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Dallas Diamondz Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


The way down is..

Dallas Diamonds, sensual and extremely sexual, voluptuous, busty blond cougar with an insatiable appetite for pleasure (my kind of pleasure) always wonder what it might feel like to give it all up and to be under a man's complete control. I know, that sounds almost too good to be true but some, particularly submissive girls, do fantasize about this kind of thing. Well, wanting to be taken and controlled and letting it actually happen are not necessarily the same. It always takes the right moment and the right way, to get somebody to that point of "no return". Dallas needs a particularly strong man who makes it no secret that there is only one way, which would be his way. Well, what can I say, the girl not only dropped but she turned out to be "a volcano waiting to explode." I always enjoy playing with girls like her as they seem sexually very mature and ready to unconditionally explore new territories. Btw, Dallas turned out to be a very, very good subject on top of all the above mentioned which made this one another real intense one. Enjoy

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Dallas Diamondz Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Relinquish your body and mind

I am your controlled slave master

Dallas starts to respond to my suggestions almost immediately. Her body starts to quiver before going into intense lustful convulsions as soon as I suggest that letting go of her mind and body will make her feel even more beautiful, feminine and sexual than ever before. Making the subject envision and feel the result of following the suggestion often brings the best results. You will know what I mean by this once you watch the clip. Of course, making her cum is just the beginning. Next we have her learn that being allowed to feel this way has to be earned. I keep driving her up the wall for lust without letting her cum. Dallas learns quickly that she has to beg her master for her pleasure. The intensity with which she struggles and begs and eventually orgasm while I am toying with her, cannot be described. Time for some slow mind-sucking and deepening. Dallas's eyes are fixated on the light in my hand (really amazing stares) as her mind dims and she drops deeper under my control. Placed on her knees, Dallas slowly repeats, "I am your controlled slave master" before she... Unblinking stares, screaming hard orgasm training, begging, kneeling and, and, and



Dallas Diamondz Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I was born to be your obedient slave

I am cuming for you master

It feels so good to have you master

More unblinking stares, begging, nipple torture, repetitions, h-bondage and some freeze

Of course there is a lot more going on than the above described. Dallas is really going nuts in this one. Having her caress and eventually pinch those luscious breasts and nipples drives her out of her mind. Touching and squeezing her breasts makes her feel intensely stimulated between her legs. Her body goes into intense lustful convulsions and she squeezes them even harder. Time for her to show unconditional obedience and surrender. She keep screaming yes master as she finally orgasm harder than ever before. Really too intense to describe guys. Suddenly her hands and arms feel pulled up in the air while she is still feeling them on her breasts. It gets even more intense, now that she cannot touch her luscious breasts, she seems to feel it with even more intensity. It feels so good to have you master. Time to freeze her and...



Dallas Diamondz Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your mindlessly entranced slave Master

Remember, it is all about your masters entertainment

Some of the highlights of this segment are, seductive and at times mindless foot worship, zombie pose, unblinking stares, mantras, screaming hard orgasms, crawling while feeling helplessly fucked, wet and wide open pussy, repetitions, thought and mind removal and so much more.

Just like before, Dallas goes nuts in this one as well. Her raw sexuality and her need to please make her finger-fuck her wet pussy so hard that she drops on the couch. Of course showing off her feet and having to wait for my touch is driving her up the wall as she whimpers for lust. I am your horny foot slave master. As mentioned, there is too much going on to describe it all but if you enjoy watching a young woman go crazy for lust while pleasing her master, this one is for you.



Dallas Diamondz Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your hypnotized slave master

This next one starts off with her slowly repeating, I am your hypnotized slave master, over and over. Her beautiful eyes stare into nothingness while her body just stand there. Time to pose her in various ways and then "snap her to mindlessly orgasm". I wave my hand in front of her eyes just to make sure that there is nobody home before placing her on the couch. It is now time for our horny girl to experience the power of the breath controlled orgasm. Oh god, Dallas goes nuts again as her fingers slam into her dripping wet pussy. Her body goes into intense lustful convulsions before she under the impact of her orgasms. I am your orgasm slave master, I surrender to you'" are her last words. Of course there are still eye checks, a sleepy orgasm, feet inspection and more yet to come. Intense and not for the weak.


Dallas Diamondz Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
You shouldn't have pulled it out

I have no defenses against my masters mind, I am your mindless slave.

Smell the money honey

Somehow our high-end escort ended up at the wrong house at the wrong time. Instead finding some " weak excuse of a man" who likes to be abused and who wants to get fucked in the you know what, she ends up at my place. Needless to say, I don't like it up the you know what and I certainly do not like to be told what to do. Anyway, instead of just leaving, she threatens me and demands her money for driving all the way to my place. She even wants to call her 300lbs driver to help her collect the money. Anyway, it is a long story and she ends up entrancing herself. I tell you, money can be a tricky thing. Her hand which is still holding the money drops and so does she. Mindlessly entranced, our sexy escort experiences her first ever male orgasm by jerking off her strap-on dildo (really hot and different. Needless to say, she has to suck "her dick" as well and then fuck her wet pussy with it.


Dallas Diamondz Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen and played with escort

We are not quite done with our oh so touch hooker, I mean escort. Poor thing cannot seem to move upon awakening which of course makes her feel very uneasy, to say the least. Needless to say that I have to make fun of her and even tell her that she might have been hypnotized, which btw, she vehemently discards as nonsense and impossible. Believe or not, she still threatens me with calling the driver. Well, what else can I do than to place the dildo in her mouth which makes it really tough to call anybody. Let's see whether she orgasms at the snap of my fingers. Looks like it works, despite her trying to stop it from happening. Finally the waving hand renders her mindless and ready to show us how much she loves to suck dick (dildo) Needless to say, she freezes up in the middle of doing so just about when her awareness comes back. Bitch, bitch, bitch. Still, there is more to come. Great unblinking stares




Dallas Diamondz Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Please undo whatever you did

The nightmare is not quite over yet for our sexy and by now somewhat perturbed escort. Needless to say, she decides to leave after waking up but that seems difficult as she is starting to laugh her ass off every time she tries to give me a hard time. Looks like she cannot be too serious about her complaints, I mean why else would she laugh. Could it be that she feels tickled. Things get worse when she freezes up again and now she cannot even grasp the money she so desperately wants. Poor thing starts to talk about calling the driver again. Some girls are slow learners. Anyway, there is a lot of fun freezing going on, some tickling, masturbation and lot's of confusing and embarrassing moments. Needless to say, at the end it is all good and now she wants nothing more than to be my girlfriend. I know, I have a way with girls. Anyway that is still not the end. Our sweetheart is frozen one more time so that I have time to... Come back here now you...



Dallas Diamondz Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
The IQ reducer

This next one is one of our famous Quiz shows in which our contestant Dallas, a prudish house wife, mother of three and famous book author on women's issues, has a choice between either answering the question right (for $10 000) strip dance or hit "the buzzer". I know, I am too nice. I should probably mention that hitting the buzzer allows her avoid to strip dance (or whatever else the show host comes up with) but it also takes away a considerable amount of her IQ. Needless to say, it gets hot and funny pretty quickly as our oh so serious and full of herself contestant becomes confused, sloppy, extremely uninhibited and horny right there in front of our eyes. She keeps hitting the buzzer even when she gets the question right. Really fun clip in which Dallas goes from smart and sophisticated to stupid, horny and "bimboish" with every hit.


Dallas Diamondz Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Not in a million years

Dallas, our somewhat prudish contestant, wakes up from her, let's call it, dim moment and sure enough, she does not realize that she is pretty much naked on public TV. Oh well, we continue the show and again, she has a choice between answering the question right, worshipping her feet for us and or hit the buzzer. Needless to say, our girl does not really have a chance here either. Although she believes that licking, sucking and worshiping her feet for us is absolutely not an option for her, she ends up mindlessly doing all that anyways right after she hits "The buzzer." Dimly entranced yet very horny our sexy contestant starts to offer her feet like a good foot-slave. Things get heated when I freeze her right before letting her become aware of the somewhat compromising position she finds herself in. What the he... Again, she does not believe in the idea that she might be under P-H suggestions until she suddenly feels a powerful orgasm hitting her right when I touch her sensitive feet. Let's put her on her knees and inspect her feet and ass or better yet, let's put her to sleep and take our time to look at her little feet. Maybe we should do all of the above, what do you think.



Dallas Diamondz Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Are you taping this

Our contestant has one more challenge to overcome. The rules of the show have changed and now it is all about a new "Herbal cigarette." Again, our young lady has no idea that she is pretty much naked and that her comments about her moral and family values, really do not make any sense. Luckily though, she agrees to test the Newly developed Herbal cigarette brand that just hit the marked. Needless to say, what she is smoking is just a cigarette but somehow, she seems to get all giddy and stupidly horny. Actually, it is more like seductively horny and definitely absent minded, so to speak. Of course she has no clue as to what is happening to her but before you know it, she lets it all out and fucks herself with the cigarette. Now that is sure only the tip of the proverbial iceberg but I think it gives you a pretty good idea as to what else she might be doing to herself on public TV. Really hot smoking clip. Thanks to one of our viewers, we changed the lighting for this one which makes the smoke more visible.




Dallas Diamondz Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
You shouldn't be saying these kind of things

Dallas, who believes to be my sister in law, can't believe that I am hitting on her while her sister/my wife is out shopping. Oh well, after all, she is a lot younger and prettier than her sis. As it turns out, her opinion about men is quite low, to say the least. Anyway, things get a little hairy between the two of us and it looks like I have no other choice than to "Robotize" her in the middle of her tirade. Robot Dallas loading girlfriend program, program loading completed. Time to have some fun with our new toy. I guess most of you know my kind of "programming and playing" with those toys of mine. Needless to say that when she has her (last) aware moment, she threatens to tell her sis about all this but as you know, I am not too concerned about all that, after all, she won't remember any of this anyways.


Dallas Diamondz Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip

Frank is upset to learn that new android assistant has been promoted to Office Manger after two weeks on the job. With his hopes of promotion crushed he turn his hostility on the dizzy secretary-bot.

Frank: So how's little miss perfect today.

Dallas: I'm sorry "I don't believe I've met her is she in accounting?"

Frank: Damn its like talking to a freaking toaster oven

Dallas: Why would anyone talk to a toaster oven?

Frank: Maybe because it's horny boss promoted it to office Manager.

Dallas: That would be illogical, a toaster oven is incapable of that function.

Frank: My point exactly, but good ole Mr. Douglas promoted one to office manager just last week

myself….fuck self

Frank: Holy smokes look at her go…………I just know I'm going to get blamed for this…damn I think I broke her……Fuck me!

Dallas: "Fuck me"….. computes…….Command accepted…………Dallas Unit will comply…………..

Frank: What, oh no that's not what I meant , its just a figure of speech

Dallas: Figure of speech does not compute….fuck me computes….Dallas unit will comply

Frank: Oh no you don't have to comply I was just

Dallas: But I am the new office manager……….Mr. Douglas told me so…..Your statement is inaccurate… I am the new office manager. He reprogrammed me and everything………..

Frank: Oh I can tell, I noticed your skirts have gotten shorter and your sweaters tighter ever since he started tinkering with your settings. That was some programming indeed, anymore and we could charge admission.

Dallas: Admission? Why would we charge admission? How much would we charge? You're not making any sense.

Frank: I'm saying that you're not qualified and the only reason you got promoted is because he likes the way you fill out a sweater.

Dallas: I am too qualified…….I was programmed to be qualified………I am the new office manager….. I am your boss, which makes me more qualified than you.

Frank: Screw this, I quit.

Dallas: Quit What………….

Frank: Like I said screw this

Dallas: Screw this?………….Screw this does not compute

Frank: How about screw you, does that compute for you darlin

Dallas: Screw you, does not compute.

Frank: How about go fuck your self?

Dallas: Go fuck yourself computes…….Command accepted…………Dallas Unit will comply Fuck myself……..I must muck my self……….

Frank: Damn where did you learn to do that?

Dallas: Mr. Douglas Programmed me………I am programmed to obey…………I must fuck myself…….fuck

Dallas: I am programmed to obey………I must fuck you……….I must obey………must fuck you……….must obey……….come closer……Fuck me Frank …Its Ok I want you to…Its what I was designed for………. come closer so that I can obey…….obey……….obey……obey…..

Frank: Are you Ok?

Dallas: No, but I will be…once I've complied………once I've obeyed Come closer……..I must fuck …fuck…fuck you…..Is Hurry Frank…I am not permitted to disobey…

Frank: oh What the hell, I'm quitting anyway Are you sure your OK?

Dallas: I am now……Ok ....are you ready……Ok put it in me….Ohhhh Penetration detected….Dallas Unit is complying…..I will fuck you now……Tell me what you want……..

Frank: Whatever your doing now just keep doing it………you're incredible

Dallas: I was designed to be the perfect lover………..I'm perfectly programmed…oh…ahhhh…oh….Oh Frank your making me so horny ...you're making so hot……my processors are going haywire… hope you don't overload my pleasure circuits. Oh no I think its too late…oh ahh. Ahh..ahhh. Warning sensory overload ….overload ……overload …warning-Dallas unit malfunction…I am malfunctioning…..Comply… .error...error…..system overload

Of course that is all just the beginning of the story

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