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Cory & Tiffany Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


Take her hand

Cory and Tiffany, two beautiful yet very different young women were eager and nervous at the same time and who could blame them, after all the girls had never been intimate with each other. I am sure you all remember our very beautiful, sensual and incredibly sexual Cory from her last visit. It was actually her idea to bring Tiffany, a young girl she had just met and wanted me to help her break her in, so to speak. Well, what ever the reason was, I just could not say no to that kind of proposal. Tiffany on the other hand, who is barely eighteen, was very curious but completely inexperienced when it comes to being intimate with another woman and to make things even more interesting, she seemed very shy and believe it or not, she had never been in front of a camera. Now that sounds challenging, doesn't it? One girl experienced, sensual and definitely bi and the other one completely inexperienced, shy but willing to explore. Needless to say, Tiffany had no prior experience with what I do and the idea of uninhibited deep trance made her feel excited.

I decided to start them off with a variation of the locking hands, just to kind of get them used to the idea of touching each other and being in this together. Cory naturally went down first. Tiffany took a bit longer which makes for nice flickering and slow closing eyelids.

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Cory & Tiffany Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Only good girls are allowed to cum

When dealing with two very different subjects like Cory and Tiffany it is always a good idea to let them experience each other without actually touching each other. Both girls are starting to feel excited and their sexy little bodies, starts to shiver under my suggestions. It is obvious that this is a very new experience for Tiffany and it takes just a bit longer for her to let go of her inhibitions. Cory on the other hand, has no problem letting go and enjoys the ride into her lustful subconscious world. Hearing each other’s moaning and groaning seems to turn them on even more but as we all know, they have to show that they want to be good little girls, before they get my permission to explode.



Cory & Tiffany Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Feel the emptiness

Do you think it is possible for a person to have no mind and thoughts?

Naturally the girls’ answer to that question is a definite" NO" Well let's see about that. After a brief deepening, (nice close ups of their sleeping bodies, btw) the girls wake up feeling great. Well, I guess I have to tell them that it is now time to let go of their minds and as I mentioned they don't seem to believe that anybody could suck their minds out and turn them into empty shells. The flashing light in my hand and my slow voice seems to be irresistible. The girls are fixated on the light, their stares become more intense and zombielike and I can feel them running empty. The way the girls’ eyes, emptiness and facial expressions as well as their posture slowly changes is quite indescribable.



Cory & Tiffany Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a horny mindless shell master

Now that the girls are mindless and empty it is time to get them used to each others’ pussies. Watching them mindlessly masturbating each others’ wet pussies while slowly repeating the mantra: “you are my master, control me" is seriously hot. The girls are driven into a series of mindless yet intense orgasms. Of course that is all just the warm up. Ordered to sit down, my two horny yet empty beauties now have a chance to not only please me but to also show me who is the better little girl. More slow and monotone repetitions of, ' I am a horny mindless shell," speed masturbation and forced orgasms while being in a state of blissful mindlessness, make it very clear that they have already surrendered to being controlled by me.



Cory & Tiffany Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
I am deeply hypnotized master

This next segment is intense and certainly for anyone who loves watching two sexy young girls mindlessly eating each other out. Cory's eyes are fixated on the flashing light in my hand while Tiffany's tongue is caressing her clit. Every ounce of her mind seems to be draining out as she repeats: “I am deeply hypnotized master" over and over. Cory's beautiful young body is shivering and shaking under her little friends tongue and the deeper she drifts the more intense she feels her body, “I want to be mindless for you master”. At this point, there is no need to use the light any longer, Cory's eyes tell it all and I know she has given in to her lust and thus surrenders to my will. Now it is time to get our mindless little newcomer used to another woman's tongue. Tiffany is still mindlessly staring into nothingness when Cory's experienced tongue finds her way into her pussy and her young body jolts into lustful convulsions. Her repetition of the words "mindless orgasm" becomes slower yet more intense. Her surrender is as intense as Cory's and it is time for my mindless, zombielike beauties to thank their master and to bow. The segment ends with the girls being slowly put to sleep.



Cory & Tiffany Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
Look at my breasts and you will notice........

Cory and Tiffany are made to believe that they are sharing a dorm room. Cory is fascinated by Tiffany's innocent beauty and tries to gently persuade her to let herself go. Unfortunately, Tiffany seems reluctant to let her roommate have her way with her and tries to let her down. Cory does not take "no" for an answer and she uses her beautiful breasts to entrance her shy little friend. Slowly but surely, mesmerized by Cory's breasts and the sound of her smooth voice, Tiffany sinks into oblivious obedience. The first thing she learns is how to properly address her mistress and how to respond to her orders. Of course, having been a bad little girl, she has to be spanked and ordered to blankly please her new mistress: “I will obey mistress”.



Cory & Tiffany Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
You are born to eat my cum

Cory and Tiffany clip seven You are born to eat my cum

Cory's beautiful body is shivering and shaking; when she finally cumms all over her mindless slave’s face. Her orgasm is not only intense but long and hard. I had a feeling that this was the moment Cory was waiting for when she suggested to bring Tiffany to the session. What better way is there than to break in a new lover, while being under orders to do so. Of course, Cory is not done yet, after all there is so much to learn for her new submissive. Finally, Cory is ordered to put her mindless sub to sleep and have her way with her limp and sleepy body. Cory is incredibly turned on by her sleeping sub and bites into Tiffany's nipples while she orgasms her. Tiffany's limp body is helplessly shivering while Cory's hands do her magic. The way Cory handles Tiffany is hot. Of course now it is time to put both of them to sleep, do some eye checks and play with them a bit.




Cory & Tiffany Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Blowjob competition

The girls for some reason do not seem to remember anything about the session and it is even odder that they don't believe what I do, might work on them. I wonder whether they are under some post hypnotic suggestion. Anyway as soon as I snap my fingers, both girls suddenly have this incredibly strong desire to give me a blowjob. In fact, the desire seems so strong that they get into a competition over who is better at it and who should get the job.

The more I mention that I am a bit afraid of bj's because of some prior mishap, the more they seem to want to convince me otherwise. Cory claims to take it in deeper and that she has more experience and Tiffany tries to pull the "cute card". Decisions, decisions... Maybe it is a good idea to let them give me a demonstration, using a vibrator instead of my pride and joy. You know, just to get an idea. Now let's make it even more exciting. Who ever can blow the vibrator and make herself cum first will get the job. What do you think, who is going to win? Well, I would not be so sure about that. For some reason, when I captured the video, it dropped a couple of frames which is hardly noticeable but I thought I mention it anyways.




Cory & Tiffany Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
Did you put something in our drinks?

Slow freeze and the waving hand into mindlessness

Of course I did not put anything in their drinks. I don't have to, right? After a brief deepening, the girls wake up feeling completely dressed and ready for their first session. OK, the fact that they are holding a vibrator in their hands, does seem a bit confusing to them. Oh well, as we know our two beauties don't really believe that what I do works anyways. After talking a little about the clothes they think they are wearing, it is now time for a test, just to see whether they might be suggestible. Now that is weird, all of a sudden my two non-believers are starting to slowly freeze up.

Starting with their feet and legs, the stiffness slowly spreads out all the way up into their heads and even into their lips. After all the, what's going on, how can this happen and did you put something in our drinks, my sexy little non-believers are finally quiet. Of course there is still the question of whether or not they want to orgasm for me. “No way”, let see about that: “one, two and three”. Ooops…Time to render them mindless, one at a time of course, simply by waving my hand in front of their eyes: "I am an empty mindless shell master." More fun to come.



Cory & Tiffany Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Where are my clothes and no I do not orgasm just like that!

The girls are standing in front of me like a couple of mindless zombies when I take them even deeper and prepare them for the next round of fun. The second I snap them out of it, they realize that they are butt naked and that of course makes them feel terribly confused and even more embarrassed. We were dressed when we first got here, what happened? I guess a reaction like this is normal particularly given the fact that the girls don't seem to remember what has happened so far in our session. To make things worse, they are not able to see their clothes even though they are right in front of them.

The power of the mind is a beautiful thing, don't you think? Being the nice guy that I am, I try my best to help them find their clothes but that just leads to a wild goose chase. Can it get worse for our sexy playmates? Try freezing up in the midst of all this and of course there is more like the No-Yes orgasm. You don't know what a No-Yes orgasm is? Well, it is when the girl says no and I say yes. I wonder who wins.




Cory & Tiffany Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
The queen’s new clothes!

Have you ever watched a couple of sexy young girls put on clothes that don't exist? Again, the second I snap them out of it, the girls feel terribly naked and embarrassed and again they can not find their clothes. I should probably mention that the girls still do not believe that what I do works on them. After putting on their clothes, which they find with my help; they finally feel better and certainly more comfortable. Unfortunately that comfortable feeling does not seem to last very long, as all of a sudden the tickling starts.




Cory & Tiffany Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Isn't that what everybody does?

The girls slowly come back from a brief deepening and now it seems like all they want to do is masturbate in front of me. For some strange reason, my two non-believers seem to think that it is the most normal thing to do. Again, what I do has nothing to do with it, of course. The bad part is that their masturbation experience is suddenly interrupted by a tickling attack which unfortunately makes the orgasm experience so much less pleasant. Poor girls, but then again, I would not have anything to do with all that! Now its time to put them back into lala land. After I snap them out of it again, the girls still have the insurmountable desire to pleasure themselves but this time they desperately try to stop doing it. Embarrassed and apologetic, they finally start begging me to help them. Tiffany is almost ready to cum when I finally have mercy and put her back to sleep. Believe it or not, Cory, although ready to cum starts begging me to put her out. I guess she really does not want to orgasm in front of a stranger.



Cory & Tiffany Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Candy girls in trouble

I am a mindless robot master

This next one is for our obedient robot and “yes master” lovers

Who could say no to two beautiful girl scouts who really, really want to sell candy? I could and the more I tell them that I am really not a nice person, the harder they try. Of course, as eager as they are, they do draw the line when I ask them to go out with me. All of a sudden the candy sale seems less important and when I mention the fact that I will turn them into a couple of obedient little robots, they seem to want to get out. Of course that is not going to happen. Suddenly everything changes and my sexy little candy girls go through the transformation process: “I am a well programmed robot master” “I am ready for your command”. (The transformation is instant and really exciting). There is a whole lot of “yes masters”, bottomless masturbation, mindless repetitions, bend over ass out submission, mindless masturbation of the other girl’s pussy and lots more going on in this clip.


Cory & Tiffany Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
Simon Says...

Cory had decided to increase her income by working as a web cam girl. What could be better than making a shitload of money while working from home and as long as her room mate Tiffany, would not find out Cory did not see a problem. Of course that did not fly for too long and the night Tiffany her roommate came home early would change all of our lives. Tiffany seemed stunned when she stepped into the living room and saw Cory half naked talking into the laptop. Cory on the other hand did not seem to be worried too much about having been caught and started telling Tiffany how much money she had made so far the month. I don't know whether it was the money or Cory's persuasive ways that made Tiffany reluctantly decide to participate in our little cam threesome.

At first I thought it was a great idea to have two girls to play with but that turned out to be a misassumption. Tiffany, although willing to participate, seemed quite uncomfortable and I decided to suggest a simple game of Simon says. You know, Simon says stand at attention, do jumping jacks, unbutton your shirt, Tiffany cup Cory's breasts with your hands and so on. I should have known that Tiffany would only go so far but when she started to stutter, twitch and repeat all kinds of nonsense, it finally dawned on me that she might be a fembot. Sure enough, her condition becomes worse and at some point there is just no other way than to order Cory to shut her down. You know, Simon says....





Cory & Tiffany Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Simon says it is enough!

Despite Cory's help, the repair and reprogramming took a bit longer than I though but it was well worth it. All shyness and reluctance was gone and Tiffany was finally ready to play. Kissing, fondling and stripping seemed to be very natural to her now. What a hot couple those two made. Simon says: “Tiffany, bring Cory to orgasm”. I don't know what happened but all of a sudden in the middle of their love making Tiffany becomes too aggressive and Cory tries to get away. I guess it was too late already and the damage was done. Cory starts to malfunction herself. I tell you there is so much going on in terms of hot girl on girl action, malfunctions, glitches and repairs that it is probably best if you go ahead and see for yourself.





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