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Christina Carter Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


Give it to me

Christina Carter, stunningly beautiful, sensual and extremely sexual young woman could not wait to get started with her training session. We had met a few month back at a convention and as you can imagine, the second I laid eyes on her, I wanted her to come in for a session. Luckily Christina was just as intrigued by what I do as I was intrigued by her and it seemed like we both could not wait to get together. Having had a little bit of experience with what I do, Christina was not really sure whether it might work but the sheer possibility that it could work made her want to try out, as she put it: "the real thing". I have been lucky lately when it comes to finding great subjects and believe me Christina was no exception. Her raw and untamed sexuality combined with a seductive kind of sensuality, the need to be dominated and the willingness to let go of herself made her the perfect subject.

When I say here that she likes to be dominated that only means by the right person. Christina told me right off the bat that if the wrong guy tries to tell her what to do, it just pisses her off and nothing sexual ever happens! As I mention it has to be real. Be prepared for another intense training session in which Christina's deepest and most hidden desires are erupting into a whirlwind of screaming ecstasy.



Give it to me. The first part of the session started a little differently. I wanted Christina to feel right off the bat that the feeling of having no choice made her not only feel beautiful and sensual but also was what she needed to feel turned on. I made her imagine that her hands and arms were attached to balloons which were slowly but surely pulling up her arms and hands. As soon as I saw her going under, I switched to the forceful magnetic hands which were pulling her hands together thus making it impossible for her to open her hands. After that I added the force field of the couch which was now holding her body tightly in place. It showed in her wide open eyes that it not only worked but it also made her go deeper.

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Christina Carter Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Please let me be a good girl for you

I have no more control, please, please, please

Christina still feels the force field which is holding her strapped to the couch. She feels her legs forced apart and her hands and arm are secured behind her head. Helpless yet incredibly turned on, her body is starting to quiver and shake under the thrusting vibrator, I make her feel right on the tip of her clit. To make it a bit more challenging, I encourage her to try to fight it. The more she tries to suppress her feelings of lust the more it seems to hit her. Christina's beautiful body is all over the couch and she starts to scream for lust but as we all know she has to show me what a good girl she can be first, before I let her orgasm. I want to hear her scream and beg even more. As we all know it is important to let the subject know who decides what and when they feel pleasure and how much of it. I can feel her getting very close to explode and now it is time for her to repeat: "I have no more control, I want to be a good girl". Still not good enough. Intense from beginning to the end.



Christina Carter Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
I want to be mindless for you

Every time you obey and do or say something that I want you to do or say, your feelings of lustful arousal will increase even more. It is now time for Christina to take off her top and panties so that we all get a better look at her beautiful body. Christina is ready for her first mind removal. Being orgasmed on my command is starting to drive her crazy and it seems like she can not get out of her clothes fast enough. My good little girl wants to get out of her panties so bad that she almost tears them apart. Christina's body is shivering and shaking and her moaning and groaning becomes even louder and more intense while she is now ordered to masturbate. Her hand disappears in her pantyhose and I can hear how her fingers slam into her wet pussy. It is time for the mantra: "I want to be mindless for you." Her repetitions are, driven by her lust, faster and more forceful at the beginning but the more she let's go of her mind the slower they become until her voice sounds slow and monotone. Short, action packed, lots of screaming, slow mantras and lust driven surrender.



Christina Carter Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
Make me your mindless shell master
I have to be made a better girl master. Take my mind

If you like amazing stares with not so much as a blinking eyelid, slow monotone repetitions, breath controlled orgasms, denied orgasms and an insanely horny and begging young woman, then this next segment is certainly for you. At first Christina's big dark eyes are glued to the light I am holding on her forehead while her mind, thoughts and will are slowly running out of her. Willing to give it all, Christina let's go completely and her eyes are still staring in the direction where the light used to be but now her eyes seem empty and dull: "I am a mindless shell master". I keep playing with her by taking her close to another orgasm but then deny her to explode. She keeps repeating: "I am very close for you" and I decide that it is now time for the very intense breath controlled orgasm training. Christina's amazing body is hot and sweaty and I can feel that she is giving it all up.



Christina Carter Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
With rolling eyes into mindless trance

I am a helpless slave master

Christina is on her knees, she feels the powerful thrust of an imaginary vibrator, while another powerful orgasm takes her even deeper. Her head falls backwards, she is losing all strength and her eyes are starting to roll back towards the back of her head. I keep taking her into an even deeper and completely mindless trance. There does not seem to be an ounce of strength left in her body when I start to freeze her. The orgasm I let her feel intensifies the stiffness of her body. It is always helpful to divert the female subjects' attention so that the really important suggestions can easily and unfiltered sink into the subconscious. All Christina can think of is her lust and the feelings of pleasure I allow her to experience. Her sexy body freezes up like a rock and I keep swaying her around while she is still Cumming. Even her lips can not move when I have her repeat: "I am a helpless slave." Of course no female training session is complete without the nipple and breast play. Christina experiences feelings and a sensitivity in her nipples and breasts unlike anything she has ever felt before. There is so much going on in this one that is almost impossible to describe it all and it is certainly impossible to describe the intensity of it all.



Christina Carter Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
First standing up mindless orgasm

I am your mindless slave

More rolling eyes, and intensified female training

Christina had mentioned before the session that she was never able to orgasm while standing up. It would take too long to explain why this came up but as we all know, having an orgasm while standing up is not easy and most girls don't particularly like it simply because it takes it out of them. Well, go check out how effortless and hard Christina orgasms while not only standing up but also walking around in circles. My mindless and horny little girl is ordered to walk around in circles while the mantra: "I have no choice" takes her further down. Again her hand is inside of her pantyhose, the last piece of clothing she is wearing by now and I can hear and see how wet she is. Christina's big dark eyes are wide open and stare into who knows where, her body is quivering and shaking while she is overcome by a series of orgasms. Of course that is all just the warm up. Next comes the bend over, on her knees, ass pushed out, for.ced orgasm training. I make her feel the thrusting vibrator between her legs again. There is no need for her to touch herself in order to feel pleasure. As I always say it is all in the mind. Christina feels helplessly fucked and her screaming becomes louder and louder with every thrust. My little girl's eyes are rolling back again and I can feel that she is giving in. Her head tilts back as all strength seems to be sucked out of her and her body although quivering like a leaf has no more strength left. Finally I decide to let her go out cold and perform eye checks on both of her eyes at the same time. Very hot by the way. Of course there is more to see than this description even begins to say, so go ahead and check it out.



Christina Carter Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
I do not even model this kind of stuff for my boyfriend

One wave of my hand in front of Christina's eyes renders her mindless and willing

Christina is made to believe that she is working for me at my lingerie and toy store. You all know what kind of toys I am talking about. For some reason she likes to work at my store although she does not seem to care for the stuff I am selling. Lingerie and toys, who really needs that kind of stuff! Imagine what happens when I ask her to model some of the lingerie and toys for my after hours clients. Christina politely yet very firmly turns down my proposal to model for my clients. Looks like my little girl does not quite get the idea that she will be the entertainment for the night, no matter what. I don't know what it is with the girls talking about their boyfriends, as if that would explain anything. Anyway one swift wave of my hand in front of her eyes and my little girl is mindless and willing. "I am a female, I have to masturbate" seems to be one of the few things my little girl remembers how to say. First I have her dance and masturbate for a while without letting her cum. The longer I let her wait the better she wants to be for me. After that I have her change into various really sexy pieces of lingerie and just feeling the clothes on her body is starting to drive her insane for lust. Each piece feels different and makes her do different things to herself. The last one makes her feel her big breast with an amazing intensity and the desire to pinch her nipples becomes insurmountable. During the changes into a different piece of lingerie, the desire to feel the next piece becomes so strong that Christina can not change fast enough. Very intense training segment.




Christina Carter Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
I need to be punished for not having been good in the first place

Christina understands that she needs more training and it seems to turn her on to be made even better. I put her underneath the table which to her looks like a cage from which she can not escape. Time to model and demonstrate the use of my new line of vibrators. Christina is still very horny from the last segment which left her shivering and shaking. The second the vibrator hits her clit, she almost explodes but as we all know she has to earn her orgasm first. With her head held up high, just to make it a bit less comfortable for her, Christina is slowly driven into a series of controlled orgasms. I program her to orgasm when ever she feels her nipples pinched or just simply imagines that they are pinched. Something she will enjoy for a long time to come. Now it is time to send her deeper again. Christina drifts and so do her eyes, all the way back into her head. After a couple of zombie like orgasms my little girl suddenly feels her hands and arms pulled up and bound to the table. Helpless and still horny with her eyes wide open and empty, Christina goes through more intense training. Unable to close her eyes or even blink, she is taken through another mind blowing or should I say mind taking series of orgasms: "I am a good girl now". Wait until you see what happens when I snap her out of it and she feels like my sales girl again.




Christina Carter Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen, weakened, played with and very apologetic

After her futile attempts not to orgasm, (see last segment) Christina still seems to believe that she has some kind of say in all this but before she even knows what hit her, my little sweetheart freezes up like a rock. Unable to move or even speak, she now finds herself firmly controlled again. She is hissing some weird sounds through her teeth which I guess could be interpreted as �bitching� but as I mentioned without her lips being unable to move, she can not really say much, now can she? I render her mindless again by waving my hand in front of her eyes and suddenly she is quiet. It is time to release her from her cage and play more of the freeze game with her. Back up Christina all of a sudden likes the idea of being a model and she even does not mind changing into all kinds of outfits for me. The only problem with all that is that I keep freezing her in between those costume changes and then mess with her. Every time she wakes up, my sexy little model finds herself in some kind of predicament and starts apologizing for what just happened. Why would she uncontrollably orgasm while modeling? I don't know, even Christina could not explain that one.



Christina Carter Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a bad little Santa

I give it and I take it!

Christina snaps out of one of her freeze episodes and all she can think of is to grab the little Santa vibrator, rip off her panties and pleasure herself. Of course she keeps apologizing for her strange behavior but also admits that she just can not stop doing it. Maybe I should try to help her by making her focus on my eyes and then take her into an even deeper trance. No, that did not work. Now she really goes crazy and starts apologizing for not Cumming hard enough for me. I keep pushing her and the more she orgasms the more I make her apologize for not Cumming hard enough and the more I do that the wilder she gets. Christina's orgasms are screaming loud and hard but then again it can always be a bit more.

Maybe it would help to take the vibrator off her pussy and just hold it up. No, that did not work either, now she feels it even stronger without it being there. This is probably a good time to let her know who controls her orgasms and with that I take her very close to a powerful orgasm and then let the feeling subside and then take her close again. Believe me she went nuts over that one, really very intense segment and quite different. After this part of the training it is time to put her back in her cage: �Please cage me master�. Back in there, Christina is put back to sleep in a very dramatic way. Her mind goes to sleep but her body keeps Cumming until she is worn out. Great eye checks showing the white of her eyes...




Christina Carter Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
Don't be silly, there is no such thing as a Love potion

Christina believes to be one of those hot super models who only care about themselves. Of course she is absolutely not interested in me the photographer. She gives me the, you are a bit too old for me line and even laughs at me. I have to say she looks absolutely spectacular in her red, skin tight Santa body suit and I can not wait for her to start drinking the "special soda" I have prepared for her. Did I warn her that it may be a love potion she is drinking? Of course I did, but did she listen? Absolutely not. Christina's behavior changes quickly and all of a sudden she likes older men but that is just the beginning. Slowly but surely she starts falling in love with me and the way she shows it is absolutely hot. My little supermodel turns into a very willing seductress who even, after a futile attempt to hold on to her mind, gives herself up completely.




Christina Carter Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Nobody can turn me into an obedient robot

�Nobody can turn me into an obedient robot� are pretty much Christina's last words before she stands at attention in front of me while saying: "I am a robot." When I first wake her up, she seems a bit confused about the outfit she is wearing and when I mention that I would turn her into a robot now, she is even more confused but still laughing. Well, look at her now; Robotic and seemingly mindless. Let's perform some tests on her shall we? Arms up, arms down, jiggle tits, bottomless masturbation, orgasm on command, stop Cumming on command and lots more. Well all that seems to work, let's check the new obedience program, shall we? Deactivated during her last orgasm, Christina goes out like a light: �I am a robot, I must masturbate for master�. That's right



Christina Carter Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen, tickled and orgasmed with no explanation

Christina really has no clue as to what and why she feels mercilessly tickled and orgasmed at the same time. She does not really think that what I do might work on her but then there is that unexplainable insane tickling which makes her scream and beg for mercy. Things get even worse when she finds herself, being fully aware that is, frozen and tickled with even more intensity than before. At some point I decide to give her a break and to let the tickling as well as the orgasms subside. Believe it or not she is still skeptical but it is obvious that she is not as certain about all that anymore. Honest as I am, I let her know that I can make her feel and do pretty much anything I want. Does she believe that one? Of course not and that is why she has to experience it again.


Christina Carter Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
My feet taste soooooo good

Christina just can not seem to get enough of her own feet. All of a sudden she is obsessed with touching, licking and sucking and talking very seductively about her own feet. It is amazing how she keeps talking about her feet as if they very the sweetest most delicious turn on there is. Her slow seductive foot play drives her so insane that she eventually explodes into you know what.



Christina Carter Clip XV Members - Click here to view this clip
Seductive Panty play and being put out cold.

This one is for everybody who loves to watch a beautiful and very horny woman being put out cold, over and over that is. The segment actually starts with Christina showing us what she can do with her wet little panties. Very sensual wet panty play and believe me Christina is perfect for that one. Part two is the sleepy one in which my girl is insane for lust and all she wants to do is, show me how beautiful, horny and seductive she is but when ever she gets close to her climax, she goes out like a light at the slightest touch of my hand. Very hot final segment throughout which it becomes more than obvious how well Christina is trained.


Christina Carter Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
I am Stargirl and I am impervious to...

I will seduce you!

I always knew that it was only a matter of time before she would find me and to be honest, I could not wait for that day to arrive. To defeat and reprogram one of the new Star girl fembots had become my dream ever since I got fired from the Cyber dome laboratory team. Why did they fire me? I guess they thought I was more of a mad scientist than a real serious one but soon they will know who really knows his stuff.

Anyway, she walks into my place and I know right away that she means business. Impervious to most weapons my sexy little star girl was very certain that apprehending me should have been an easy task. OK, my first attempt to take her out failed and that really got her going. She kept talking about being impervious to the power of my weapons and that it would be better for me to just follow her quietly. Not so fast, after all she is just an array of wires and circuits and there must be a way to stop her. The poor thing did not even know what she really was and my remark about her being a glorified doll really seemed to have pissed her off.

These losers at the cyber dome just don't get it right. Finally my second attempt, using the EMP worked and my sexy little Star doll stopped in her tracks. All her bitching and complaining during the reprogramming process did not help her a bit. After a brief shutdown, my new and improved Star girl was a dream come true: "I am an obedient Star girl and I will seduce you". A series of tests showed right away that she was now programmed to be nothing more than a seductive, pleasing, very wet, promiscuous and oversexed Toy. Very hot action and the way Christina transforms, malfunctions, plays with herself and turns into a seductress is very exciting to watch.





Christina Carter Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I am Stargirl and I am not impervious to getting fucked

It got hot quickly and although there were setbacks, my newly programmed Stargirl turned out to be quite the seductress. The way she peeled off that skin tight suit she was wearing almost made me forget who was boss and who seduces who in this game. All of a sudden in the middle of her dance my doll starts to talk gibberish again. Stuff like: "I am Omni girl", "I am impervious", "you will be seduced", "you are not authorized"! We all know what happens after that. You guessed it, another malfunction and yet another repair attempt. It seemed like I could not turn her off completely and again she complained during my attempt to fix her. The last repair job gave me hope after I saw how incredibly horny and promiscuous she was and to watch her play with herself got me to believe that I got her exactly where I wanted her to be. Why is this all written in the past tense? Well the answer to that is at the ending.



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