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Cherry Poppins Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


All you have to do is.....

Cherry Poppins, beautiful, young, tall( 5 foot 9) hard body with the cutest smile, always believed that she needed to be in charge of her love or I should probably better say, her sex life, meaning, the idea of letting herself go and to simply enjoy the feelings in her body without being in control of it, seemed impossible. As often in life, we just don't really know what something feels like until we actually try it out. I am not saying that Cherry will always be submissive from now on but she sure enjoyed it while being under my, let's call it, care.

In fact, she seemed so elated and thankful throughout the entire afternoon that there seemed to be a smile on her face and the rougher it got the more she surrendered. You all know that when I say rough, I mean intense, sexual and sensual. Making a young girl like her become aware of her, let's call it, softer side and to show her how amazing she can be made to feel by the right person, is always exciting and yes, it makes me feel very lucky. Enjoy watching her surrender to the power of the mind

Combination induction, guided imagery, safe place, inducing first feeling of helplessness and... Every induction is always quite different and tailored towards the individual subject.

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Cherry Poppins Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Feel your masters control

You can do better than this

Cherry is taken from feeling completely relaxed to feeling excessively horny and willing to obey. The more she feels my control over her the more her beautiful young body goes into lustful convulsions. After making her cum a few times without her having any control over it, I decide to have her masturbate until she is very, very close to orgasm without actually letting her explode. I want her to feel my control over her body and mind and it work.

Cherry goes nuts when she realizes that she is not allowed to orgasm. I keep pushing her until all she wants, is to be a good little "daddy's" girl. In fact as soon a s I mention the words "good little girl", I notice that Cherry, just like many of the other girls I have trained, loves to proof and show that she is a good little girl for whoever treats her right. Time to zap her remaining thoughts, mind and will. Her eyes are clued to the green laser light as her mind is running out. It almost seems like she has a hint of a smile on her face as she sinks into the abyss. Placed on her knees, our horny little girl finds out how blissful surrender can feel. Very intense start of her trainings session.



Cherry Poppins Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I feel your control over me master

I am cuming for you master, just because you say so

Cherry's training continues with the slow repetition of mantras like, please train me master and or I am here to be trained. First yes masters, hands free orgasms on my command, begging, zombie/sleepwalker pose while being rendered even more mindless (waving hand) deepening, intense open eyed orgasms, masturbation, crawling, bend over ass out forced orgasm training and, and, and... Again, Cherry is driven to her limits as she becomes aware that her body and mind are under my control. Training a subject through orgasm on command training is a great way to distract the subjects mind which leaves them open for programming. Cherry's desire to please makes this segment incredibly intense as she does and feel whatever I say. Lots of repetitions, screaming hard orgasms, intense stares, mind reduction and more.



Cherry Poppins Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Exposed vulnerable and enslaved

Show me that you can do even better than this

Cherry finally feels and experiences her body the way she is supposed to feel it, meaning, completely uninhibited, free of guilt and with that there seem to be no limitations to the degree of her arousal

Cherry has to learn that obedient slaves have to beg to be allowed to orgasm for their masters. She also needs to feel how wonderful it feels to completely expose her beautiful young body for her master. To put a somewhat dominant young girl like her into submission requires a lot of mental strength and it is important to make her feel vulnerable and exposed which generally weakens the subjects resistance and enables them to let themselves go. Our little girl learns to kneel in front of her master while slowly repeating mantras like I am your mindless horny slave master and or you make me feel good master. Of course there is more slow mind and will reduction, programming, zombie/sleep walker pose, repetitions, begging, yes masters, mindless stares, orgasms on command and more coming up in this one. Nobody else can make me feel this good master.



Cherry Poppins Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Give it all to your master

Only you master can make me feel this way

Time to finish her up, nice and slow that is. I don't know what it is about the breath controlled orgasms but they seem to drive the girls up the wall and with that ready to surrender. Cherry is no exception. The second I stop her breathing, her sexy young hard body goes into intense lustful convulsions. She gasp for air when I finally allow her to breath but she has to feel it a few more times before she is finally allowed to orgasm for me. Her eyes are wide open and I can see her total surrender to me. I am still not satisfied yet though. Now she has to learn that good slaves have to be willing to give all their strength and energy to their masters. What comes next is not easy to describe but believe me it is very intense. Cherry beautiful body weakens with every orgasm as I am holding her hand. I can feel her energy going into my hand, her head wobbles and she slowly goes out and her limp body finally sinks to the ground. Watch it and you know what I am trying to describe here. Repetitions, screaming hard orgasms, yes masters, amazing stares and unconditional surrender.



Cherry Poppins Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
This won't be your office for much longer

Mrs. Poppins, a very beautiful yet stuck big shot who works for the corporate headquarter, has to our branch to investigate some (completely unfounded) allegations against the manager of the branch. Guess who the manager might be? It seems like she has already made up her little mind and she has no doubts that my days with the company are numbered. Of course my attempts to hit on her don't go over too well and my comments about her beautiful feet in those close-toed shoes, don't help the situation either. Looks like I have to revert to some of my, let's call it unorthodox methods, to teach her a lesson. I try to warn her not to pick up the phone when it suddenly rings but do they ever listen. This is not your phone anymore. Hello the is Mrs. Poppins from corpo..... What follows is a whole lot of foot worship. Mrs. Poppins is made to feel obsessed with her feet and the desire to make love to her long legs and those sensitive feet of hers, becomes insurmountable. Driven by lust and the need to mindlessly please eventually drives her into ecstasy. A Pantyhose lovers and or foot worshippers dream come true. Yes masters.



Cherry Poppins Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Yes, no, I don't know, please help, oh my god

No, I don/t really know what I am doing right now

We are not quiet done with our stuck up prude from head quarters. This time Mrs. Poppins wakes up after a brief deepening (programming and now she is fully aware but unable to stop herself from making love to her feet and to entice me by showing them off. Does that cause some confusion in her head. You bet ya. There is a whole lot of embarrassment, yes, no, please and so on going on as she tries to stop herself from pleasing me. Of course there is more.

The slightest touch of my hand on her feet makes her orgasm which adds to her embarrassment and feeling helpless. At some point, I put her to sleep just so she can wake up feeling totally embarrassed and apologetic. Needless to say, at some point she finds herself frozen stiff and rendered mindless by the waving hand, driven crazy for lust by the light ball and eventually orgasmed by it and, and and. Did I mention the part where she picks up the phone to tell everybody in the company that she is a foot slave who is now open for business. There is a whole lot of begging, insane lust, foot play, freezes and "unintended" orgasms going on in this one. Yes master, I have no power.



Cherry Poppins Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Nothing ever is for free

Have you ever taken a girl out who was not really interested in you and who, most likely, just wanted to have a free meal in an expansive restaurant. Well, that is the story behind this hot segment. Cherry does not even try to hide the fact that she just wanted to have a nice hot meal. Ever noticed that when a girl calls you a "nice Guy" she basically say, I have no interest in you what so ever. Anyway, she agrees to have one more glass of champagne with me before taking off to go to a club with her girlfriend. Big mistake.

Cherry, despite her attempts to shake off the effects of the (water) champagne, drops into mindless trance. Obedient and ready to obey, she is now ordered to gently touch herself and to quietly orgasm in front of all the other guest in the restaurant. Not easy to describe but it really is a hot scene. After that she mindlessly follows me to the bed room. Now her training begins. Self spanking, yes masters, repetition of orders, brain alterations through laser penetration, ride on the fucking chair as well as begging. I have been a bad girl, I need to be punished.


Cherry Poppins Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Yes I can

Cherry come back up after a brief deepening and believe it or not, she still believes that it is ok for her to use men to get a free meal out of them. Some girls are just slow learners. Of course she does not quite remember all the detail of what just happened but the fact that she is naked and in my bedroom instead of the restaurant, seems enough to make her feel a bit upset. You will know what I mean by this when you watch the clip. Anyway, it looks like we need to sap her brain and program her into becoming an obedient robot.

Cherry's eyes become dim, her body straightens out and robot Poppins is ready for programming. What follows are lots of Yes masters, navel activated programs like the sex and orgasm programs, some cleaning, vibrator masturbation, salutations as well as denied and or orgasms on command. At some point her circuits freeze up which renders her immobile (with a vibrator stuck to her pussy) for a while, which is unfortunate for her as she was just about to orgasm. Navel deactivation..



Cherry Poppins Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
I don't like this game so much

It looks like our young "user" still needs one more round of attitude adjustment as she is still a bit bitchy upon awakening. This next segment shows her being made to feel tickled, frozen, stripped and messed with, rendered weak and helpless while her head and body are, let's call it, manipulated, orgasmed by a vibrator which somehow made its way into her panties as well as being programmed. There is a lot of yes/no type stuff going on ( likes the vibrator between legs but does not at the same time and so on) Very intense though. Will she be happy and willing to be trained at the end but put to sleep anyways until I decide to use her again?



Cherry Poppins Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I did not have any effect on me

Cherry, who believes to be a career woman who owns her own company, has been invited to be a guest on our new TV show. She does remember that she did spent about twenty minutes or so, with a famous hypnotist before the show started. It looks like she believes that it did not have any effect on her and that she was always aware of what was happening. I guess, if that is true, post hypnotic suggestions would not work in her case. Why does she turn into an orgasmic, saluting and stripping robot with no mind of her own? Good question. Go find out how. Of course there is more, like her passing out a few times during the concentration test and or the unexpected and certainly unwanted orgasm (those are just cramps) . Yes, she does take off her clothes without being aware of it and yes, she seems confused and embarrassed at times but a career woman, who BTW only works with women, can handle something like that.


Cherry Poppins Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
I should not have done that on camera

I hope you can edit lots of things

This next round of fun leaves our "power woman" frozen when she sees the flash of the camera (with a big smile on her face), clued to the chair when asked to get up for the picture which is quite embarrassing and eventually turned into an obedient sex slave. Of course there is a lot more going on than just that. Lots of unaware masturbation, embarrassment, apologies and excuses, yes masters, zombie pose and so many more of your favorites.



Cherry Poppins Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
What's with the shoes

There is nothing better than being trained by you

For this last segment of Cherry's update, I decided to put her into a pair of sexy red shoes that make her want to pose and to show off her beautiful long legs as well as her hard body. Of course that all seems strange and embarrassing to her but it does seem like she cannot stop herself from doing it anyways. She even has to admit at some point that she shoes seem to have taken over control of her, which is crazy, right? Of course there is more. Towards the end, we do a little brain washing, so to speak, and all of a sudden, she loves being trained and being made obedient. I mean, who wants to run a company anyways. Not her, that is for sure.



Cherry Poppins Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Please not now

This week's robot story is about a beautiful fembot bride who slowly starts to malfunction right before the wedding. Needless to say, she tries to hide her dilemma from everybody in the wedding party and in particular from her future husband and his mother. Well, that is when I come in. I am still not sure why she thought they I was the only person who could help her but, she did and there I was, caught between a rock and a hard place. Being the grooms younger brother and all, I did not see any other way than to at least give it a shot, after all, there was no way that I would let our mom find out that her oldest son was marring an android.

 know, what's the big deal, you might say but she is from a different generation and I am sure she would not have approved. Did I have any idea that she was an android? Absolutely not but, I have to say, it did explain why my "not so good looking" older brother was getting married to a beautiful girl half his age. Anyway, thing seemed to go well until she suddenly got it all confused. I guess she got her programs mixed up when she suddenly thought that I am my brother and, well, things went south from there.


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