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Coati Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Calm waters go deep

Coati, beautiful, adorable and extremely cute blond, is the perfect example that "calm waters" go very deep. Besides being beautiful and absolutely adorable at the same time, Coati seems, at first glance that is, almost shy but, once you look into her eyes, you see the fire that is burning deep down inside. Besides all that, our sexy blond has the cutes smile and it is almost impossible for her not to smile which really makes her the kind of girl you just want to take in your arms and do... Well, I guess you will see what I did with and to her during our fun and intensely sensual time together which btw turned out to be another winner. Go ahead and enjoy our little girl in training

I started her off with the magnet hand/balloon test and towards the end of the segment, I perform eye checks and some limp play while she is...

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Coati Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
There is only one...

First yes masters, orgasms on command, stares, hypno bondage and..

I started the last segment to have fun with our sleeping beauty and here we continue to take off her top, manipulate her sexy little body and do some more eye checks before making her feel aroused. She can feel my hand spreading her legs and all of a sudden she is made to feel helplessly penetrated. The suggestion that every physical sensation feels heightened in deep trance, makes her quiver and shake almost instantaneously. I hold her eyes open during her first orgasm before making her masturbate for us and yet cum again with wide open eyes to show us her surrender. Finally we have her stand up for some "hands free" orgasm training. The idea of not being allowed to touch herself seems to make her feel even more helpless and with that, incredibly aroused.



Coati Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am making myself cum for you master

I am your mindlessly entranced slave master

More yes master, zombie pose, mantras, begging, mindless posing, masturbation, marathon orgasm.

The above highlights only describe the proverbial tip of the ice berg. Coati is learning that the most important thing she has to do, is to proof to her master that she is a good and obedient little girl. Oh boy, does she do that or what. First we put her through more hands free orgasm training before "snapping her back into mindless bliss. Time to place her in the zombie/sleepwalker pose for her first sweet and slowly repeated mantra. Now let's take her close to orgasm without letting her cum, after all, slaves have to learn to beg. Coati's skin turns red as she quivers, shakes and begs and finally she is allowed to explode. Well, back into mindless bliss "snap by snap" There is a lot more to come. More stares, waving hand, posing (finger in mouth) masturbation, forced orgasms and ...



Coati Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your mindless toy master

Understand that your master can give it and that he can take it

Lots of sleepy foot worship, limp body play, entranced yet very horny foot slave training, yes masters, masturbation and more. We start off by putting our little girl to sleep so that we can take our time to play with her wobbly head, turn her around for a good look of her beautiful ass, lift and drop her arms, do some eye checks and then manipulate her (sleepy) feet. Coati is allowed to slowly feel excited in her deep sleep while I am messing with her feet. Her sexy little body starts to quiver and shake but she is unable to wake up just yet. She has lost all control over her body and mind and is at my mercy, which seems to be a real turn on for our little girl. I have her slowly wake up so that she can offer us her feet while pleasuring her wet pussy. Time to make her familiar with those hot spots under her feet which will make her cum from now on as soon as she is touched there. Let's put her back to sleep for more foot manipulation, eye checks and limp play I am cuming for you master




Coati Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Every orgasm you are allowed to feel makes you want more

Feel that you want to be used

Some of the highlights are : crawling, begging, yes masters, repetitions, self inflicted nipple torture and orgasm, some (sleepy) foot play, eye checks, limp body play, breath controlled orgasm training and, and, and.

Again, the highlights are just a brief overview of this intense love slave trainings segment. Coati's final surrender is unconditional and intense as she feels and knows that at this stage of the training, she has no more ....




Coati Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
You must be thirty

Entranced slaves don't need to wear clothes

This next segment is all about a beautiful blond being entranced, frozen, orgasmed, mind fucked and played with in her sleep

Coati, who believes to be my girlfriends younger sister, seems turned off by my somewhat clumsy attempts to hit on her while I am waiting for her sis. Not only am I way too old for her at least 30) but I am also obviously not very trustworthy. Oh well, let's see what she thinks about the gift I bought for her sister. At first she does not seem to think much of it and after looking at it for a while, she seems to have no more thoughts what so ever about anything.

Entranced and ready to be played with, she finds herself helplessly stiff and immobilized. Confused and a bit embarrassed, she does not seem to appreciate my (well meant) help. Ok, taking off her top and wedging a vibrator into her panties might not be of much help when it comes to her "immobility" but hey, it is fun for all of us to see her in ago... Needless to say, she does not really want to show me her orgasm but then again, does she really think that she has a choice in the matter. At some point she even wants to call her Mom for help but that turns out to be tough, particularly because of the fact that her hand seems to be frozen over her mouth (really hard to scream that way) Anyway, there is so much more going on before she is put to sleep for some fun limp body play which includes me undressing her further and...




Coati Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Anybody in the mood for foot worship

Foot worship, limp body and feet play, freeze, mind fuck and more.

Here we get to see our still reluctant younger sister (see clip six) being played with while still asleep from her last, let's call it adventure. I take my time to take off her shoes and socks before inspecting her sexy little feet. Needless to say, Coati's limp body is just there for us to be looked at while I move her around throughout all this. Time to wake her up with letting her remember any of this. Sure enough, she tries to get rid of me again, which leaves me no other choice than to bring out the "rotating light" again. Coati, just like before tries to take her eyes off of the device but the result is the same as before, she drops into you know what. Lets enjoy her showing off her feet while being ordered to masturbate and eventually orgasm (long) for all of our pleasure. Needless to say, she is programmed to cum on "touch" from now on. coati came so hard that her feet almost slipped out of my hand. There is a lot more to cum, kike the part where she is frozen on all four and... More limp play and sleepy orgasms.




Coati Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
I am going to tell everybody

Coati, who still believes to be my girlfriends younger sister, is by now really tiered of me but that does not prevent her from going through some more, let's call it, fun stuff. First though she has to put on her socks (despite my warning) and sure enough, the second they are on, she starts to hop and jump all over the place without knowing why. Yes, she does complain and it shows that she is confused but things still get worse when she finds herself frozen again. Of course she does not want me to take her picture like this but then again, who cares. Finally unfrozen (after I had my fun with her) she now seems to be haunted by "uncontrollable laughing attacks" at the most impropriate times. Poor thing, still has more freeze, mind fucking and so much more still to endure. Waving hand, sleep and...



Coati Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I can only do one

Coati, who seems to think that she is working for the cable company also believes to be dealing with a rather pushy customer who not only complains about her being two weeks late but who also wants to have two TVs fixed instead of the one she has on her work order. What can I say, two weeks without a TV can certainly a man up the wall. To make a long story short, her pushy customer sees no other way than to turn his unsuspecting victim into a well designed and properly programmed robot. I actually warned her not to touch my "homemade" remote control but do they ever listen. First off, her memory of ever having been anything else but a robot is removed and now she is ready for new programming. After playing, programming and reprogramming my new toy, she is finally set to minimum power while she is made to believe that her notion of being human is merely a program and that she in fact is a fembot servant. Masturbation, screwdriver deactivation, robo walk and talk and plenty of yes masters.




Coati Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
No sleeping on the job

Mind fucking, limp play, sleep triggers, some tickling and the most "beautiful" work order you have ever seen

I thought it might be fun to have her wake up with no memory of what happened while putting on a sexy little outfit instead of her work clothes. Needless to say, our girl has no clue and she seems to believe that she is wearing proper work attire.

Can you believe it, our "cable girl" who is two weeks late to repair my TV, keeps falling asleep on the job (over and over). Needless to say, Coati seems very embarrassed and apologetic about all this. Here again, she has no idea that I have fun with her limp body whenever she is out and with that, at my mercy. At some point, she starts having those "inappropriate laughing attacks" for no apparent reason and certainly at a bad time. What makes this really funny though is that she believes that her ass is her work order. I am sure you guys know me well enough that you already know that I will take a very close look at her "work order."




Coati Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
More work order fun

There are way too many details to describe it all but here are some highlights. Our sexy young "cable girl" now seems to believe that masturbation is part of her job and it becomes very obvious that she really seems to like her job. Things get even more bizarre when she seems to believe that not only her ass is a work order but also her pussy. Yes, I check those very carefully. Lots of limp body play and posing as well as eye checks, sleep trigger testing, freeze fun, reluctant entrancement, orgasms (not so wanted) embarrassing and confusing moments and more. Why does she have her hand in her mouth and why do you think she is unable to finish the job. These last two clips are really fun and hot.




Coati Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
For domo purpose only

Coati, an attractive door to door saleswoman arrives at Franks door carrying a small brief case. She introduces herself as Coati and ask Frank for a moment of his time. He is hesitant at first, convinced that she is peddling cookware, makeup products, timeshares or some other nonsense that he has no interest in.

Coati insists that she is selling a revolutionary new product that will change every aspect of his life for the better. Again He is hesitant, but is curious as to what could be so fantastic about this mystery product. She then proceeds to place her brief case on the kitchen table. She opens the briefcase and produces what appears to be some sort of remote control/ tablet device along with what appears to be some sort of owner's manual for the device.

Frank is immediately disappointed and tries to quickly put an end to her pitch by announcing that he already has a universal remote for his entertainment system and tells her thanks, but no thanks. She smiles and replies, "oh I think your going to like this" She presses a button on the device and an electronic female voice emanates from the device. The voice announces "Wireless Connection Established, Coati Unit Detected."

Coati speaks into the device and she begins to demonstrate by showing Frank simple functions: such as cleaning mode, cooking, walking, etc....

The malfunction Scenario begins when Frank, begins to inspect the remote for himself causes the Saleswoman to drop the device. Coati announces Coati Unit, awaiting command ..."Sex Mode Activated.

"Stop it I I'm not Programmed for this activity……I Must not be stimulated……" She apologizes to Frank "I am very sorry this highly un pro..pro...professional....I' don't know what's gotten into me, I am very well constructed

access granted….rear panel opening

Warning further tampering will void warranty, please contact an authorized Cybermate technician if you feel that this unit is not functioning according to design specifications”


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