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Chi chi Medina Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Right back where she belongs

Chichi Medina, drop dead gorgeous brunet with an amazingly sexy hard body is definitely the kind of girl who can (and does in my case) drive any red blooded man crazy the second she enters the room.

Needless to say, our little girl knows about the kind of damage she can do but that certainly does not make her one of those unapproachable chicks we all dislike. In fact, as soon as she opens her mouth, it becomes clear that she is sweet, charming and irresistibly cute. In other words, Chichi is the kind of girl most men would love to take into their arms and do all kinds of fun things to her.

What I am trying to say here is that Chichi is an amazing young girl, sexy, horny, cute, outspoken, naturally horny and really, really kinky. What more can you ask for. What makes this all even better is the fact that she is an amazingly good subject. Let get ready for another intense joyride, shall we? I am certain you guys remember all this from her first visit not too long ago and the only thing that has changed is that Chichi was an even better subject this time around which definitely makes this one of my all time favorite Xmas update ever.

Chichi drops like a rock as soon as I use one of the carefully planted triggers from her first session and now we can take our time to roll her around (check out her ass), pull and drop her, take off her shoes, play with her feet, place her hand between her legs for some sleepy and masturbation, take a closer look at her pussy, orgasms on command, perform some eye checks and so much more. Chichi's beautiful body goes into lustful convulsions as soon as she is triggered to orgasm while I am messing with her. Yes masters, lot's of limp body play, intense orgasm training.

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Chi chi Medina Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I am my master's toy

Thank you for having me back master

All of Chichi's clips are loaded with intense female training action and they certainly include all yours and my favorites and trying to describe every detail would make me miss Xmas entirely which is why I will mention just some of the highlights of what is going on.

This next segment is certainly for our slowly repeated mantra lovers (while turning in circles in the sleepwalker position) Of course there is forced masturbation, instant entrancement and or trance deepening, intense mindless and unblinking stares while being posed and inspected, more limp body manipulation, limp foot play, intensified screaming hard orgasm training (including some "almost" orgasms) begging and pleading, slow sleep and so much more going on.

It gets really hot when she is driven up the wall for lust, forced to masturbate until all she wants is to cum and the slowly put to sleep before....




Chi chi Medina Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Your body and feet are mine

Besides feet and the limp body "play" we are also getting more and more request from people who love to see some sensual Neck action which made me decide to incorporate some of that in my session.

This next segment is all about training Chichi to being a pleasing, obedient and well trained foot slave who orgasms on command, offers her feet seductively, goes to sleep when triggered so that her beautiful body and feet can be used and enjoyed by her master. Again, Chichi goes nut when she is placed on all four with her ass and feet pushed out at us while being ordered to pleasure herself. Of course she has to wait before she is finally allowed to cum.

Things get even hotter when she is allowed to show us her feet, wrinkle them and spread her toes for us. I am sure you remember her intense and screaming hard orgasms from her first session but this it seemed to have hit her even harder as she screams and begs for more. Limp body posing, neck and foot play, yes masters, bend over masturbation, eye checks. Intense and not for the weak.




Chi chi Medina Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
It feels good to be used

I am your entranced slave master

More Neck play, limp body and feet manipulation, waving hand, dim, thoughtless and unblinking stares, lot's of crawling while being made to feel fucked and used, slow entranced repetitions, absolutely intense and screaming hard forced orgasm training, yes masters, sleepy limp orgasms and more.

Chichi has already proven that she is a well trained, excessively horny and willing love slave but there is always room for improvement. First we deepen her trance by having her wake up for a few seconds and then drop her back under. Chichi goes into deeper trance every time she is dropped back under. Of course as you can see above, that is all just warm up. I am here to be used master. Great close ups of her cherry ass and feet.




Chi chi Medina Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Please, please, please Master

I am sure have noticed by now that Chichi is a very horny little girl but this next one certainly takes her over the edge and makes her unconditionally surrender. First we pose her while she is just mindlessly staring into nothingness. Her hands are placed on her nipples and frozen in place before waking her up for some intensified "nipple orgasm" training. Chichi goes nut as her nipples are sensitized and she keeps screaming, it feels good to be back. Of course that is all just warm up.

Now it's time to take her over the edge by driving her close to orgasm before dropping her back to sleep. This is actually a great way to intensify the subjects feelings of lust and their uncontrollable need to cum. Every time she wakes up, the desire to cum has built up even more and soon all that is left is the intense desire to orgasm and to please. Chichi is a horny, quivering and begging mess with no control over her body and mind which seems to make her even more responsive to my suggestions. Of course there is also some breath controlled orgasm training, lots of limp body, neck and feet play. I actually take quite some time to play with her, spread her legs for some great close ups, roll her around (beautiful ass btw) inspect her feet, pose her and...




Chi chi Medina Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Everybody should have one

You better be good, you better watch out...

This next segment is all about a new "energy" drink but as it turns out, the drink has several different side effects

Chichi is absolutely adorable in this one

Chichi, our famous model, believes to be at a photo shoot for some kind of new energy drink that will be launched right around Christmas. Well, what can I say, the "energy" drink seems to have to opposite effect on our poor young model. Instead of becoming more awake and fresh, she slowly goes to sleeeeep. Needless to say, she struggles and tries her best to stay up but that turns out to be yet another futile attempt. Looks like I can take my time to mess with her sleeepy young body, her long neck and expose her tits.

Up and fresh again, Chichi seems to have forgotten what just happened and again she makes the mistake of actually drinking the "new Stuff." Oh my Santa, now she gets hornier then hell and all she seems to be able to think off is to get fucked by me. Watching her trying to seduce me while offering herself (including her ass) makes it almost impossible to resist. Let's freeze her in place and make her aware of what she just did, shall we. OH my Santa, what a change. All of a sudden my frozen beauty tries to take it all back but...




Chi chi Medina Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
The perfect stocking stuffer

Some of you guys asked us to include some slow freeze in our updates, so here it goes. Upon awakening our unsuspecting model starts to advertise the "drink and as you might suspect, she slowly freezes up into a helpless statue. Needless to say, the fact that I am exposing her tits, move and play with her and eventually freeze the bottle in her mouth (finally quiet) does not make her feel any better about her predicament but it sure is fun for the rest of us. Looks like we need the "waving hand" to render her mindless a silent.

Of course there is a whole lot more going on. Somehow our young model seems to believe that the cute Santa Vibrator makes for a perfect toy for all our young ones and that everybody should have one of those under the tree. Not only does she seem to think it is the perfect toy, she also feels the need to demonstrate how it works and what to do with it. Very hot btw. I think we better put her to sleep so that she does not embarrass herself even more. After messing with her limp body/neck we let her wake up frozen yet aware. Oh, oh here we g again with the complaining. Luckily though, the Santa vibrator which got somehow stuck between her legs, eventually makes her (almost) orgasm. Poor thing goes out right before she can enjoy but we get to enjoy more limp body and neck play.



Chi chi Medina Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Please disregard that one

Our little Santa model seems to have a really bad day and it does not seem to improve throughout this next segment. first she seems to be plagued by uncontrollable laughing attacks which not only leave her feeling embarrassed but also quite apologetic. Things get worse when she finds herself frozen and helpless again. I wonder what happens to her next?

Things really heat up though when she suddenly seems to believe that the costume is way too much and that the drink will sell much better when she advertises it butt ass naked. Oh my Santa, that girl is hot and although I am not sure whether it helps to sell the drink, it sure as he.. is intense to watch her strip and... Of course there is more freeze, unaware and mindless orgasms and so much more yet to come.



Chi chi Medina Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
What about Mom?

This next segment is all about a disobedient young wife who is being "transformed" into a mindlessly obedient foot slave with no other desire than to please.

Chichi, who loves to ballet dance a lot more than having sex with her husband (the night before her mom visits for three long weeks) finds out that being disobedient does not pay off. After watching her dance for a while in those really different and hot ballet shoes (Chichi is a ballet dancer btw) I decide to take care of my (reluctant) little wife by taking her into a deep trance. Compliant and willing, she now follows orders, calls me master and (very slowly) exposes her well taken care of feet for us. Needless to say, that is all just warm up. watch until you get to see her on all four, wiggling her toes and so much more.




Chi chi Medina Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Please master look at them

Want more feet, some limp body and neck play, a begging little wife, denied orgasms, controlled masturbation and, and, and..

Chichi, who has been put to sleep by the end of the last segment, has no other choice than to let me inspect and mess with her sexy little feet while being in lala land. Time for her to learn to beg me to allow her to not only offer me her feet but to also pleasure herself for my entertainment. Our little girl goes crazy for lust but still she has to learn that being disobedient does not pay off. How do I get my sexy young wife to actually beg me to have my way with her while messing with her feet? Will she promise to be good from now on? Will she be allowed to orgasm or will she go to sle-ep for more limp body and foot play. Maybe we should let her cum a couple of times and then put her to




Chi chi Medina Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Santa Robot

Chichi, who still believes to be my wife seems to now be ready to go (with her girlfriends of course) to a Christmas party, without me that is. Sure honey, dressed like that you are up to no good. Well, looks like we need to do some magic to change her mind. How is she "transformed" into a bend over as spreading, yes master repeating, masturbating, order repeating and very obedient Robot toy? Go find out. Of course there is more than that. At some point she even seems to remember to have a program that makes her behave like a human wife but that does not last long. Adjustment of power settings, reprogramming, deactivation, intensified orgasm settings and more. Chichi becomes every master/owner's dream.




Chi chi Medina Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
This is Unacceptable

An event planner assures her boss that she has the nights event completely under control. She soon discovers that its anything, but under control. She receives several phone calls each bringing worse news than the last The caterer cancels, then the band cancels, the keynote speaker will be delayed and then she is informed that the Banquet hall has been double booked by accident. Each emergency chips away at her ability to hope until she has a complete melt down. She tries to regain her composure and tell her boss, but she falls apart and he takes advantage of the situation.

Frank: Hi Chi chi How are all the preparations for tonight's Christmas Gala dinner coming along?

Chi chi: Everything is working out exactly as planned Mr. Frank. I think the guests will be very pleased.

Frank: Lets hope so, we have a lot riding on this event. (Frank. leaves the room just as the phone rings)

Chi chi: (Chi chi Answers the phone) Hello Medina & Medina Event Planning…….We make your special day……..a day to remember………… This is Chi chi………… but you said that you would be here by four…… a car accident? Oh my! Can you be here 4:30?!
I apologize it was not my intention to be insensitive, perhaps you could arrive at five…………hello……….hello Ms. Fuller…Are you there?

Oh no what I am I going to do? (The phone rings again and Chi chi picks it up)

Chi chi: Hello Medina & Medina Event Planning…….We make your special day……..a day to remember………… This is Chi chi…………Oh hi Sam……Jail!.. What are they doing in Jail……DUI, but they're supposed to perform at 6:00. Can't the police just let them out for tonight. ……..Hello…………hello Sam?……………….

Chi chi: This is un….un……unacceptable………..I must complete primary objective

(The phone rings again and Chi chi picks it up) Chi chi: Hello Medina & Medina Event Planning…….We make your special day……..a day to ..to….to….remember………… This is Chi chi

Oh Hi Stacey, while I have you on the phone can you recommend a caterer that can be available on short notice…….What about the Banquet hall?…………Double Booked! How is that possible they told me that, I mean I thought that, Why didn't they, I mean How could somebody just….This isn't happening……but they said….they told me…..promised……said…..told…..error….error ……unacceptable!


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