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Finding the safe place

Christy Mack, extremely sexual, perfectly rounded bombshell with long black hair is certainly a wild one and playing with her was just as exciting as playing with a wild Jaguar. Being wild and untamed, yet ready to explore how far she could be taken in order to find out about her deepest hidden sexual fantasies and then actually feel and experience them, made her the perfect candidate for my training. Yes, Christy is submissive by nature but it takes strength and authority to bring it out of her.

Once she feels that she is overpowered, she purrs like a kitten, so to speak. The second I laid eyes on her, I just knew it would be another intense session with lots of screaming hard orgasms, slow yes masters, intense yet futile attempts to resist and even more intense outbursts of unconditional surrender. Looking at her pictures, I am sure you can already tell that Christy has the kind of raw sexual energy and wildness that makes you want to tame her and torture her with the most intense orgasms she has ever felt, just so she knows who her master is. Well, if that is how you feel, be ready for another wild ride.

We start off by talking about what I do and how it works as well as what and what not to expect. After that, Christy is taken to a safe place where she can easily hand over all control "Imagine being a good little girl and how proud it makes you feel to" ...

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Christy Mack Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
No control over your feelings, no control over your body

Enhanced sensitivity in deep trance leads to extreme lust and uncontrollable surrender

The first thing sexy wild cats like Christy have to learn once under my "care" is the fact that they have no control over their body and mind. The better they behave the better they are allowed to feel. Lust, as we all know, can be a powerful motivator and it certainly helps to weaken and or divert the subject's mind which makes them so much more open to programming. You will know what this all means once you watch this very intense female training clip. Christy's beautiful young body does not take long before it quivers and shakes under my suggestions but she is not allowed to orgasm for me just yet. First she has to learn that everything comes with a price and that in order for her to be allowed to explode, she has to surrender her mind and will. Every snap of my fingers intensifies her lust and the desire to cum until her body goes into lustful convulsions which is the perfect time to take over complete control of our wild cat.



Christy Mack Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Learn to obey your one and only master

Christy is wild and feisty and it takes authority and a firm hand to tame her but that is exactly what makes this segment so intense and sizzling hot. I have her open her eyes while deepening her trance by using the watch to extract all of her remaining thoughts and will. Again, her attention is diverted by the forceful arousal she is made to feel and I keep pushing her until she is consumed by her own lust. She tries to close her eyes which of course is not allowed since we all want to see the intense struggle and surrender in her big beautiful eyes as soon as she is ordered to orgasm.

I can feel that Christy needs a strong hand which makes me decide to use a more forceful tone of voice and what do you know, the more helpless she feels the more aroused she gets. As I always say, it is important to find the trigger, the one thing that turns them on the most which in Christy's case is the feeling of being helplessly controlled. Time for her first mantra and more intensified mind removal. She slowly repeats the word "mindless" and I can feel her dropping even deeper. Now she has to learn and feel that all she wants is to please her master. Learn to cum for your master and feel how it turns you on to be obedient and pleasing.



Christy Mack Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Try to resist my will ?

Slow mind reduction, intense and screaming hard open eyed orgasms, stares after futile fight, mantras, oh my gods, slow repetitions and sleepwalker pose.

Can Christy resist my force or will she orgasm on my count of three? I keep pushing her into deeper more intense mindless lust until she repeats "I am a mindless horny slave, you orgasm me master". Of course that is all just warm up and I am not sure whether I can describe the intensity of this segment without getting too lengthy. You all know by now that there is so much going on in pretty much all my training sessions that it is impossible to describe all the intense moments, repetitions, the way the girls surrender and so on.

Well, this one is no different. First our little girl has to learn that her orgasms are not only controlled but that I also want to see her surrender whenever she cums in her wide open eyes, which as we all know makes it even more powerful. I can feel that she becomes more aroused every time she calls me master and that the more I make her know and feel who is in control of her, the more she lets go of herself "I am here to be controlled by you master". Now it is time to drain whatever is left of her own will and thoughts and to bring out that raw sexual energy I mentioned before. With her arms stretched out in front of her, Christy starts to repeat her first mindless mantra until her mind is quiet and with that controllable.

At some point her hands are forced between her legs and she has no other choice than to pleasure herself into oblivion. Repeating "I am a mindless slave" makes her cum again... but again there is a lot more to come.



Christy Mack Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Show me that you can be an even better little girl

Understand that you are nothing without your master

Christy's super hot body is bent over the couch and her perfectly rounded ass is pushed out at me while she feels pounded from behind. She keeps screaming :you control my body and mind master" but she is not allowed to orgasm until it drives her insane for lust. She starts begging me to let her cum but still, that would be way too early, don't you think? First she has to show me and let me feel that she can be an even better and more obedient little girl for me and that she is nothing without her master.

Christy's young body quivers and shakes all over as the next orgasm almost puts her out. Too early for that though because she has to learn that her place as a slave is on her knees while slowly repeating the word "obedience" over and over (mantra). Still there is more to cum, oops, come. Now it is time to take the rest of her mind and to orgasm her until she has no more strength left. Every good slave has to learn to let go of all strength and energy for her master and to be orgasmed into oblivion and or sleep whenever she is not needed. Christy goes down slowly and now it is time for the eye checks and....



Christy Mack Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
You called me master?

I am nothing more than a slave - I am here to serve you master

Christy who believes to be the loan officer at the local bank has to deal with a very persistent and quite pissed off customer who's application to refinance his loan has been turned down by her. It certainly looks like our snooty loan officer has no compassion for her customer's financial situation nor does she have any desire to help him get out of his financial dilemma. I am sure you all figured out by now who the angry customer is and I am also sure you all know by now that she is not going to get away with this.

Sure enough, the phone rings and rude as she is, she just has to take that call. All of a sudden her face loses all expression, her eyes straighten out and turn dim, she gets up and she says in a very slow and monotone voice "You called me master". Of course that is all just the beginning of her transformation into an obediently trained and very horny yet not allowed to orgasm, mindless love slave "I am nothing more than a slave, I am here to serve you". Let's see what she looks like without all the unnecessary clothes. With her arms stretched out in front of her, she repeats "I need to be punished".

What better punishment is there than to drive her absolutely crazy for lust without letting her climax. You should see the pain in her face when I order her to stop pleasuring herself. Next comes the sleep walk around the desk, some bend over deep penetration lots of yes masters and repetitions like I will be an obedient slave now or there is only one master... What makes her finally orgasm is the pinch she feels when I take the scissors ...



Christy Mack Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Obedient robots do not call security!

Let's have a bit more fun with our snooty little loan officer. As soon as I snap her out of it, she not only feels embarrassed and confused but also a bit pissed off about the fact that I must have cut her sexy pantyhose in the last segment which keeps her pussy exposed. It sure looks like our slow learner still has not learned her lesson and she keeps talking about calling security, blablabla. Looks like a robot transformation is in order at this point, don't you agree? Well, before long our bitchy young loan officer snaps at attention with her arms in a ninety degree angle, just like a robot. First things first. Before the intense re-programming of my new toy, she has to not only sign the loan papers but also double the amount of my loan at a ridiculously low interest rate.

Of course all the clothes she so eagerly put back on while bitching at me have to come off again. What can I say, Robot Christy is put through very intense programming, denied orgasm training and so much more until she is absolutely controlled. I drive her up the wall for lust before I snap her out of it and by now she is so horny that she promises to do anything I want. Well, what could we make her do to test her sincerity? How about making her pick up the intercom and tell everyone that she is a horny slut and a Robot! Of course we are still not done with her just yet. Many, many yes masters, slow repetition of orders, robot walk, intense masturbation, deactivation of programs ...




Christy Mack Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Get a real job, buster

Christy, our super sexy and very professional model is all excited about her important photo shoot. The only thing that bugs her is, believe it or not, me. Maybe I should not have told her that photography is more of a second job and that my real job is being a hypnotist. Get a real job, that stuff does not work. Now the fun begins. Christy is programmed to do exactly the opposite of what I tell her to do. You all know that I have very stricken rules when it comes to my shoots and there is no way I ever want the models to seductively and or mindlessly lick and or play with their sexy feet, demonstrate how they would give a blowjob with a banana, show off the wrinkly bottoms of their feet, masturbate themselves to orgasm, feel aroused because I am taking a close look at their feet and the last thing I ever want them to do, is to go blank and mindless.



Christy Mack Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Please, no nudity in this one

Christy, our super sexy and quite unprofessional model snaps out of it feeling very confused about the fact that her breasts are out while her pussy is wet and exposed as well. After some apologies though, she starts doing the same as she did in the last segment, which is the opposite of what I want her to do. Given the fact that this photo shoot is for a Christian magazine it seems very inappropriate for her to show me her breast, expose her wet pussy, pose in ways that could be misconstrued as her being a slut, pleasure herself and eventually freeze up into a mannequin and than wake up with an orgasm just so she can freeze back up. I wonder what makes her do all that and her triumphant comments and her provocative talk every time I want her to stop doing what ever she is doing, are yet again funny and priceless.



Christy Mack Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not losing my mind

The last segment ended with Christy being turned into a statue and now it is time to snap her out of it feeling very apologetic and even more so embarrassed. I mention to her that she might be losing her mind but of course she denies that one until she suddenly faces "the waving hand" Turned into a mindlessly obedient slave with her arms stretched out in front of her, our little girl is now trained to orgasm on command. Let's snap her out of it one more time while experiencing another intense orgasm. I am so sorry, I will do better now. She might have had the best of intentions but all of a sudden, she seems to be overcome by an insurmountable feeling of being sleepy which drops her right there in front of me. Eye checks, intense stares through out the segment and some rolling eyes. Short but hot.



Christy Mack Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless Superheroin

Superheroin Christy, thinking that she has been called to a crime scene seems upset when she finds out that I made up the "burglary in progress" to lure her into my dungeon. She gets even more upset when I mention the fact that I like to control and dominate Superheroins who believe to be more powerful than I am. Needless to say, she want to kick my ass. Why does she sit down in the chair which will eventually orgasm her into oblivion? Who knows and who cares anyways. Suddenly stuck to the chair and absolutely helpless, our sexy little Superheroin has no choice but to let me torture her with the "dagger vibrator".

Of course that is all just the warm up. The chair turns into the most intense fucking machine and even her super powers can not protect her from being orgasmed into mindless oblivion. Does she struggle and does she try to prevent the inevitable? Oh yes, but that makes it all so much more enjoyable. After a long fight, Christy is finally rendered mindless and now we need to use her own sword to play with her naked body and to touch those sensitive erogenous spots which make her cum again.



Christy Mack Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
She who lives by the sword freezes by the sword

The second our Superheroin snaps out of it, her , I am better and stronger than you. attitude comes right back. Believe it or not, she grabs her sword and, oops, she freezes up. What do you know, frozen by her own sword. The temptation to play, undress and eventually orgasm her with her own sword between her legs, seems irresistible and her comments and bitching makes it even more fun. Opening her big mouth and freeze it in place while she tries to tell me that she will get back at me, seems the thing to do. Admitting the fact that I have the power and that she is just a helplessly frozen little girl is hard for her to do but the orgasm sword between her legs makes it much easier for her to declare her defeat.

Even when I eventually let her move again, she still does not have to any control, which is why she seems to be unable to stop the orgasm that is tearing through her shivering body. Of course she does not believe that she can be rendered mindless in mid sentence, simply by me waving my hand in front of her eyes and then on top of all that, be turned into a yes master saying slave. Of course we are still not done. Let's have her bend over the chair and....... Lots more to come, yes masters, stares and.....



Christy Mack Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Yet another lost fight

Frozen, tickled, orgasmed and too weak to get up.

Let's give our Superheroin one last chance. Up and fresh again, she still wants to get out to regain her strength. I am not sure whether I can let that happen though. Somehow she does not seem serious about her demand to be set free. Believe it or not, she keeps laughing at me while telling me that she is very serious about leaving and kicking my ass at a later point. Could it be that she feels tickles. Being the nice guy that I am, I tell her that my next command will make her freeze up into a statue but that seems impossible to her and she still laughs at me. Oops, here she goes.

Frozen and still feeling tickled, our Superheroin tries her best to convince me to let her go so that she can finally use her powers on me. I think an orgasm would be in order just so she knows who is really in control here. Of course she tries to fight that one but here again, there is only one master and she is just about to find that out. All of a sudden she loses all her strength and goes to the ground where she just lays there quivering and shaking while being helplessly orgasmed yet again. Stares, freezes, tickling, helpless orgasms, begging and so much more.



Christy Mack Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I don not mean to be a Queen about this

Dan is the choreographer for a new Broadway show scheduled to open in a week. He is an absolute perfectionist and is clearly dissatisfied with the performance of one of the girls Christy in his dance troupe. Christy seems to have the routine down but in his opinion lacks feeling. He yells “no no no, there's no passion, it's got to have passion! Do it again from the beginning. Christy tries again and again to please the choreographer to no avail. After a while she insist that she is getting too hot and needs a break, only to be told that there will be no breaks until her routine is perfect. As she soldiers on, seemingly more and more concerned about getting overheated she becomes less and less coordinated.

Her movements become less fluid and more spastic and she begins to announce “warning, warning… core temperature critical, processors are, are, are, processors are overheating, not, not, not enough emotion, error, passion does not compute.” Dan leans over the malfunctioning girl and looks down in disbelief as he mumbles “wow that's amazing, I would have never thought something like this is even possible, she looks so real.” Dan locates a small access panel with several switches and dials and proceeds to experiment an attempt to repair to twitching dancer.

Finally Christy is back up and introduces herself: “Hi I'm Christy, I'm programmed to serve, how may I serve you”? Christy begins the routine, but soon things get out of control as she is simply rubbing herself in ecstasy instead of dancing! Dan asks her to tone it down a bit and reminds her that there will be families in the audience.

Christy continues to struggle to determine, the appropriate balance between passionate and crude…. My settings have been altered." She continues to malfunction as she caresses her body becoming increasingly aroused and flirtatious. There is only one way to find out what happens to Dan and the Broadway show…



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