horny and submissive makes every one of her visits an unforgettable experience. Enjoy.

Needless to say, her session starts with a bang, lot's of those rolling white eyes (you all know what I mean by that) intense orgasms, masturbation, some limp play and of course the initial entrancement (raised arms become slowly heavy while being programmed) As mentioned Charity is one of my favorites and I always enjoy the sweet hint of a smile on her face when she realizes that what I do works.

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Charity Love Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I have to be trained

Charity is still out and her limp immobilized body is just there for me to play with and to pose her any which way. Of course I have to check her eyes, open her mouth, pull and drop her, expose her tits and pussy as well as her beautiful ass while posing her. After taking off her shoes and inspecting her feet, I decide to make her orgasm in her sleep before having her slowly open her eyes (deepener) for some more programming. "Yes master I am here to be trained, " are her first words after....  




Charity Love Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless object

Charity's session is way too intense to describe all the details of her training, so here are some of the highlights of this next segment.

Yes master I want to be trained

Intensified masturbation and orgasm training (on command and or having to wait for it) while I am holding her eyes open, slow repetition of mantra, "control me master", rolling white eyed entrancement, naked and seductive posing while repeating, "I am your mindless object master," bend over masturbation and finger fucking, neck brace and so much more. I always enjoy watching Charity go crazy for lust and I am sure, so will you.




Charity Love Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Horny little girls need to be trained

Another intense one featuring Charity either being completely zoned out and or intensely horny

Highlights are the slow repetitions of mantras like," horny little girls need to be trained," while in the zombie/sleepwalker position, slow mind-removal, lot's of those white eyed stares, being mindlessly posed like a doll, intense dim stares, seductive (yet entranced) dancing and posing for her master, bend over masturbation before being put to sleeep, limp play featuring her ass and feet, objectification and more. If you like watching a beautiful girl dancing, posing and being objectified while in deep...., than this one is for you. Yes masters  




Charity Love Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Used and orgasmed foot slave

Entranced, frozen, orgasmed and mindlessly entranced foot slave in bliss

This next one is very intense even if you are not into watching a beautiful girl seductively sucking, kissing and offering her pretty feet while talking about them. our little girl loves feet and it certainly shows how crazy for lust she gets when being allowed to serve with them.

The way she seductively touches her face with her feet while getting more and more aroused shows that our little girl is a perfectly trained foot slave. Of course we get to enjoy the rolling white eyes, the screaming hard masturbation and orgasms when I hold her feet, her repetitions of, "I am your horny foot slut," and more. It all starts and ends with her being in lala land while I am having fun with her sexy little feet. Did I mention the part where she is frozen while I ....




Charity Love Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Unconditional surrender

Highlights: Here we get to enjoy watching her crawling and let by her hair while being made to feel fucked and used from behind, being ordered to masturbate standing up and being put to sleep after a very intense breath controlled orgasm. More rolling white eyes, yes master, screaming hard orgasm training, wake up orgasm while being confused about where she is and what the he.... is going on, being put to sleeep a few times and more. I should probably mention that our little girl is also programmed to instantaneously orgasm whenever she feels my finger in her navel.




Charity Love Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I must obey the voice

Charity, who believes to be at a reputable Massage place, seems quite concerned when she finds out that I am her massage therapist instead of the woman she was expecting. There is no way she would let a man touch her. Looks like we need to relax our "prude" and make her feel what she was missing. The relaxing part of my "treatment" is the old watch trick which (despite her attempts to resist it) helps her to achieve a, let's call it, different state of mind.

 Her eyes roll back as she drifts and now she is programmed to "obey the voice." Charity's sexy body loses all strength while she slowly repeats, I must obey. Time for me to slowly remove her towel and to take a closer look at her open pussy as well as her tits while pushing a vibrator on her clit. By the time she opens her (entranced eyes) all she remembers is that she is a horny slut who loves to follow and obey. Slow limp play, eye checks, neck brace and so much more.




Charity Love Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Massage me anywhere

I am getting off for you

I am a very horny slut

Charity, who still believes to be at the massage place, is now programmed to be incredibly attracted to the first man she sees right after she wakes up. Guess who that first guy she sees is? The fun thing is that she is not only incredibly attracted to a man but she is also a horny slut (she loves it) who has no morals. Somehow she believes that throwing herself at a guy is completely normal. Needless to say, it does not end here.

Watching her seductively playing with herself while trying to entice me to fuck her any which way is hot. Let's see what happens when she comes back to her senses. At the snap of my fingers she turns back into being the prudish customer and believe it or not, now she tries to make me believe that she is way to religious to fuck around. Poor thing seems quite distressed which makes me decide to put her back into deep trance and to then enjoy my very, very, slow thinking (zombie like) horny little slut. Rolling eyes of course and a very deeply entranced horny sl.....  




Charity Love Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen and used foot slave

Charity, who has no recollection of what has happened so far, rambles on and on again about how much she would prefer a female massage therapist and that she wants her money back if she does not get what she wants. Things change rather quickly (after giving her the trigger) and now we get to enjoy watching our "former prude" seductively apply lotion to her cute little feet while posing and moving them for our viewing pleasure. She keeps talking about how great her hands feel and that her own foot massages are the best. I think I mentioned it before but as you will see, Charity does have a foot fetish and she just loves to show them off, suck them, kiss them and....

Of course her bliss cannot last forever. You should see the look on her face when she suddenly freezes up and becomes aware of what she is doing. Frozen and quite helpless, she has no other choice than to put up with me. Again, she babbles on about how religious she is and that it was all a misunderstanding. Sure honey we all know you are a "foot lusty person." Of course there is a lot more happening before I place a vibrator in her navel which makes her go out in the middle of... More limp foot play yet to come.



Charity Love Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Doctor, Doctor give me the news

This next segment was suggested (like most of our segments) by a longtime viewer. Charity is now made to believe that she is at her doctor's office and although the good doctor ensures her that it is just a small and painless procedure he has to perform, she insist on him giving her something to, let's call it, relax. Looks like she is more than relaxed, in fact she goes out like a light (with rolling eyes of course. Now the good doctor can take his time to mess with her limp body, move her around, undress her, check her feet, ass and so on. The best part about all this is that she leaves happy and with no clue as to what happened. Eye checks




Charity Love Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Bad little girl needs "brainwashing"

This next one got a bit longer which made me decide to split it up into part one and two but I certainly recommend watching both of them

Charity, who believes to be the cook at my wife's birthday party, cannot resist stealing the shiny one ounce gold coin, which happens to be my birthday present for my wife ( in her dreams). Anyway, we start talking and after she gives me a rundown of the menu, I finally ask her whether she has seen the little red box on the table and of course the gold coin that was in it. Needless to say, she denies having seen anything of that nature but I can tell, something is up.

Looks like we need to brainwash our "bad little girl" and after that delete her "human existence" program which then leaves her an easily programmable Robot toy. Of course we have to have her strip, after all, the coin must be on her body. Sure enough, the second she pulls down her bra, the coin drops but at this point, it is of no relevance to our robot anymore. Next comes the programming of our new toy which includes a schedule as to when she has to clean, give blow jobs and so on.




Charity Love Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Here Kitty Kitty....here.....

Charity, who still believes that she is the cook at my wife's birthday party, has no recollection of what has happened so far (short term amnesia) and again, she denies having seen my gold coin. Needless to say, she laughs about my story that the gold coin was used in magic shows and that it has certain, let's call it, properties that can be harmful for a person's mind. Looks like she needs a demonstration. Enjoy watching our little thief being made to believe that she is a meowing, milk licking, horny and eventually very sleeepy kitten.



Charity Love Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Final surrender

Charity, our little thief comes to and the second she sits up, her beautiful body freezes into a statue. Poor thing is so confused about all this but she still lies about the fact that she has (tried) to steal my coin. Believe it or not but she still tries to talk her way out of it after I find the coin in her panties, Some girls are slow learners, I guess. Of course I have to mess with my frozen victim by teasing her with the cat toy and so on, which drives her more crazy. It even better towards the end where I keep putting her to sleeep every time she tries to leave. It gets so bad that she begs me not to put her to sleeep again. Enjoy more of the rolling white eyes, limp play and so much more.




Charity Love Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Too good to throw away

Frank runs a scrap facility that breaks down old robots and strips their parts for use in repair shops and resale facilities. He comes in to check on the latest arrival who was left at the drop off last night. He turns her on by remote and runs her through basic commands to determine how run down she is. She performs pretty well but she does glitch quite a bit, obviously the reason why she was brought in. Fixing all of her issues would outweigh the cost of a new unit. Frank decides to try and fix a couple of things and have fun with her. After activating her sexual programming and having her strip and tease for him he decides to end up scrapping her. She just malfunctions too much to be of any use to him. He turns her off and leaves her frozen to be broken down for parts later on.


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