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Christina Carter Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


Feel the Magic

Christina Carter even more beautiful, sensual and radiant the second time around. I know, you might think that this is hardly possible but you will see what I mean once you watch her clips. Speaking of which, anyone who has seen her first visit, knows that Christina is, besides being one of the most sexual women I had the pleasure of taking under, also one of the best subjects. Needless to say, I could not wait for her to come back for another round of intense training and pleasure. Christina's main question was whether she could feel the same intense magic again; or better yet, whether it was possible to feel and experience it even more powerful. This time around, she had a much better idea of what would happen during the session and the question was whether or not she would let her self go as far as and even farther than the first time. Well, I don't want to say too much here but let me assure you, this is another amazingly intense session to remember.

Christina enjoyed her first induction so much that she asked me to take my time with the second one as well. I took my time to slowly take her back under and then refreshed her subconscious memory, meaning I activated some of the old triggers and feelings which worked so well the first time around.

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Christina Carter Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
I control the degree of your pleasure

I surrender to your will and you decide when I cum

The second time around it is even more important to make it clear to the subject in training that the degree of pleasure they are allowed and or ordered to feel depends directly on how pleasing and submissive they are and what better way is there than to make the subject want to please you so badly that they would do pretty much anything.

Christina's horny young body starts to shiver under my suggestions and I keep encouraging her to fight it which only makes her feel even more helpless thus unable to resist. I can feel her intense arousal and the more I suggest that she has no control and that she wants to please me, the more she starts screaming for lust. I make her want to show me how badly she wants to cum for me and that she has surrendered to my will.

 Christina's body goes into convulsions and her moaning and groaning turns into lustful screams. She is begging me to let her cum for me while her hands claw into her beautiful breasts. The more I let her know that she is controlled the more insane for lust she seems to get. I could go on and on about this intense segment and how insanely intense her surrender is but I think it is best if you just go and watch it.



Christina Carter Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindlessly orgasm, just because I say so

Mantras, intense mindless stares and screaming hard orgasms make for a perfectly trained female subject.

Christina can not seem to get out of her panties fast enough. The suggestion that taking off her panties will even increase her lust and arousal definitely works. She is still intensely horny and now it is time to take her thoughts, mind and will. I have her stare at the pyramid crystal in my hand while she feels intense pleasure between her legs. Christina is very horny but I can feel her slowing down. Her mind is released into the crystal which makes her feel the physical pleasure with even more intensity.

Driven by her own lust and the desire to please me, my horny little subject let's go of herself thus surrenders to the take over. Slow and monotone repetitions of "I surrender" show how empty yet intensely aroused she is. Each repetition intensifies her arousal ten times. Watching her big eyes go dim and empty while her body goes into lustful convulsions is too intense to describe: "I am a good girl for you." I know my little girl and that is why you are allowed to orgasm, now."



Christina Carter Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
Thank you for making me your slave again

More intense stares, cross eyed action, repetitions and intense female training

Christina's shivering body is standing right in front of me, her hands are forced between her legs and she cannot help but to pleasure herself. By telling her that I will now make her a horny slave again makes her quiver for lust. I make her aware of the fact that she is unable to stop pleasuring herself and the more she tries to stop it, the more she feels it. Christina's beautiful body is going nuts while she screams; "make me your horny slave, master." A few repetitions of it make her cum hard and I decide to keep her Cumming for a while. My little girl has to learn that slaves cum as long as their master wants them to. I think you all agree with that.

Anyway, it is now time for more obedience training. Christina's arms are stretched out in front of her while her legs are spread wide: “I have to learn to be obedient master”. She feels intense pleasure without being allowed to touch herself. Her body is quivering and shaking under my suggestions and almost collapses when I make her cum at the snap of my fingers, “I was born to be your slave master.” I know, I say this a lot but all of Christina's segments have way too much going on to describe even half of it.



Christina Carter Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
Love slaves belong on their knees

I am a mindless shell master

The intensity of Christina’s mindless submission, the slow and monotone repetitions, her almost quiet yet intense surrender and her blank yet intense orgasms make this a very different segment and it makes me almost want to use the words: “romantic surrender”, in order to describe it. Christina is placed on her knees and I can feel how it turns her on, having been put into her place. Her mind slowly drains out which makes her feel the intense pleasure in her pussy even more. The repetitions of, "no will" become slower and more monotone and I can feel her sinking into the abyss. Her body twitches and quivers, her breathing is deep and intense while she is orgasmed: "I am completely mindless." I can feel her being drained and exhausted when I order her to raise her arms. I make her feel the thrust of a vibrator between her legs and her body starts to go into convulsions again. Orgasmed into mindlessness, Christina is ready to be put to sleep. I send her very slowly to sleep. Why slowly, you might ask? Well, I want her to feel how her body helplessly goes out whenever I say so.



Christina Carter Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
No, I am a very strong minded person

So many ways to go blank, so many ways to serve and even more ways to feel confused!

Christina is made to believe that the session has just begun and that she has never been entranced before. For some reason, she seems to believe that she is not a good subject and that her strong mind might be in the way when it comes to letting herself go. The idea of turning into a mindless puppet seems far off and quite impossible. Of course I agree with her until she picks up the "dancing light". Oops, what happened? Christina's eyes open wide and her mindless stare is intense while her body seems to lose all energy: "I have no more will and mind." Her hands magically move up to her breasts. Imagine how surprised she feels, once I snap her out of it. Somewhat confused, she still insists that what I do does not work on her. OK, I understand. Let's do another test before the session can actually begin.

The next item she picks up seems to have the same mind altering effect as the dancing light. Christina instantaneously drops into completely mindless trance. Now it is time to have her strip dance for me. Christina seductively strips down to her pantyhose. Imagine her surprise and embarrassment when I snap her out again. She still insists that she is very strong minded but I can feel that deep down inside she feels that I have something to do with all this. OK, let's do one more test. Christina ends up with her hand deep down in her pussy, while saying, "I am a mindless horny bimbo." Imagine her surprise and embarrassment when I snap her out of that one. Lots of “yes masters”, instantaneous sleep and more...



Christina Carter Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
The aware yet helpless orgasm

Do you want to cum for me? "No,....oh yes, oh yes or the power of post hypnotic Suggestions

Up and awake again, Christina still insists that the whole "mindless girl" thing will not work for her. The light shaker in her hand will certainly not change that at all. Oops, the second it flashes, my little non believer goes blank again. I wave my hand in front of her unblinking eyes, just to make sure, nobody is home. Now is the real challenge, Christina is fully awake and aware when I suggest that her hands slowly move down to her pussy. Her legs are forced apart and she starts to pleasure herself.

Confused yet unable to stop what she is doing, my little girl tries to make sense of what is happening. I can feel her getting aroused and before long her futile attempts to regain control over her body, come to an end. Her last attempt to at least prevent the orgasm from tearing through her shivering body ends in defeat and sweet surrender. Now it seems like she can not stop Cumming and the only help I can offer her is to put her to sleep. We all know, I am a nice guy, right? Very intense, futile struggles and deep yet sweet capitulation...




Christina Carter Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
I can make it happy for you

Christina, still thinking that the session just started and that we have never met before, believes to be able to see right through my pants and what she sees is the smallest dick she has ever seen. At first she tries to be polite about all this but before long, she just can not help but make fun of me. When I mention that many of the girls who come here would like to give me a blowjob, she starts laughing: "I don't see how this is possible." It is really a lot of fun, to watch her going from, trying to be discreet and tactful to being downright amused. It hurts so much that I just have to send her back to sleep. The next time she wakes up, she can still see right through my pants what she sees this time makes her lustful. It is even more fun to watch her, throw herself at me and to beg me to let her blow me.




Christina Carter Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
There is no such thing as an obedient Robot

Christina, on her way to a fetish party, stops by my jewelry store to pick out a matching necklace. We get into a conversation and I mention that most of the jewelry in my store has very special properties which might help her turn into a well programmed fembot. Of course she does not believe a word I say and I have a feeling that she even thinks that I might be a bit of a lunatic. She seems drawn to the masterpiece of my collection, a beautiful necklace which matches her dress perfectly. Her transformation is slow and intense. I want her to feel every second of the change that is going on inside of her. Transformed and ready to serve, Christina stands at attention: “Yes master, I am a Robot”. Many, many yes masters will follow.

After having learned to acknowledge my orders by saying, yes master, she is now ordered to play with the mannequin right next to her. Horny as hell, but not allowed to orgasm, her system is set to minimum capacity which makes her unable to move while still feeling intense pleasure. At some point, she is snapped out of it again and something very strange happens. Christina, although surprised and confused about what has just happened, does not want to seem to leave. This one surprised me but it shows that I must have struck a nerve or better yet a trigger in her subconscious. Watch and you will know what I mean by that. Christina drops back into being my robot at the snap of my fingers. Lots of “yes masters”, cleaning, mannequin seduction, stares, bottomless masturbation and programming...



Christina Carter Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
One look at my breasts and you will.....

Christina believes to be a Femdom hypnotist who loves to bring men under her control by using her big luscious breasts to take them under. Even though I tell her that I am only interested in her helping me quit smoking, she is determined to bring me under her control and to have my way with me. Seductively and very self assured, Christina tries to use her magic on me but it backfires. Slowly but surely, she follows her own voice into deep trance. Time to let her taste some of her own medicine. Mindlessly entranced and obedient, she is driven to the verge of a very powerful orgasm but then she is denied to cum. Bend over the couch with her beautiful ass pushed out, she is again ordered to get herself very close to orgasm and again, despite her begging and pleading, she is not allowed to explode. I am a mindless empty slave master.

Of course that is all just the warm up. The next step of her training is to teach her that mindlessly sucking and licking her own feet drives her into a series of powerful orgasms. Very hot clip, lots of repetitions, yes masters an amazingly hot attempt to entrance me and a very willing and quiet mindless love slave. Lots of yes masters.



Christina Carter Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
The door is right over there

This next segment has it all, from a very hot foot job vibrator scene, very intense mind reduction begging and pleading for orgasms, empty stares, zombie walk, crawling and bowing as well as lots of instantaneous sleep action which some people like to call passing out scenes. After Christina is driven crazy for lust while showing me her amazing foot job abilities, her mind is slowly drained out, leaving her willing and ready for more training. Her empty stares are intense and even my waving hand in front of her eyes can not make her flinch. Next comes the zombie walk, the crawling, the bowing and lots of repetitions.

The end of the clip has my little want to be hypnotist wake up numerous times and every time she comes up she tries to get rid of me but unfortunately she keeps dropping like a rock for some strange reasons. It is fun watching her wake up confused and embarrassed about having been my slave and her attempts to get rid of my are always soiled by an unsuspected sleep trigger. Lots of limp body play while she is asleep and of course amazing eye checks.




Christina Carter Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
We should not be doing this

My mind is empty master

My wife, who does not have time to bring me my lunch, decides to send her younger sister Christina to drop it off for her. I always wondered what it would be like to train my wife's little sis and here she is, all by herself in my new photo studio. Christina does not seem to care for my compliments and advances but luckily, she agrees to let me take some pictures of her.

Of course no nude pictures and nothing too raunchy. She keeps going on about the fact that we should not really be doing this and that I should stop hitting on her, being my wife's sister and all. Fortunately, she agrees to let me take one more picture of her while she is looking into the mirror. Christina's eyes are wide open as I take her picture in the mirror and before she knows what hits her, my little sister in law is taken down into deep trance.

Her eyes glaze over and she sinks under my control. I will follow and obey master. Put on her knees, Christina learns what it feels like to bring herself to orgasm for her new master. Intense training, lots of yes masters, pantyhose, masturbation and repetitions. Christina is absolutely hot and the more she feels controlled the more aroused and willing she gets.



Christina Carter Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
I don't need a mind now that I have you master

My wife's little sis is going nuts. The powerful vibrator in her pantyhose is thrusting right on the tip of her clit and the more I let her know that she is not allowed to remove it the more aroused she gets. Christina's beautiful body is going into lustful convulsions and again she lets go of her mind, thoughts and will. The fact that she has no other choice than to be obedient drives her crazy for lust and into complete surrender. I decide to take it up a notch by letting her become aware of the fact that she is my wife's sister and that she should not be doing this. Christina is too far gone and way too horny to stop. I keep pushing her to try to stop but the more she feels my control the more aroused she gets.

This scene is too intense to put into words and I am certain that you will know what I mean once you watch it. Enjoy watching Christina's futile fight end in mindless, strength-less surrender. The most intense stares, screaming orgasms some of them completely without touch, amazing struggle to regain control and so many more of your favorites, certainly makes this one of my favorite segments.


Christina Carter Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen sister in law and her futile attempt to...

Christina snaps out of it and feels very confused and certainly embarrassed about what has just happened. You can see she is trying to piece it all together while picking up her clothes. I guess, she remembers that it was, although forbidden, a lot of fun. Anyway, she tries to leave as quickly as possible which of course is not what I had in mind. Luckily, she responds very well to the freeze trigger, planted earlier. Mindless and frozen, my little sis is back under my control. Being the nice guy that I am, I am very concerned that her bra is way too tight on her and that her skirt is too hot to wear and naturally I help her out of it.

Unfortunately, the second I let her become aware again, she does not seem to appreciate my help and starts to bitch about being frozen on top of being almost naked. I mess with her for a bit until I decide to wave my hand in front of her beautiful eyes and sure enough, she drops back into quiet mindlessness. Christina is sapped out of it and then frozen again quite a few times, she bitches and then she begs a lot, is orgasmed at the most unlikely and inconvenient times, rendered mindless by the "HAND", played with while aware and unaware. At the end she even flashes her ass and then becomes aware of what she has just done. I wonder how that happened. Don't you love having in- laws?


Christina Carter Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
You are not an authorized user

I am usually never late for an appointment, but today is just not my day. Looks like I missed my appointment with Mr. Donahue by ten minutes but luckily his secretary assures me it is not a big deal and that I can come back tomorrow. I have to say, Mr. Donahue seems to be one lucky son of a . Where on earth did he find a beautiful secretary like her? Still baffled by her sensual beauty, I notice that she is plugging a wire into her chest. I can not believe what I am seeing here and when she tells me, as if it was the most normal thing to say, that she is an android, I can not believe what I am hearing either. It gets even crazier when she states that she was created to perform secretarial duties as well as performing sexual favors for the company’s most important clients.

Now that is the hottest thing, I ever heard a secretary say. The only problem is that I am not on the list: “You, sir, are not an authorized user”! Well let's see about that honey. By the time she sees me coming it is already too late. Her body drops in mid sentence and my little fembot is shut down and ready for “my kind” of programming. What a difference, I am all of a sudden on her list of authorized users, her legs spread far apart and she is ready to play. Malfunctions, repairs, glitches and very promiscuous, seductive and horny fembot…




Christina Carter Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
You are authorized to use me

Despite some setbacks, my executive play toy has become everything I ever dreamed of. Willing and eager to please me, Christina makes it perfectly clear that she is willing and able to fulfill even my wildest sexual fantasies. She strips like a pro and I can feel she is ready to be taken. I don't know why but all of a sudden, she talks about setting her sensory levels up to a much higher setting. I wish I had known back then what I know now, I would have certainly try harder to stop her. After another minor, OK maybe not so minor, setback, I decide to take her home with me and play with her in a more intimate setting. I am still not sure whether that was one of my better ideas but it was certainly hot and well worth it.




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