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Charity Love Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Look into my eyes

Charity Love, extremely sexual and according to her own testimony, almost always horny young seductress, had been in a couple of times before, which I am sure, all of you remember. Who could ever forget those intense eye-rolling moments, mind-blowing hard orgasms and her unconditional surrender to control. Charity is the kind of girl that is surrounded by the kind of oozing, raw sexuality which definitely drives every red blooded man crazy and that combined with a hint of sensuality and a very pleasing attitude, makes her the perfect playmate. As mentioned, who could ever forget her. Get ready for another mind-blowing rollercoaster ride.

I described her just like the last time because nothing had changed, except maybe that she was even more fun this time around. The session was a lot of fun despite the technical problems we experienced that day. I could not believe it when realized that both of my cameras decided to go out on me. I know, it is crazy. I had to run home to get my third backup camera which finally made it through the session. Luckily none of the content was lost and besides a few minor dropped frames and glitches, it came out great

Needless to say, Charity's session started with a bang. Our little girl went down after staring into my eyes for a bit and the fun could begin. I could not wait to mess with her sleepy little body, expose some of her "curves", perform some eye checks and then ask her a few questions regarding the depth of her, let's call it, state of mind and whether she could go deeper and so on. Looks like she is ready to let me "guide" her into sexual bliss.

Charity's body quivers and we get to see the white in her eyes before she is driven to orgasm. There is a lot more to cum, everything from intense eye rolling, masturbation, trance deepening (more eye rolling) forced orgasms, entranced yes masters and, and, and. I am cuming for you master. Lots of limp play

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Charity Love Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Learn that your master can do with you as he wishes

There is nothing under my control master

Looks like the last clip description got a bit long, so I will try to keep this shorter. This one is definitely for our "foot slave training" lovers but I am sure our rolling eyes, entranced repetitions of mantras while in the sleepwalker pose, yes masters, forced orgasm, limp body and feet play, slow sleep and screaming hard orgasm fans will enjoy this one as well. It is really a hot one in which we get to enjoy watching her not only offer us her feet but to also eagerly suck and kiss them for us. Yes, she is put out at times as well which, of course, give me time to mess with her feet, neck and body as I please.




Charity Love Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your property master

I have no more mind left master

The fun goes on and we get to enjoy more of those "rolling white eyed" moments, intense screaming hard orgasms, slow and entranced repetitions, slow sleep and lot's of limp body manipulation including neck mouth and eyes and more. After our little girl learns that love slaves crawl and beg while being made to feel fucked from behind, she is being slowly send to sleep so that I can have my way with her. Needless to say there is more. Placed on her knees, our mindlessly entranced beauty is posed and frozen like a little doll, just there to be looked at and to be enjoyed. I also asked her questions regarding her "state of mind" (empty) and so on which she answered while deeply entranced. Lots of rolling eyes, surprised wake up orgasm, yes masters, begging and more.




Charity Love Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Thumb sucking mannequin

Every orgasm I let you feel makes you want more

Here we get to enjoy our entranced beauty being posed into different mannequin positions and then frozen. Towards the end of the posing I decided to place her thumb in her mouth and she started to suck it like a baby. Of course there is a lot more than the infamous rolling eye moments, the zombie pose while I mess with her neck, the yes masters, the intense limp body and neck play, the long and very intense orgasm after being made to beg for it, yet to come. Charity is, as we all know, extremely sexual and teaching her to manipulate her big tits until she orgasms was not all that hard but sure as he.. hot to watch. Needless to say, she is snapped into oblivion right in the middle of a very powerful orgasm, just so she feels her masters power. Too much to list.




Charity Love Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Do with me as you please master

I am your horny slave master

I am your toy master

Many of you mentioned in your emails that you enjoy the mannequin/posing segments so here we get to enjoy watching her pose for us and then freeze up so that we get to take a closer look of our sexy mannequin. Of course that is only part of what is happening here. We also get to enjoy her go nuts during the breath controlled orgasm training. I could feel her getting intensely aroused as soon as she feels my hand on her throat, she stops breathing while intensifying her masturbation. Needless to say, her eyes roll backwards as her body goes into lustful convulsions. Time to drop her deep again and to ask our mindlessly entranced beauty a few questions. Yes master, limp body/feet and neck play, entranced stares, rolling eyes, screaming hard orgasms and so much more.




Charity Love Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not here for a shoe interview

Charity believes to be a nurse who has been sent to a famous plastic surgeon by her temp agency, does not seem to impressed by the good doctor. Guess who that might be. Anyway, his talking about her beautiful red (closed toed) high heel shoes and the pretty feet that might be hiding in those, seem to make her feel uncomfortable. Oh well, who cares, right? As soon as the good doctor leaves, our young and quite inexperienced nurse, cannot seem to resist to play around with those colorful ,let's call them, tubes and sure enough, the smell just puts her right out (with rolling eyes that is)

Time for the "evil" doctor to return and to mess with his helpless victim. Of course he takes a closer look at her body and throat before slowly taking off her sexy red shoes. Looks like we need to use the "tube" one more time to ensure that she remains in a state of helplessness. As we all know, Charity loves to suck and kiss her size seven and a half feet for her master and it would be a shame if we did not get to see this here. Besides the intense foot slave training we also get to enjoy sleep masturbation, intense screaming hard orgasms, more limp body, neck and foot play, yes masters, rolling white eyes, toe play and, and, and.




Charity Love Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
You can barely squeeze these things.

This next one is funny and different. Here we get her to believe that she really, really, really needs bigger tits and that working for a plastic surgeon would get her at least a discount. It is quite amazing how far our little girl would go to get these big tits. The fact that she does not have the money for the surgery can be easily overcome, after all, there are blow jobs and other sexual favors she is willing to render. Things get even funnier when (after a brief sleepy break) that she really, really, really needs her but injected. Yes, you are reading this right, our girl needs a bigger but as well. Again, there is no money but a butt fuck is certainly not out of the question. Needless to say, I mess with her by not wanting to do either surgery which drives her nuts and willing to do anything.





Charity Love Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
I keep my skinny ass

In the last segment we got to enjoy her offering me her ass for payment and now we will find out what happens when she wakes up and realizes what she just did. Oh, Oh, it sure looks like she has changed her mind about all this which leaves me no other choice than to have fun with her by freezing her. You guessed it, this segment is all about our sexy nurse being frozen and messed with. Using the stethoscope on her ass, does make her suspect that I am not much of a medical capacity and that my "well meant" attempts to help her with the "stiffness" problem might not really go anywhere. Wait until you see her reaction when I mention to her that I am not really a doctor. Lots of freeze fun, bitching, the waving hand and a happy ending. Well, sort of happy ending. Somehow she seems to have changed her mind and as it seems, now she really wants to fuck me but then she ....




Charity Love Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Please, Please, please

This segment is based on a viewer suggestion. Charity is now made to believe that she is still at the plastic surgeons office but now she is a patient who seems quite worried about the procedure she is about to undergo. Of course our good doctor tries to convince her that is just a minor procedure and that it does not even require for her to be put under. Oh no, that worries her even more and she begs to be put out. OK, honey have it your way. Needless to say, our good doctor has his own agenda and yes her puts her out but only to have his way with her. Lots of limp body manipulation.




Charity Love Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Android Hawaiian style

I am a robot, designed to function as your slave master

Charity, our sweet yet full of herself supermodel, is certainly not impressed by the photographer who keeps talking about a robot fetish website and women who have been turned into sexy, well programmed androids. I know, she might be right and the guy is maybe crazy but her sure knows how to remove her silly notion of actually being human. Full robot programming, masturbation, activation and deactivation of programs, plenty of yes masters, monotone robotic speech, stiff moves and more.




Charity Love Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Size don't mean anything

Charity, our still pretty full of herself supermodel, is now made to believe that she can actually see my dick though my pants and what she sees is the smallest dick she has ever seen. I cannot describe the entire conversation here but is funny as hell. Looks like she cannot keep herself from laughing and from making fun of me without actually telling me what she actually sees. Wait until you see her reaction when I switch her to believing that she now sees the "BIGGEST" dick she has ever seen. Wow, now we got her attention. Charity goes gaga over my dick and it is obvious that she wants a piece of, if you know what I mean. Come on over and pound me. Priceless comments and really funny. Limp play, neck brace and eye checks towards the end.




Charity Love Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Put that away 

One more round of fun with our sexy Hawaiian supermodel. Charity, who does not remember anything that has happened so far, all of a sudden believes to see me jerking off in front of her. Oh my god. Looks like she is besides herself and although she really wants the modeling job, she goes off on me. The fun begins when I snap my fingers and now she realizes that I am not doing anything wrong. Oops, that could be embarrassing. So, so sorry. Let's do it again. I snap her back and forth a few times until she believes to be going out of her mind.

Looks like we need to freeze her and then take off some of those unnecessary "coconut shells" Up and awake again, she now starts to masturbate in front of me as if there was nothing to it. Poor thing freezes up right before she has a chance to cum. Now she really wants to get herself off but her frozen hand does not seem to cooperate.

Time to mess with her and to then render her quiet and mindless with the "waving hand." Can it get any worse. Try being tortured by uncontrollable laughing attacks at the worst times, seeing the photographer jerk off yet again and then being put to sleep so that he can have his way with her. Sleepy orgasm, limp play and more.




Charity Love Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
A not so simple maid Bot.

(Frank barks a list of orders to Charity his busty French maid. Charity is a very basic model, who's stiff posture, blank expressions, mechanical movements and awkwardly pleasant mannerisms do very little to hide her true robotic nature.

Frank Charity do me a favor and sweep the floor before our guest arrive.

Charity Yes Mr. Douglas………I will sweep…..for you.

Frank Oh and be sure to iron the slacks I laid out for you,

Charity Yes Mr. Douglas………I will sweep…..and iron for you.

Frank Oh yeah be doll and clean the dishes I left in the sink.

Charity Command acknowledged. ……….. Yes Mr. Douglas………I will sweep…..and…. iron…and …clean……. for you.

Frank Oh yeah I almost forgot………I need you to prepare the hors d'oeuvres for tonight's reception.

Charity Command acknowledged. ……….. Yes Mr. Douglas………I will sweep…..and…. iron…and…clean…and…cook for you. …………

Frank Can you do me a favor.

Charity Of course Sir……… I am programmed to please and obey

Frank This whole party has got me a little stressed……..do a little sexy dance to take my mind off the event.

Charity Command acknowledged. ……….. Yes Mr. Douglas………I will sweep…..and…. iron…and…clean…and…cook …and... dance… for you. …………

Frank Well I definitely have my mind on something else now. Harley I want you to load sex program Alpha 416.

Charity Command acknowledged. ……….. Yes Mr. Douglas………I will sweep…..and…. iron…and…clean…and…cook …and... dance…and fuck for you……….…and fuck for …and fuck for ……for you……for you……..I will fuck for you Charity's processors are overwhelmed by the long list on instruction and she not advanced enough to prioritize the many commands. She appears quite concerned and her calm pleasant voice gradually becomes more urgent.

Charity Command acknowledged. …………I am programmed to please and obey…………I am programmed to please and obey….. to plea…plea….plea…..please and obey………o..o..o..obey…..must obey…… must please…must please …….error……..error insufficient memory…….can not compute……..can not compute ……….Buffering……. Buffering…… Buffering……. Hi i'm Charity……… Hi i'm Charity 2000, How may I Please you? Charity Hi I'm Charity………. I will sweep for you now…………..

Charity Hi I'm Charity………. I will sweep for you now………….. Charity Hi I'm Charity………. I will iron for you now…………..

Frank Charity are you OK? Charity are you there? Hello earth to Charity!

Looks like Frank has his hands full trying to get her to comply to his needs without malfunctioning. Will it work, does the party happen and will her get "some action."


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