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Remember your master's voice

Charity Love, extremely sexual and according to her own testimony, almost always horny young seductress, had been in for a session before but I have a feeling that most of you won't recognize her. Why would that be, you might ask. Well, Charity has not only changed her name and hair color but also her entire look. I certainly remembered her being horny and sexual the first time around but what happened that afternoon blew even me away. Charity is the kind of girl that seems to be surrounded by the kind of oozing, raw sexuality which definitely drives every red blooded man crazy and that combined with a hint of sensuality and a very pleasing attitude, makes her the perfect playmate. Besides all that, our little girl is a fantastic subject and believe me, this one turned out to be the most dramatic eye-rolling, deep trance session, we have done in a while. Be prepared for a very sexual and exciting session with lots of new ideas. Guess who she is

Feel that I can make you come anytime, anywhere and anyhow I want to

I actually decided to not let her remember the first session until she was entranced. Instead of doing my normal induction, I thought it might be more fun to take her right back down and to begin the training. Charity's eyes are fixated on the light in my hand and before she even knows what hits her, her eyes start to roll back and she drops into deep trance. She calls me master, just like she subconsciously remembers from her first trainings session. Time to make her feel aroused and dependent on her master again. As I always say, a horny girl can easily be controlled and programmed. Charity is made to feel helplessly fucked and used until she screams, I missed your control over me master. Suddenly her hands feel drawn between her wet legs and she cannot help but masturbate herself to orgasm. I can feel how much she wants to show me how much she missed being under control. More repetitions, orgasms on my count of three and of course rolling eyes are still to come. Very dramatic start and it really shows how much she missed being trained.

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Charity Love Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I make myself cum for you master

I am your horny mindless slave master.

Watching Charity's beautifully rounded body quiver, shake and eventually go into intense convulsions, is just as sizzling hot as I remembered it. Placed on her knees with her hands pulled on her back, she is taken deeper until her eyes go from mindlessly staring to rolling back into her head. Deep and mindless she then made to feel aroused and needy again. I keep driving her up the wall before letting her cum and then she has to make herself cum for me while repeating (slow), I make myself cum for you master. With her arms stretched out in front of her, our little girl sinks deeper yet again while repeating the mantra, I am your horny mindless slave master. Of course that is all just the warm up. Let's see how devoted to serve our little girl is by now.

Placed on the couch, Charity drops into mindlessness while her eyes roll back again. All of a sudden she feels the vibrator between her legs while her body freezes up. Unable to remove the vibrator, the girl has no other choice than to surrender to a series of orgasms. I am cuming for you master. More slow repetitions of I am your slave (mantra) stares and rolling eyes. The intensity with which she orgasms, rolls her eyes as she drops, stares and surrenders, cannot be put into words.



Charity Love Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your orgasm slave master

I am deeply hypnotized for you master

More very intense orgasm training, lots of dramatically rolling eyes, crawling, the magic wand that drives her up the wall, intense mindless stares, sleepwalker/zombie pose, slow repetitions of mantras like, I am your obedient slave and I am deeply hypnotized for you master, the waving hand, mindless stares and so much more of your favorite training.

I want her to feel and know that I am removing her mind, will and thoughts as there is no need for any of it as long as she is under her masters care. Again, Charity responds extremely well to my suggestions and she goes from feeling ecstatically aroused and submissive to being complete still and deeply entranced during the course of this segment. It actually ends with her just standing there (wobbly and deeply under while I am moving her head and arms without her being aware of it. Really hot segment.



Charity Love Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
It is all in the mind

I am your sex-slave master

I know, I keep saying how intense Charity's session turned out but I am sure you will know what I am talking about once you see it. The next segment is all about Charity having to show and proof to me how submissive and controllable she is. Of course there are her famous rolling eyes, the slow repetition of more mantras, the intense mind and will reduction scene in which she loses her mind in the green laser lights which turns her into a horny slave and true submissive, the intense breath controlled orgasms which drove her absolutely crazy BTW and of course the part where her hands become nipple clamps that squeeze her nipples so hard that it eventually makes her orgasm for her master. Charity really got off on the nipple clamps suggestion and I can feel how intensely it arouses her to proof and show how much she has already surrendered to her master. There is a whole lot of quivering and shaking, screaming and mindless stillness going on in this training segment. I have no choice and no control master. I am your mindless horny slave.



Charity Love Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Time to put yourself to sleep

Needless to say that this segment does not start with her putting herself out for her master by holding her own hand over her mouth and nose until she very slowly goes down with rolling eyes, into the abyss. Really hot scene by the way and yes, Charity was immensely turned on by it when she was allowed to remember it later in the day. This segment actually starts with more breath controlled orgasms on command without being allowed to uses the vibrator and or her hands, slow repetitions of, I will be a good little girl who follows my master. I decide to hold her head and have her stare right at me as I make her cum over and over. Looking into some bodies eyes while making them orgasm is very erotic for many reasons. Seeing their surrender and trust is certainly one of them. Taking their private moment by making them display their feelings of bitter sweet surrender, is yet another one but believe me there is more to it. Go and see. After she went out, I took my time to do eye checks, let her experience anther orgasm in her sleep, zoom the camera over her sleepy body and for the finale, I thought it would be nice to have her wake up for five seconds before she goes slowly back to sleep.



Charity Love Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Who doesn't love Jeannie

This next one is loosely based on an old TV classic, which some of you might remember. Charity believes to be auditioning for the role of a beautiful" Genie" who misuses her powers at times in order to play tricks on her master who, long time ago, found her trapped in a bottle on the beach. Like many of you, Charity had no idea what I was talking about as she is way too young to even know the old TV show. Anyway, back to the audition. I take a couple of minutes to explain the idea behind the movie and that all she has to do is, cross her arms, blink her eyes and voila, the magic is done. The scene she is auditioning for is the one where her master wants to put her back into the bottle, which is something she absolutely hates and she decides to freeze him. Of course we all know where this is going.

Our little Genie ends up mindlessly frozen as soon as she crosses her arms and closes her eyes. After taking my time to look at her boobs and removing some of her costume, I decide to have my little "Jeannie" become aware of the fact that she is frozen. Oh, I feel a little stiff. Charity is one of the view girls who actually find it somewhat amusing to be in a predicament like this. Needless to say, I have to mess with our somewhat naughty little Genie, after all, wanting to freeze her master, is not something she is allowed to even think. Enough of the talking, let's use the waving hand to render her mindless. (great rolling eyes BTW) and then she is ordered to put herself slowly to sleep by putting her hand over her mouth and nose. (more rolling eyes). Oh, did I mention the surprise orgasms?



Charity Love Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
More fun with Jeannie girl

Up and conscious again, our sexy Genie is still not willing to go back into the bottle and this time she tries to trick her master into becoming her love slave. I guess you all know where this is going. Our girl ends up deeply entranced with her eyes rolled all the way back in her head. Looks like she needs some obedience training after all. Kneeling, nipple pinching, orgasm training, slow repetitions of, I am your entranced slave master and I am an obedient slave, zombie pose while on knees, and one of the hottest blow job scenes I have seen in a long time. Charity is known for her deep throat blowjobs and you will know why, once you see her swallowing the dildo so deep that it makes her almost cough. Very intense love slave training. It all ends with her putting herself to sleep again by pressing her hand over her mouth and nose. Lots of yes masters.




Charity Love Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Robot Genie

I am not designed to think

Charity wakes up feeling embarrassed and confused but still not willing to be a good girl. Again, she refuses to go back into the bottle and this time she triumphantly tries to turn her master into a robot, just like she believes to have done the night before. Bad idea. Her arms cross, her eyes close and she is under yet again. Time to play the robot programming and training game with her. First we have to deactivate her thinking and will and replace it with more appropriate obedience programs. Bottomless masturbation, salutations, robotic repetitions, yes masters, robot walk and orgasm training. At the end she is set to minimum power which makes her unable to move, until I deactivate her by pushing my finger into her navel.



Charity Love Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I got this

Charity believes to be at a photo shoot for a baseball bat commercial. The idea is to sell this baseball bat specifically to women. I mean, why else would it come in "girly yellow". Our sexy young model is convinced that she can hit the ball which, BTW, is very important for the picture, after all, we want to show how easy it is, even for women, to hit a ball with our new "wonder bat." Charity keeps assuring me that she is not the kind of girl who freezes up under pressure. What can I say, the second the ball flies towards her, she freezes up in utter disbelieve.

Of course there is no explanation for all this and yes, it leaves her feeling confused and disturbed. "The waving hand" in front of her eyes renders her mindless and dim before she can get too hyped up over all this. Looking at her mindlessly entranced and stiff with her eyes rolled back is seriously hot but at some point, I just have to snap her back out of it. Now she seems really confused about her mishap but she promises that it will never happen again. OK, I am a nice guy, let's try it again. Oops, here we go again. This time though, our frozen angle has to endure a bit more of my undressing her while she is trying to.... How does she end up with the yellow "wonder bat" between her legs and what does it do to her? Go find out.



Charity Love Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
This is not funny

Charity snaps out of it again, feeling confused and uncertain about what just happened. Still, she is confident that this time she will actually hit the dam ball so that we can get the shoot over with. I just had to give her a bit of a hard time for being "not being properly dressed and orgasmic. Anyway, her next attempt to hit the ball turns her into a laughing and screaming mess. Poor thing just cannot seem to stop laughing. Maybe we should freeze her and take her down into mindless trance again. Needless to say, her body stiffens up, her eyes roll back, the laughter goes away and she is ready to be messed with again. Let's have her come back and see whether we can do this all over again. Believe it or not but she is still confident that this time she can actually do it. Let's play ball. No, not really. The ball flies towards her and all she can do is laugh and scream. It gets so bad that she even takes off her clothes, thinking that it might help. Looks like we need to freeze her again. The segment ends with me waving my hand in front of her rolling eyes while telling her that she will have to remain frozen until I am back for more fun.



Charity Love Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Smoking hot feet

This is a combination smoke/ foot worship segment. Charity does most of the smoking in the first part of the segment. Charity, who believes to be my boss, does not agree with me that smoking in the office is a bad thing, which BTW, is not even allowed either. She keeps smoking while telling me that it is not a big deal and that she is the boss and as we all know, the boss can do whatever she wants. That girl has quite the attitude, I have to say. Maybe it was not a good time to criticize her while asking for a well deserved raise and sure enough, all she is willing to "raise", is my workload. Being the nice guy that I am, I offer her one of my new foreign cigarettes which are supposedly don't cause as much smoke and stink. To make a long story short, she starts smoking one of my cigarettes which drops her into mindless bliss.

Charity loves feet and watching her play with them, touching her face with her toes, licking and sucking them and showing them off, is very arousing. Of course there are times where she is mindless and helplessly immobilized which is always a good time to take a close look at her feet. Towards the end, our somewhat tamed boss, is now ordered to put herself to sleep by placing her hand over her mouth and nose. Let's look at those cute little feet one more time. Lots of rolling eyes and yes masters. I am your foot slave master.




Charity Love Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Thank you for telling me all this

So that is what a boss does

Needless to say that our little girl feels quite confused and bewildered when she wakes up but what makes the situation even more awkward is the fact that she has absolutely no idea what a boss does. It is almost like her memory is erased and all she knows is that she is the boss but what the hell do bosses do. It is actually fun watching her struggling with the situation. Well, as we all know, I am a nice guy and of course I help her out. The most important thing for a female boss to do, is to raise moral among her fellow employees and that includes, giving raises, taking off her top, flash her ass while wearing pantyhose, masturbate in front of them and so on. OK, maybe I did get a bit carried away but she does not know that until I make her aware of it, that is. OH GOD, now she really wants to get rid of me but the snap of my fingers takes care of that as she is programmed to put herself to sleep by holding her hand over her mouth and nose. Love those eyes. Thank you for telling me all this master. I almost forgot to mention that she calls me master without knowing why and or really wanting to say it.


Charity Love Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not what I seem to be

Most of my internal components are made in Japan and China

I always like to impress my new girl friends by inviting them to my house for dinner and Charity was no exception. Come to think of it now, it did seem a bit strange that we had never gone out for dinner before but everything about this relationship seemed different right from the start. Charity seemed somewhat off that night and no matter what I did, it was not right. She did not want to eat or drink and the idea to jump into my new Jacuzzi with me seemed to almost terrify her. Looked like the whole evening was a complete bust until something very interesting happened.

All of a sudden, she changes the subject and tells me that she is not what she appears to be, meaning she is not a real woman. It took me a while to understand what she was trying to tell me, after all, who would have ever thought that something as beautiful as her was actually a fembot. I have to admit, a dream seemed to have become true. Yes, I am one of those guys who always wanted to have his own personal fembot, you know the kind that can be programmed the way I want to and who loves to serve me. All she had to do was tell me and to let me look at her circuits and so on. Turned out, I was randomly chosen to, unknowingly, test her abilities and to find out how lifelike she really was. Dam, what a night that was, despite all the malfunctions, twitches, unnecessary repetitions and repair work, of course.


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