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Chi chi Medina Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Relax into the groundlessness of the moment

Chichi Medina, drop-dead gorgeous brunet with an amazingly sexy hard body is definitely the kind of girl who can (and does in my case) drive any red blooded man crazy the second she enters the room. Needless to say, our little girl knows about the kind of damage she can do but that certainly does not make her one of those unapproachable chicks we all dislike.

In fact, as soon as she opens her mouth, it becomes clear that she is sweet, charming and irresistibly cute. In other words, Chichi is the kind of girl most men would love to take into their arms and do all kinds of fun things to her. What I am trying to say here is that Chichi is an amazing young girl, sexy, horny, cute, outspoken, naturally horny and really, really kinky. What more can you ask for. What makes this all even better is the fact that she is an amazingly good subject. Let get ready for another intense joyride, shall we?

At first it seemed almost like she tried to resist looking at the watch but that sure did not take long and after that it was just clear sailing. Great slow close ups of her face and that beautifully tanned hard body.

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Chi chi Medina Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
You are here to please

Intense blank and unblinking stares, orgasm training on three, mind reduction, entranced obedience, masturbation while having to wait for the happy end, repetitions like I am cuming for you Master and so much more.

As expected, Chichi's session starts with a bang. Her young body starts to quiver as soon as she is made to feel helplessly touched. I cannot resist to take a peek at her perky tits while she squirms on the couch. Chichi is slowly driven up the wall for lust before she is orgasmed on my count of three. After all, our little girl has to learn who is boss. Time for her to open those big dark eyes of hers while staring into nothingness. Her mind seems to be gone and all she wants to do, is to please us with her masturbation. I can feel that she likes it rough and that taking all control away from her is the way to go. Chichi cumes hard on my command. Time to send her into deep mindlessness again while standing in front of me. Chichi goes down with every snap of my fingers until she just stares off into the distance. I have no will and n mind of my own master. Now she has to proof that all she wants is to make herself cum again for her master. Chichi goes nuts and it is obvious that she cannot stop pleasuring herself until....




Chi chi Medina Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your empty shell master

Please train me master, I am here to obey

I am making myself cum for you master

Highlights : Zombie pose, mindlessly posed statue, slow reps of mantra, yes masters, unblinking empty stares, being undressed while mindless and dim, waving hand, hypno bondage while made to feel her hands, masturbation, snapped into oblivion.

Chichi is taken on a spectacular rollercoaster of emotions from intense feelings of arousal back down to complete mindless stillness. Watching her sexy body go into lustful convulsions while forced to make herself cum for us is definitely intense and it becomes even more obvious that she is an excellent subject who can be easily taken from those amazing sexual highs into dim mindless trance.




Chi chi Medina Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am here to please

Slaves have to be used

We start off by keeping our beauty sleepy and helpless while I take my time to take off her sexy boots and socks, play with her feet while the camera takes a closer look of all this. Time to turn her into a horny foot slave who has only one desire and that is to show us her feet while going crazy for lust. She keeps screaming, I am here to please while giving her wet pussy a hard workout. Off course she has to learn to cum on touch, meaning whenever I ever so slightly touch her sensitive feet. Again, Chichi goes nuts and her beautiful body quivers and shakes under the impact of her long orgasms.

Of course we are not done yet. After putting her to sleep again for more limp foot and body play finally comes the part where she has to learn that slaves crawl while being made to feel fucked and used. Again, she keeps screaming, slaves have to be used and every repetition makes her feel even more aroused.




Chi chi Medina Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Good little girls follow and obey

I am just your orgasm slave master

Highlights : Intense unblinking stares, slow and severe mind-reduction leading to emptiness, nipple play and orgasm training, entranced repetitions, breath controlled orgasm training (which really took her over the edge) Limp body and foot play while out, sleep trigger planting. Needless to say, the last segment of her initial training is just as intense and mind blowing as the first four clips so go ahead and enjoy her final surrender.




Chi chi Medina Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
You and your weirdness

Chichi, who believes to be my roommate, has the audacity to kick me out of the apartment by the 30th of this month. OK, maybe the lease is in her name and she prefers to live with someone who might be a bit more sane than I am but does she have to wait until the 28th of the month to tell me. Anyway, the fact that I brought home a mannequin to practice on makes her even more convinced that I am just not the kind of person she wants to share her place with. OK honey, have it your way.

This being the Halloween week and all, I thought it would be a nice idea to use the "laughing rock" for her transformation into mindless dimness and with that, into complete obedience. Chichi drops like a rock and now it is time for me to slowly check her out (look at her breasts and ass) while she just stands there staring into nothingness. How about some mindless yet very intense masturbation while repeating, " I am your horny slave master, please train me." Again, Chichi goes nuts under my control. Let's put her to sleep for some slow limp body manipulation, eye checks, opening her mouth, removing some cloth and inspecting her feet.




Chi chi Medina Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
More Halloween freeze fun

I am going to throw you out of the window

This next one shows our standoffish young roommate, who still wants to kick me out, being frozen, undressed while helpless and yet bitchy, orgasmed by the sword despite her futile attempts to fight it, rendered mindless (again despite her disbelieve that that might actually be possible) driven into willing yet unaware masturbation and eventually made aware of her doing so which leads to shock and disbelieve. Of course there is more, like the part where she just does not seem to be able to control the hand in her pussy which drives her closer and closer to a very embarrassing moment and of course the part where she goes dim again for more...




Chi chi Medina Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
slave training and more...

Chichi seems to now be really ready to kick me out (to say the least) but unfortunately for her, she yet again and that is always a great time to have some fun with her sexy and very limp body and feet. Of course I place her into some very hot poses (that girl has an ass to dream off and we get to see that) take off her socks, check her feet and orgasm her in her sleep with the help of a vibrator. Time for some foot slave training which makes her to not only please us with her feet but it also drives her up the wall for lust to be of service. Again, I just have to take a closer look at her ass and feet which is why I place her on the couch on all for with her ass pushed out at me. Of course there is more like the intense masturbation, more limp body and foot play, begging and screaming hard orgasms. Needless to say, it all ends well and believe it or not, suddenly Chichi not only wants me to stay but she also wants to...




Chi chi Medina Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Robo dancer

Chichi who actually is a Ballerina (years of ballet training which explains that body of hers) believes to be at a photo shoot for a small town magazine. Long story but you will know once you watch the clip. Needless to say, my talking about Robolust and girls being programmed does go on her nerves (just as much as the fact that I am hitting on her) but never the less, she falls for my little trick and ends up a robot. Needless to say, she is programmed to obey and please without any mind, thoughts and will of her own, after all, robots have no of that to begin with. There is a lot more of course, like her Robo ballet dance, intense bottomless masturbation, repetition of program steps, yes masters and more. At the end, I take a little time to mess with my deactivated Robo toy.




Chi chi Medina Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
That has nothing to do with ballet

Being taken advantage off is fun

The nightmare photo shoot continues for our confused and a bit embarrassed ballerina. Needless to say, she would rather be somewhere else but... Here we see her being thrown off by uncontrollable laughter at the most inappropriate times which makes it hard for the photographer to take pictures of her but that is nothing compared to what she has to go through when her young body freezes up again. Yes, she is undressed, orgasmed without really wanting to do so, driven into mindless and very intense masturbation (while being aware and helplessly embarrassed) and eventually rendered mindless despite her disbelieve. Poor thing has no choice in the matter and although I am very well aware of the fact that what I do to her, does not help her with the "moving problem" but it is just too much fun not to do it.




Chi chi Medina Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Why am I so sleepy

This last segment shows our sexy, oversexed and quite confused ballerina, being played and messed with while out and helpless. Needless to say, besides undressing and manipulating her beautiful body, I also take quite some time to check out her sexy little feet (take off stockings, play with feet/toes) There is of course more going on than just that. At some point, our young lady tries to leave but as it seems, she can only move in slow motion. Could it be that she is too tiered to even get up? It gets really hot when we get to see her sucking and licking the dildo as if it was her masters dick ( it really seems like she cannot get it in deep enough) More "foot lust" as she offers us her feet while being ordered to pleasure herself. Still there is more yet to cum. Really a hot one in which we get to enjoy her beautiful body from every angel. Surprise ending!



Chi chi Medina Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
You are mine!
CHI CHI: Hi coach! You wanted see me coach?

FRANK: Oh yes Chi Chi, How do you Feel?

CHI CHI: I feel totally lifelike, Thank You for asking.

FRANK: What? I meant how are you feeling

CHI CHI: Oh feeling….Oh I feel terrific, thank you for asking….I’m super excited about tonight's game. We’ve been practicing all week and our routine is totally hot.

FRANK: That’s great Chi Chi. Uhm, Some of the other girls told me that you fell during today’s practice and were.... well in their words “acting kind of strange.”

CHI CHI: Strange? Whatever do you mean?

FRANK: Stacey said you seemed really confused and disoriented and that You weren’t making sense when you spoke. She was worried that you might have sustained a concussion.

CHI CHI: ……It’s alright, I’m OK!………… I don’t get concussions………

FRANK: Don’t be ridiculous, anybody can get a concussion if they hit there head hard enough. I’d like to make sure that your OK before I allow you to cheer at tonight's game. Why don’t you let Stacey and Lisa take you over to the campus clinic and have them check you out, just to be safe.

CHI CHI: It’s alright, I’m Ok! ……I’m OK…. I’m per….per….per...perfectly fine. ….Really I am…

FRANK: What's with the stutter Chi Chi?

CHI CHI: Stutter? Whatever do you mean?

FRANK: I think you better go to the clinic?

CHI CHI: But I can’t!……I mean It's all right , I’m OK……..I’m…I’m...I’m Ok Really I am……I’m OK really...I am….really I am….

FRANK: I sorry, but you don’t seem that OK to me. I’m afraid I’m going to have to insist that you see a doctor before I even think about letting you cheer tonight.

CHI CHI: I’m OK, really I am. I’m perfectly fine………Let me cheer for you……..Give me a B……..Give me a U…….Give me a L Give me  Error…….Error…….system malfunction…….I am malfunctioning…..ex…ex...execute……Malfunction….to be perky…….I’m programmed to be perky…

CHI CHI: Oh Hi coach you wanted to see me?………..Hello coach! Is something wrong?…..Why are you looking at me like that?

FRANK: Oh my god you’re some kind of robot

CHI CHI: A robot?………Whatever do you mean?

FRANK: You’re not human, your a damn machine

CHI CHI: Don’t be silly, I’m not a robot…..not a robot…..a robot….robot..robot..error……Don’t be ridiculous I’m Chi Chi…..I’m a cheerleader……..wanna see me cheer…..I will cheer for you. Be Aggressive B-E aggressive B-E-A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E Be Aggressive. Be B-E Aggressive…Regressive Ag--Ag--aggress----aggress--aggressive. I’ve got spirit….spirit...spirit…I’ve got spirit., yes I do…..I’ve got spirit how bout you? ...See I’m Ok ………Really I am...

FRANK: Then why are you beeping?

CHI CHI: Beeping? Whatever do you mean?..

FRANK: I mean what are the beeping sounds emanating from your chest

CHI CHI: I uhm…uhm I…..I…..Uhm…I. uhm no programmed response …no programmed response… no programmed response available………Uhm…I I can ..I can explain …there…there is….there is a perfectly logical ex..ex explanation…I am beeping because…..because I am…..I…I…I am not a robot……I am not a robot……

CHI CHI: Hi I’m Chi Chi…I am programmed to be perky……to be…perky…perky….my breast are firm and perky…sand perky……and perky…….Oh no! I think I am malfunctioning…….Initiating emergency shutdown……….Chi Chi unit shut…ting…dowwwwn.

CHI CHI: Chi Chi unit activated……Loading Chi Chi 3.8………loading…loading…Hi...I’m Chi Chi I’m a cheerleader, so nice to meet you…… .

CHI CHI: Oh hi coach…..How did I get….get…get here?…Oh No! I malfunctioned didn’t I?

FRANK: To put it mildly, You went completely haywire!

CHI CHI: Oh my God! You like totally know my secret……Please nobody’s supposed to know that I’m, that I’m like totally robotic.



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