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The Hypno Doc Is In...

Danielle Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
What kind of therapy is that?

More white eyed freezes, lots of apologies and denied orgasms

You will orgasm when I touch the monkey

Dani now fully awake has only one thing on her mind and that is to masturbate in front of Dr. Lesley. She even agrees that the therapy works so far. Unfortunately her sexy little body freezes up again, right before she cums. Crazy for lust, she now begs me to let her cum and being the nice guy that I am, I unfreeze one of her hands and arms, so she can finish herself off. Dani is so obsessed with trying to make herself cum that she does not even realize that I am taking her deep again. Just as before, her eyes role into the back of her head and by the time she orgasms, her mind is already gone.

After I snap her out of it again, Dani feels more than embarrassed and apologizes for having masturbated in front of me and of course the fact that she is butt naked. I have her stand up and bend over with her perfect ass pushed out at me which is of course all part of the therapy. Well, maybe I pushed it a bit too far. What kind of therapy is that? I guess I better freeze her again and let her go blank, what do you think? More rolled up eyes and forced orgasms finally make her a true believer in my "therapeutic methods". Dani's masturbation with her eyes rolled into the back of her head is very hot.


Danielle Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
Horny Au-pair girl turns Robolust

The ring of transformation turns her into an obedient sexbot!

Dani believes to be our new Au-pair girl whose job is to watch the kids, particularly when we are not home. Well, what can I say, my wife is on vacation and I am just plain horny and looking at my AuPair girl Dani lounging on the couch makes it almost impossible not to hit on her. Unfortunately, my sexy little AuPair is not the least bit interested in her boss but luckily she does not mind me giving her a little present as a token of my appreciation for her great work. Yes you guessed it; Dani's present is the flashing ring which, as we all know, does a whole lot more than just flash.

My sweet Au- Pair drops instantaneously; her eyes are suddenly dull ad empty. "I am a horny robot, programmed for you." Let's see what our obedient and pleasing robot can do. Besides the standing up bottomless masturbation, orgasm on command and hot posing my personal robot also loses all her programs and roles her eyes back into the back of her head. Of course there is hotter robot training action going, so just go and check it out.



Danielle Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
More robot training and back to being the reluctant Au-Pair girl

I am having so much fun with my horny robot and in this one I decide to have her finger fuck her tight, wet pussy while bend over with her ass pushed out at me. After this little warm up, I snap her out of it and listen to her bitching for a bit. I think it is her embarrassment that really turns me on. As you all know I can only take so much of the bitching and before Dani even knows, she is back to being my obedient robot servant. "I am your programmed robot, master." Much better, at least now we can proceed with the training, I mean programming. Lots of yes master in both segments and Dani is hot hot hot...


Danielle Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
I don not like you watching me honey

Dani has again no clue as to what she is in for. Thinking she is my wife, my sexy little blond is absolutely not interested in letting me watch her do her pedicure in our bedroom. In fact, although she knows that I love watching her play with her feet, she insists that I leave the room. Luckily she agrees to try out the new foot lotion I bought her. About five seconds after she slowly applies the new lotion to her feet, my little wife drifts into bliss. All of a sudden she can not seem to get enough of her sexy feet. She even uses them to shove the vibrator deep into her very wet pussy. This one is certainly for our feet lovers. The way Dani plays and massages her pretty feet and uses them to orgasm herself is absolutely hot.



Danielle Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Foot lotion with a different side effect

This one leaves Dani so exhausted that she ends up out cold with her eyes all the way rolled up in the back of her head.

After a brief deepening my "wife" wakes up and is again absolutely not interested in letting me watch her play with her feet. Again, she loves the smell of the new foot lotion, I just bought for her. Let's see what happens this time. Sure enough, after about ten seconds, Dani starts to laugh and scream.

The poor thing now believes that her feet are being tickled. It gets so bad that she even begs me to help her wash off the dam lotion. Not so fast honey. Let's switch her back to feeling insanely aroused and then tickled again. As I mentioned this one takes it out of her. Both segments show great close ups of Dani's sexy feet.



Danielle Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Of course I do not get emotionally involved

Dani believes to be at a job interview for the position of the local TV news anchor person. Although we are a relatively small local TV station, it is very important to Dani to get the job. However, unfortunately, the job is not important enough for her to accept my invitation to have dinner with me after the interview. Anyway, I get that a lot and it is certainly not required in order for her to get the job. What's most important is that our new anchor person does stay neutral and emotionally unattached when reading the news.

Dani is pretty sure that this would not be a problem for her at all. I do notice a change in her behavior though as soon as she starts reading the news about a perpetrator who brings unsuspecting woman under his control by using a shiny object. Dani slows down while reading the news, nods her head a few times. Opens and closes her eyes but nothing seems to prevent her from going down. �I hear and obey, Master�. Naked and with her legs spread wide, my sexy news anchor is now trained to obey. Very hot, particularly the way Dani follows the orgasm training.



Danielle Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
Let's try this again, shall we?

Mindless, frozen and orgasmed news anchor person...

Besides believing that the TV interview just started, Dani also believes that she is professionally dressed. Ready to read the news and of course not get emotionally or otherwise involved, my sexy blond starts to read the news about a perpetrator who bring woman under his control using a shiny object. Oh�oh� here we go again. Dani sinks into oblivion and again is ready to be trained. Of course besides being mindless, frozen and orgasmed, Dani also has those aware and bitchy moments, which by the way are hilarious.



Danielle Robot Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your sex doll

I know, usually I am done after two segments but fembot Dani is just too special to let go just yet. For one, I want to see her seductive dance again. Man, that girl knows how to move. Besides, there is one more thing I want to try and that would be to reprogram my horny escort into a sex or better yet, a pleasure doll.

At first, I have a hard time believing it myself but my reprogramming attempt seems to have worked. Fembot Dani suddenly turns into a very sexy, sex starved and very pleasing pleasure doll with nothing else on her mind than to fulfill my fantasies. Of course she winds down here and there and unfortunately she malfunctions again as well but the way she works her little pussy with the vibrator for me makes it all worth while. Dani goes back and forth between being a sexy and very horny little doll and a malfunctioning fembot.




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