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Cory Chase Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


Allowing it to happen leads to unknown bliss

Cory Chase, beautiful young woman with a killer body and an attitude to fall in love with, had a little bit of experience with what I do but she could not quite believe that it would be possible that anybody could drive her to the extremes to which I usually take my girls. I am sure I mentioned this before but I certainly like it when the girls are a bit skeptical, cautious and or nervous that usually leads to a much better session. Cory turned out to be one of my best subjects and her session is for the most part so intense that it is actually hard to describe all the details that make for the intensity of each scene. You will all know what I mean once you watch her clips.

We started off with a brief but detailed conversation about what I do and how it works and then went right to the floating arms test. Cory realized right then and there that she might be a good subject and that what I do really works. Lots of flickering eyelids and wiggling toes throughout the crystal induction; slow yet intense induction which shows how she sinks deeper and deeper...

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Cory Chase Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Please let me cum

This first segment after her initial induction shows already how incredibly well Cory follows my suggestions. She is screaming and begging while I sensitize the feelings in her quivering and shaking young body. There are lots of �oh my gods� already. I make her feel her body like she has never felt it before by suggesting that all of her nerves are sensitized and that she is, although very close, not allowed to orgasm. Cory is going nuts and I know that her will is already broken and that all she wants is for me to continue to drive her even higher up the wall. Her feelings of lust increase even more with every repetition of: "I have no more control." Her orgasms are intense and last as long as I tell her to cum. It is really amazing to see and hear Cory's lustful screams, her whimpering and begging and her intense and helpless orgasms. There is nothing else on her mind than to cum for me.



Cory Chase Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Please control and train me

Mantras, mind removal and the need to be controlled

Again this one is intense. Cory's beautiful little hard body is still shivering and shaking and taking off her panties makes her scream for lust. Why, you might ask? Well, because I say so. Now it is time for mantras and some slow and intense mind removal, �Please drain my mind master�. I slowly train her to keep her eyes open, which is the opposite of what people usually do when they are horny. The suggestion that when she keeps them open and to let me see her surrender in her eyes would make her lust even more intense works and Cory starts to scream even louder. Corey's mind is slowly removed and she stares into nothingness while her body is quivering and shaking. I wish I had the right words to describe the intensity of this segment. Lots of slow repetitions and mindless mantras.



Cory Chase Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
I need to be controlled

First Cory is trained to orgasm at the snap of my fingers. After that it is time to have her take off her top and to take a closer look at her luscious round tits. Cory is still shaking like a leaf and I can feel she wants to be trained even more intensely. I make her believe that her hands are helplessly tied behind her head and again it seems to turn her on to have no choice. I am still not done removing her mind and to let her sink into blissful yet horny mindlessness. All she can feel is her lust and her screaming becomes even more intense. Time for the breast orgasm, don't you think?

In my opinion every girl should be trained to orgasm simply by squeezing and massaging her breast. Cory experiences something she never thought was possible and that is exactly what she told me after the session. Her eyes are wide open by now and she repeats mantras like �I need to be trained�, in a very slow and monotone voice. Zombie like with no strength in her body, Cory let's herself go and drifts where ever I take her and that is of course very deep down. Amazing segment, not only for our mindless zombie lovers. I have not seen this in a while but at the time when Cory is mindlessly entranced, there seems to be a hint of a blissful smile on her face.



Cory Chase Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
No more thoughts 8.5 min long

Mindless and empty bliss

This one certainly shows how mindless and empty Cory is by now. First I have her stand up and remove what ever is left of her own mind and thoughts. Cory's eyes are wide open and dull, her mouth is open and it is obvious that she is absolutely under my control. I orgasm her a few times in order to take some strength and resistance out of her and the mantra, mindless and empty finishes her up. I order her to pleasure herself with the vibrator and although she orgasms very hard, her face remains dull and empty. Really great scene for the mindless lovers. Of course that is just the warm up. Next, Cory is being placed on the couch, with her ass pushed out at me and again she is orgasmed at will. Her last orgasm and final surrender is so powerful that it puts her out in the middle of it. Great eye checks and foot play at the end.



Cory Chase Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
My tits and pussy are talking to me

Cory is convinced that her tits as well as her sweet pussy are talking to her. They are actually complaining about being in the dark and not part of the conversation. The more I try to tell her that it is way too early in the session to have them come out the more they seem to insist. It is so much fun watching her carrying on a conversation with her tits and pussy who seem to be boss. Cory tries to explain to them that this is just not a good time but they just don't seem to want to listen to her or me for that matter. What can I say first the pussy wins and then the tits. Wait until you see what happens when the pussy all of a sudden orgasms! As I mentioned it is fun to watch and listen to Cory's conversation with her body parts. This was suggested by viewers and it is a really great segment on mind control. It starts with part of the induction and then goes right into the action.



Cory Chase Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
What is she doing here

Cory is for some reason convinced that the mannequin next to her is a real person. She is also for some strange reason very attracted to the "other girls" hat but she certainly does not seem to like the idea of having another chick in her session. I wonder what makes her believe all that. Could it be post hy... suggestions. Anyway we talk a bit and I can feel how Cory is dying to try on the girls hat. Unfortunately my warning comes to late and the second she is wearing the hat, Cory freezes up. I always say, two mannequins is better then one. Now it is time to start messing with her, don't you think. This clip starts with Cory profusely apologizing for being half naked. I guess that must have happened when she took her little nap. Brief induction and lots of action.



Cory Chase Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
I don't think I would give you that kind of control

Cory wakes up and again apologizes for being almost naked. Somewhat confused, she is desperately trying to piece things together. We start talking about the session and I mention that I usually freeze the girls. Now that does not seem to go over too well and Cory makes it very clear that this would never work for her. Well, let's see what happens when she puts the hat back on. Oops, here we go again. Of course I have to take off most of her clothes again, while my little non-believer seems mindlessly disinterested. I wonder what happens when I have her wake up with a surprise orgasm. Well, let's find out.




Cory Chase Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not a mannequin

Cory awake and aware again still does not seem to believe that I can turn her into a mannequin anytime I want to. How would you do that? Maybe by saying:" freeze." Yeah that works. This time Cory is pretty much aware of the fact that she is frozen, almost the entire time. Looks like she has a hard time speaking which might have something to do with the fact that her lips still can not move. Cory makes a whole lot of grunting noises, particularly when I start undressing her again. I open her mouth and then push on the back of her head and what do you know, her tongue comes out. After a frozen surprise or better yet forced orgasm, I decide to liquefy her. Slowly but surely, Cory goes down, fully aware yet completely helpless. The slight touch of the vibrator on her breast makes her weak and helpless body cum yet again. Let's play a bit with our little puppet.



Cory Chase Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Please teach me to be better

We are over, I kicked you out, remember

Cory believes to be my ex-girlfriend who just recently broke up with me. Being quite unhappy about the whole breakup and all, I kept a key to her place and surprised her right when she came back from the pool. My ex does not seem happy to see me at all and she tries to kick me out yet again. Now that is cruel. No matter what I say, Cory seems determined to break it off. Even a bottle of her favorite perfume does not help to change her mind until she breathes it in of course. First she realizes that it is not her favorite perfume but by then it is already too late. I mention that she has about ten seconds before being completely mindless and obedient. "What do you mean", is pretty much the last thing she says before getting real slow, mindless and easily controllable. "I am a bad little girlfriend master, please teach me".

I decide to have her take off her bottoms and masturbate for me without being allowed to cum. She has to learn that her body and mind are under my control. I start driving her crazy by taking her closer and closer to her orgasm without letting her cum. Cory is zombie like and her eyes are mindlessly staring at me. Her lust and the desire to cum seem to become even stronger after I put her on her knees. Still there is no way I let her cum. Next I have her crawl and bow to her master while she is feeling a very hard spanking on her ass. Cory's surrender, her wide eyed stares, her slow and monotone repetitions and the reluctant transformation are simply amazing.




Cory Chase Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a mindless shell

The last segment was so intense that I decide to take her to the bedroom where she receives more training. The bed becomes her cage and it is impossible for her to get through the invisible walls around her new home. Zombie like with her arms stretched out in front, Cory kneels on the bed and again is absolutely crazy for lust: �I am a mindless shell, master� �I don't need any thoughts�. I decide to take it up a notch and she is now forced to hold the very powerful vibrator on the tip of her clit without being allowed to orgasm. Cory is slowly going nuts and I keep increasing her feelings of lust and arousal even more. Still she is not allowed to cum. My little ex is starting to beg me to let her cum but I decide to put her to sleep right before her orgasm. Again, Cory's mindless stares throughout this segment, her slow and monotone voice and her constant yes masters are amazing. Now that she is asleep, I finally let her orgasm while holding her completely empty and motionless eyes wide open. Only her sexy young hard body shivers and shakes like a leave but other then that she is out cold. Very intense and believe me, nobody can fake that.




Cory Chase Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Programmed to be promiscuous and willing

Cory believes to be an imprisoned and helpless spy. Her hands are holding on to the bars in front of her while she is begging to be released. I take my time to explain to her that I will now turn her into my obedient, promiscuous and perfectly programmed robot. Needless to say that she does not quite believe that anything like that is possible but her behavior changes quickly as soon as she hears the hissing of the light shaker. Her body starts to twitch while it is stiffening up and can feel her resistance.

The girl has no chance and as I told her she transforms into a robotic being. Her mind is exchanged for a mother board and her body becomes more ridged. (Really hot transformation scene) After making her feel aroused her body is helplessly pulled towards the wall and her legs are spread. The magnetic pull of the wall is so powerful that it is impossible for her to move. After being helplessly orgasmed she is now forced to masturbate, bottomless of course. To watch Cory in this one is again absolutely hot and I am sure I must have struck some kind of subconscious fantasy of hers. Anyway, I snap her out of it again, feeling like the helpless spy and believe it or not she is still bitching even after being forced to orgasm again. Looks like I have to deactivate her.




Cory Chase Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Now I will show you

Not everybody who is holding a swinging crystal is able to entrance others.

Back up my little spy now thinks that she can put me under. I wonder what gave her that idea. Maybe it is the crystal she all of a sudden finds in her top or maybe it is.... Who knows. Cory feels all triumphant now and marches up the stairs while dangling the crystal in front of her. The more she tries to get me to sink into trance the more it seems to happen to her and by the time she is almost up the stairs, she is deeply entranced and easily controllable. I am so sorry master. Disobedience like this needs to be punished and Cory has to now spank herself very hard with the whip followed by the ass pushed out at me forced orgasm. Naturally she is orgasmed a couple more times before I remove the rest of her mind with the hissing light shaker. Again absolutely amazing stares, monotone voice and completely mindless surrender.



Cory Chase Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
Hot feet, boots and slipper masturbation

This one is not only for our feet lovers. Cory believes to be a shoe and boot model for our new winter catalog. For some reason, she seems more interested in her own little feet then in me but then again what's new. Anyway, I have her pose in her hot high heel boots and man, what a turn on that is. It gets even hotter when I have her take off the boots. Cory seems not only fascinated by her hot and a bit sweaty little feet but she also gets incredibly turned on by massaging them. Strange for somebody who usually is not into feet. I wonder why she feels that way. Can it get any hotter? Well, let's try the high heel slippers. Now Cory really gets into it. First she is licking and sucking those heels and then uses them to give her little pussy a nice and very intense workout.


Cory Chase Clip XV Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless foot play and sleepy orgasms.

Great empty stares, mindless orgasms, hot feet, crawling and dramatic eye checks.

It is time now for my sexy little foot model to learn about the state of blissful mindlessness. I take her little foot and gently press on one of her pressure points which slowly renders her mindless and empty. Of course we all know that it is the power of suggestion that actually does the trick. It is absolutely hot to watch her slowly run empty and mindless. Cory's eyes are wide open and dull and I know she is ready for more training. Holding and massaging her own feet is now driving her out of her non existent mind and she orgasms for the first time simply through playing with her feet. Of course we are not done yet. Next comes the mindless crawling which shows off her beautiful body and feet from every angle. Put to sleep, Cory is orgasmed again with her sleepy eyes held open. More eye checks and limp body play concludes her amazing session.



Cory Chase Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
I love your hair Mr. Trunk

Seduction program loaded

I should have known that it was all about business when she started complimenting me on my hair but who could have known that a reputable company like this would go as far as programming a fembot to seduce me and thus get me to cut a deal with them. I mean, I am used to people trying to cut deals with me but nobody has ever gone this far. Maybe I should start from the beginning. I will never forget when I arrived a bit early that day for my business meeting and there she was, young, beautiful, a bit confused but incredibly sexy. OK, I admit, all I wanted was to fuck her right then and there and she seemed to make it real easy.

As I mentioned my alarm bells should have rung up a storm when she started to give me compliments about my looks and what have you but I guess it is true when they say that lust makes blind or deaf for that matter. Anyway her way of flirting was a bit strange, thinking about it now at least. First she gives compliments then she talks about having to secure the deal. I don't know whether her programming was half assed or whether it was me but her behavior became more and more, how shall I say, weird. Twitches, glitches and malfunctions followed and I should have gotten out right then and there but no, not me.




Cory Chase Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I love your hair, how can I please you Mr. Trunk

The girl, I mean the fembot, was just way too hot to give up on. The way she was flirting and stripping and playing with herself in the last segment was way too hot to let her go. Taking her to my hotel room was in retrospective not such a good idea but then again, who gives a dam. Just a little bit of reprogramming and my sex toy was more than willing and even more importantly quite ready to get fucked. Seemed like that was pretty much all she was programmed for and believe me I was ready. Wet and with her long legs spread wide, my little secretary was fingering her pussy and it seemed like she was anxiously waiting for me. What happened after that can only be explained as bad luck.



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