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The Hypno Doc Is In...

Danielle Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


Feeling safe, secure and protected leads to arousal

Dani, sexy horny blond looking better, hotter and more seductive than ever, is back by popular demand. Many of you asked me to bring Dani back and well here she is. I am sure you all remember Dani, from her last visits I mean who could ever forget a beautiful and very willing young woman like her? Long blond hair, tanned hard body, silky soft skin and a sunny attitude that makes you want to take her in your arms and squeeze her.

Dani could not wait to come back for another round of uninhibited fun and believe me; I was just as excited as she was. If you have watched her last visit, you remember that Dani is certainly the more submissive type but with a spunk. What I am trying to say here is that Dani is intelligent and strong minded and the only way to get her to let go is to make her feel taken over, meaning show her who is boss. You will know what I mean when you watch her clips. One thing is for sure though, the afternoon with Dani was another intense and very sensual experience and I can hardly wait for her to come back.

I started off making her feel safe and secure again and then took her back to some of the experiences during her last visit. I could feel her growing excitement almost immediately and it was pretty clear, Dani is back under my control.



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Danielle Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless and horny

Please, �I want to be a good girl for you�, becomes her first mantra for the day and it is obviously driving her nuts.

The desire and the need to be a good girl for me as well as the repetition of more mantras brings Dani right back under my control. Her sexy little body is shivering and shaking under my suggestions. I take my time to drive her up the wall for lust. She is close to orgasm, her hands are magically drawn between her legs and don't let up massaging her clit. Dani has no choice but to surrender. In fact, she is begging for it. The mantra, �mindless and horny�, finally drives her over the edge.




Danielle Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless masturbation and mantras

This next one is hot and certainly for our mindless, wide open eyed slow monotone repetitions and masturbation lovers. I know that was an odd sentence but I am sure you know what I mean. Picture Dani bottomless, sitting straight up while giving her wet pussy a hard workout. That of course is only the beginning. Now picture her mind being zapped by my new flashing wand. Her eyes are wide open and Dani is staring into never never land. Mindless and empty she is now ordered to masturbate herself into oblivion. You will love her slow and monotone repetitions of mantras like: �I have no more mind master� or �thank you for taking my mind�. Watching Dani letting go of her mind and turning into a horny and zombie like slave is hot.



Danielle Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
I missed your control over me, Master

I am your mindless slave master the mantra to blissful surrender
Frozen, orgasmed bend over and used describes only a small part of Dani's training in this segment. Put on her knees with her sexy round ass pushed out at me, Dani is ordered to masturbate while she is slowly repeating "I am your mindless slave" Mantra. It does not take long and Dani is in mindless bliss with only one goal on her mind and that is, to please her master. It gets even hotter after I put her on top of the couch and freeze her into a helpless statue. The only part of her body that not only can move but is actually forced to move is the hand between her legs. More mantras like there is only one master, as well as the fact that she is helpless, slowly but surely drive her out of the rest of her mind. Hot short and sweet.



Danielle Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
Sure, what ever, it is all horny gum!

Today's test is about our new bubble gum which is, let's just say, not your usual kind of gum. It was noted in earlier tests that particularly when tested by females, the gum seems to have an arousing effect on the subject. In addition to the arousal, it was also noted that the female testers seemed to have experienced a sudden loss of brain capacity. In other words, IQ reduction and extreme arousal seem to be the side effects of our new gum.

We are here today to conduct just another test to either validate or discard the above mentioned possible side effects. Dani, today's test candidate does not seem to believe, nor does she seem impressed by any of this. After stating her name she proceeds to tell us that she is going to college and that her goal is to become the CEO of a large company. (Dani does actually go to college) The test begins and as a side note, my attempt to hit on the test subject fails miserably. The subject keeps chewing away and before long she attempts to blow bubbles but the conversation seems still coherent and somewhat intelligent. Before long though it is noted that the subject seems to loosen up and her hands seem to accidentally touch her breasts.

Although the giggling increases and the subject seems distracted, she keeps insisting that everything is normal and that she does not feel anything unusual. It is also noted that the subject does under no circumstances want to end the test at this point and her hands are now more or less blatantly playing with her already exposed breasts as well as her pussy. The subject also seems to want to have intercourse with me and is quite blunt about offering herself to me. A final warning and the attempt to stop the test is also either not heard or completely ignored by the test subject.



Danielle Clip VI Members Click here to view this clip
What side effects are you talking about?

I don't need a mind; I am here to be fucked!

Dani's white eyed surrender into mindless bliss...

The subject seems to have forgotten about her dream of becoming a CEO and appears to be only interested in sex. Despite her denial, the subject keeps playing with herself and it is noted that a coherent conversation seems impossible and all she seems interested in now, is to bring herself to orgasm. The warning that an orgasm could potentially leave her mindless and extremely horny, is also discarded by our test subject. The subject's question as to why and what she came here for, leaves us concerned and it definitely indicates that the bimbo-fication process is almost completed.

The mind capacity of our test subject seems to deteriorate quickly and all that seems on her mind (what mind you might ask) is to get fucked. It is noted that the test subject, just like her predecessors, ends up being a horny, oversexed fuck toy. Dani goes down with her eyes rolled up in the back of her head and it is quite obvious that our little girl needs a break.



Danielle Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not talking to a man about this!
Freeze and show me the white in your eyes

This one is for our freeze, orgasm on command and rolled up white eyed lovers.

Dani is obviously very uncomfortable when she finds out that her new therapist, Dr. Lesley Young, is a man. For some reason and again I wonder why, she was expecting a female therapist. I guess with a name like Lesley, misunderstandings like this could be possible. At any rate, she is not willing to discuss her sex life with me and before you even know it, Dani gets up and tries to leave.

Big mistake! About 2 seconds later, she finds herself frozen, mindless and messed with. Let's have a closer look at her beautifully firm tits, shall we? Snapped out of it, the poor girl wakes up with an orgasm and short term amnesia. Not remembering what just happened, my sweetie now apologizes for having her tits hanging out.

Naturally, she has no explanation for the orgasm either but who cares, before she even knows it, her body is frozen up again anyways. I allow her to complain a bit before taking her deep down again. Dani, still frozen roles up her eyes and sinks deep. Her eyelids are flickering and the white in her eyes show how deeply gone she is. Of course that is all just the warm up, there is more conscious as well as mindless freezing, denied orgasms and lots more eye rolling coming up.



Danielle Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
I come equipped with tools!

Two weeks without TV certainly seemed like an eternity but finally she is here, the cable company's TV and cable repair person. Besides being very cute, she seems a bit overly confident about being able to fix my old TV in no time and she keeps rambling on about getting the job done in no time.

Looking at her though, I am not so sure about all this. She keeps circling my 15 year old tube as if she was trying to find a way into it. Finally she seems to make progress and her hands disappear behind the interior of my old TV set. Again she keeps reassuring me that she can handle it and that I will be able to watch my football game tonight. My hopes go down as quickly as they came up when the sparks start to fly. I don't know what happened but all of a sudden, my oh so overly confident repair chick seems to have gotten her fingers zapped somewhere deep inside the old tube.

Dam, here goes another game, I won't be able to watch. Although she keeps insisting that everything is just fine, something seems to be way off. Her behavior changes quickly, her body keeps twitching, her speech is not as coherent and she keeps talking about my TV being too old and that she does not have any available programs to fix it. I just can't believe it, until she goes down that is, the cable company has send a fembot to do the job.



Danielle Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
What do you mean TV repair?

After some extensive repair work in the last segment, my sexy TV repair bot is finally back up and thanks to my programming skills, she has no clue as to what she came here for. As far as she is concerned, she is an escort who came to satisfy me without even getting paid for it. Sorry but no, the program is not for sale.

Anyway, her sensual strip dance just blows me away and I am getting hot know what. Not only does Dani know how to move her sexy ass but she also seems to know how to turn me on by seductively playing with herself. Who gives a shit about the football game tonight anyways, that show is sooooo much better. Well, I have to be honest here, my programming skills are somewhat questionable and just when I think that I got it all, my sexy repair girl, I mean bot, goes down again. I don't know what it is with these malfunctions but they are starting to mess with my sex life. Hot strip tease, orgasms and seductive play.




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