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Christina Skye Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


I will make you a good little girl now

Christina, sexy blond with beautiful, perky, natural breasts, was very curious and even more excited to find out what it would be like to let herself go and to drift under the control of a complete stranger. Most of the girls who come in for their first session feel a bit nervous and I think it is important to make them feel safe first before getting started. Christina has a fun loving attitude and the fact that she is a very horny little girl, certainly helped to turn this into another fun and very exciting session which made her leave with a biiiiiig smile on her face. The fact that she had never done anything like this before made her session unique and different which is something I always try to achieve. Come to think of it, Christina is one of those lovable daddy's girls who once brought under control, turn into perfectly obedient and very pleasing subs.

The relaxation part of her session entails lots of programming and underlying obedience training which makes the rest of her session much easier.

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Christina Skye Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Feel how much you want to spread them

It feels even better than in your dreams

As I mentioned in the last segment, it can be difficult for a young girl to go under the control of a complete stranger and it often helps to overcome the barriers by inducing lust. Lust caused by the feeling of making love in a way never experienced before; sweet and perfect yet with the right amount of pressure. Christina responds almost right away and when I make her realize her desire to spread her legs and to let it happen, she just crumbles and gives in to her own lust.

Of course at some point, I have to take it up a notch just to see how she reacts to feeling helpless and orgasmed at will. Christina's body starts to quiver and the skin around her neck and chest turns red, which by the way happens right before she orgasms. Everyone has different ways of expressing their feelings and physical reactions and as mentioned, Christina's is quite unique. The intensity of her arousal increases with every snap of my fingers until all she wants is to orgasm for me, thus show me her unconditional surrender.



Christina Skye Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Learn to beg for it

I am cumming for you master

Christina is ordered to finger her wet pussy while I keep suggesting that she is under control. I want her to know and feel that she has no choice over anything she is experiencing here today. At first, I have her stare at the watch in my hand as her mind is slowly drained leaving her a mindless masturbating slave who has only one desire and that is to please her master. Christina's neck and chest are turning red again and I can feel that she is close to letting herself go for me. The slow repetition of, “I want to cum for you master” intensifies her lust as she drifts into bliss. Now it is time for her to learn that she has to wait until I allow her to orgasm, “I never felt like this before”.



Christina Skye Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I follow and obey

Christina is standing in front of me and her unblinking mindless eyes stare right at me. It is amazing to watch the tears run down her face but still her eyes do not blink as she drifts deeper into blissful lust “You are my master and I will follow and obey”. I wave my hand in front of her unblinking eyes and it is obvious that she is gone. With her arms stretched out in front, Christina is now repeating her first mantra. The over and over repetition of the word "slave" sinks in and leaves her in even deeper trance. Her body quivers under my suggestion and again, the skin around her neck and chest turns red which we all know what it means by now. Of course it would be way too early to allow her to orgasm. The feeling of being helplessly fucked drives her up the wall and she screams, “I was born to be a slave”. I suggest that she will helplessly orgasm after repeating “I am a mindless shell” three times.



Christina Skye Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Feel how I make you cum at will

Christina is one of those girls who get more and more turned on, the more they feel they have no choice and that their unconditional surrender is inevitable. On her knees with her tearing wide open eyes staring at me, Christina is orgasmed over and over just because I say so. I want her to feel how her body and mind is under my control and that it turns her on to have no choice. Her hands feel pulled behind her back and there is no way she can move them and her sexy little body goes into lustful convulsions the more she is driven into blissful surrender. Christina is so excited that it takes a while before I can stop her breathe and make her orgasm again without being allowed to breathe which, as most of you know, not only shows complete surrender and trust but also intensifies the orgasm. The little girl starts calling me master and I know that I got her. Let's see whether she is ready to orgasm so intense and hard for me that it eventually puts her to sleep and with that, even deeper under my control. After my little girl has gone down, I check her eyes, limp body and then pan the camera around her exhausted, lifeless body.



Christina Skye Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
This is such a disgrace!

Superheroin in big trouble

Being a Superheroin and all, Christina is absolutely certain that she can take me into custody and then throw me into her dungeon. Do I warn her that it might not be a good idea to mess with me? Of course I do but does she listen? Of course not, after all, she is a Superheroin. At first I let her talk because it is actually quite amusing to listen to all the stuff she is going to do to me once I am in her dungeon but at some point it seems to be time to teach her a lesson or two. Showing her the lighting wand does not impress her at all and letting it go off in her face seems to leave no impression on her, at first that is. Christina's triumphant smile slowly makes room to a more concerned face as she starts to feel her entire body freezing up. Looks like the feeling of stiffness starts down in her feet and legs and then travels up her body. Christina slowly turns into a "Superheroin mannequin” with no mind of her own.

Of course at some point, right after removing some of her costume, I want her to know and feel that she is at my mercy. What do you know, the second her mind comes back, she talks about punishing me. Now, I don't think that a helplessly frozen Superheroin should talk about these kinds of things, given the situation she is in and all. Let's see how she feels about the thrusting vibrator in her panties. Looks like she is trying to avoid getting wet and excited which is understandable, particularly after I challenge her not to orgasm.

Will she be successful and will she regain control of her body? Well, at some point, she is able to move again but then she is caught off guard by the waving hand which renders her mindless. I guess that is not what my horny little Superheroin had in mind. At some point, our little Superheroin wants to orgasm because she is just too turned on to hold back but now I don't let her. I know, you all thought that I am a nice guy. Too much going on to describe it all...



Christina Skye Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a mindless Superheroin

Mindlessly frozen yet again, our little Superheroin does not notice that I am opening her mouth, exposing her perky breasts and rearranging her arms in a very compromising way. All that should come to her awareness the second her mind comes back and to make the situation even a bit more embarrassing, I have her orgasm as soon as she becomes aware of the situation she is in. Poor thing, not only does she orgasm but she also seems to be unable to stop cumming right there in front of me. I know I know you guys all thought that I am a nice guy. Believe it or not my little Superheroin still bitches and threatens me with her powers but at least, she agrees with me on the fact that the orgasms are fun and that she can not stop having them for as long as I want to. Admitting that was not easy for her, being the nice guy, you all thought I always was, I decide to unfreeze her but unfortunately before she can really enjoy her freedom, the waving hand sends her right back into mindless obedience. Oops.




Christina Skye Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not ticklish

It is true, my little Superheroin is not very ticklish but that does not help her much at all. Slowly but surely her little body starts to quiver and shake and no matter how hard she tries, the tickling gets to her and makes her laugh and scream. Of course being frozen does not make it any easier, in fact it makes the feeling of being tickled even more intense. Taking off her scratchy Superheroin costume in order to get rid of the tickling seemed to have been a good idea but it eventually proves to be quite ineffective. I wonder how I can help her, should I use a vibrator between her legs. I know, some of you might think that a vibrator between her legs has nothing to do with tickling and I agree but it is so much fun. Looks like the only way to help her is to put her to sleep and to do some eye checks and so on...



Christina Skye Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Aunt Christina in deep trouble

Christina believes to be my mom's much, much younger sister and who could blame her for thinking that it might be a bit inappropriate for me to hit on her. Well, maybe it is but then again, who cares. First she compliments me on how big I have gotten but as soon as I mention my attraction to older women and particularly to her, she gives me the, I will tell your mom about all this, kind of an attitude. Maybe we better talk about something else then. How about my new hobby, which involves hypnosis. She does not like that one either.

My sexy auntie thinks it is not realistic enough and really quite a waste of time. I can not help but notice though that she keeps looking at the crystal which is hanging from the ceiling. What can I say, I somehow get her to step closer to the crystal so that she can see the light sparkling in it and before long, she loses herself in it and sinks into deep trance. I guess, my soft voice might have helped in taking her down. My sexy aunt is just standing there with her big empty eyes wide open and this is, as we all know, the perfect time to start her obedience training which includes lots of slow "yes masters", mindless stripping, zombie walk and more.



Christina Skye Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless Aunt in even deeper trouble

After taking my sexy and by now very mindless aunt to the bedroom, it seems to be time for some more very intense orgasm training. First of course, we have to teach her the proper respect. Placed on her knees with her arms stretched out in front of her, aunt Christina learns how to please and address her master before she is even allowed to touch herself. What follows next is a whole lot of intense female training, including some very hot breathe controlled orgasms as well as very slow mind reduction which turns her into an empty shell of herself. Of course that is by far not all of what is happening in this segment. At some point, my sexy little aunt snaps out of it and oh boy, am I in trouble! Not for long though, luckily there is the post hypnotic trigger that puts her right back into place. Believe it or not she snaps out of it for the second time but by now she is programmed to be... As mentioned, very intense training, programming, yes masters, zombie pose, slow repetitions, a vibrator that drives her up the wall and makes her open to my suggestions and so much more.



Christina Skye Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
This job is mine, buster

Christina believes to be waiting for a very important job interview and to make things more fun, I am waiting there with her to apply for the same job. I don't know whether you have ever gone through this but believe me, it can get a bit uncomfortable to be in a waiting room with another person who applies for the same job as you do. Anyway, what makes things even more uncomfortable, for her that is, is the fact that I keep hitting on her while making it clear that I will get the job. Now, that really gets her going and she seems determined to get the job and more importantly, to get rid of me. That is all good and nice but it looks like our eager and quite full of herself young lady has a serious problem when it comes to staying awake. As if under the influence of a very powerful sleeping aid, she keeps jawing and stretching while desperately trying to stay awake. Will she lose the battle? Can she stay awake for long enough to make it to the interview or will she fall asleep and not notice that I am exposing her breasts and play with her?



Christina Skye Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
This is so not like me

Christina wakes up feeling somewhat confused and yes, a bit embarrassed about her, lets call it, “misarranged” clothes but she catches herself rather quickly and starts bitching again about me hitting on her. She gets even more flustered when I mention that I will go into the interview before her despite the fact that she was here earlier. Why would I do that? Well, for one, you will be asleep by the time they call the next candidate, “No way, why woul”....Oops, I guess something made her pass out. Christina drops like a rock after a split second of disbelief. Up and awake again, my little girl starts to take off her dress for me. Of course, she is not aware of that at all, it seems like the most normal thing to do while waiting for an interview. Now she tries to impress me by counting down her three prior jobs and something very interesting happens. The second she mentions the number 3, she drops again into deep sleep. Next time she wakes up, she seems to feel a bit dizzy and it is time to ...



Christina Skye Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
You are a pervert

Christina's interview from hell is not over yet. Up and awake, without having a clue that she is naked, our little girl keeps telling me to back off and she is still very self assured that she is the one for the job. The mood does not get any better when I mention that I would love to watch her as she plays with her feet, in a very sensual and maybe even mindless way. Now that is just too much for our little girl to handle. Luckily though, before she has a chance to report me, her attitude changes dramatically. Her sexy little feet seem to be most important to her and playing with them turns her on beyond belief. Of course after watching her sensual foot play, it is time to wake her up, just to see what she thinks about everything so far! Well, maybe not my best idea but then again, there is the instant sleep trigger which yet again proves very valuable when it comes to shutting up a sexy little girl.


Christina Skye Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I am here to please my master

Christina, a sexy yet much undisciplined stripper at the local club, is called in by the boss because of her; let’s call it “indiscretions”. Of course our sexy stripper does not agree with any of the allegations and she certainly does think that being late all the time is a big deal. Looks like she needs some obedience training or better yet, some extensive programming. Again, our sexy young lady does not believe that women should be disciplined and she definitely does not want to be turned into an obedient robot with no mind and or will of her own which is exactly what happens just as she tries to make her point. Her transformation is instant. Robot Christina snaps at attention and her obedient robot training begins. Slow robotic repetitions, bottomless standing up masturbation, programming, denied orgasms and so much more.



Christina Skye Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I love being a bimbo

I agree, asking the makeup artist to play a small part in my XXX-rated movie, was definitely not my most brilliant idea but I was desperate. I think when I tell you that the scene I wanted her to do was a "blowjob scene'" you definitely think that I must have been out of my mind and come to think of it, you might be right. Did I mention that I was desperate? Anyway, the really strange part about all this was that she did not go off on me when I popped the question; instead she kept talking about makeup and that she can retouch mine between the scenes. It was almost like; she had no idea what I was talking about.

I know that should have made me suspicious about her true nature but as I mentioned, I was desperate. Yes, I did miss all the little clues, like glitches in her speech, silly repetitions and unexpected jerks and all of a sudden it was too late to turn back. Yes, I managed to repair her and to load the kind of program I needed for her to play the part and yes, I added a little extra programming for myself, if you know what I mean, but I still think it was not my most brilliant idea after all.




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