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Courtney Cummz Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Feel how much you missed it

Courtney Cummz, beautiful, big breasted and very horny California girl, could not wait to come back for more fun. I could not believe it at first when I found out that she had actually moved across the country to our part of the world but here she was, stunningly beautiful as ever. I am sure most of you remember her from her first visit about two years ago when we got together with her down in Miami. I know, time flies and who would have thought that she would ever move to Florida but here she is. Needless to say, her second session went even better than the first time and that means, this is yet another real hot session and definitely another director's choice.

Courtney was just as beautiful, horny and naturally submissive as I remembered her and the only thing that had changed was her hair color, from brunet to blond which I think looks even better on her. One look at her and it becomes quite clear why she has over 300 000 thousand followers on twitter alone and I think it is fair to say that we are all very lucky that not only agreed but really wanted to come back for more fun. Anyway, enough of the talking, go and check her out and see for yourself!

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Courtney Cummz Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Show me how good it feels to be back

Courtney went under like a rock and now it is time for her to show me how good it feels to be back. Her body starts to quiver as soon as she feels helplessly entranced and out of control. Her hands wonder between her legs as if by magic without her being able to do anything about it. Her moaning and groaning turns into lustful screams as her body goes out of control. My suggestion that every orgasm makes her want more seems to drive her nuts and just like before, she answers by saying yes master as if she was still programmed from her first visit.

That's just the way I like it. Time to "snap" her deeper while her wobbly body is just standing there. Of course that is all just warm up. Suddenly her hands feel pulled behind her back while she is made to feel the very intense desire to masturbate. Not being allowed to touch herself drives her crazy. Her body quivers so hard that she almost falls back on the couch. If you think that is intense wait until you see her finally orgasm (for a long time) on my count of three. Of course these are just a few highlights. Entranced stares, eye checks during orgasms, yes masters and more.



Courtney Cummz Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Foot slave training

Helplessly played with and used

As it turns out, Courtney is an even better subject then the first time around and it is now time to take it up a notch. I am not even trying to describe all the details of each and every segment as it would take forever but here are some of the highlights.

We start off by making her feel sleepy and tiered and then watch her go out without having any control over it. What follows is some very intense foot slave training, sleepy as well as screaming hard orgasms on command, begging, intense dim and unblinking stares, yes masters, lots of limp body and foot play (including taking off her panties) programming and more. Courtney's beautiful body quivers and shakes whenever she is allowed to feel whatever I am doing but what hits her the hardest is when I introduce her to the "orgasm" spot under her feet. Our little girl told me afterwards that she never knew how erotic and orgasmic offering her feet to a master could make her feel. Looks like we found one of her more hidden fantasies.




Courtney Cummz Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am just a trained slave master

Here to obey

Here we get to enjoy more of Courtney's training which again, takes her over the edge.

If you enjoy a beautiful and very horny blond being orgasmed at will while begging for more, having to wait to be allowed to cum for us, being rendered mindless and then being posed like a mannequin, slowly repeating mantras (over and over) while being placed in zombie/sleepwalker pose and more, than this one is definitely for you. Did I mention the long mindless stares, the begging, the yes masters, the kneeling masturbation while begging to be orgasmed, the yes masters, the screaming hard orgasms on command and.... I am your horny trained slave master, I am cuming for you.




Courtney Cummz Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
It feels so good to be used by you master

Courtney is intensely aroused and completely under control without any thoughts mind or will of her own. Time for her to learn that good little girls crawl and beg. Of course there is a lot more training going on than just that. Here are some of the highlights. Crawling and begging while being made to feel fucked and used, orgasm training on command (some breath controlled) lots of limp body manipulation, eye checks during orgasms and or when asleep, entranced repetitions, screaming hard orgasms after begging, sleepy masturbation as well as orgasms and of course her final surrender. Courtney goes crazy for lust and she keeps screaming, begging and repeating my orders without me having to even mention it which is often a sign that the subject is completely absorbed in her training and it shows their surrender.




Courtney Cummz Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
I can take down men

Courtney is made to believe that she is at a photo shoot for a new "action figure" toy box. Needless to say, the action figure is based on one of those ridiculous movies in which we get to see a beautiful 110 pound woman beating up eight guys at the same time. I know, it is crazy but some people believe that it is possible. Well, Courtney is one of those girls who seems to believe that women can take down men without problems but that changes quickly once she finds herself mindlessly frozen and played with.

Enjoy her surprised reaction when she becomes aware of the fact that all she can move is her eyes, mouth and maybe a bit of a "head wobble" Poor thing does not really know what and why it is happening but for some reason, she does suspect that I might have something to do with her "predicament" She even threatens to take revenge as soon as she regains control of her body but as we all know, that does not really have any effect on me because I know already that she will not remember any of this. Sure enough, the "waving hand" takes care of her little mind in the midst of her bitching. Of course there are some "accidental/unwanted" orgasms which eventually do make her feel horny but... Freeze fun, masturbation, mind games and more!




Courtney Cummz Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Being a submissive woman is not practical

This time we make her believe that she is a famous dominant porn star who is having her pictures taken. Long story but anyway, her attitude has not changed much which means she needs to be frozen yet again. Just like before, she blames me for her "miss-fortune" and she "demands" from me to fix her. I guess she is right about that but it sure does not help her. Just like before, the waving hand makes her forget all her troubles. Time to undress her even further and before letting her become aware of her situation. Now we get to enjoy her feeling very embarrassed about being naked. It seems like she does not remember all of what just happened which would explain why she is so confused and embarrassed.

Things get worse (for her) when she is suddenly plagued by uncontrollable laughter in the midst of her trying to explain her behavior. Needless to say, the above described is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Courtney is frozen in place over and over, forced to masturbate (by her own hand), made to feel tickled while bitching and or during orgasms, undressed while mindless and stiff, made fun of and so much more. At some point, our little girl is so horny that she actually wants to masturbate really badly but unfortunately for her, she is also getting sleepier and sleepier and...



Courtney Cummz Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Out of control

This next one is all about our young actress being played with while out and asleep. I take my time to move her, roll her, take off her shoes, mess with her feet/toes, orgasm her in her sleep, open her mouth, check her eyes, remove her panties and so on. Courtney quivers and shakes in my arms when she is orgasmed while wanting to touch herself but...



Courtney Cummz Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Stepdaughter in lust

Courtney, who believes to be my stepdaughter seems to have no respect for her step-dad and his advice to not go out dressed like a slut, because it might send the wrong message to people (guys in particular) only makes her furious. Looks like she needs a bit of an attitude adjustment, don't you think. Of course she also thinks that the little fountain I just bought for her room looks hideous but never the less, she "looses" herself in it and before she knows what hits her, she is a mindlessly obedient slave, or I should better say, foot slave. Now we get to enjoy her undress, seductively take off her shoes, offer her feet, kiss and lick them while being driven to orgasm. Yes masters, entrancement and more.



Courtney Cummz Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
More foot lust

Our formerly unruly little girl is being put to sleep while I take my time to "play" with her feet, place a vibrator on her wet clit, before letting her become aware. Poor thing has no strength left in her body and thus cannot do anything about the thrusting vibrator on her clit nor the fact that I am "playing" with her. Sure enough, the vibrator drives her up the wall for lust as it makes her quiver and shake under the forced orgasm. The fact that she still wants to tell mom about all this makes me use the "waving hand" again which as expected renders her mindless and willing. Now we get to enjoy her pleasing us with her feet while making herself cum uncontrollably hard. If you think this is hot, wait until you see her on all four with her ass and feet pushed out at us. It gets really very intense from there which makes this one of my favorites. More limp body and foot play at the end.




Courtney Cummz Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I am here to entertain my master

Courtney, who still believes to be my stepdaughter, wakes up without remembering what just happened. First we get to enjoy putting on a different dress than she was wearing before. Needless to say, what she is wearing now is just as slutty as the dress before which makes us get into the same argument. Again, she insist to go out like this, after all, I am not even her real dad which means, who cares what I say. Anyway, to make a long story short, Courtney entrances herself again thanks to the fountain she hates so much and now she is programmed to remember that she is nothing more than just a robot toy. What follows are all your favorites from robot walk, bottomless masturbation, activation and deactivation of programs, yes masters galore, robotic repetitions and more. At some point, our little robot toy is set to minimum power while remembering her "human program" which temporarily leaves her confused as to what she is but not for long, after all, she is just a kneeling robot, helplessly immobilized, that remembers having a program that makes her act like a human at times.



Courtney Cummz Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Too sleepy, too horny, too willing, too helpless to go out

Believe it or not but my sexy little stepdaughter still wants to go out with her friends. Unfortunately for her though, she seems way to tiered do even get out of bed. Poor thing tries hard but it does not seem to help her much and she goes out like a baby. OK, let's have some fun with her waking up long enough to bitch before being "snapped" back to sleep. As expected she drops like a rock, every time. Needless to say, I have to mess with her limp body and feet every time she is in lala land. Now she seems to really be upset with me and as we all know, showing her breast, is definitely the best way to get a man scared. I wonder what makes her believe that? Next time she wakes up she is just as upset with me and now she tries to threaten me by showing me her wide open pussy.

Things get even worse when she seems to believe that masturbating in front of me would show me who's got the power. I just love the power of suggestions. Courtney really gets into it and I can feel she wants to cum but unfortunately for her, she goes out again for more limp play and a forced sleepy orgasm. Wait there is more. I just had to change tape in the midst of all this. Anyway, Courtney gets so caught up in all this that she ends up horny and begging for me to watch her masturbate and to bring herself to orgasm for me. Did I mention the waving hand, the yes masters, the eye checks and, and, and.



Courtney Cummz Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not like Brenda

Frank: Did you about Mike's wife.

Courtney: Brenda? What about her?

Frank: It turns out that she's one of those pleasure robots

Courtney: Brenda, No way. Who told you that?

Frank: Cindy Mathews…

Courtney: Cindy, no way

Frank: Yes way. She told me that yesterday at work that while Brenda was fumbling for her cell phone, She saw a Remote Control in Brenda's Purse.

Courtney: So it's probably just a TV remote.

Frank: That's what I said, but then Cindy goes on to tell me that she saw the Pleasuretronics logo across the top of the remote. All you have to do is look at her to see it. I mean her face, her skin, that body, She looks like she came off a supermodel assembly line.

Courtney: Wow I would have never guessed Brenda of all people. Sure she's like totally flawless, but she's anything but mechanical. I mean she's super outgoing and friendly. Don't tell Cindy, but Brenda has loads more personality than Cindy ever will.

I have to admit though, I never quite got what she saw in Mike. Don't get me wrong he's a great guy, but he's not exactly the type of guy that girls who look like Brenda usually end up with. I mean all she ever does is talk about how great he is. I guess he just programmed her to say that stuff.

Frank: Don't you brag about me?

Courtney: Sure sweetie, but you're like the perfect boyfriend. You don't think Cindy will report her to Tech Core do you? You know how she feels about robots. I'm mean robot or not she's still Brenda.

Frank: I don't know, she told me, and we barely speak. Its forbidden for androids to pose as a humans, She might turn her in just for the reward.

Courtney: But Cindy Brenda and I have been friends since our Sophomore year of college.

Frank: Wait, what? Did you just say you met in college?

Courtney: yah so what?

Frank: You told me you graduated 4 years ago

Courtney: yah so what?

Frank: Pleasuretronix didn't start manufacturing pleasure droids until two years ago?

Courtney: so?

Frank: So even if Brenda is a series one, which seems very unlikely, she could only be two years old. You couldn't have possibly known her in college.

Courtney: That's right, I knew Cindy had to be mistaken. I told that girl was crazy.

Frank: Unless,

Courtney: Unless what?

Frank: Unless you never really attended college and those memories you have of Brenda and Cindy are just implanted data.

Courtney: Implanted data?………..What are you talking about

Frank: I mean it makes perfect sense. All three of you look like freaking Centerfolds. Perfect head to toe.

Courtney: Wait a minute, you're not implying that I'm a robot.

Frank: You wouldn't lie to me, its not your style. So you must have all been programmed to think that you were real.

Courtney: Stop it! Stop talking like that! Its not funny. I am not a robot…….and neither is Cindy or Brenda

Frank: Calm down Sweetie, this type of excitement can't be good for your processors.

Courtney: Damn it, I don't have processors, I'm not a damn ro….ro…..robot……

Frank: See I told you, now relax before overload your processors and short circuit.

Courtney: I told you I don't have process….ors………..error…….error………system overload………program conflict…..I don't have processors. I'm not not a robot...If you don't believe me why don't you check my purse for remote.

Frank: Don't mind if I do.

Of course there is a lot more happening from here on out. Go and see for yourself!


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