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Cherry Morgan Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Yes master, I am fully under your control again

Cherry Morgan, beautiful and most importantly, extremely horny blond was quite skeptical at first, which is not all that uncommon but, as many before her, she should find out that she could be easily taken into the deepest layers of her consciousness. In fact, as it turned out, Cherry went under my control and her response to my suggestions was just insanely intense and sexual which makes me believe that I must have hit some of her deepest hidden sexual fantasies. I could go on and on about how sexual ad intense the session was but I am sure you will find that out for yourself once you enjoy some of her clips (if not all) Buckle up !

Remember, this is how I described her the first time around and the only thing that changed was that she seemed even better and deeper trained than last time which made this yet another intense one

Cherry, who was trained not to remember much from last time, went down like a rock as soon as I used the sleeep trigger. Let's see what has changed when it comes to her beautiful body. Nothing of course, our girl is just as beautify and stunning as before. Feeling her limp body while taking off her dress is just as exciting as I remembered it. Of course we have to make sure she is back under control.

Cherry's answers to my questions in regards to the depth of her trance are slow and monotone. I have no more will mind and thoughts of my own, I am fully under your control master. I was programmed to come back. Time to make her feel aroused and to send her through some hard orgasms, after making her longing for it. Please master please. Cherry's eyes slowly open while I wave my hand in front of them and although she has that vacant stare in her eyes, she is hit by an orgasm as soon as she sees me. Intense start. I am cuming for you master.

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Cherry Morgan Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I am my masters puppet

We start off by enjoying our beautiful blond being moved like a puppet on strings. Her arms rise into the zombie pose while her repetitions of, I am my masters puppet become slower and slower. Of course we have to move her arms and head in all kinds of directions while her wobbly puppet body just stands there. Slowly but surely she feels those strings and how they pull her hands between her legs. Needless to say, our little puppet goes crazy for lust and orgasms at the "snap" of my fingers. Time to put her into sleeep mode for some slow and sensual limp body play, eye checks and, and, and. Now, I don't want you to think that this clip is all about "puppet play", there is a lot more to come. Intensified breath controlled orgasm training, kneeling, masturbation, neck brace, more mantras while entranced and, and, and.




Cherry Morgan Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am my masters obedient foot slave.

This next one is, as the title says, mainly about foot slave training. First, we have her bend over the couch on her knees (great angle) before putting her to sleep. Needless to say, I take my time to take off her shoes and to mess with her feet and... before waking her up. Just like last time, Cherry loves to please her master with her feet while her horny little body quivers and shakes before she is allowed to make herself cum. Of course she has to pose her entire body in sensual way for us so that we not only get a better look of her feet but also her ass.... and, and, and. She keeps screaming, Thank you, thank you master. Did I mention the slow repetition of mantras, forced orgasm training, screaming hard orgasms and...




Cherry Morgan Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I want to be your good little girl master

High lights of this segment are : freeze/statue, mindlessly entranced posing, lot's of vacant stares, zombie pose, slow and monotone repetition of mantras, neck brace which eventually puts her slowly to sleep, sleeepy orgasms, slow and sensual limp body play, forced screaming hard orgasms, masturbation while posing, eye checks, yes masters and more. Don't miss this one, it's sure a hot one. I am my masters horny slave.



Cherry Morgan Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I came back to serve you master

Cherry is still frozen (see clip four) and her body is stiffening up even more until she feels completely helpless and out of control. Her beautiful body quivers and shakes as the feeling of being so helpless drives her nuts. I wave my hand in front of her eyes and she drops back into mindless stillness. Her repetitions of, I came back to serve you master, are slow and monotone. Of course that is all just warm up. Bend over the couch with her (cherry) ass pushed out at us, our little girl is made to feel pounded from behind and forced to orgasm at will. Of course there is a lot more to come before she is put to sleep for some slow and sensual limp play, eye checks, posing and, and, and.




Cherry Morgan Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Don't expect me to cum

Cherry, who believes to be my wife's divorce lawyer does not seem to be thrilled when I show up during her lunch break to "re-negotiate" the divorce agreement. As to be expected, she does not think that there is anything wrong with the current agreement which is more like a 90/10% split in my wife's favor (as you can imagine). Anyway, to make a long story short, she does not seem impressed and or worried about my "proposition" that if she does not comply, she will find herself a mindlessly entranced foot slave under my control. That is serious BS, are her last words before drifting into mindlessness. Now the fun begins.

First we have her strip down to her pantyhose and then crawl on the desk on all four, after all, our little girl has to learn to please and serve. Of course we need to inspect her feet, remind her of the "orgasm spot" on the bottom of her feet before placing her on her back for some more foot slave training. Cherry goes crazy for lust as she offers us her feet. Spreading her toes, showing us her wrinkles while pleasuring herself for us does seriously turn her on. There is too much going on to describe it all but it all ends with our lawyer becoming aware of her predicament while being unable to move. Guess what happens next. Lot's of sleeepy limp and foot play as well.




Cherry Morgan Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Immobilized brain

Our still not cooperative divorce lawyer wakes up not remembering a thing and she gets dressed in a hurry not even noticing that I switched costumes on her. Anyway, she believes that I just came in and again, she does not give a rats ass about what I think and or feel about the divorce agreement. Again, my "proposition" that I have to immobilize her brain does not impress and or scare her what so ever, in fact she laughs.

How does she end up being a sexy and very horny little windup doll who is eager to please while winding herself up with a vibrator? Will she dance for us and is it possible to switch her to a mindlessly controlled puppet on strings which loves to masturbate. Suddenly our tough lawyer becomes aware of what is happening but she seems unable to stop masturbating (under protest) which makes me decide to pull some more "strings" which will shut her up. Of course we also have to mess with her while she is helplessly....





Cherry Morgan Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your mindless Bimbo Master

One last round of fun with our sexy divorce lawyer. After waking up from her last, let's call it experience, our young lawyer seems quite upset and again, she tries to throw me out. Needless to say that my comments on needing her signature on the new divorce agreement, don't seem to help defusing the situation. Here we go again, she does not believe me that it would be in her best interest to comply with my demands. Believe it or not, she laughs and laughs and laughs about pretty much anything I have to say. Poor thing seems to be by uncontrollable laughter at the most inappropriate times, of course. Things get a lot worse when she freezes up again and just as before, has no defenses against my messing with her. At some point the bitching gets too much and I have to use the "waving hand" to shut her up and to send her back into mindless stillness.

Now let's see what happens when her awareness comes back and she realizes that she is still frozen and that the only part of her body that can move without her being able to control it, is her hand between her legs. Needless to say, she bitches while becoming increasingly aroused and very horny. Of course I have mercy with her and help her to stop the hand between her legs from rubbing her pussy. Believe it or not, now she bitches about not being able to finish herself off. I tell you, these girls can be a handful. Suddenly she is plagued again by the laughing attacks. Poor thing goes through a lot more before this all end happily (for me) of course.




Cherry Morgan Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Brain functions are nonexistent

My nipples are hard for you master

Officer Cherry barges in on our annual "space party" thanks to some old farts complaints about the loud music. Made to believe that we all are a bunch of minors, our eager cop not only threatens to give me a ticket but to also call the parents because of the under-age drinking. Oh well, to make a long story short, she is warned not to go ahead with any of those proceedings but, do they ever listen. Sure enough, she steps on the trap I had laid out for her (you will know what this all means once you watch this) and her brain functions slow down to the point where she remains and empty and programmable shell. Her body stiffens as she snaps at attention and her voice becomes monotone. Of course her transformation into an objectified robot is only the beginning, after all she has to learn to entertain through her dance, bend over masturbation, turning in circles and so much more. I am everyone pleasure toy. Yes masters galore.




Cherry Morgan Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
We should talk about this some more

Officer Morgan, who does not seem to remember anything, tries to shut down our party yet again. First she seems stern and unbendable but her attitude changes slowly with every word I say. Here we get to see and enjoy our touch officer being fascinated and extremely turned on by my voice, which btw, makes her so much more appealing. Needless to say, she is being "snapped" back and forth between being enthralled by my voice and then becoming aware of her inappropriate behavior which than causes her to feel very embarrassed. Of course she somehow blames me for all this but then again, what else is new. Things get even more interesting when she starts to flash her ass. I know, what in the world makes her do that. I think we should freeze her again and....




Cherry Morgan Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
My mind cannot be bend

Officer Cherry is still frozen from her last adventure and despite her somewhat weakened position, she talks about sexual harassment, calling back up and even jail. Looks like she is asking for trouble. Sure enough, her mind and will are quickly removed which leaves her an empty and obedient shell of herself who loves to please by pleasuring herself for her master. Of course that is all just warm up. I mention that she is weak minded as soon as she becomes aware again but she still does not believe me. Let's turn her into an obedient robot, a begging and very horny love slave and last but not least into a helplessly masturbating cop. You think she gets the picture after all that? Sleepy play, lot's of bitching, perfect transformations and so many more of your favorites. Great intense and fun ending.


Cherry Morgan Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a Lieutenant, I am a..

Cherry walks into frame wearing gloves and holding a Ziploc bag full of circuit boards. She is dressed in blazer overtop a blouse and is wearing skirt just above her knees.

Cherry: The closet and drawers have been cleaned out. They knew we were coming.

Cherry raises the Ziploc bag to display the assorted circuit boards.

Cherry: There are three deactivated pleasure bots in the bedroom. They appear to be very high-end units. I'd say 600 series at least. Looks like the poor girls are out of commission for good. Whoever left their internal components was tipped off.

Frank: Lieutenant, you can't seriously think is was one of our people. I don't believe it.

Cherry: I'm going to tell you something that can't leave this room. Internal affairs has suspected a mole for some time,

No body outside of the precinct knew that we were coming, Somebody had to have tipped these guys off. It's the only explanation. I'll tell you something else, they were tipped off recently.

Frank: What makes you say that?

Cherry: They must of left in a rush or they wouldn't have left these.

Frank: What's so valuable about a bunch of circuit boards.

Cherry: These are pleasure modules, some of the most advanced that I've ever seen. Don't you get it? With these modules anyone could convert a basic service bot into a fully-functional sex robot. Most of the service bots being used as secretaries, nurses, and school teachers are nothing more than repurposed sex droids that have had their pleasure modules removed.

Frank: Why not just steal a new fully-functional sex droid? They gotta be worth a fortune, why just the modules?

Cherry: Those new models have too many security features, how do you think we found, these three. But the pleasure modules are completely untraceable. Someone's figured out it's allot easier to smuggle pleasure modules than an entire sex droid. Sex between humans and inorganics is strictly forbidden in most states, making these things worth their weight in gold.
Frank: Looks like were wasting our time, they've already long gone!

Cherry: Keep looking, if they left in hurry they might have slipped up this time and actually left some usable evidence behind.

Cherry searches the apartment, Cherry: What have we here? I told you they were in rush.

Frank: What is that?

Cherry: Its a cell phone. I'm sure its a burner, but it might still have some contacts. Let's check the recent calls and see who are boys have been talking to. Cherry dials the last received call. As she does Frank's phone rings. a look of shock and disbelief comes over her face. Frank tries to play it off quickly hanging up and then pretending that he is talking to his wife.

Frank: Oh Hi honey what's that? You need me pick up milk on my way home. Sure thing sweetie…I'll be home by six….bye. Sorry that was Kim, she wants me stop by the grocery store

Cherry: Since when do you call your wife sweetie. Let me see the Phone Frank

Frank: You can't be serious, you don't think I had anything to do with...

Cherry: Just hand me the phone: Frank: Ok but you're going to be embarrassed when you see Kim's number.

Frank: I'm sorry it had to come to this Lieutenant I always liked you.

Cherry: Wait don't………ahhhhhhhhh Cherry: Warning…..power surge de…de…detected…What have…have you done to me?…you shorted out my…my...circuits…Warning…..power surge detected…I...am Cherry…Warning system failure eminent…I'm ruined... you shorted out my...my…why you little ... when I g...g...get my hands on you!

Cherry: What are you...you…you...what are you doing? …Stop that…..I am. I am Lt Cherry Morgan of the Los Angeles Police Department…You are under arrest…are under arrest…under arrest.

Frank: Wow I can't believe my partner's an android. I've seen some pretty convincing bots, but nothing like you. you must be one of the new 800 series. Let's see if we can't speed this little melt down along……where is your primary access port.

Will Frank get away again and what will happen to his new possession?

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