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Daniela Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Enjoy the journey into the deep

Daniela, beautiful super model from the Ukraine, had never gone as far as she did during our session and as it turned out, she just loved it. Being able to completely let go and to simply surrender to not only her own desires but also to someone who would take her to this place hidden deep inside of her, was not only new to her but also incredibly exciting and arousing. Despite a few language barriers the session did not only go extremely well but it also turned into a very hot and exciting show of unconditional surrender. Needless to say, there are a lot of "mind games" to be enjoyed along the way. Besides being beautiful, Daniela is certainly very intelligent, sweet and very natural/down to earth which made her a delight to play with.

It took a while for her eyes to close and I could feel that she was trying to resist the process but that sure did not last all that long. Lots of flickering eye lids, twitches, eye checks and more.

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Daniela Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
The better you follow, the better you feel

Feel how much you want to serve your master

Many people have a problem with allowing themselves to just simply feel good and to not try to control their feelings, which btw is often a sign of the fear of losing control. In Daniel's case it seemed better to get her to allow herself to feel without being in control of it, rather than to try to force her under control. I don't want to get into all the details as to why psychology is so important when it comes to taking a subject to those deep places and how the different strategies all lead to the results as for us it more important to see just the results. It does not take long for her beautiful body to start to quiver and eventually go into lustful convulsions.

 She starts to feel how wonderful it is to not be in charge and to let go of her inhibitions why having no control over it. Time to hit her with an orgasm and yet another one while distracting (and eventually taking over) her mind with the laser light on her forehead. Next she has to learn that exposing her body for her master is not only arousing bit it also shows her willingness to serve. Repetitions of, I have no control over my body, make it perfectly clear that she has lost all control. Yes master, screaming hard orgasm training, mind reduction and distraction.



Daniela Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Take my thoughts

I am controlled by you master

As soon as I order her to masturbate, she cannot seem to stop and this seems to be a good time for her to learn that she has to not only show me but also let me feel her desire to make herself cum for me as a sign of her surrender. Our little girl goes nuts when I finally allow her to explode and keep her cuming. She keeps screaming, I am cuming for you master, and every repetition intensifies the might of the orgasm she is allowed to feel. Suddenly her hands and arms are pulled up in the air while she is made to feel her hands as if they were still pleasuring her wet pussy. Trying to describe her quivering, shaking and convulsive body is quite impossible but really hot to watch. Finally she is orgasmed on my count of three. Repetitions of, I am controlled by you master, take back down. Placed on her knees with her unblinking eyes clued to the flashing light, she slowly repeats, please take my thoughts master, until she drops into mindless bliss. Time to pose and place her limp body and to... Unblinking stares, yes masters, slow repetitions, intense orgasm training and...



Daniela Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Please allow me to cum for you master

Please control me master

Want more crawling, sensual foot worship, kneeling, slow and monotone repetitions, intense orgasms after begging and screaming, denied orgasm training, show of gratefulness, mindless unblinking stares, orgasms on command while feeling helplessly fucked on all four, entrancement and more? Well, you got it.

I summarized some of what is going on in this segment above, for all of our viewers who do not like to read those long clip descriptions. Daniela has to learn that pleasing her master and to beg as well as to show how grateful and pleasing she is, has become her only purpose at this moment in time and that the more intense her training is, the better she feels. Uninhibited and blissful through being controlled an dominated.




Daniela Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Please let me please you master

Please can I cum for you master

Highlights of this clip are the breath controlled orgasms, more begging, the waving hand, long mindless unblinking stares, slow repetitions, mindless statue being posed and played with, freeze, final sleepy orgasm while I perform eye checks, one last orgasm while I gently touch her feet and her unconditional surrender.

After the above described training, Daniela slowly (very slowly) goes down and to sleep while losing all strength in her (already mindless) body. Real, hot and intense.




Daniela Clip Six Part One Members - Click here to view this clip
Those are crazy people

You were born to please me honey

Daniela finds out what can happen to nosy wives who check their husbands credit card statements and in doing so, find out about his subscription to Robolust. Well, that's pretty much what you get for not pleasing your husband with your sexy feet whenever he so desires. Needless to say, she goes off on me for spending the family money on something like that and she sure enough does not believe that I might have learned something, from the guy who does the entrancing, while I was watching the clips. Big mistake. She does try to resist looking at the crystal at first but that does not help her at all.

A few seconds of struggle and she goes under my control and with that, becomes a very obedient, horny foot slave, eager to please her husband. Daniela, my now easily manageable wife, slowly takes of her shoes and reveals her bare feet in a very (mindless) yet seductive manner. Needless to say, there is a lot of foot worship going on in this one but we also get to see her pleasuring herself while offering those sexy feet to her master. At some point, her legs are frozen while she is desperately awaiting her masters touch on her sensitive feet.




Daniela Clip Six Part Two Members - Click here to view this clip
You were born to please me

The second part shows our little girl sleepwalk around the desk and the being placed and then frozen in a very revealing and helpless position on the desk which gives us a great view of her ass and feet. Time to let her become aware of her situation and to see whether she has learned how to behave in the future. Not quite yet, looks like she is still a bit bitchy. Looks like we need the "waving hand" to change her for good.

Please can I cum for you master

Highlights of this clip are the breath controlled orgasms, more begging, the waving hand, long mindless unblinking stares, slow repetitions, mindless statue being posed and played with, freeze, final sleepy orgasm while I perform eye checks, one last orgasm while I gently touch her feet and her unconditional surrender.

After the above described training, Daniela slowly (very slowly) goes down and to sleep while losing all strength in her (already mindless) body. Real, hot and intense.



Daniela Clip Seven Part One Members - Click here to view this clip
Robo model

I don't think I would enjoy that

Daniela, our snooty young Super Model, seems truly shocked when she finds out that she has been chosen to play the lead in a second class Robo porn movie. Needless to say, she does not have a lot of time to bitch before she is transformed and programmed. Her programming goes extremely well and she responds well to the tests I am putting her through. Testing her motor skills also shows her successful transformation. After deactivating her will, thoughts and the memory of ever having been human, her responses become more and more robotic. Monotone yes masters, salutation, stiff legged walk, arm raises and other checks and so much more.




Daniela Clip Seven Part Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Programmed to please your master

We are not quite done yet with Robot/Pleasure toy Daniela. This next segment shows her modeling/posing for us, touch her toes, masturbate, repeat orders while having her arousal as well as her orgasm program activated and then deactivated at my command. Of course she is made aware for a brief period while her brain temporarily is reactivated, as mentioned though, that does not last long. Yes master, deactivation and more.




Daniela Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Don't hope

Our sexy super model wakes up from her last, let's call it adventure, without really remembering what has happened. Now "Mrs. Prissy" complains about her the bathing suit being too revealing. Needless to say, my attempts to hit on her make her even more agitated. Watching her pose though makes up for all of it. That is jut sexy as hell and she sure knows how to show off her body. In fact some of the poses are so sexy that I decide to freeze her and to then expose her tits and so on while she is in mindless bliss. She does somehow suspect me to have done something to her, after all, why else would her tits be out. Luckily though, the waving hand makes her forget all that real quick and it gives me more time to mess with her while she is staring into nothingness. Things get really hot when I let her become aware of her predicament while she is frozen stiff with a giant water g u n stuck on her pussy. It gets even worse when the water suddenly starts to vibrate right on her clit. Will it make her orgasm, will she be fighting it, do we need the "waving hand" again? Really a great freeze clip.




Daniela Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not that kind of model

Looks like Daniela does not remember what happened in the last clip and again, she complaints about the bathing suit being too small. Oh well honey, live with it. Anyway before long, Daniela keeps having those terrible "tickling attacks" while desperately trying to give me her sexiest and seductive poses. Really funny watching her go off while having no idea why she feels tickled. Of course she still talks about being a serious and very professional model. Looks like we need to freeze her again and then take a closer look at her tits. The fun part is that when I snap her out of it, she does not realize that her breasts are still exposed while she gets offended about me asking her for some topless pictures. More freeze, tickling, confusion and bitching yet to come.



Daniela Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Slow learner

Daniela, a high-end escort who accidentally goes to the wrong house, finds out the hard way that it is sometimes better to settle for less. First she does not believe me that I did not "order" her for the night and than she does not want to settle for the $50 I offer her for her services, after all, she makes $1000 per hour. Excuse me honey, no pussy is worth that kind of money, at least not in my book. Anyway, to make a long story short, she is taken under before she even knows what hits her and now all she remembers is that she is my personal escort and love slave. I am your horny slave master. Lot of very hot posing, intense masturbation and orgasm training, denied orgasm, nipple torture and freeze. Of course being frozen makes her a bit upset and bitchy (still wants a grant and hour) but then again, who cares. Looks like we need to drop into dim mindlessness in the middle of her....




Daniela Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Robo escort

Daniela, who still believes to be a high end escort who ended up at the wrong house, wakes up feeling a bit confused about the situation she finds herself in. Oh well, what can I say, she still does not seem to get the picture. Let's see what happens when we transform her into a fully functional, well programmed and very obedient robot escort, who is designed to please her owner and master. Works like a charm, the second the laser hits her, she loses all memory of ever having been anything else than a fembot/pleasure toy. Of course she has to be programmed to masturbate with one arm up in the air, to orgasm only when her orgasm program is activated by her owner and so much more. At some point I decide to let her become aware of her situation while still being trapped in the robot body which causes a lot of stress, to say the least. Se how it all ends. Lots of yes masters, repetitions of orders, programming and, and...



Daniela Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Enslaved, frozen, orgasmed and rendered mindless

You would think the title of this one says it all but that is far from the truth. It does not even mention the part where our beautiful escort begs to be "put under" and even drops to her knees and pleasures herself to sway me to entrance her. Of course at first, she tries to get out which is the reason I had to freeze her in the first place. Her silly idea of trying to threaten me ends up with her being dimly entranced and mindless. Believe it or not but she still believes that I owe her money which is something she will forget a few seconds after mentioning it. How is she orgasmed and why, is yet another question and why is she not allowed to cum at the end of the clip? Well, it looks like you have to watch the clip to see how and why she ends up being my personal...




Daniela Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I was born with it

I want to please you
You make me hot

I could tell, she was a bit nervous at first but I was still looking forward to working with her. It does not happen too often that a photographer like me gets to work on a lingerie shoot with a supermodel like Daniela. I had a feeling that the shoot with her would boost my carrier and finally get me the kind of recognition I deserve. Well, things did not go exactly as planned, to say the least. Everything seemed absolutely fine at first; up to the point where she started complaining about the heat in the studio. Maybe I should have known sooner that she was not quite what she appeared to be, meaning, I should have know that she was a fembot, right at the time she started to glitch and spasm. Well, I guess, it might not have made a difference after all. By the time she started to malfunction, talk about a sex program and the fact that she was designed to fulfill my every sexual desire, I was hooked anyways and there was just no turning back. Repairs, very sensual posing, malfunctions, robotic speech, glitches and more of your favorites.


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