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Courtney Cummz Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


All you have to do is....

Courtney Cummz, beautiful blond young woman with a killer hard body, turned out to be a very different and absolutely wonderful subject. It is not easy to describe her reactions and the way she let herself go after overcoming her initial fears of losing control, which BTW was right after the initial induction.

Courtney is one of the sweetest girls I have met and the way she carries herself throughout each and every segment of her session, is just the way she is, period. What made the session even more interesting was the fact that Courtney, a self-proclaimed submissive, suddenly snapped herself out of it, as soon as she realized that her arms and hands started to move up in the air during the balloon test, without her actually controlling it. I have come across this kind of reaction before and it shows that the subject is a lot more afraid of letting go of control than they thought and that it takes a different approach to actually get them to surrender all control which is in fact something they do want but have never allowed to happen . Courtney was no different.

As I always say, the more you know about your subjects psyche the more you can tailor the induction and session to their special needs and desires. Courtney is extremely sensual and that it was the session is all about, a beautiful young woman who sensually surrenders into an experience she would never forget and believe, so will you.

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Courtney Cummz Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Uncontrollable feelings of arousal

Uncontrollable feelings of arousal make you feel more beautiful, sensual and sexual than ever before. Suggestions like the one I just mentioned oftentimes help to make the subject let go of control simply because they want to feel sensual and beautiful and it usually makes them go along much even more. I don't want to get into all the suggestions I used but as mentioned in clip one, Courtney responded well to being guided into letting herself go. Her beautiful young hard body started to move sensually up and down before she started to quiver and shake under my voice. Unable to stop her hands from caressing her clit, she finally surrendered to the idea that her body was under my control and that is when I hit her with an orgasm which would last for a long time. Very sensual beginning of the session which shows the depth of her trance and the intensity of her feelings.



Courtney Cummz Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Please make me orgasm

Courtney has to learn that her body and mind are under my control and that it is good for her to finally be able to feel and experience herself and with that her sexual desires, completely uninhibited and free. Her thoughts are absorbed by the light in front of her eyes, her body sways and I can feel that she is dropping deeper. All of a sudden, she is hit by a very powerful orgasm which makes her feel that it is entirely up to me, if and when she is allowed to explode. Repeating the words, I have no control, turns her on again and she keeps repeating it without me even mentioning it. The rest of the clip is very sensual and it shows Courtney's intense desire to masturbate herself to orgasm for me, her deep trance which makes her body sway and at some point even fall on the couch, more slow eye fixation and mind absorption, repetitions of you are my master, please control or I orgasm for you. Of course there is more than just that. Courtney's intense surrender is sensual, deep and certainly different. Some subjects, like Courtney go so deep that they almost seem to be in a different world.



Courtney Cummz Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I hear and I obey

Courtney keeps repeating the words, mindless lust as she sinks into an even deeper state of trance. Her body wobbles and she almost falls back when I make her take off those sexy pantyhose. I order her to go down on her knees and to masturbate for me. Again, her body sways back and forth and it shows that the depth of her trance makes it hard for her to keep her eyes open as soon as she feels aroused and helplessly fucked again. Of course that is all just foreplay. With her arms out in front of her body, Courtney is now taken through another round of feeling deeply penetrated and orgasmed at will. She slowly repeats, I hear and I obey. In fact by now she is so deep that I had to bring her up just a bit so she would stay responsive. I know, sounds strange but it is in fact possible to lose a subject when they drop too deep and than it takes a while to pull them back up. It did take no time to get Courtney to feel excessively aroused again and with that, she is now ready to show her unconditional surrender.



Courtney Cummz Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Show me how obedient and well trained you are

As you all know by now, I always like to take the girls to their limits and this segment is often the one throughout which I make them feel and enjoy as well as accept their complete and unconditional surrender. Lust is a powerful motivator, so to speak, and Courtney is no exception when it comes to giving in to it and with that to me, the person who caused her to feel the way she does. Courtney, still on her knees, slowly repeats, I want to be an obedient slave, until it makes her orgasm. Her exhausted body almost collapses but I am still not done with her. I can feel that she still has a few orgasms left before I decide to put her to sleep and until then, my little girl has to proof and let me feel, how badly she wants to let herself go under my control. What follows are very intense breath controlled orgasms, many slow repetitions/mantras, intense orgasms, zombie pose, mindless stares, mind control and final eye checks.



Courtney Cummz Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
The one million dollar ring

Courtney, who believes to be an insurance agent for a reputable agency, can't seem to believe that I am serious about insuring my ring for one million dollars. OK, I have to admit, it might not be worth a lot of money but we all know that "the ring" is of immense sentimental value to whoever owns it. My explanation that the ring was owned by a famous hypnotist who supposedly used it to enslave women, does not make the ring anymore valuable in her opinion, in fact it makes her doubt my seriousness even more. You believes that kind of story anyways, besides that would be immoral, right.

Courtney makes the mistake to twist the top of the ring and sure enough, as soon as it starts to flash, her mind goes dim as her eyes slowly straighten out. There is a moment where you can see the disbelieve in her eyes as she realizes that she cannot seem to look away while her mind seems to slow down. Now she is ready to be trained. Her training includes intense vibrator masturbation which seems to drive her up the wall for lust, many yes masters, zombie pose, denied orgasms, deepeners which make sure she remains controlled, repetitions and more. It is interesting to watch that just like in the previews clips, Courtney always seems to close her right eye when she gets close to orgasm.



Courtney Cummz Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
You must be reading too many comic books

You cannot walk around and freeze women

This next segment shows our insurance agent, who wakes up feeling terribly embarrassed and with no memory of what just happened, being frozen, orgasmed, played with and driven insane. Courtney's embarrassment when she realizes that she is butt naked in front of a client who wants to take out an insurance policy on his worthless ring, is absolutely hilarious and having no memory of the prior events, she falls again for the ring which renders her mindless and frozen within an instant. Of course her involuntary orgasms and the inability to move while being undressed, drives her nuts and eventually to the point where she believes in the power of the ring, at least to some degree. Will she be willing to ensure the dam thing? Watch her snap out of it while being orgasmed, listen to her denial and, and, and....




Courtney Cummz Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Never say never

I would never take off my dress for you

Most people think that a ring cannot make a person freeze up and become a statue, feel tickled to the point where they are even willing to take off their clothes for a stranger, orgasm on command, beg and plead and rendered mindless. Courtney, who still believes to be the somewhat unwilling, insurance agent on the other hand experiences just that and even more. Of course it all starts off with our little girl coming back feeling terrible embarrassed about her nakedness. Will she become a believer? Will she be willing to ensure the dam ring now.



Courtney Cummz Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Aunty loves the roses

This next segment is certainly not just for our foot lovers but also for our mindlessly entranced orgasm slaves and helplessly played with young girls, lovers. Courtney, who believes to be my mom's much, much younger sister is just about to get ready for her new job as a cigar/cigarette girl at the new downtown club. Surprised and a bit irritated by my surprise visit in her room, she tries to get rid of me, particularly when I mention that I could not help but notice her beautiful feet. Of course the fact that I am hitting on her does not go over too well either and now she really wants to get rid of me. Luckily though, she does seem to love the rose I brought her. What can I say, all women like flowers and Courtney is no exception. The only difference is that smelling the rose I brought might have certain side effects, like the loss of mind and will.

Courtney, slowly but surely lets go of her resistance and drops into trance. Now let's find out what she can do with her feet. Mindless foot worship, fully aware foot seduction, foot job with vibrator, many yes masters, intense orgasms with and without "the magic touch and intense stares. Of course that all just begins to describe all the action in this segment. Courtney is taken from being a mindless foot worshipper to being fully aware and seductive. At some point she feels like my aunt again but unfortunately for her, she is too weak to even move while I am touching her feet which makes her helplessly orgasm. Courtney is so turned on that she does not even sound sincere when she asks me to leave. I guess some girls just cannot help it. What else is there. Courtney is also orgasmed while I am holding her eyes open and then played with as she goes out. Really hot with lots of changes and variations.



Courtney Cummz Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
I need a dick for that to happen

Courtney, who believes the session has just started and that we met only a few minutes ago, just cannot seem to believe that people and girls in particular can get horny and even orgasm simply because they are hypnotized. It takes a big dick for her to feel that way. We keep talking about the session and that most of the girls feel aroused just by listening to my voice and so on. Needless to say, Courtney does not get it but one thing is for sure, she gets more and more turned on without even realizing it. To make it even funnier, she programmed to feel penetrated whenever I snap my fingers. Listening to her excuses and watching her become more and more aroused for no reason is hot and funny.



Courtney Cummz Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
What light?

Courtney, who does not quite remember what just happened, still does not think that whatever I do in my sessions could possible work on her. I was dying to try out my new powerful laser light on her. Courtney starts to touch herself while becoming more and more aroused wherever the laser pointer hits her body. Of course whenever the light goes off, the urge to play with herself stops as well. Hot fun segment with confusion, denial and, and...



Courtney Cummz Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Anybody can do that!

Short but sweet. Our little girl wakes up from a brief deepening and the first thing she does is to take off her clothes and to put on a sexy little outfit, without being aware of what she is doing. It is so much fun to watch her telling us that whatever I do in my sessions does not work on her anyways and no, she would not strip for me. After that, Courtney is offered a bet that she will not be able to say five times in a row, "I am turning into a statue." Of course she can but watch what happens after her slow fifth repetition.



Courtney Cummz Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I always know what I am doing

That is just not my style

Courtney snaps out if it again and because I had so much fun with her in the last segment, I offer her the same bet again. Needless to say that the result is very similar, except that this time she seems even more self-assured that she can do it. Moving on to the next challenge. We start talking about her lack of concentration and ability to follow the conversation. She keeps telling me that I have her undivided attention, right before she falls asleep (like a rock) Of course what I do in my sessions has nothing to do with all that. Oops her she goes out again. Time for eye checks. Up and ready for more, Courtney is still convinced that it all does not work. Why does she masturbate like a wild woman for me while telling me all this? Will she have a chance to orgasm and more importantly, will she be in denial? Go and find out.



Courtney Cummz Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
What do women do?

Courtney wakes up and she seems very confused. Believe it or not, she has no idea what a beautiful young woman like her is supposed to do. What makes it even better is that she has to believe the first man she sees to tell her what women like her are supposed to do. Courtney is so grateful about me telling her what to do, particularly given the fact that I am a counselor who is specialized in telling women what their mission in live is. I think we all know that women are supposed to be turned into obedient Robots and that their personalities have to be deactivated. Of course they have to learn to say yes master and to repeat orders nice slow and robotic. Salutations, masturbation and orgasms on command are also programmed responses and so is the stiff robot walk.





Courtney Cummz Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I am due for my annual update

I always wonder how she did it, I mean that girl could dance and strip for hours and never break a sweat and her moves were just too perfect every time she was on the dance floor. No wonder she was voted best and most sensual erotic dancer for five years in a row. Well I found out the hard way. It all became painfully clear the night I called her into the office and mentioned that one of her insanely rich admires had invited her to spent a week with him in the middle east . OK, we all know what that means but hey, it is not like she had not done that kind of stuff before. Besides, who would turn down an all expense played, first class trip to a far away paradise. Well, she did and her excuses seemed weird, at first that is. She kept talking about being overdue for her yearly check up and updates. I thought she was talking about a medical checkup which could have easily been re-scheduled but as it turned out, she meant her yearly tune up, so to speak.

I wish I had know that our beautiful dancer was a fembot, but as usual, nobody tells me anything around here. Anyway, the second she started to malfunction, I saw my big chance to get her to go and do the thing with her admirer. All I had to do was wait until she was down, reset her programming and send her on her way to the middle east which would made me a cool 10% of what she was making . I know, not all that ethical but hey, times are tough. Courtney turned out to be a great fembot with just the right moves, speech and so on and what makes it even better is the fact that she really enjoyed it.


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