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Christy Mack Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Self entrancement

Christy Mack, extremely sexual, perfectly rounded bombshell with long black hair is certainly a wild one and playing with her was just as exciting as playing with a wild Jaguar. Being wild and untamed, yet ready to explore how far she could be taken in order to find out about her deepest hidden sexual fantasies and then actually feel and experience them, made her the perfect candidate for my training.

This is pretty much how I described her the first time and believe me, nothing has changed, except maybe that Christy looks even more beautiful and radiant now and believe it or not, she was an even better subject the second time around. Her last session was almost a year ago and I could not wait to find out how much she (subconsciously) remembered. I don't want to say too much here about her second session but I am sure you will love her even more after this one.

Christy who believes to be waiting for me, cannot seem to resist looking at the spiraling crystal and slowly but surely, she drops back into deep trance, just as I.... Well, you know what I mean. It gets hot and intense quickly. Christy drops even further, her eyes start to roll back as she raises her arms and hands and I can feel her sliding right back under my control. She slowly repeats, I am back under your control master. Time to make her feel aroused and with that even more controllable.

Her beautiful body starts to quiver and shake under my suggestions. Thank you for having me back master. Still this all just warm up for more intense training to come. Thank you for having me back master. I cannot wait to see her without the dress and to order her to masturbate herself to orgasm for me while screaming I am just your slave master. Intense stares, rolling eyes, slow repetitions, orgasms on command, yes masters, sleepwalker pose and more of your female training favorites.

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Christy Mack Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I am back to be used master

I will try to keep the clip descriptions a bit shorter this week because I have a feeling that you all know by now that Christy's session is hot and that there is a lot of intense action going on in all of her clips. Christy is simply beautiful and to watch her sensually curved body quiver and shake, her big breasts jiggle and bounce, her eyes helplessly roll back and or mindlessly stare, is hot no matter what I make her do or say. The training in this one includes

Mindlessly slow repetitions (mantra) of, "I am deeply Trained master and I am your orgasm slave

More repetitions like I am back to be used, I am a horny slave. Please make me a good girl master

Lots of eye rolling and stares

Orgasms on my command (3)

The feeling of being helplessly fucked used and exposed while being bend over the couch.

Masturbation that drives her up the wall for lust, mainly because she has to wait for a while before being allowed to orgasm multiple times on my command

Close ups of her feet, ass and eyes

Mind reduction



Christy Mack Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am deeply entranced for my master

I am nothing without you master

Christy stares at the light in my hand and I can feel her mind running out. Her eyes roll back while her hands shoot up to her breasts. My suggestion that touching her nipples feels just like touching her clit drives her into a series of orgasms. Time to take her back down. The slow repetitions (mantra) of, I am deeply entranced for you master, does make her drift again and her rolling eyes are proof of that. There is a lot more to come, including kneeling, crawling through the room, orgasm training, more mantras like, I am nothing without you master, stares and very intense close ups of her ass, bottom of her feet, pantyhose and so on. Really hot one.



Christy Mack Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Feel your master in your mouth

Nobody has made me cum like this master

First Christy has to proof that she wants to be a good little girl for her master by bringing herself to orgasm as fast and as hard as she can. Her body goes into lustful convulsions and she screams, I am cuming for you master. Showing me how she would love to give her master a blow job and to feel him in her mouth (using a dildo) while being ordered to pleasure her wet pussy with a vibrator, drives her absolutely insane for lust. Remember, the more aroused they are, the better they can be programmed. Of course there is more. Placed on the couch our little girl is now ordered to pleasure herself with a vibrator and the dildo while believing that her masters hands are touching and caressing her body. Not easy to explain but believe me it is hot. More rolling eyes, slow close ups of her entire body including feet, eyes, lots of repetitions and....



Christy Mack Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
You control me master

Christy is placed on the couch on all four and made to feel helplessly fucked and to make matters worse, she is also frozen at times which makes her feel the pounding with even more intensity. (watching her cherry ass jiggle while she feels taken like this is worth buying this one). After being trained to obedience this way, it is now time for more mind reduction and deepening (more for our rolling eyes and sleep walker/zombie pose lovers) The slow and monotone over and over repetition of, I am a horny and mindless shell master, takes her to the deepest levels of trance. Looks like it's time for the final take over and her complete surrender to her masters control over her. There are lots more rolling eyes, very intense masturbation while repeating, I have no more will and mind master as well as you control me master as well as her unconditional surrender. You can feel how much Christy wants to let me feel and with that, proof to me that she is a controlled and very obedient good little girl who has no other objective than to please her master. At the end, she is ordered to put herself to sleep by holding her hand over her mouth and nose until she goes down with rolling eyes. Just to make it a bit more fun, I decide to have her wake up for five seconds and then slowly go back under. More slow close ups of her beautiful, sleepy body. Directors choice



Christy Mack Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
International women's day celebration

Christy, who believes to be my somewhat bossy wife, expects us to go to some fundraiser for the international women's day coalition. There is really such a thing as international women's day on March 8th. Anyway, I have, of course, no intention to attend something like this, particularly not on "poker night." Needless to say, she keeps bitching and pushing until I show her the ring. You know, the one that all the women are supposed to wear that night to show their solidarity and so on. Imagine a room full of women wearing illuminated rings. I know sounds like a dream. At least we have one who gives it a try and sure enough as soon as the ring lights up, my sexy little wife drifts into lala land, with rolling eyes of course. I follow and I obey master, is all she can repeat over and over. Her attitude adjustment includes intense masturbation without being allowed to cum until she screams and begs but still no happy ending (you should see her eyes when she finds out), crawling while repeating I follow and I obey, showing off her naked feet without being allowed to move, orgasms on command as well as putting herself to sleep by holding her hand over her mouth and nose until she goes out. Plenty of yes masters, rolling eyes, mantras and repetitions, begging and eye checks.



Christy Mack Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your obedient Robot slave master

I cannot say that my wife is all that happy when she wakes up as she somehow suspects me to have something to do with the fact that she is naked and all. Of course she still wants to drag me to the "international women's day thing" but again, I am in no mood. Let's see whether she falls for the ring trick one more time. Sure she does and this time we transform her into an obedient robot with no mind, will and thoughts of her own. Yes masters, robot walk and moves, monotone repetitions of orders and programming, salutations, masturbation with denied happy ending, bend over ass out fuck, and so much more. At the end, Christy is put on minimum power which makes it impossible to move and then she is made aware of her predicament before being shut down completely. I decide to have her come back one more time while being on minimum power so that she can see me leaving for Poker night.




Christy Mack Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
That's too girly for me

Christy, who believes to be a tough "biker chick/ model" stumbles into the wrong photo shoot. Well, that is what she believes anyways. Instead of it being a shoot for a biker magazine, it actually turns out to be a boot, shoe and feet commercial. Needless to say that she goes off on the photographer and yes, she makes it perfectly clear that those shoes she is supposed to wear, are just not her style. Way too girly. Man she is tough but luckily, I have the light shaker which seems to change her mind almost instantaneously. OK, it does not really change her mind but it makes it go away for long enough to turn her into an obedient and very mindless foot slave.

I HEAR AND I OBEY MASTER, is all she can say and I think that is more than enough, don't you think? First we have our entranced "not so tough biker chick" try on some of those girl shoes while the camera is slow zooming in on the action. After I hold her feet and take off her shoes, very slowly that is, it gets even hotter as she starts to mindlessly yet seductively play with her feet. Very hot foot segment with lots of close ups of the wrinkly bottoms as well as the top of her sexy little feet. Rolling eyes galore, yes masters and slow repetitions.



Christy Mack Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Why am I bottomless

Yes, I am wet but I don't know why

I am not doing this, it is my hand that...

This next one shows Christy being frozen, masturbated by her own hand while the rest of her body is frozen, rendered weak and limp to the point where she cannot move and just stands and or sits there helplessly at my mercy ( I did it a few times by giving her strength back and then taking it just when she is almost able to move and get up, really hot BTW). After all this, Christy puts herself out, under protest that is.

Christy, our (not) so tough biker bitch wakes up after a brief deepening and it seems like she cannot remember all the details of what just happened. She does notice however that she is half naked and somewhat wet between her legs. Needless to say, she bitches at me and unfortunately for her, there seems to be no other way than to freeze her which, of course shuts her up. What follows is a lot of freeze fun throughout which she is frozen, rendered mindless through the waving hand as well as the light, made aware just so she can be rendered mindless in the middle of her wondering why her body seems to be stiff. Being the fair guy that I am, I let her know that many girls, including her, follow my suggestions just because I say so. No, she does not believe that but then she realizes that the only part of her body that can move is the hand between her legs which masturbates her pussy. Rolling eyes and eye checks.



Christy Mack Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
You will not remember any of this anyway

This next segment shows our little girl who still believes to be at the wrong photo shoot feeling tickled and by her own clothes to the point that she has to get out of them as quickly as possible, frozen while tickled and rendered mindless when least expected and turned into an obedient slave. Of course when we talk about those weak minded models who often come to my shoots, Christy assures me that she is not one of those. I had to increase the intensity of the tickling for her to finally agree to go out with me but as soon as I unfreeze her and make the tickling go away, she takes it all back. How do I get her to go out with me after having had such a wonderful time and how the hell does she end up frozen again at the end? Rolling eyes, another scene in which she puts herself to sleep, slow repetitions of, I hear and I obey. Christy felt the tickling with more intensity than I expected and I had reinforce the freeze trigger a couple of times to get her to freeze up completely.



Christy Mack Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not a secretary

I would never draw a blank under pressure

Christy believes that we are both waiting to be interviewed for the same position. She seems offended when I ask her whether she is here to apply for the job of a secretary. I am not a secretary. Oops, sorry about that. We start talking about the stress and pressure an job interview can case and that some people, once pressured enough, draw a blank when asked to do simple things, like counting back from five to one. Now that could not happen to her. Oops, there she is, mindlessly blank and ready to be controlled. First we have her slowly change into a less professional but certainly much sexier costume and send her into the interview. Our little girl comes back almost immediately. Looks like she did not get the job, which makes me wonder whether the sexy costume had something to do with all this. Really a fun and quite different segment.



Christy Mack Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
My body is so much better than yours

Personality switch from Prude to Stripper and back

Christy, who still believes that she is the better choice for the job is switched back and forth between being the prudish young woman who is applying for the job and a, quite full of herself, stripper who believes to be competing with another stripper who is also applying for a job at a strip club. I know, that was a long sentence. Anyway, whenever she believes to be a hot stripper, she tries to convince the other stripper (guess who that might be) that her body is better and sexier by showing off her goodies. Needless to say, whenever I switch her back, she freaks and tries desperately explain why she just flash her tits, ass and so on. Short and sweet.



Christy Mack Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not doing this

I am still the better choice for the job and I am going to get it

There is too much going on in this segment to describe it all. First, our sexy young job applicant seems to have no control over her hands and arms (particularly the right one) which leads to her exposing parts of her beautiful body without really wanting to do so. Really funny BTW, watching her struggle to get the situation under control and or explain her strange behavior. After a brief deepening, she seems to be suffering from ice cold feet and luckily for her, I do have a brand new pair of socks for her. You guessed it, the socks make her dance, here again, without her really wanting to do so. Of course she is frozen and rendered mindless a couple of time for more programming. There is still more though. Towards the end our girl seems to believe that masturbating during an interview is not only normal but also an advantage women have when it comes to getting the job. As we all know, men cannot do that same thing during an interview. Will she be able to bring herself to orgasm or will she end up frozen and mindless one more time?



Christy Mack Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Oh no, I cannot short circuit now
We have time for a quickie

of our robot content fans have asked us to bring Christy back and, well, here she is. This one is actually one of my personal favorites and it would be interesting to see what you guys think, so let me know.

Christy, a beautiful escort accidentally knocks over the flower vase on her dresser while getting ready for a very important, let's call it, date. The poor thing realizes immediately that this cannot be good for her as she is, under no circumstances, supposed to get wet. She keeps rambling on about having no time to short circuit and that she is not supposed to get wet when suddenly her driver shows up to take her to the opera where she is supposed to meet her client, I mean date. Anyway, at this point our beautiful fembot shows already signs of damage. She seems to believe that her driver Frank is her client for tonight and she keeps offering him her services, you know, blowjobs, quickies and so on. The poor guy does not know what hit him. Of course her has no idea that she is not a real woman and in all honesty, it takes him a while before her figures it. Being the driver and protector of a beautiful escort can be a tough job.

Imagine being around a beautiful thing like her and never getting any because these girls never seem to be interested in a guy like this. Needless to say he is confused when she starts coming on to him. The pressure builds when her realizes that he might lose his job for not delivering her to her wealthy client on time. Things get crazy when she starts to malfunction on him. Lots of great robotic moves, twitches, monotone talk, walk and of course very sensual. Repairs and malfunction during orgasms.


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