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Cherry Morgan Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


It will never be the same

Cherry Morgan, beautiful and most importantly, extremely horny blond was quite skeptical at first, which is not all that uncommon but, as many before her, she should find out that she could be easily taken into the deepest layers of her consciousness. In fact, as it turned out, Cherry went under my control and her response to my suggestions was just insanely intense and sexual which makes me believe that I must have hit some of her deepest hidden sexual fantasies. I could go on and on about how sexual ad intense the session was but I am sure you will find that out for yourself once you enjoy some of her clips (if not all) Buckle up !

Slow deepening, great close ups during the induction, eye checks and more.

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Cherry Morgan Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Create the desire for more

Cherry's beautiful body quivers and shakes so hard under my suggestions that she almost falls off the couch. I keep driving her slowly up the wall for lust until all she wants is to obey and follow each and every suggestion I give her. The more she feels out of control, the more intense it gets until her body goes into lustful convulsions and she falls of the couch. Let's drop her back into still and mindless trance while she is just standing there (staring into nothingness) Now it is time to create the desire for more in her.

Again, Cherry goes nuts as she is ordered to pleasure herself while I suggest that her body is ten times more sensitive when in deep trance. Cherry proves to be a good little girl and it is time to reward her by letting her feel yet another powerful orgasm. Suddenly her hands feel pulled behind her back (helplessly tied up) while she is made to feel fucked and... Lots of yes master, intense dim stares, I am cuming for you Master, forced orgasm training and programming.



Cherry Morgan Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Make her your willing slave
I am your willing Mannequin Master

I need to be trained Master

There is way too much excitement going on here to describe it all so I will just list some of the Highlights!

Orgasms on command (some are so hard they make her fall), lot's of limp body and neck manipulation, eye checks, slow and monotone repetition of mantras with intense unblinking stares to go with it, kneeling masturbation while my hand embraces her throat (which drives her over the top), sleep trigger during orgasms (I know it is not nice) which makes her feel who is in control though, Mindlessly posed while repeating mantras, crawling while being made to feel fucked and used, yes masters, sleepy orgasms and....

As mentioned, those are just some highlights and they barely describe the intensity of this segment.



Cherry Morgan Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Make her your devoted foot slave

Yes, this one shows how a well trained subject can be easily turned into a willing and excessively horny foot slave but that is certainly not all that is going on. Cherry has been placed face down and she is ordered to raise her feet so that we all can get a better look before she is dropped back under. Time for a very intense sleepy orgasm with an even better look at her feet and that beautiful (jiggling) cherry ass of hers. Well I might as well mess with her while she is in lala land. My hand slowly works his way down from her neck to her feet.

You guessed it, the girl has beautiful and well taken care of feet which are now helplessly in my hand. Of course that is all just warm up. Like most of my girls, Cherry has to learn to appreciate being allowed to show off her feet and to entice her master with them while being forced to orgasm. Here again, those are just some highlights and they certainly do not even begin to describe these very, very hot entrancement/foot segments. Eye checks, begging, prolonged wait before being allowed to cum and, and...



Cherry Morgan Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Make her thank you for being trained

Every part of my body is for my masters pleasure

Please Master let me cum, I will obey

Slow and monotone repetition while in the zombie pose, crawling while repeating more mantras, forced orgasm training (some breath controlled which drove her crazy), made to feel fucked and orgasmed while being bend over the couch amazing ass), begging for more, unblinking stares and lots of limp body as well as neck play.. Of course the above mentioned is just warm up. Cherry is driven into insane lust and then being dropped into deep mindless trance a few time while her desire to please and serve becomes insatiable. Needless to say, we get to enjoy her feet while she is on all four and then ordered to raise her feet for our pleasure. Really very intense training segment which leads her to unconditionally surrender as well as give it all up.




Cherry Morgan Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Make her feel grateful for being enjoyed

Cherry, who is made to believe that she is working as a maid for a quirky inventor, cannot seem to resist going through the guys personal stuff. Guess who the inventor is. Anyway, her excuse for why she is going through my drawers is really funny and almost believable. Anyway, she does not seem to believe that it is a big deal and the fact that some of those gadgets she might find, might be hazardous for her, let's call it, mental health, makes her laugh. Well, don't say I did not warn you, honey.

 Sure enough, the minute I leave, she continues going through my stuff until she finds what seems to be a harmless gadget. Needless to say, after a brief struggle, her eyes turn dim and she is ready for programming. After placing her on all four with her ass pushed out, it is time for her to learn how to offer her feet to her master. Needless to say, I take my time to check out her feet in those sexy stockings while exposing her ass at the same time. Of course that is all just warm up.

Cherry starts to seductively offer her feet as she becomes increasingly aroused. She describes them for us while showing us those pretty arches, wrinkles and so on. Looks like she deserves to find out what happens when I touch those soft little feet of hers. Still there is more to come.




Cherry Morgan Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Make her your helplessly horny foot slave

Looks like we are not quite done with our little foot slave. Cherry is still out (see last segment) and I take my time to take off those sexy stockings of hers, cuff her legs and then make her cum in her sleep. Her eyes slowly open and now she is overcome by the desire to show off her feet while slowly running her fingers through her toes. Of course she does a lot more than just that which you will see once you watch the clip. Anyway, at some point, our horny maid becomes aware of her situation but now she seems too weak to move which means, she is just helplessly there to be played with. Eventually my hand on her throat...



Cherry Morgan Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Make her feel frozen, embarrassed and helpless

Sir, could you please remove that

Our maid slowly wakes up and now she cannot seem to stop pleasuring herself with the vibrator I stuck between her legs when she was out. Poor thing seems excessively horny while feeling terribly embarrassed at the same time and despite her trying to stop herself from doing what she is doing, she wants to finish herself off. Needless to say, she keeps apologizing for being too horny to stop herself pleasuring which eventually makes be decide to put her out of her misery by putting her to sleep right before she cums.

I know, it is not nice but fun to watch. Anyway, we just got started. Up and still very embarrassed, she tries to leave but, unfortunately for her, she freezes up. Believe it or not, I even get her to ask me for help which, as we all know, never works out the way the girls would like it. Being the nice guy that I am, I help her unfreeze but the second her body unfreezes, she loses all strength which makes her limp body drop into my arms. Looks like this is a good time to place the vibrator back on her wet pussy. I guess you all know what comes next and if not, go ahead and watch the clip.



Cherry Morgan Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Make her believe anything you say

Here we get to enjoy our still bewildered yet beautiful maid being by seemingly uncontrollable laughter at the most inappropriate times, being stiffly frozen and despite her bitching and or pleading being played with, rendered mindless by the "waving hand" as well as messed with while in lala land. In other words, she feels tickled, frozen, orgasmed and messed with while asleep. Of course there is more than extensive limp body/neck and feet manipulation.

At some point we make her believe that it is perfectly normal for a maid to work naked in front of her boss and we get to enjoy her dusting those pictures above the bed. She even learns that sleeping on the job is OK as long as the boss says so. Well, she does not really agree at first but as soon as she hears the trigger she drops like a rock. Did I mention he sleepy orgasm, the hand on my throat and the...




Cherry Morgan Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Teach her that Superheroine make perfect Robots

Don't touch the "send" button

Cherry, a famous Superheroine of sorts, is eagerly going through my computer trying to find evidence for my wrong doings. Needless to say, she is caught right before she can hit the "send" button to send all the evidence to headquarters. Believe me, it is not that I did not warn her not to touch that button but as many before her, she does it anyways. Her body stiffens, her eyes straighten out and she is ready for more programming. Of course, first we have to delete the silly Superheroine program she was running and then test her motor skills before making strip out of those clothes.

Of course there is some cleaning for her to do before she is programmed to pleasure herself while showing off her blow job skills. At some point she seems to remember her Superheroine program but her communications skills seem to be effected mainly by the dildo which seems stuck in her mouth. Wanna see what happens when her power level is set to zero. Yes masters, slow repetition of orders.




Cherry Morgan Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Make her want to fuck you

Cherry, our quite upset Superheroine, wakes up and as expected, she tries to get dressed. The fact that she is putting on a cute little tutu instead of her Power costume, eludes her completely. In fact, she even believes that the silly wand she is holding, is her sword. Needless to say, she does not get my comments on how cute she looks. Things get worse when she, very slowly, freezes up while telling me how powerful she is. She even tries to resist the dim mindlessness that is overcoming her. Things get even better when she "snaps" out of it and now she believes that I am the hottest superhero she has ever met.

Needless to say, she hits on me and even begs me to fuck her any which way I like. Believe me, that one was hard to resist. Poor thing freezes up again and now she becomes aware of the fact that I am just about to take her up on her offer to fuck her. I tell you, being frozen and helpless makes one very vulnerable, Superheroine or not. Anyway, she bitches and complains until she finally unfreezes, only to be put to sleep by my hand on her throat. Did I mention that she is haunted by more of those nasty uncontrollable laughing attacks whenever I say something. Looks like she believes to hear something funny even if I call her "stupid".




Cherry Morgan Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Teach her that women are weak

Her last words at the end of this segment are: I lost Master, you are stronger, I am easy to be h-. Superheroine serve their master.

Of course there is a lot going on before she comes to the above mentioned, let's call it, realization. It all starts with her waking up feeling strong and powerful but then, every time that happens, she either goes to sleep (hand on her throat), or she is orgasms at the snap of my fingers (several times just to make sure she gets it) or she freezes up and is messed with and falls asleep just because.

At some point, she seems to be too weak to even move but that does not stop her from complaining, particularly when I place a thrusting vibrator on her clit which does eventually (despite her best efforts to avoid it) make her cum. Lots of limp body/neck play, freeze, sleepy orgasm, mind games and so much more. Really nice finale of her session.



Cherry Morgan Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
The wet T-shirt competition

Cherry, an aspiring young actress has been called back after her successful audition to play the lead role in our new "Surfer dude" movie. Of course she is overjoyed to land the lead role but her joy diminishes quickly as she finds out that her first scene is a "wet T-shirt" competition in which she is supposed to get splashed with water until her nipples show up nice and hard through her white T-shirt. The strange part about all this is that she has no problems showing her breasts but the fact that the water might be cold seems to really bother her.

Being a busy and successful director, I have seen and heard a lot but that surprised even me. Why would she insist on being splashed with the least amount of water possible? Why would a young aspiring actress like her even start to argue with the director over water? Anyway, it is too late to re-write the scene and luckily she finally agrees to play along. Well, it seemed like she was going along but as soon as the water is sprayed on her, she runs off the scene to dry off.

That is completely ridiculous don't you think? All right, let's try this again. Of course the same thing happens again and I am just about ready to throw her out. Thinking about it now, I probably should have kicked her out but then again, look at her. I mean how could anyone be so cruel to kick her out without giving her another chance? OK, her tits are what made me give her another chance but I hope that stays between us.

Things change almost right after she gets sprayed by more water and that is when even I have to admit that she might be a fembot. Needles to say, I am not ever booking talent through that agency ever again.

Too late, after a few initial glitches, some weird gibberish and nasty malfunctions, our new lead actress is down. After the lead actress is down, it certainly looks like there is no need to keep the entire film crew around any longer, besides, they don't really need to watch me repair and reprogram her anyways. This is a very intense robot segment and Jenna is definitely our first squirting fembot. By the time she is fixed and reprogrammed, she seems to have become the (almost) perfect pleasure toy:)


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