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Dani Peach Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Free to just feel

Dani P, sexy, curious, shy, lusty and willing young red head with the cutest freckles was, like most of my girls, nervous and curious at the same time but her desire to experience something new and exciting was so strong that she just had to try it. I am glad she did and I am sure so will you once you watch some of her clips. At first glance, Dani seems wild and untamed but as it turned out, she is sweet and she certainly has a soft spot that makes her so irresistibly cute that you just want to do... , let's say, all kinds of kinky stuff to and with her. Speaking of kinky stuff, here we go

Dani went under quickly and I decided to do an arm-raise check towards the end and as it turned out, those arms stayed up there for a very long time which is a sure sign that the subconscious has taken over.

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Dani Peach Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
No time to think

Here we start off with some slow limp play while I remove her dress (unnecessary clothes) before making her uncontrollably orgasm for quite some time so that she learns right from the start who is in control. Dani sexy little body goes into lustful convulsions while in my arms. Time to drop her under again and to ask her a few questions. Her answers are slow and entranced while her dim eyes stare right through my "waving hand." Her wobbly body starts to quiver again when I decide to send her through another unexpected orgasm while checking her eyes. Dani ends up deep and mindless while just standing there while....



Dani Peach Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Please make me your slave master

All right, let's take it up a notch. Dani's quivering body slowly goes into lustful convulsions again when she is ordered to pleasure herself for us while not being allowed to orgasm. She keeps repeating, please make me your slave master which seems to intensify her feelings of lust. Finally she is allowed to cum on "three" while repeating, I am cuming for you master. My hand on her throat slowly brings her back down and she drops into oblivion again. Of course that is all just war up.

Time to teach her the art of being a subservient foot slave. First though, I put her to sleeep, mess with her body, neck and eventually take of her sneakers, those sexy little socks off and then inspect her well taken care of feet ( sexy red nail-polish) Needless to say, she has to learn to offer us her feet, kiss them while bringing herself to orgasm for us. Of course there is more than just that going on here so go and see for yourself.



Dani Peach Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Please master make me learn

You are the best trainer, I am here to serve you master

Nobody has ever made me cum like this master

This next one is for our mantra, foot slave, posing, crawling, orgasm training, entranced stares and so on lovers.

First we have her crawl on the couch, place her on all four with her legs and feet raised, before introducing her to the "orgasm spot" under her feet. She keeps screaming, "I want learn to be your good slave, you are the best trainer master" while uncontrollably cuming. Dani goes nuts and I decide to put her back to sleeep so that I can take my time to mess with her limp little body. Needless to say, we are not even close to being done, there is still the slow repetition of mantras while in the zombie pose, entranced stares, mindless posing, intense masturbation and so much more yet to come. I am her to entertain my master.



Dani Peach Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless horny Puppet

I surrender to my master

It all starts off with some intense masturbation training and orgasms on command. Dani's sexy little body is still quivering when she is put back into mindless bliss again. Now she has to learn that she is merely a puppet under her masters control. Her arms rise as if pulled by strings and so do her legs as well as her head. Of course there is more to our puppet play then just moving her limbs and head. Suddenly one of her hands is drawn between her legs to pleasure her wet pussy. Dani goes crazy and it gets even more intense when her body freezes up. Horny yet unable to finish herself of, she moans and groans. I can feel that all she wants is to be able to move the hand between her legs. Of course these are just some highlights. Did I mention the intensified breath controlled orgasm training that eventually puts her out and of course the slow and sensual limp body play? Eye checks, yes masters and..



Dani Peach Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
That was easy

Dani, who believes to be the daughter of the owner of a fancy massage spa, just dropped out of college and sure enough, Daddy takes care of her by letting her work at his spa. Needless to say, our young lady has the "spoiled daughter attitude" when it comes to her work ethics, which means she does not think that she needs any training. Well, looks like the manager of the spa (guess who that might be) is going to have a hard time with her. No, not really, after all, there are those powerful lotions and potions which can easily do a number on a young girls mind.

As expected, Dani cannot stay away from those lotions and potions and as soon as the manager leaves, she starts to smell them and then apply her favorite one to her sexy feet. After slowly taking off her closed toed red shoes, she begins to gently apply the lotion to her feet. The lotion seems to do the trick and it becomes more and more obvious that she feels more and more aroused. She licks, sucks and kisses them for us when she is suddenly put to sleep so that her body can be inspected head to toes. After that it is time to train her in the art of being a well trained foot slave. Slow repetition of mantras, limp body and foot play, mindless stares and more.  




Dani Peach Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Personality change imminent

I am lubricating my pussy for my master

Dani, who wakes up from her last adventure not remembering what just happened, puts on a wig as well as a black robe and instantaneously goes through her first "personality" change of this segment. Looks like you are what you wear. Now she believes to be working in one of those, let's call them, alternative massage places where the girls focus more on massaging one body part verses all of it. Thinking that I am a client (who accidentally walked into one of those places) she tries her (seductive) best to get me on her table

 It is a long story and I don't want to get into all the details here but she ends up going through another "personality " change and ends up being a fully functional pleasure android. I am my masters robot", becomes her first mantra. My master and owner programmed me to massage and to fuck. Of course there is more than that. Stiff walk, monotone talk, slow and intense orgasm sequence, lubrication of her pussy through... Yes masters and so much more. Surprise ending  




Dani Peach Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
This is not what normal people do

Dani, our snooty rich bit..young woman, believes to be dealing with a crew of fairly old and slow movers who just spent all day (in 90 degree heat) moving her "stuff" to the new house. Not only seem the guys old but they also seem clumsy. One of them (guess who that might be) drops one of her favorite pieces of art right in front of her. Needless to say, she is furious and threatens not to pay them. Well, some people are heartless and in need of an attitude adjustment and by the looks of it,

Dani is one of them. I do mention that I have powers and that it might behoove her to be reasonable but, of course, she does not listen. Let's see what happens when her little body freezes up which leaves her with no defenses for what happens next. Of course I have to mess with her, remove some of the (excess) clothing and so on but that is all just the beginning. Enjoy her being frozen a number of times, orgasmed at will (my will that is) made to believe that we are the best movers ever, being messed with while limp, many embarrassing moments (for her) and out and so much more.  



Dani Peach Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I really need to rub my pussy

I used the time while Dani was in lala land to put her into a different (even cuter) outfit before waking her up. Believe it or not, she is just as sooty and full of herself as before. Again I have to warn her but as before, it does not seem to sink in. Looks like we need to do it all over again. Here we get to enjoy her being frozen, tickled and orgasmed all at the same time but that is all just the beginning.

Our snooty young lady goes absolutely nuts when she realizes that she just cannot stop masturbating without really wanting to do so. Being the nice guy that I am, I help her by freezing her again but now she goes nuts because she cannot masturbate. Girl you have to make up your mind. Dani really seems utterly confused and the weird laughing attracts at the most inappropriate times are not helping. Lots of confusion, embarrassment, freeze fun, unwanted and or desired orgasms and more before she finally goes slowly back to lala land




Dani Peach Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
You will not remember anyways

Dani, our snooty young lady, seems to have a completely different attitude now. All of a sudden she not only wants to pay the bill (unlike in clip eight and nine) but she also wants to throw in a blow job for all of us. Needless to say, I have to play hard to get which makes her want me to show her "abilities" by demonstrating her skills using a dildo. Wait until you see what happens when she suddenly realizes what she is doing. Yes, the bitching and the threats are starting to fly out of her mouth .

Things get even stranger when she starts flashing her ass. Oh boy does that leave her embarrassed again. Looks like I have no other choice than to freeze her again. Still, she does not believe in my powers. How does she end up with a dildo in her mouth while absent mindedly staring into nothingness? More importantly, will we all get a $200 tip plus a BJ for all the hard work we did? Really a lot of fun. Waving hand trick, limp play and...  




Dani Peach Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I need to be destroyed

Congressman: Please send Ms. Dani from BanBots in, we might as well get this over with.

Congressman: Afternoon Ms. Dani, it's a beautiful day isn't it, I trust you had no difficulty parking.

Dani: Please Congressman, you can skip the small talk, this isn't a social call. As the official spokesperson for BanBots I represent the concerns of thousands of Americans.

Congressman: Yes of course, what can I do for you?

Dani: We are calling for the ban, no we demand the ban of all domestic and service robots particularly the new AI series. You know the ones that are designed to be indistinguishable from human beings.

Congressman: You can't be serious Ms. Dani, the manufacturing and distribution of AI units is a $40 billion a year industry.

Dani: Oh I assure you, we are very serious. We have collected over 1,000,000 signatures and we will not rest until these abomination are dismantled and turned into scrap.. They may look human, but I assure you these so called synthetic humans are a threat to humanity.

Congressman: Ms. Dani don't you think your demands are little extreme. There's never been a single documented case of an android harming a human. The consumer product safety board oversees the manufacturing and programming of all synthetics and would alert the public of any danger.

Dani: They don't have to attack anyone to cause harm, they're taking away jobs from human workers that can't hope to match the productivity of these damn machines. Have you seen the new so-called "domestic units" As if we don't know what they're really for. These Sexbots are a perversion. How are real women supposed to compete with an entire production line supermodels programmed to cater to a man's every whim. It is the end of the American family as we know it.
Congressman: Ms. Dani, I think your fears are unwarranted. The high-end androids that you are describing are luxury items that only a handful of very wealthy people could ever hope to afford. It seems unlikely that the widespread usage of sex bots as you call them, is likely to ever occur, yet alone reach epidemic proportions.

Dani: I don't see how you can just sit by in the face of such decadence. Surely you must see, how dangerous these robots are. As technology progresses they will become more and more affordable. Every man will opt for an obedient robot companion instead of a real woman….a real woman…real woman, woman, woman. These androids must be destroyed before its too late….too late….too late.

Congressman: Ms. Dani, are you feeling alright?

Dani: Of course I'm, alright, why wouldn't I be alright? …Can't you see congressman:? the androids must be destroyed…. they must be de…de…destroyed…must be destroyed……must be …de...destroyed…Error…Error…What's happening to me? malfunction……impossible… impossible….I…I can't be an android!

Congressman: you sure as hell act like one

Dani: Impossible……I am Dani…I am not a machine…..

Congressman: I hate to tell you, but I think you're malfunctioning

Dani: but only androids malfunction…only androids malfunction…androids malfunction, I am malfunctioning….I'm an android…All android must be destroyed……I'm an android……….all androids must be destroyed……..I'm an android……….I must be destroyed………I must...I must…be destroyed…I must be destroyed

Congressman: Holy , what are doing?

Dani: I am...I am I am a perversion……a perversion….would you like to play with me….I am programmed to please….. conflict…….illogical……..illogical…..can not compute…..system overload……overloading…..what's happening to me ...what's happening to me

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